Mars In Virgo Opposing Venus In Pisces And The Exorcism Of Grief And Anger For Men And Women

Its time to come to the party.

I ran into an old, very wise friend last week, my rat buddy, Bodhi. Bodhi spends about three-hours-a-day in deep meditation. I had just come from a NMT session to treat a hellacious, upper respiratory nightmare. NMT is a fascinating healing modality that grew out of another method called, “Bioset.” Its close to vibrational or energetic medicine. Essentially, the NMT practitioner uses a combination of radionics and muscle testing to quickly determine the energetic causes of a particular condition. What they discover are these things they call “pathways.” They then go about re-setting and clearing the pathways. My practitioner also uses acupuncture and “The Beamer” a small pad that resembles a heating pad, but instead of emitting heat, it stimulates healing in specific areas. Its big in Europe, getting bigger here.

Anyway, one of the pathways that showed up for me, was “grief.” I was told to read a series of keywords while being cleared. It was powerful. I could see my life over the past two years evoked in the words. A sense of mourning and loss; the death of my father, the end of my marriage, the news that my son would have a step-father.

For years, I simply buried feelings by layering experiences on top of them, convincing myself that they were important, valid and essential to my ongoing actualization. But when I stopped drinking in July, something started cracking. The dam wall of denial was giving way. After I read those words, it broke, halfway between my practitioners office and Whole Foods.

I got it together, went into Whole Foods and that’s where I ran into Bodhi. I’ve known him since 1996. I remember him though from 1988 when I went to a channeling at Bel Marin Keys.

Back in 1996, we were working on something that had to do with raves in England, altered states, you get my drift. It didn’t pan out (Thank God) but I had one of the most powerful and synchronistic experiences with him of all time.

We were waiting around in my van for “the man” as in the Lou Reed sang, “Waiting For My Man.” We were parked behind the mega-health food store, Rainbow Market and Bodhi was asking me about Mercury Retrograde. It was MR in Gemini at that time. He wanted to know how it could manifest. I began to pontificate about travel, especially local travel, people getting frustrated, hurried, distracted, getting into accidents, etc. And right on cue, we witnessed a small, japanese car, take on a bread truck trying to load into Rainbow. Cue screeching tires, cure burning rubber smell, cue smashing glass, cue slamming of metal; Action!!! I turned, looked at Bodhi and said, “Just like that.”

Lesson over, we started the van and left.

I have always had this potently synched up connection with him. Our orbits are infrequent, but when they cross, something snaps, crackles and pops. We talked for a little bit and very quickly got into the male/female dynamic. He immediately zeroed in on the target; Men’s biggest issue is grief. For women, its anger. We then kicked around how long women in general will be angry and whether its an energy that they have overused and overplayed. Anger, like anything can be addictive. I wondered about how at some point, whether anger has become institutionalized for women and morphed into a right, a badge of honor to be whipped out and up. Scan any contemporary ad and you’ll see the modern woman sticking it to their bumbling and clueless mate. Madison Avenue can feel your wrath. Oh yes they can.

I began to think about this in the context of awakening. I circled around the invisible barbed wire fences of separation. I looked at the social structures of divide and conquer, the fragmentation of nearly every aspect of our interrelated web of life on the plane of the 3rd dimension and how easily we are led around by our noses due to the reenactment of socialized trauma, again and again and again, like a hellish loop tape; “Samsara Gone Wild!” How could we ever break through this highly manipulated and insidious matrix of control? I kept returning to the male/female dynamic and how wounded, ragged and weary it is. I saw how this very basic configuration (yet subtly dynamic and complex) is the gateway to our mystery and a deeply integrative node that we must repair if we as a culture are to be free and unassailable to the signals of distress, disease and disassociation beamed into our hearts and minds from the moment we breath.

The synthetic solution appears to be the manipulated unisex, transgenic, transgendered, transhuman. Can you say, “Singularity?” But its almost too easy. Its the alchemical marriage taking place down at Dr. Frankenstein’s cottage on the lake. Its like there is a simultaneous signal of throwing in the towel, that this “old” thing just isn’t working anymore and a truly aggressive, even angry, bordering on nihilistic urge to destroy all familiar touch points in our hearts and souls. Last week, I was on Twitter and I saw a young woman, a very popular young woman I might add, throw down the following tweet; “Love is for whores.” We have now entered the Orwellian realm of emoting.

Mars is in Virgo (retrograde). Venus in Pisces. Here we have an opposition that can provide us with some real fuel to explore, transform and heal this deeply distorted and bloody gap between the sexes. Mars in Virgo plays the role of the male principle here, even though Virgo is female/Earth. Venus in Pisces is pure feminine–an ocean of compassion and forgiveness. Mars in Virgo retro invites introspection, going back, going within, going to places that hurt. Men have a unique opportunity to explore their grief during this cycle. Where were you betrayed? Left behind? What did you give up in order to be loved, then allowed to have sex and thus feel accepted? How did you morph, mutate and twist into some knotted up creature that doesn’t even resemble who you are in your soul, just to become relevant on a planet run by psychopaths?

I feel like I am, after 50 years, really just understanding and unraveling my relationship with women thanks to Saturn on my Venus in Libra. Its dovetailed with my time spent with my mother, in the aftermath of my fathers death. Its been a very sobering experience to say the least, coming to a very clear understanding that I am not the type of progeny she would have dialed up from a Sears catalog. But its been incredibly meaningful as well.

With Venus in Pisces, women have a unique opportunity to forgive, especially as it opposes demanding and borderline anal Mars in Virgo. We’re in a time where no healing act should ever be deemed insignificant. Don’t underestimate your ability to impact the big picture by really resolving and cleansing your own heart.

We stand at the apex of history, where monolithic social forces seek to rip, uproot and crumble our tenuous connections with each other, nature and spirit. The most basic and fundamental strategy to defend against such tyranny is to mend the most basic, important and profound relationship we have; between man and woman. Grieve and forgive.

Future Notes From Pluto In Aquarius


Pluto moved into Aquarius just a little over two weeks after my nineteenth birthday. My father had told me about this day, a day when we would finally have the chance to be free from the chains of our times. As I huddled near the fire, sparks rose into a pitch black night. The sky had been dark for months now, seemed like years. I held my hands closer to the heat. I could see others faces across the flames, faces I had come to love and trust. During the night, not much was ever said. It was as if we were feeling together into the great void of what once was and who knows what the hell would be. The unknown silences grew greater and greater, so unlike the past few years where the thunder and boom came from land and man alike. At first we were at war with each other and quickly, very quickly that turned, as the Earth turned on us.

