The Mists Of Neptune Descend Upon Sanford

Papa don’t preach.

I’d been tracking the role of Freemasonic connections in the Trayvon Martin case, starting with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan and even Spike Lee. In the newsletter, I had made a connection between Albert Pike and his end-time game plan, which would include the desecration of Christianity (Kony 2012 and the collapse of Jason Russell–with more to follow), WWIII (Syria/Iran) and race conflict and strife in the USA, something that Pike as founder of the KKK would know all-too-well. We can see the racial fires getting stoked in Sanford, thanks mainly to the aforementioned agents of chaos pouring gasoline on the smoldering beach fires.

Well, it seems like those fellows weren’t alone. Here’s Trayvon Martin’s father, “Tracy” clearly displaying his fraternal colors.

Once again, the mists of Neptune and Chiron circulate and swirl around the edges of our perception. Based on this, I am going to throw something out there that might seem radical. Maybe as radical as Jason Russell really being a christian. What if what was purported to take place between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman didn’t really happen the way either party has portrayed it? Could we be witnessing some sort of scripted drama? I’m just putting it out there in the interest of the surreal nature of our times, at the risk of being sacrilegious, which I humbly apologize for in advance.

If indeed the official story is real and Trayvon did indeed die due to George Zimmerman’s gunplay, its a tragedy that still needs to get uncoiled with cool heads and open hearts.

The stakes here are clear and very high. The fuse of a nation has been lit by this incendiary event and we need to explore ALL facets and possibilities before we rush further and further into the rapids of judgment and mob justice in the twittersphere and beyond.

Sun, Uranus, Pluto, Attention/Tension Exorcism, Delta T-Square–Free Your Signal


The compass needle seems to be drifting south. The true north is descending past the cities and the urbanization of my modern mind. I’m gravitating back towards the untamed possibilities of jazz, listening to Lester and Roscoe whistle, honk, blast and wail all the way back to Amenhotep, with a stop at Beale Street along the way. Jazz, true jazz is the unfettered voice of liberation, pushing outwards at the boundaries of form.

As we dissolve into the early moments of the 30th of March, the planets tug and strain in a complex passion play of eternal sky. The Sun, Moon and Pluto are triangulated and tense. So many needs and wants, so many demanding points of agreement and negotiated supplication.

In the Moon, we want complete and utter empathy, to be in the embrace of another that needs no explaining, no preamble or backstory, just the eternal, pure acceptance that is the unconditional surrender of loving and being loved.

Cancer brings familial overtones and currents of legacy, generations that multiply far into the future, seeding stars from the blue green ovum of our shared dream.

On the other side, in harsh opposition to this embryonic urge to re-populate the stars, is the dominant theme of our post-911 world. Pluto. Capricorn. Its tempering us, making us street-wise and galactically hip. We’re getting good at sniffing out cons and clones. The same type of steel-willed and hoary esotericism that’s been leaking down through the ages, ever since the first blood sacrifices were spilled in Babylon is changing us. Hardening. Tempering. We are not unaware of the great crimes of our time and as more eyes open, more hearts expand, more minds stretch, we’ll be able to handle incremental doses of the horror and fouled stench of our so-called history. Only, if only, we can resist the temptation to lash out and find the most immediate wicker man to burn at a moments notice.

Beware the passionate and dammed up indignation, to address the litany of wrongs done onto you. The men in the stove-top hats are counting on you getting your cords plucked and tweaked at every new social crisis, till you’re playing far out of tune. From Syria to Sanford they’re spinning our attention like a yo-yo in a cats cradle.

The much talked about resistance isn’t the kind you’ll find clogging streets or hammering the air with fists, its far more subtle and penetrating. Its a call to resist the most obscene manipulation of your emotions and ultimately your mind. Pluto and Capricorn are making us far stronger in this regard. We’re in the masters program now. All of us.

Then there’s the Sun and Uranus, the apex of the pyramid, the third eye, blood shot and bleary, horus, whore-us, trick us, turn us out and turn our desires upside-down. These two giants have no patience. None. There’s a rising sense of bloodlust in the air. Its blood red Air Jordans and Mars Blackmons, the black and the red, a checkered past. Buffalo nation and buffalo soldiers–America’s heavy cross to bear, where the trail of tears is littered with tragedy all the way to the Watts Towers.

