May 2012


Miles Davis, Padre Pio, The Dark And The Light Of Gemini, Looping The Dual Infinite And Scopes For Memorial Day Weekend

Gemineyes John McLaughlin’s guitar playing stings like bees in my mind, unleashing a honey of liquid fire; a nostalgic cacophony from my youth. Wound tight on the infinite eight-track-loop, the hard fusion thrusted my pre-teen brain into excited syncs with unexplored hemispheres. I didn’t need any drugs. McLaughlin played with Miles who would have been […]


The Dragon Rises–The Annular Eclipse At Penumbral–China’s Blind Dissident Arrives–Cooking With Toroids–Special Eclipse Show

The eclipse dragon rises in the east. Its early Saturday morning. The Sun and the Moon are getting ready to dance together, the degrees dissolve in ancient familiarity, timeless, immutable and inevitable. In the early hours of Saturday, I’m listening to the robot chatter of talking heads on FOX. Like magpies on a line they […]