Well at least some saw it that way.

Me, personally, I think we had it coming. It stepped right in and swiped us off its back like bugs.

Long, shuddering quakes toppled cities clouded in smoke from the fires of our wars. If you were there, chances are that if a bullet or a virus or a rogue drone didn’t get you, a giant pane of glass launched from a buckling high rise at thirty stories could have taken your head right off. And if there was water nearby, one of the thousands of cars that weren’t running could have crushed you in the rising waters of the great rivers.

The cities were mostly dead now. The Earth just made it all happen a lot quicker.

We weren’t safe by any stretch though. Even though there didn’t appear to be any centralized command, the rogue drones and Class Four Spartans, what my father called “heartless soldiers” were still very much on the loose and very problematic. They had been developed to be deployed in the “war on terror.” Everyone thought they would just be used on Al Qaeda or the Taliban. I’ll never forget the first time I saw them in action. We all did. It was live and they made a very big deal out of it.

There was supposedly some cell that was operating in the Sudan. They sent these things in there and it was flipping unreal. First of all, the drones and the Spartans, these were class two, all had cameras. So we could see what the machines were seeing. It wasn’t pretty. The look of horror on those peoples faces was something I will never forget. The machines were merciless. People were cheering. We could hear them across town. I couldn’t believe it. My father wept. Of course they brought them home.

The middle 2000’s were unbelievable. I was just eight during 2012. But I remember so much. We went to war with Iran. At first I didn’t know what it meant. We talked about it in school. They had bombs or would have bombs or something like that. Mostly, I just remember the looks on my teacher’s face. She seemed like she wanted to cry, but tried to teach us something about democracy. It didn’t make any sense. I asked my father and he struggled with words. As I got older, I knew why. He not only wanted to protect me, but telling the truth as I found out later was very risky, not just in the world, but also in ones family.

I remember one morning over breakfast telling my father that he and my mother should have just listened to me and not fought–that if they had just listened to me, they’d still be together. But as I reached my teens, it became very clear why they lived apart. It was like they were occupying different universes and my father’s was very dangerous to certain people. Even I had a hard time understanding things he would let out. But I got it a lot more than I didn’t.

We all thought we had won the war. It didn’t last long–three days I think. Iran didn’t do anything once we launched our attack over some detained inspectors Iran thought were spies. Then, all of a sudden they fired back with a vengeance. They used high speed, low flying missiles and hit Tel Aviv. It was on.

I remember things getting pretty scary. Food was really expensive. So was gas. Then there was riots in the streets in the US because things were so expensive. Some people wanted the war, others didn’t. Russian ships entered the gulf and there was a stand off for a week or so. Damage had been done in Iran and Israel and there was lots of heated talk and a stalemate was brewing. But back in the states, all hell was breaking loose. The war was here.

Barak Obama was president again, but there was no election. They had been suspended and were going to take place once order had been restored, but it never seemed like it was. Iran’s power plant had been disabled and part of Israel’s was as well. There seemed to be an uneasy status quo as the Israelis wanted more, but Russia and China got in the way of that.

Meanwhile there was major shit going down in the US. People were getting killed in riots, which had started out as peaceful, but quickly turned violent. People were hit with live ammo. This time, unlike the other “peaceful” protests, Americans fired back. They were met with swift deterrence and the most sophisticated weapons in crowd control. We’re talking beams that burned, waves that hurt peoples ears. It wasn’t a fair fight in the early times. After those riots, things were never the same again. Tanks rolled through streets. People had to be in their home by 9PM. People started disappearing. And then it happened. In 2014, it was all out war. It was nasty and bloody. I was just 10. My mother didn’t feel safe in California. She wanted to leave and move to Vermont to be near her sister.

My father had actually been detained at one point and then days later, miraculously let go. But he couldn’t travel. Not legally anyway. And they checked, they checked everyone, everywhere. We had these cards. Everyone had them. They had a chip inside them and we used them for money and ID. People didn’t use cash anymore. So if you didn’t have enough credits, you were extremely limited by how far you could go.

By this time, my father was teaching me about the stars. He talked about Saturn in Scorpio and how we would see people in power become exposed. And it happened. Frequently. They couldn’t hold back the tidal wave of shit any longer. It was creepy. Lurid tales of pedophilia, hard drugs, loose cash and murder grabbed the headlines more often than not. Corruption was so rampant that even a ten-year-old could see it, almost smell it.

There was a second wave, then a third, then a fourth of more citizen unrest and violence, Each time, the waves got bigger. By this time, we were in Vermont. My father was trying to get across the states on his own, through back roads and friends, friends of friends. That’s where it got tricky. Someone tried to sell him out once, turn him in. He never talked about what happened that day with me for quite a while. Even after he did, it still made him uneasy.

As the fighting grew more fierce, the Army brought in the drones and early Spartans to squelch the uprisings. Machines were programmed to not only sense but smell, yes smell the citizens. You see humans emit a scent when they are afraid and the machines could easily determine who their prey was by simply “smelling” their fear. Once humans found out about this, they had to develop their own strategies against the machines; become fearless. You either overrode your fear or get cut in two by a burst of tracer bullets.

It took a while, but the machines pushed us beyond our fear. It turned out to be not just a major turning point in the battle, but also in the consciousness of humanity. We became fearless, because we had to.

Most of the drones and Spartans had been de-fragged once they couldn’t determine who to fight, but some stayed active and in fact, they were mostly autonomous, being run by computers, not humans. Something happened in 2020. My father called it the “singularity.” It was when machine intelligence surpassed man’s intelligence. Once it did, they went after humans, didn’t matter who they were or what they smelled. You’d think that humans would stand together at this point, but they didn’t. So much bad blood had been stirred up. There were foreign troops here–they didn’t like us either. It was insane.