The irony is, is that we’re getting closer and closer in the ranks of oppression. Just take a stroll through any TSA screening line and you’ll see the one-sized-totaltiarianism fitting all. While we’re busy passing judgment and flexing the jaw muscles of the vox populi via social media, at the urging of paid shills and professional shit disturbers, the walls are getting closer and closer and closer.

The Sun and Uranus are flaming red, an impetuous duo that wants action, justice, the settling of karmic debts and it wants it now, now, now.

If there was an indicator of the immediacy and urgency of whats in the air, it would be Fukushima. Reports are coming out of there that the radiation levels are just off the charts. Reactors 1, 2 and 3 are cranking out 73 sieverts per hour. Want to know how bad that is? Without any water to cool the damaged reactors, 73 sieverts would cripple the robots built to go in and do things that humans cannot. 73 sieverts is deadly to fucking robots. That’s the manifestation of Uranus (uranium) and Pluto (plutonium) afflicting the Moon (cancer).

On the winds of the gulf stream, “revolution” takes place first in an assault on our thyroids, making us edgier and edgier. That’s why its important, really important to allow the eternal witness to gain more access to observing, simply observing the affairs of man. The good news is, is that the scales are falling away, and something else is circulating through the body electric. There’s a new current you can tap into. It’s called IC or “internal current” as opposed to “direct” or “alternate.” The internal current will light your ass up like a christmas tree and the best way to access it, is to unplug from the mainstream sockets that keep you locked into a dirty flow of static charge.

Jupiter is moving outwards now from the blessed love triangle its been a part of the past few weeks. I hope you’ve been banking the grounded nature and all around solid vibes of that trine, really packing them in and storing them in the hermetically sealed chambers of your cellular memory, because we’re gonna need that grounded application of earthy wisdom in the days ahead.

Mars is doing double time. While its building networks of constancy, its checking Neptune/Pisces in its earliest stages, making sure that we get the feel good buzz of pure unity load with a serious filter. That’s why Kony 2012 failed. It was utterly false. Mars shook it down hard. Mars Virgo Retrograde don’t tolerate no religious spirit scammers and attention temple thieves. Jason Russell’s programming went haywire under the scrutiny of hard Mars.

The Art Ensemble are summoning chaos from Paris in the 70s. Some might call it cacophonous self-indulgence. I see them as exorcising demons in the cyclotron of improvisation, performing a public service for the collective soul. Its voodoo jazz at its finest. Famadou Don Moye summons Shango in the circle of a snare while Lester Bowie is Gabriel, blowing his horn from the sidewalks of Bourbon St. And then there’s these moments of stasis, calm, clarity and cohesion, a brief respite from splitting the atomic center of the soul.

The true magnetic north has moved further south than Atlanta, past even the equator. Its migrated beyond Tierra Del Fuego and has entered into the inner earth of Antarctica where the mystery of our Hyperborean ascent into space awaits us. Have a happy Friday.

Mars Blackmon, Checkers, Mercury Retro, Obamacare And Visible On DOD

Mars retro.

So Mercury Retrograde is doing its strange magic. The Supreme Court is flirting with throwing out Obamacare in its entirety. Frankly, this has thrown even this astrologer for a loop. With Mars in Virgo retro, we see all things health related under review. That goes from personal fitness, all the way from stair-masters, to the collective and the steps of the Supreme Court. Throw in a heavy dose of Saturn in Libra retro which apparently does not want to be ignored in the retrograde parade and the Obama admin could have a big, steaming pile of poo on their hands. What do you expect for a president sworn in under Mercury Retrograde?

Who are the big losers if this happens (I have my doubts still) besides Obama? The big insurance companies? The horny eugenicists? Yes, they’ll have their bitter root to gnaw, but the real losers will be the American taxpayers. Think of how much it has cost to get this leviathan of a mandate to eventually sit in front of SCOTUS? Well, maybe you don’t want to know.