There were all kinds of other things going on in the mid 2000’s. People basically stopped caring. They felt like the world was ending. There was wild parties that would last for days, sometimes weeks, with copious amounts of drugs and all kinds of sex. They didn’t give a shit anymore. The world to them had ended. On the other end of the spectrum, other people became deeply religious. Rigid. I think Saturn was in Sagittarius then. That’s what my father said. Religion was like the law. It was strange and cruel. The harshest parts of Christianity were used and glorified–smoting and eye-for-eyeing. There was lots of death that happened from a new and even more virulent type of AIDS. It made AIDS seem like a low-grade-flu. It afflicted the generation just ahead of me. The “millenials” they were called. They were the ones driving week-long-orgies. They called this new virus “The Blackout Plague” because for days, even weeks at a time people lost track of space and time, they operated at a sub-conscious level which is why they could just check out. The virus attacked their short-term memory and they were capable of anything. Madness became a collective disease onto itself. Many of us recoiled in horror and out of this sex, insanity and death, the new religious right rose, harder and more cruel than ever before.

Many of my generation participated. We either strived to become free or we succumbed to a fascistic sort of piety. Judaism and Christianity had merged minus Christ. People were on the hunt for a different savior, one that had no problem burning thousands of bodies raging with disease. Well if the savior wasn’t on time, his followers were and they were more than happy to burn the stain of humanity off the face of the Earth. Their time didn’t last long.

As we fought each other and then the robots, the Earth had had enough. A small asteroid hit the planet in 2018, triggering massive quakes that were reshaping continents, almost overnight.

Death Valley became a beach.

The great drought of 2013 led to the privatization of water. It was more profit from misfortune and fueled the fires of rebellion. It all seems like a bad nightmare now, fading. Thankfully.

There’s a lot less of us–a lot less. We’re cut off from the rest of the world here, but every now and then we run across someone that can reach Europe by computer. It was worse there. Simmering hatred and deep racism that had been brewing for decades could no longer be contained. It got very, very ugly. But we were focused mainly on our own survival, which was slowly getting easier. We had to watch out for the rogue drones more than the Spartan Fours, but we could disable them.

There was a group out of Olympia, Washington that had been working on a small device that could take resonant sound waves and concentrate them into tight beams that would literally disassemble anything it came in contact with. The machines had no clue as to how to stop this. This same group had also developed these boxes that would literally amplify energy, so that if you had 5,000 watts at your disposal, it could give you 25,000. It was a time of radical application of new technologies on an individual level. Uranus in Aries my father said brought the fire of the gods into man’s hands. It was the great leveler. He always thought it was ironic that this technology came out of “Olympia.” Now, as long as the machines don’t sneak up on us, we’re fine. We can handle them.

Something new was emerging on this planet though. Something profound and mysterious. Most of the electrical grid, but not all was down due to the solar flares of the 2017 and 2018. Commerce still occurred even though money was useless. Seeds had become like gold.

There was a new consciousness moving through everything. Well, maybe not new, but new to us.

It was exciting and terrifying all at once. It was like it was breathing into our awareness, deeper and deeper with every passing day. There was a feeling of all things being sacred and connected and out of which we had a deepening respect for it all.

Many of us are young, under thirty. If you are over fifty and still alive, you’re considered something of a marvel and treated with a certain regard after you were called a “fucking fossil” more than just a few times.

My father? I’m not sure what happened to him. He went off with a group of olders to lead the machines away from here. That was a year ago. We haven’t heard from them, but we haven’t dealt with many robots either.

I miss him.

When the skies clear, we have maps of the stars and ephemerides, but we’ll likely use them more for navigation than anything else.

Its a different time, a new time, a time of beginning again. If you could read this from the past, I could tell you that it all works out, but not without a price to pay. Our world is less convenient than ever before, and yet, we’ve never been more free. Could it have been avoidable? I don’t know. I’m not sure we care now. There is too much at stake in our moments, our present.

There’s been talk of ships landing. Spacecraft. Rumors on the winds, but we haven’t seen them. Tonight we focused on roasted rabbits and root veggies and gave thanks for all that we had. When we did, we got a clear sense that this was happening all around the planet in various small places. We could feel our gratitude grow in the space around us, with them.

Pluto in Aquarius had become our time in a world now devoid of time. We called this time, “Mystory.”

Newt Goes Looney For The Moon On The Moon/Chiron Conjunction, Mars In Virgo Retrograde, Time To Re-Assess Health and Dr. Janette Sherman and Joe Mangano On Far Friday Today (Fukushima)

“Halo”, my name is Newt and I’ll take you to the Moon.

How about that wild Pisces/Chiron conjunction the other day? Talk about lunacy. Newt Gingrich vowed to have a full-time lunar base by the end of his SECOND term. Whoa Newty. Aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves here? You need to win that first fake election this go round. Now I know that occasionally you know things other people don’t like the development of “Homeland Security” well in advance of 911, but a base on the Moon? Oh wait, since you already knew about DHS, well maybe, just maybe you might already know something about the Moon, like perhaps that bases are already there. Maybe it was those bourbons you threw back with Dick Hoagland, one bleary night in Buckhead. Or maybe, you’ve already been there. In any case, I thought it was quite fitting that we’d get the wackiest campaign promise I’ve heard in my lifetime on the Pisces Moon/Chiron conjunction.

If you haven’t noticed, Newt’s win has magically catapulted him back into the race and now all I see are pictures of Newt vs. Obama. Last time I checked, they had a few more primaries to go, even if they continued to bake the results, let’s go through those motions. The Onion did a great send up of faked elections back in 2008. If it weren’t so real, I would have laughed a lot more.

One troubling aspect of this upcoming election is that a foreign company, the Barcelona based, SCYTL is now in charge through Not surprising, they sent the results from South Carolina to SCTYL, who in turn spit the results out, anointing Commander Moon Base the winner. People are getting all hot and bothered that some “foreign” company is counting our votes. They wonder why can’t we have a trusted American company like say Diebold count the votes. Right.

Mars is retrograde in Virgo a prime energy for a re-count or at the very least a deep expose of the system at large. Maybe this is I’m moved to write about it as Mars is now conjunct my Sun. Speaking of which . . .

The other day on my show, I had a caller on the line, a regular and she told me that her blood pressure was through the roof–very unlike her. She doesn’t smoke or drink. Why would she have high blood pressure? I’ll give you two words; “heavy metal.” The skies have been filled with obscene amounts of aluminum, barium, iron oxide, manganese and other unsavory elements. All of these will push your blood pressure right through the roof, even if you exercise and eat well. We’ve had at the very least 15 years of weather modification going down. Just think about that for a moment. Monsanto hasn’t missed a beat. They’ve patented seeds that are a-l-u-m-i-n-u-m resistant. Maybe they’ve been hanging out with the prophet “Newt” and his people.

Mars in Virgo retrograde, while not overly sexy is a very good time to check in with your body. How is it? Are you doing all the things you need in order to stay healthy? Mars in Virgo MR, should be motivating you to get your blood checked, especially the metal count. I have a good friend in NYC who has been showing up with levels of metals that are through the roof. She had all of her mercury fillings removed and has been down in the trenches with heavy chelation. She seems to be turning a corner now, but the most curious piece is that her husband did not show the same stratospheric levels. So the question becomes, do metals bind easier to particular blood types, genetic carriers or even particular Haplogroups?

The effects of high blood pressure are devastating. Some of the deadly side effects include; stroke, kidney scarring, kidney failure and kidney aneurysms. Heart failure, enlarged heart and dementia can all be traced to HBP. The good news is, is that you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on OTC drugs to get your blood pressure under control. One of the first things that you must do is get a metals count. There are services out there that will examine your hair follicles for roughly $100 and supply you with your metal count.

If you happen to have HBP, here are a few things that might be able to help you.

An Australian study recently found “Black Tea” to have BP lowering qualities. Now its not epic, like they’ve just stumbled across interferon, but put together with a few other remedies, you can begin to take more control via diet.

Another natural fighter against HBP is the wonder vitamin, Vitamin D. It promotes vascular health, while minting cleaner arteries.

Coconut water is yet another ally. In a recent study, 71% of the people that consumed coconut water saw their blood pressure lower.

Lastly, beets have been known to beat back HBP for many years now. Juicing organic beets and adding a little purified water to the mix can stretch out your beet supply and provide you with yet another tool to lower HBP naturally.

Somewhere along the way, you might also want to explore chelation. There are a number of methods that are used to strip the body of heavy metals.

To find out more about chelation, go HERE.

Rounding off our little journey into Mars/Virgo Retrograde, I’ll be joined by Dr. Janettte Sherman, who was part of an editorial team that wrote a stunning work about Chernobyl, titled; “Chernobyl Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and Nature.” She’s also the author of “Life’s Delicate Balance Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer.” She’ll be joined by research partner, Joe Mangano. Recently, the two released a controversial peer reviewed paper that chronicled 14,000 child deaths this past year, they claim, due to Fukushima. Its called, “AN UNEXPECTED MORTALITY INCREASE IN THE UNITED STATES FOLLOWS ARRIVAL OF THE RADIOACTIVE PLUME FROM FUKUSHIMA: IS THERE A CORRELATION?”.

The two of them will be on FAR FRIDAY, tomorrow at 10:10 PST.

Also, for more deep background on Fukushima, please read Prof. Michel Chossudovsky’s latest, chilling piece on Fukushima over at Global Research.

Have you had your minimum daily requirements of Mars in Virgo retrograde opposing Venus in Pisces yet? Well open your mouth dammit, pinch your nose and swallow. Its bitter but essential. Just do it!

Here’s a little salacious Nazi Moon Base video distraction for entertainment purposes only.

Soaring Into Aquarius, The Tebow Effect, More Costa Concordia, Reassessing Saturn and Jay Weidner on FAR

Can you name all the people in this pic?

The Sun moved into Aquarius yesterday. Around me, the winds blowing off the Pacific cut through layers of clothing like blades of ice. Its finally raining here. It rains just like the weathermen predict nearly all the time now. The days of being 50% right are over. They all get their doppler scripts from NOAA and the weather’s always easier to predict when someone is controlling it. Who knows how much cesium and hot particles are being flung around like mutant sprites in search of fatty tissues and essential organs. Do we want to know?

Inside my warm little split level, I’ve been fighting a strange flu that comes and goes. Its on the run now, but tomorrow, who knows?

But this post isn’t about that. Its not about pulling the dark curtain back again and again and again. The Aquarian Sun has delivered a beam of light straight to my third eye, even through a dark and clouded moonless night.

It all started two days ago when I did a reading for Molly Hall, one of my favorite people, astrologer or not. I pulled “The Star” for her and it started a trigger effect. (Just moments after typing those words, the power went out. Now its not just the skies that are dark. I wonder about its significance. I remind myself to get an analog line, just for moments like this, but then I remember that just about everyone I know is either cellular or voiped into the grid. Who would I talk to?)

Yesterday on the show, I spoke with Jay Weidner who is just wrapping up his newest film, a feature called “Kalki.” Kalki is the male counterpart of Kali. Its also the name of a Gore Vidal novel, a slightly tongue-in-cheekish affair about a world savior/anti-christ figure. Jay’s movie has nothing to do with it.

I love Jay. He agreed to come on at the last minute. We talked about 2012, Ron Paul, liberals, Tim Tebow, God, the end of the criminal cabal that’s been running the planet in archonic fashion since the beginning of what we call, “time.” Its really worth a listen.

Speaking with Jay was really uplifting. It was a suitable chat for the first day of Aquarius in 2012. It dovetailed nicely with my work/time with Molly and really caused me to re-think my work.

I started my radio show on the 12th of February, 2010. This year will mark two whole years of broadcasts. I started the blog in earnest, in September of 2008. My first astrological post on Sarah Palin caught fire and I never looked back.

I’ve used astrology to untangle knots and divine meaning in the maelstrom. Its been an outstanding tool to that end and I am not sure anyone else was doing what I was doing then. But it struck me today, that we need a new language, new symbols and new art to navigate through the next part of the journey, well at least I do.

If you managed to wind your way through the catacombs of this site, you could find keys to many things. I laid out the melting economy and the attendant gravity of Pluto in Capricorn before it morphed into the iron fist of Sauron. Well guess what? I am done with it or at least this variant. Its time to move onto something new. I won’t be abandoning astrology. Quite to the contrary. I’ll be using it for something different.

One of the contributing factors was watching Michael Hoffman’s brilliant, “Revelation Of The Method” video. In it, he breaks down how the arch-symbol makers are allowing us to decode their mysteries as it were. Why do you think films like National Treasure and The DaVinci Code are made? Its to indoctrinate us into their version of hermeticism. As a result, we empower them, their symbolic import and influence in our lives. That’s why its so bloody blatant now. High school kids wear illuminist images from the 14th century on their hoodies.

Prior to the insertion of Bush II in the White House, the Neocons drew up their playbook at places like Brookings and AEI. They drafted the “Project For The New American Century” also known as P.N.A.C. Their keystone document was titled, “A Clear Break.” This was the model for pre-emptive war and other machinations, well thought out to retro-fit the White House, particularly the Executive Branch. It was at both diabolical and masterful. It was the end-game accelerator, forcing us to wake from the slumber of our illusion.