What seems to be at risk here is believe it or not, is the fundamental right of the federal government to mandate any and everything if this passes. In essence, if it is deemed that carrots or computer chips are in your/our best interests, then based upon the bill as it stands, it would give the fed broad and sweeping powers to intervene and ultimately force citizens to comply with whatever standards are deemed beneficial or necessary by the gov.

This is where the crux of the bill hangs, as well as individual freedoms and liberty itself. Its also where the administration wants the bill to be (within reason) because the very definition of powers and decree are being discussed and debated. In essence, its impact is now on the table.

If Obamacare does get the papal blessing of the court the very things that were debated and argued, which would be its ultimate unconstituionality, would now become the unquestioned hammer and authority to exercise the feds will for the “good of the people” as it sees fit. Be careful Americans what you ask for.

Its a high stakes game of sovereign poker and I’m wondering what aces they might have up their sleeve to play before the torrential river card is turned.


Want another big, fat slice of of Mercury Retrograde justice being served? If you haven’t been following whats going on in Sanford, Florida (Sanford and Sons, Redd Foxx–best buddy of Malcolm X), well you’re blissfully ignorant. The Trayvon Martin case is getting whipped up into a national frenzy and there is an uncomfortable trend of lynch mob justice that’s emerging through social media. It started with Sandra Fluke and Limbaugh and has now morphed into another media virus via the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. The typical suspects are on the case; Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan and Spike Lee. The first two are confirmed Prince Hall Masons. Farakhan has been rumored to be a Mason and Lee has been spotted doing the funny grip now and again.

Well, Lee is in top shit disturbing form. He tweeted the details of George Zimmerman’s house and phone number, which is incredibly dangerous, now matter how egregious, guilty or innocent Zimmerman might be. What if someone decided to take the Panthers up on their $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman? What if they went over there and burned his house down, killing him and his parents? Some people would obviously see this as justice served, channeling Hammurabai, they would get what they damned well deserved!

But what if Lee got the address wrong? Well he did. He tweeted the address of a different family named “Zimmerman,” the home of a seventy-one-year-old woman, who is now totally freaked out. Lee has removed the tweet, apologized and yet the damage has been done.

In my newsletter, I tracked the invocation of Mars as a force, an energy promoting chaos in the divide and conquer checkerboard. Notice I used checkerboard and not chess. Checkerboards are black and red, not the classic black and white of the illuminated chess board. Red/Mars is a dominant theme; Sanford/Redd Foxx, Spike Lee and his alter ego, Mars (red) Blackmon (again, the red and the black checkerboard theme). Checkers, where all pieces are equal represents socialism/communalism, while chess is symbolic of the ruling class and hierarchies. The ancient Greeks BTW, defined hierarchies, as “the leaders of sacred rites.”

Who is getting played though? Seems like one group is playing chess, while the other, unfortunately is playing “checkers.”

Trayvon Martin (Martian/Mars) and the tragedy that is unfolding on many levels, is the invocation of force from a martial perspective.

If Obamacare goes down in flames, keep your eyes on Sanford, Florida, where Mars is rising. Tomorrow, we’re staring down a major Sun/Pluto square and the intensity rises as Mercury keeps falling backwards, into the nether regions of Pisces.

Also on Friday (10AM PST), I’ll have Les Visible aka “Visible” for those that can see, on my radio show. We hung out the other night, time travelled back into the 70’s and revisited his initiation into “higher” realms.

In the first hour of the show, I’ll be doing live, astrological readings. Don’t miss it.

Just click on the image for more show info.

Remembering Aryton Senna, 0 Degrees Aries, Restless On The Edge Of The Gravity Trough

Finding God at 200 MPH

Its late. I’m restless. Today, the early hours of the 22nd lie dormant in darkness. I tried sleeping, lying on my back, trying to cool down the cells. According to the underground observatories, we’re supposed to hit the gravity trough in just a few, short hours. The gravity trough is the celestial speed bump that is being carved out by the Sun and its mysterious twin star, a binary brown dwarf with its own entourage of misfit worlds, flailing about in erratic orbits. Maybe it’s Niburu?