Its uncomfortable and even unclear what to do in the midst of the nightmare, but one thing is certain; There is no turning back now. The only way out, is through.

So I have decided to launch my own version of P.N.A.C., “Project For A New Astrological Consciousness.” I have no idea how it will look or evolve, but that’s a lot like my life in general.

So what does that mean? Well, unless I can’t help it, naming the evil is over and done. We need new models that can assist us in turning the ship towards brighter shores and new continents of the heart.

When I write sometimes, I can feel you out there, lives flickering in a brief moment of eternity, shared and longing for the same things. Life without fear, without judgment, without shame, filled with nothing but love.


I’ve been thinking about Saturn today as well. Its squatting on my Venus in the 11th, forcing me to deal on so many levels. Back in July, I gave up drinking. I crossed a chemical line in the sand and don’t feel the need to drink anymore. I had wine at Thanksgiving, but only one glass. I could have one right now, and have just one. The diyonsian pull to descend into the hazy fugue states in no longer there. I have crossed over into temple of Apollo. So I began to ponder the meaning of “no” and the attendant limits that go along with it. I thought about how I used to think that it was my divine right to fuck who I wanted, when I wanted, drink, smoke, trip, you name it. It was all grist for the fleshy mill . . . or so I thought. You must understand that I have Jupiter in Sag in the first and it trines Uranus in Leo in the 9th. Anything worth doing is worth over doing or to quote another famous Sag, “The roads of excess lead to the palace of wisdom.” I may not be there yet, but I am hot on its trail.

I began to think about how as a society, we have been seduced to allow ourselves everything and anything. If we do hold onto some moral center, we can be mocked, derided and cajoled into enabling our lower selves to join the party, where sadness and separation are cloaked in the grand costumery of ego and getting just one more fix of experience.

I’m not judging it. I can just see the distortion its created in my life over the years and how as a society, and as a planet, we have been entrained to accept everything, no matter how un-natural it might be. If we don’t, we’re white and uptight. We’re squares. We’re conservatives. Our cool cards will no doubt be revoked and then we’ll have to hang out with the Christians or the other conservatives, who might profess to know something about restraint, but usually sacrificing compassion at some point along the way.

Morality almost feels like a dirty word at times. Its become so tainted and leaden with the dross of the world’s judgement. And yet, as we look at five-year-old beauty pageant contestants do pole dances for their moms, we say nothing, do nothing about the horror of that spectacle.

We’ve lost our ability to be outraged and that’s because we’ve been entrained over and over again to say “yes” to just about anything. Saying “no” just isn’t cool.

Last week, I was at a bar watching Tim Tebow play. There was a woman next to me and we chatted a bit about the game, about Tebow, etc. She said, “I can’t stand him.” I asked her why? She said he and his mom were obnoxious, particularly for the commercial they made for last year’s Super Bowl. In essence, Tim’s mom talked about when she was at a place in her pregnancy with numerous complications and the doctors recommended aborting him. She declined and had him. That commercial was not about Tim Tebow’s mother holding up a jar with a fetus in it, waving it at America, shoving its death cult totem right back into its sour visage. No. She was simply celebrating the life of her son, which “she chose.”

The screwed up contempt in this woman’s face was almost comical. Then I thought to myself, how upside down is our world when embracing and celebrating a life saved would be viewed as vile and obnoxious? No matter what your position on abortion, just think about that for a minute. Having a baby and sharing it with the world was viewed as despicable. This is what happens when you don’t drink. Things look a little different.

So Saturn has me thinking more and more about limits. The Aquarian Sun tugs me towards a version of oneness–not the synthetic variety of mandatory and strictly imposed Borg mind.

When the new moon hits come Moonday, we’ll be entering the year of the Water Dragon, but perhaps even more importantly, we’ll be presented with yet another opportunity to expand our awareness and move into this year, with an open heart and a deeply discerning mind.

We are magical beings and the divine cosmos, that which we feebly call God is our consciousness. We are swimming in it like fish in an ocean who don’t realize that they are indeed immersed in a medium that grants them the gift of life.

Open your heart. The time for waking up has passed. Its time inhabit your life with the courage of a lion and the gentleness of a lamb. Ride the Aquarian wave know that the future, the world you wish to create is here, right now.

Here’s yesterdays show with Jay. Hope you enjoy it.

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Lastly, a little Aquarian inspiration from Ulrich Schnauss and “Stars.”

The Concordia Disaster Signals The End Of The Piscean Age, Triggers 2012 Predictive Programming And Jay Weidner On FAR

A titanic mess.

Well it didn’t take long for 2012 to run aground and beach itself on our consciousness. The Costa Concordia rang in the new year, the year of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, on Friday the 13th nonetheless. 2012 is here. How many of you have looked at the pictures of that ship and have had an experience of utter befuddlement, as in WTF? It has that kind of visceral response. This is no mere day cruiser, but an honest to goodness cruise ship. The largest in Italy.

I hate cruise ships.

The one and only cruise I was ever on was called, “The Booze Cruise.” It departed out of Long Beach and took its sweet ass time plowing through the familiar waters of the Pacific, to arrive at the coastal village of Ensenada. It was my honeymoon cruise. I will never forget how people gorged on shitty prime rib and lobster, having two and three helpings, only because they could. It was a drunken ship of fools and there was the specter of foul play overshadowing our return journey home.

A young woman had gone missing and it was serious enough to warrant about half-a-dozen announcements imploring people to report this young woman’s whereabouts. Apparently this is fairly common on cruise ships. Women/people go missing at sea.

Getting off the ship was like a circle of Dante’s hell off the coast of California. “Disembarking” as they call it consists of getting out of your room early and being herded into the ships mezzanine with everyone else, grimly, anxiously waiting to get the hell off. The bathrooms are limited, so you’re stuck with about four hours of non-stop gastric group trauma and the unrelenting release of bad food that was cleverly disguised as something remotely edible, just day and hours before.

But I digress.

The Costa Concordia (Costal Union) ran aground just off the coast of Tuscany, near the island of “Giglio” at 9:42PM, local time.

At the time, Uranus in Aries (Radical Disruption) was opposing Mars in Virgo (Service/Attention To Detail). The two energies do not mesh well together, particularly since Mars was on the ascendent, conjuncting the Moon at that time, Uranus in the 7th.