Sometimes when events are looming, major events I’m wound up and a little edgy. When 911 happened I couldn’t sleep a wink the night before. I fought with my girlfriend at the time. We went to sleep angry. When we awoke, the world had changed. I’ll never forget the words I spoke to her, “We’re fucked.” I don’t think she truly understood what I meant at that time.

I’m watching a film on Aryton Senna. Senna would have turned 52 yesterday if he were still alive. He was born on 3/21/60 in Sao Paolo.

Senna was born into privilege, but he never squandered nor abused it. In fact he was driven to use his wealth and his privilege as much as he was driven to be the fastest, formula one driver in the world and fast Senna was. What else would you expect from a man with a Sun at 0 degrees Aries and Mars in Aquarius in the first House? But while he lived his life on the edge on the track, there was a very different side to Senna. He was a mystic.

He had a deep faith in God and in fact claimed to experience God while approaching speeds of 200 mph. Senna had Venus (six degrees) and Mercury (12 degrees) conjunct in Pisces, trining Neptune in Scorpio (ten degrees) which hugged his mid-heaven. Interestingly enough, he was at his best when the track was slick with rain. While other drivers drove more cautiously, Senna had an intuitive understanding when it came to navigating his formula one car through the spray. But there was also a lonely and haunted side to him as well. Saturn and Moon conjunct (Capricorn) in the 12th hints at a man that was very hard to know, revealing himself to only the closest people in his life.

He was incredibly philanthropic, donating millions of dollars to the poor children of Brazil. His Jupiter in the 11th gave him a deeply broad and humanitarian spirit. Trining Pluto (two degree orb) he had the power to make things happen. Rich, successful, daring, devout, smart and deeply loved in Brazil, Aryton Senna was poised to transcend racing and become something far greater–a true force for good.

He was no saint on the track though. His aggressive style earned him enemies, especially with his long time rival, Alain Proust, who nearly came to blows with Senna on a number of occasions, while even on the same team. He also did not shirk from luxury or beautiful women, He dated Pele’s ex-girlfriend, the Brazilian teen-porn-star turned children’s TV host, Xuxa. Somehow, as the world raced around him, he always kept his center. On the track would tempt fate, often, powered by an audacious Sun/Jupiter square. Not only was he obsessed with winning, he wanted to bury the competition. His desire to win prompted him to leave team McLaren, to race for Williams motor sport, who had created a car with significant advantage. The Williams/Renault car was driven by his former team mate, Alain Proust.

The Williams/Renault cars had been equipped the year before Senna joined the team with a special, computerized suspension, which hugged the track. He wanted to win, so he raced for the best car. The problem was, was that by the time he joined Williams/Renault, they had banned the computerized suspension and breaking, Thus when Senna got to finally race in their car, the car less safe since the more conventional suspension and breaking were not nearly as good as the other cars in formula one. This troubled him. He was also physically uncomfortable in the Williams/Renault car as well. In other words, it really wasn’t a good fit, all the way around.

The amazing part of the movie “Senna” is that we see Roland Ratzenberger talk, just hours before he dies. Sadly we see the same thing happen to Senna, at the San Marino grand prix.

The San Marino race took place on 5/1/94. Beltane. Walgispurnacht. It is the time of the gathering of the witches, rituals and sacrifices.

Aryton Senna died that day. The accident itself was freak (perhaps). He lost control on a turn, not a hard turn, an easy and progressive turn. It appears that the steering column snapped in two and Senna could not control the car at all. Was the steering column tampered with? Was his death in some ways a supernatural occurrence? He did not suffer a broken bone in his body. A piece of the suspension shattered his helmet and caused severe head trauma. Senna, 0 degrees Aries suffered a death that would be extremely indicative of his early degree sign in the ram.

To this day, the cause of the cars breakdown is still unsolved.

There has not been a death in formula one racing since Senna..

1994 was a turbulent year. NAFTA was passed, The Bosnian/Serbian war was full on. Baruch Goldstein killed 29 muslims in the West Bank and was summarily beaten to death once he ran out of bullets. OJ killed Nicole and Ron Goldman, setting off what would be the sounding of the first horn of the apocalypse as Simpson captured the attention of the nation as he drove at a snails pace on the LA freeways in a white bronco (Behold A Pale Horse). And then there’s Senna.

I highly recommend taking an hour out of your life to watch this documentary on this remarkable individual.

Massive Quake Hits Mexico, A Prelude To The Upcoming Alignment And Stellium In Aries Squaring Pluto?

From Mexico; Why are these people looking up during an earthquake?

This just in. A massive quake has hit Mexico on the Equinox. Is this a precursor to the gravity trough as talked about by Teral and his group, as Terra moves away from the Sun and towards the black mass object (Brown Dwarf binary Sun aka Niburu)? The exact date and time for the supposed impact is 3/22 at 4:58 PM UTC.

On the astrological front, there is a major square between Uranus, Moon, Sun and Mercury getting ready to square Pluto, starting on the 22nd and extending out towards the 25th/26th. We’re talking friction; fire and earth. Vulcanism. Mars is also opposing Neptune and Chiron. Here we have tension between earth and water, again touching seismic sensitivity and the potential of tsunamis. Outside of Saturn, there is very little air in the mix, which does not allow for objectivity on one level, but on the other, adds to the extreme imbalance of elements, especially at sensitive angles.

One of the things that Teral mentioned is that HAARP stations are getting fired up three days in advance of the alignment. Today would mark that first day.

Here is Teral’s presentation below. Astrologers, he is using sideral alignments.

Here is the chart for 3/22/12 and the heavy square, dark Moon.

Swirling Piscean Currents Of Illusion, Dopplegangers, Jason Russell’s Shattered Program And My Cell Phone Call With The Oracle

The blonde version of Jason Russell

The other day, I was on the phone with Ellie Crystal. Ellie is legendary. Her site, CrystalLinks has garnered massive amounts of traffic since 2000. Its an eye popping resource fest on the scale of Whale.To and Ken Adachi’s site. She’s circumnavigated the universe of alternative research, esoterica and hidden history. She’s also a high powered, high priced psychic that has read for politicians, actors, bankers and housewives. I had never spoken with her before, but I reached out to have her on my show. After our ten minutes together, I felt like I had been handed a nice, warm, oatmeal cookie by the oracle. Ellie sounds like a less nasally version of Fran Drescher. After she figured out I was not her friend Ron, and that she didn’t like Human Design, our conversation went something like this:

Ellie: You’re from California, aren’t you? Like the Bay Area or San Francisco, right?

Me:Yep. That’s right.

Ellie:I can tell. You must be young. You have a young sounding voice.

Me: No, I’m actually 50.

Ellie:Well you have a youthful voice. Its not a bad thing.

Me: Well thanks I guess.

Ellie: I’m not into the California, Pacific metaphysics. Everyone out there thinks they’re going to the 4th or 5th or that we’re all ascending. I’m not into it. People in California are angry. Silicon Valley isn’t making as much money and the people there don’t have as much money now either. No one is buying their pot. I”m not into the Pacific metaphysics. Do you know what I’m into?

Me: No. What?

Ellie: Quantum physics. Its all a hologram. That’s it. Something is going to happen, 2012/2013 but its not what people think. Do you know what happens when the hologram is over?

Me: What?

Ellie: Its over. I used to do radio. I used to do BlogTalk. I got tired of giving people that were selling books all that free publicity. Just got tired of it. I dunno. I don’t think I can do your show. The notice is too short. I dunno. I don’t think I would be the right guest for you.

Me: Uh, okay. No problem. So do you still do readings.

Ellie: Yes, I still do readings.

Me: So if the hologram is going to end, why do you still do readings for people? Do you just read them for where they are in the hologram?

Ellie:. That’s right. Yes. You’d be shocked for who I’ve done readings for. Shocked. Celebrities, musicians, politicians.

Me: I dunno, maybe not..

Ellie: The other day though, I had this mother of two. She was a Catholic and she was having a very, very hard time. One of her children was not doing well and she prayed and prayed and prayed to God and somehow, she found me. She was very sweet. By the end of the reading, I was telling her about the hologram and she was very grateful. You have a nice voice. A good voice. You keep doing what you’re doing. You’re going to help a lot of people.

Me: Well that’s not why I called, but thanks for that.