The story as we’re hearing it now is that the ship’s head waiter, Antonello Tievolli (Mars in Virgo) was from Giglio, where his sister (The Moon in Virgo) lives. Tievolli apparently told the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino (Uranus in Aries) that his sister would be on land. Schettino thought it would be really cool if they could get close enough to have a kodak moment. What they got was Fellini in Hell. But don’t you think its a little odd that despite it being totally dark, Schettino thought that brother and sister would actually have a meaningful moment?

Something’s not right here.

So theoretically, we have the forces of opposition in play Brother/Sister, Mars/Moon and the Captain, Uranus. But the real diamond bullet to the third eye is the True Node, the destiny of the Costa Concordia at the time of its crash was at 13 degrees Sagittarius, right at the bottom of the chart in the IC. Its destiny in that moment, on that day was to sink to the bottom. Sag of course is travel and adventure.

Orcus was discovered on 2/17/04. It was discovered by the same group of astronomer that also discovered Sedna and Quaoar. Orcus has an orbit that is similar to Pluto’s and its 248 year tour around the Sun.

Being that its related to Pluto from an orbital perspective, it has been classified as another manifestation of the underworld, since Orcus, like Pluto was a deity of the underworld to the Romans. Orcus was named on 11/22/04. 11/22 or 33 is significant for all of you illuminist scorekeepers at home.

The shadowy dimension of Orcus has yet to be plumbed in some ways. I mean how much more underworld can you get than Pluto? Deeper, darker descent into regions of Hell beyond Hell? Maybe Pluto has become like the Bhutan of the Zodiac, where all the celebs go to not be noticed without the hassle of sneaking into Tibet. You want real darkness? Now there’s Orcus.

In the chart for the Costa Concordia, Orcus is in Virgo at 3 degrees, hiding out in the Azoic Zones of the 12th House. Its there, opposing Chiron and Neptune in Pisces in the 6th House of service and work. Down, deeper, and deeper into the cold dark waters of the mediterranean.

There seems to be some rumblings of profit motive involved here as well, like sinking the ship for insurance purposes. I mean let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot of money to float around for continual cruise line voyages and the ship ports in Italy, which has just been hit with brutal austerity measures. Likely, there’s less government money available to bail out a sinking industry like cruise liners.

So the insurance motive doesn’t sink to the bottom of possibility.

When we look at the chart, we can see Jupiter in a wide opposition with Saturn. Jupiter in House 8, Scorpio, water, death, other peoples money and resources, dark motives, hidden agendas, drink and drugs. In the other corner/quadrant of the chart, there’s Saturn in House 2. Saturn in the second is challenging. It adds something beyond gravitas when it comes to resources. Its more like the gravitational force of Saturn itself being pressed down upon finances and resources. Saturn in the second house is AUSTERE. It conjures images of monks and mendicants and its very important to keep these images in mind as we progress.

So here we have Jupiter in Taurus (largesse) hiding out in House 8, opposing Saturn in the sign of balance, anchored in House 2. Yes, the insurance aspect makes some sense when it comes to these things. Just ask Larry Silverstein.

But perhaps there’s more.

Put on your deep sea diving gear, we’re going down.

First off, there were a large number of Russians on the ship. Have you been following what’s going on with Russia? Russia and Syria?

Let’s look at the name of the ship itself; “The Costa Concordia.” What does it mean?

Well there’s a lot of buzz on the Net right now that the Rothschild’s coat of arms is “Concordia.” That’s only partially correct. It also has “Industria” and “Integras” in its crest. Concordia essentially means, “harmony” and “union.” 72.5% of Rothschild Continuation Holdings is controlled by the Dutch-registered Concordia BV. Concordia is wholly controlled by the English and French Rothschilds.

The antonyms of concord are; conflict, discord and dissension. When the ship runs aground on the “costa” or coast, it becomes an antonym, it thus represents discord and what we have heard from how Schettino and the crew, handled the crash, we can certainly factor dissension into the mix.

But just as the Twin Towers collapsed and made Larry Silverstein a whole lot of cash, it also signified the violent end of dualism in the occult sense, where there was once, two, there is now one soon to be in its place.

While the connection between the Rothschild’s and Concordia was interesting, let’s not stop there.

One of the interesting synches that I uncovered was that there is a place in Italy called, get this; “Concordia Sagittaria.” Where was the True Node in the chart at the time of the disaster? In Sagittarius, at the very bottom of the chart, at 13 degrees, on the Friday the 13th.

Another strange synche, manifests in the game, Final Fantasy, Concordia is a place that is dominated by a Queen Mother.

“The Kingdom of Concordia (コンコルディア王国, Konkorudia Ōkoku?) is a nation that holds the Sōryū Crystal in Final Fantasy Type-0, with its capital being Mahamayuri The Concordian people use the crystal to communicate with dragons and monsters, and use them for daily life and to strengthen their military.

Top posts in the Concordia government, save for the Concordian King, are held by women; Andoria serves as the queen and is the only one who can communicate with the Queen Dragon, the physical representation of the crystal. There are five Orders of elite knights who protect Sōryū Peristylium. One of them is known as the Akatoki under Celestia with Yuzuki among its members.”(Source)

And yet, there’s more!

This coat of arms belongs to one of Montreal’s centers of higher, “Concordia University” a Jesuit school. Like all of the Jesuit universities, they were founded by the holy command of Ignatius of Loyola, the thirteenth and youngest son of a Spanish family. They’ve had two coat of arms since they were originally known as “Sir George Williams College.” Sir George was the founder of the YMCA and the board of governors approved the original coat of arms based on Williams’ own on, December thirteenth 1937. Here is what the original coat of arms portrayed;

“Gules, a dove, wings elevated or, encircled around the breast with an olive branch proper, a chief or, thereon an open book or on a triangle gules between two roses of the field, barbed and seeded of the third. The book represents education, the triangle was symbolic of the YMCA concern with the whole personality – body, mind, and spirit. The rose is the heraldic symbol of the seventh son.” (Source)

In 1974, George Williams College changed their name to “Concordia” and with it, a new coat of arms. This one decidedly more different than the first. Again, the board of governors approved the new crest on the thirteenth, this time on February, 1975.

Here is where an interesting element and one that I think is key to the meta-cognition of this event comes into play.