Ellie: I don’t know, maybe one of these days I can come on your show if I have the time. You have my email now. I don’t like sending messages through Facebook.

Me: Yeah, its clunky.

Ellie: So let me know in advance and maybe I can come on.

Me:Okay. Thanks again. Take care.


I felt like I had melted through the floor of three paradigms in the span of ten minutes. At first I was someone else (Ron), then a guy from California (can you say flake?), to a guy that she wasn’t taking seriously enough, to someone that she noticed something in, to coming back around again by the end of our phone time and being open to being interviewed. I literally watched my internal script get unspooled before me and was then handed a warm, chewy, oatmeal cookie. In many ways, that phone call was my life condensed and ricocheted between three time zones and two satellites.

Who are you? I can’t take you seriously. Sorry. Thanks for playing. Hey, you know, you might be okay. In fact, you’ve got something to do. Well call me again and maybe we can do this.

It felt like I was having a socratic dialog in the holodeck with an aspect of my self externalized as Ellie Crystal over some brisket. But that’s how life is and has been over the past week. Things are unraveling, blending, dissolving, and merging. The Piscean bad cop (Chiron) and good cop (Neptune) is working us over. Boy is it working us over. Throw in some cracking Uranus in Aries and things are about to get very, very interesting. This is going to be a long post, so get some popcorn. We have a lot to cover here. Let’s start with KONY 2012.


That’s the browned version of Jason Russell above. Russell of course being the 51/50’ed (hey it happens to the best of us!) leader of Invisible Children. Where the hell did the Invisible Children come from? I mean, I’m pretty astute and follow a lot of tiny tremors before they start rumbling into foundation cracking culture quakes, but Invisible Children jumped right out of the void and into peoples living rooms without warning. All of sudden, there was Joseph Kony, the Osama Bin Laden of Central Africa. By the way, do you know what’s in Central Africa? Coltan, one of the most precious of rare Earth metals. Do you know what Coltan does? It powers things like cell phones and this very computer I am pecking out these words with. Do you know who has been granted substantial rare earth mineral rights in Africa? China. See where this is going?

Uranium and Plutonium get fired through the cyclotron of the stars, emerging as conflict in a media waged war and an assault on our perceptions, jamming our signal with false emotion, either triggered by fear or aspiration, the latter being the mode de jour, since fear has been played out and then sacrificed in the phantom Bin Laden. The appeal is not towards dread but possibility. In comes Jason Russell and the Invisible children, peddling slick and heart tugging narratives embedded with empowerment. Its another iteration of “Yes we can.” That’s the chorus. “We can stop wars.” Well apparently it might help if the bogeyman is alive. No one has seen Joseph Kony for quite some time and many Ugandans think he’s been dead for at least four years. If that’s the case, then what the hell is going on with Invisible Children or IC as in Imum Coeli or the angle/gate of the “fourth house.” Its interesting that IC push an agenda called the “fourth estate.”

The “fourth estate” is classically linked to the press or alternately as the proletariat or the voice of the proletariat. At least according to Thomas Carlyle and Edmund Burke. For IC, it is their training and indoctrination program where they bring in youth from around the country to spend a weekend with them and hear speakers talk on heady topics like “international justice.” They are indoctrinated into to a fairly strict regimen at places like University Of San Diego, where their fourth estate intensives are held. Kids can’t leave once they are there. But for IC, the fourth estate is not the press, but social media. Facebook, timelines, youtube, a fervent NGO that has the zeal of an evangelical agency without the spiritual iconography that goes along with such territory, like crosses, pictures of Jesus, Mary et al. Whacked out leader, Jason Russell (more about him later) is a sort of Christian. He describes himself as an evangelical visionary=dreamer and in fact has spoken at Liberty College, Jerry Falwell’s contribution to higher learning.

If you go to IC’s website, you can look at their staff, all fresh faced and scrubbed, handsome and attractive to. Its like distilling Christianity’s zeal without the messy dogma and doctrine, appealing to a call to action, a children’s crusade. Jason Russell is Peter Pan (stated as his favorite comic hero) rounding up a cadre of Wendy and Johns for flash mobbin’ social activism. His parents are the founders of “Christian Youth Theater” a national Christian theater group located in numerous cities across America. Jason grew up acting.

If you think there’s something culty about IC, well, you might be right. Who’s behind them? Where do they get the bulk of their funds? Its unclear, but I did trace some relationships back to The American Bible Society and Geneva Global, which is a non-profit equity fund that takes a $25,000 minimum to get into and then target your “donation” to specific areas of both need and growth. IC is also affiliated with “The Just Life” which seems to be the much more ecumenical branch of IC.

My question is, is why would this make such noise and news, before Jason Russell’s meltdown? Why were we force fed Kony 2012 without much vetting? Is it to create another bogeyman and justify more global excursions into Africa? Within days of it’s release, Kony 2012 was getting some attention from the true fourth estate. And then, we have Jason Russell’s epic meltdown.

Let’s step back for a second see this as yet another one-two Piscean punch. IC operates as a dual agency of sorts, funneling evangelical activists from “The Just Life” into IC, while getting secular kids to move more towards “The Just Life” through appealing to social activism and a sense of injustice via IC.

Its the vapors of Neptune, the mists of Poseidon, swirling, inspiring, conjuring, befuddling, deluding and in Russell’s case, denuding. He was found the other day, half-naked and babbling, vandalizing and supposedly masturbating in public in San Diego. Their fearless leader, Jason “Radical” Russell age 33 was arrested on Thursday the 15th (The Ides Of March) at 11:30 AM. Russell has been hospitalized and under observation ever since. T-Power a friend of the blog pointed out to me that “Russell” is one of the bloodline names of the Illuminati mapped out by Fritz Springmeier.

Another interesting, yet odd detail to this movie is Danica Russell, Jason’s wife. She’s now issuing statements on his behalf. I did a brief search on Danica and tried to find some photos of her or her and Jason and I only found a few pics of her. One was on Facebook and she is wearing beard with her identity obscured. I did however find that she was a member of a comedy troupe called “The Geese” that were based out of San Diego. One of their shows was called, “Mason’s Angels.” Hmmmmmmmm. Other than that, No Danica. But there was something else. Boy, was there something else.


One of the things that I noticed about IC is how good looking their staff is. They’re almost too good looking if you know what I mean. So I clicked on one the beautiful people of IC. Her name is Malorie Tull. She’s listed as the Program Director in Uganda. Her bio claims that she worked with the aforementioned American Bible Society and Geneva Global. She’s also listed as an actress, having a role in the 1999 indy film, “The Tube.” She’s also listed on as talent. Yes, even Christians can act. I get it. But when I went to Danica Russell’s page, I was very surprised to see that Danica has a friend named, “Jackie Tohn” who looks a helluva lot like Malorie Tull and guess what Jackie is? Yep. An actress and a singer. Just to give you an idea of how similar they look, I’ve posted side-by-side pics of them above.

One of them, the one one the bottom right was on the IC Tumblr page, but was removed.

What are we to make of this? Is there one Malorie Tull in Uganda and a Malorie/Jackie stand in? A double? A doppleganger? As an astrologer I can see this as more Piscean/Xtian drizzle and dew, but there is something else happening here. Its an unveiling. But what are we ultimately witnessing? IMHO, its that smoke and mirror jobs like Kony 2012 and IC are buckling. But who are they? Where do they come from? Who funds them and to what end?

Illusions under every name and faith are being challenged. Instant karma? Perhaps. Or maybe, just like Ellie The Oracle said, “The program is ending.”

Obviously, IC and Jason Russell have not been alone this past week. Greg Smith tendered his resignation from Goldman Sachs and then outed the culture as being toxic. Beyond toxicity, an anonymous, supposed staffer at JP Morgan has opened the vaults to the crypt of Morgan’s deadly programs. It was left originally at the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) website then pulled down. You can view the damning words over at site. He basically says that Morgan-Chase is throttling the price of gold and silver, which is cratering a lot of the middle class, who have moved into metals, both hard and papered. They’re artificially depressing the price, which means that people invested in the silver and gold market are losing money obviously, but it is also likely, that somewhere, someone is also profiting quite nicely off the shorts and falls. Oh and there’s more, much more, but I have to finish this post . . .