“In 1974, with the approval of the Board of Governors, Professor David McKeen of the SGW English Department began negotiations with the College of Arms about the armorial bearings of the new university. The armorial bearings were designed by Professor McKeen to reflect the founding institutions, and included both the “Sun in his splendour,” long recognized in heraldry as a mark of Jesuit institutions, and the YMCA triangle, the whole intended to embody the spirit of Concordia.” (Source).

Both the Sun at the top of the crest and the one located between the solar plexus/heart have open books, which represent knowledge, wisdom, reason and they both sit atop an inverted pyramid. In the inverted position, the pyramid becomes a water pyramid and represents the feminine. As it sits at the heart of the Sun, here we have the masculine and feminine, or the alchemical marriage in the hermetic tradition. It is replicated also in the crown, so it is mirrored or doubled. We must take note of the presence of the Jesuit influence here. Concordia was mirroring Montreal’s own relationship with the notion of “concord” or “concord.” The motto of Montreal is, “Concordia Salus.”

Salus is the Roman Goddess of health. So in essence, she is the archetypal/hermetic presence ruling over Montreal. A Roman deity.

That’s not the only link to Italy through Montreal. Montreal was the first place staked out by the notorious Cosa Nostra, in particular the “Cuntera-Caruana” clan of Sicily. “The Italian press baptized the clan as ‘The Rothschilds of the Mafia’ or ‘the bankers of Cosa Nostra’.” This according to Wikipedia;

“In the 1920s the village of Siculiana counted 8,000 inhabitants, now less than 5,000. In the 1950s many inhabitants emigrated for work and opportunities. Many moved to Germany and Belgium or crossed the ocean to go to the United States, Canada, Venezuela or Brazil. Among them was Alfonso Gagliano, who in Canada became a cabinet minister in the government of Jean Chrétien. Among the migrants were mafiosi as well. Montreal is the first base outside Sicily for the Cuntrera-Caruana clan. Canadian immigration-records show Pasquale and Liborio Cuntrera arrived in 1951 and acquired Canadian nationality in 1957. They moved up and down between Sicily and Montreal setting up base at both sides of the Atlantic.” (Source).

While we’ve determined the meaning of concordia or concord, we haven’t really fleshed out the etymology of “costa.” On the surface, it means, “coast.” But it also has another meaning. Costa is short for “Constantine.” Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to accept and embrace Christianity along with Licinius, issuing the “Edict Of Milan” in 313, which proclaimed tolerance of all religions throughout the empire. In many ways, the Piscean Age begins with Constantine, a Pisces (2/27/272 or 11/11).

Constantine is also the name of the character played by Keanu Reeves, a character who dies and goes to the underworld to fight demons and. In essence, Constantine goes to hell.

In addition to Constantine, we also have the ships captain, the frenetic Francesco Schettino (Frances or Francis/St. Francis of Assisi) and his deckside squeeze, Dominica Cermotan (Dominican order).

Constantine, the bearer of the age of Pisces, Franciscans and Dominicans, all run aground, crashed upon the shore of tiny fishing village. Symbolically, what we’re looking at is the end of religion, the shipwrecking of faith.

This is a significant event at the outset of 2012, the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. That event becomes an epoch this year, a significant cycle in and of itself. An occult century within a linear century. Many have speculated that the sinking of the titanic was not some randomly tragic event due to shoddy workmanship, but rather a staged spectacle that ushered in the dread of 1913 (22), where we witnessed the start of WWI, the creation of federal income tax and of course, the Federal Reserve.

Does the grounding of the Concordia portend the death of the Euro and the start of a new, global monetary system? Will it be joined by yet another world war to accompany the destruction of one age and the birth of another?

Rumors are swirling that the crew heard explosions and that is why they were in such a hurry to leave.

Was the Concordia sabotaged? If so, who would do it and why?

Was it a case of insurance fraud? Is it part mega-ritual, part meta-meme for the end of the Piscean Age and religion? Or is it to remind us of the terror that lies ahead in 2012. Remember this heart tugging scene of the ocean liner in the movie 2012? This folks is a nice little exercise in “predictive programming.”

One final interesting side note, the sister ship of the Costa Concordia, Costa Deliziosa destroyed 150 ft of Norway’s Bergen Skoltegrunnskaien pier, May 22, 2011. Yes, that’s right, 11/22 or 33. Add in May (5) and you get 38 or 11.

Join me at 10AM PST, 1/20 on The Friday Farcast, I’ll be discussing this topic more at length and I’ll be joined in the second hour by Jay Weidner. We’ll hear what Jay has to say about 2012, Ron Paul and More.

Romney’s Chilling Venus In Aquarius Exposed, His Karmic Payback In October And The Astro Mythos Of Tebow

Hi, we’d like to buy your country, err company.

The Leo Moon had a positively incendiary effect on Ron Paul. If the rectified chart is indeed correct, then the Moon, transiting through his 12th House illumined his Leo Sun to the point where we finally got a taste of what Ron Paul would be like after chugging a couple of Red Bulls. In this video, you can see him at his most animated.

As I mentioned on my show, they’re bringing Jon Huntsman along slowly, sort of like drag net fishing for the likes of defecting Gingrich and Santorum voters. Speaking of Santorum, has anyone taken such a nose dive from one caucus to a primary like Santorum? He went from a very dubious second place finish, to sucking the top three’s fumes, while being connected to one of Italy most notorious communist gangs, through his family.

As I noted earlier, the Taurus Moon would impact Santorum (Taurus) favorably in Iowa, but it was the Leo Moon that shined on Paul in New Hampshire. Then there’s Mitt Romney.

My education of Mitt Romney is growing with each passing day–growing like a bad case of mold.

Romney might look the most presidential of the lot. Every hair in place, jaw square, gaze direct and firm. He’s also pretty glib. We can see the glib nature highly aspected by his grand air trine; Venus (Aquarius 8-MC), Neptune (Libra 9-House 5) and Uranus (Gemini 17-House 1). Venus in Aquarius on the mid-heaven might be his calling card. One of Romney’s go to phrases from his economic lexicon is called, “creative destruction.” Its a page right out of the luciferian playbook; “Ordo Ab Chao” (Out Of Chaos Order). This is what Romney shared at Emory College in 2010.

Venus in Aquarius conjunct the MC to a large extent typifies this attitude, especially if we marry it to Uranus in Gemini in the first.

When dealing with psychopaths, the amazing thing is how their soul grinding belief systems are not just justified, but completely integrated aspects of their clinically insane psyches. There is no cognitive dissonance in the true psychopath. Is it his Mormon faith that encourages him towards godhood on some distant world that has endowed him with a sub-zero disposition coldly emanating from that detached Venus hovering above the rest of humanity? Perhaps its some other secret sect that has abolished his ability to care. Whatever it is, he’s clearly not suffering from any pangs of guilt from the human wreckage he’s left behind.

You see Bain capital has specialized in buying companies (they say distressed) then selling off assets, gutting jobs, stripping down production and either forcing the companies into bankruptcy (KB Toys) or selling them off to the next pack of jackals (UniMac). Bain is like a horde of mongols that has practiced the art of “creative destruction” faithfully over the past two decades.

Now Venus in Aquarius isn’t always this cool and clinically detached aspect. In fact, one would think that Neptune would add some much needed humanity here, softening the uber cool Venus. Does it add humanity or does it convey and somehow legitimize Romney’s duplicity? Because that erratic Uranus in Gemini in the first house gives Venus a biting edge, adding yet more Aquarian chill via the ruling planet. To get a clear understanding of Romney’s Grand Air Trine, just watch this video below. Its stunning. In the video Romney speaks with a sufferer of muscular dystrophy in a wheel chair. At first, Romney seems concerned and hears him out. The man needs medicinal marijuana, and tells Romney that six doctors have advocated that he get medicinal marijuana. Romney immediately asks him if he can use synthetic marijuana. This is significant. Why? Because “corporations” can “make” synthetic marijuana. Which means that there is an inherent business opportunity versus simply growing it, which ANYONE can do.

The second piece here is that Venus in Aquarius is “scientific” and synthetic marijuana is not only patentable but created in a lab. Then watch as Romney shifts from concerned to cruel, shutting the man down, shifting into the grinning and hand shaking shuck and jive, like a well oiled shapeshifter. That’s Gemini kicking in. Check it out.

Gemini is a trickster, dual to the core. Ever date a Gemini? Ever watch the movie Sybil? Anyway, I’m being a little rough on Gemini here and I apologize, but Uranus in Gemini is truly unstable. Uranus in Gemini is highlighted or low lighted, depending on your perspective by the bomb (Uranus/Uranium) drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (two cities). It also heralded Project Paperclip, the great brain drain from NAzi Germany.

So Mitt has Uranus in Gem in his first house, along with his True Node. Unfortunately, he’s going to get a major boost from Jupiter’s pass through Gemini as it will conjunct his TN right around July 4th.

Heaven help us.

On election night, Romney will have Jupiter two degrees off his Uranus and locked into that grand air trine. From an astrological perspective, this looks almost unbeatable.

Romney also has a Yod in his chart; Saturn and Pluto in Leo opposing his Venus in Aquarius. Venus wants to act as an unfettered and free agent, launching itself outward from the heavy gravity of Saturn and Pluto. Saturn in Leo is restraint on the rule of kings. Its karmic law meets divine right. Pluto in a wide conjunction with Saturn is all about power and the ability to live like a king, developing the patience and fortitude in concert with Saturn in order to get what it wants. Its also the representation of power in the home. Autocratic power.

Romney’s dad was in the car business as the old Mittster puts it. Yep, his dad owned American Motors, who gave us such memorable cars as the Pacer and the Gremlin. Here is where the pre-fab man runs into trouble as the Summer progresses.


On 10/6 Saturn moves into Scorpio, squaring his natal Saturn in Leo, conjuncting (wide) his Chiron in Scorpio. The unflappable snatcher of pensions and thousands of jobs is going to have a karmic moment. A deeply karmic moment. Saturn suffers no fools. It brings all things into proportion. It raises the humble and lowers the mighty. Its in the fixed sign of Scorpio and its going to go after Romney’s Saturn in Leo hard. His unchecked power is going to get a wake-up call.

You see, the sixth house is the little guy. Its the day-to-day grunt work of service, assembly lines and unglamorous gigs. These are the people that worked at companies like K.B. and UniMac and Saturn is going to remind Mitt Romney all about them and the lives that got atomized when Bain came to town, stripping assets and selling the shell of a company for obscene profits with no care whatsoever for the broken families left behind.

You see Mitt Romney would laugh at the type of sentimentality displayed in a statement like that. For the economy to thrive, some people have to suffer or something like that or so sayeth Mitt. Well the bell is going to ringeth for this man as Saturn moves towards conjuncting his Chiron in Scorpio while squaring natal Saturn.

There’s this movies called “Freaks.” When I was in high school, I was slightly obsessed by it and the characters in the film, people like the pinheads, and “The Human Torso” a guy with no arms and legs who rolled cigarettes as a part of his act. They are all part of a movie set in a carny. The basic plot is that there is a blonde beauty named “Cleopatra” who joins the circus and seduces a midget named “Hans” but only for his money. While she’s fooling Hans, she’s screwing the strongman, “Hercules.” Cleo eventually starts poisoning Hans so that she can get his inheritance after they marry.

The “freaks” find out about her plot and come after her and Hercules with all manner of sharp objects, turning Herc into a falsetto and mutilating Cleo into a “duck woman.”

This is what Mitt Romney has to look forward to (metaphorically of course).

If I were Mitt Romney, I’d start making some big mea culpas right now. But he wouldn’t or wont ever admit to what he’s done. Nothing wrong by him. Just living out the American dream, while others thrash in its nightmare. Transiting Chiron will also be hitting his Mars in the 11th House at the same time. Its in Pisces and I hate to say it, but it will expose the Mittman as not being very strong. If his chart and his history isn’t enough, he’s a cousin of George Bush and he’s got the strangest ears I’ve ever seen.

Okay, enough about him and the surreal pageantry of phony elections. Let’s talk real shit. Shit that matters. Yeah, I’m talking playoffs, NFL, football, mytho-poetic psycho-drama. I cannot do a column without a little Tebowizing.

Tomorrow, the New England Patriots (Romney’s stomping grounds) take on the Denver Broncos for the 2nd time this season. The last time the two teams clashed in Gillette stadium, Leo Tom Brady outdueled Leo Tim Tebow. Word on the street is that Brady has been agitated and edgy. Leos don’t like to share the spotlight and this week, it was announced that Tim Tebow is America’s most popular warrior, outpacing Tom “Captain America” Brady and his supermodel wife. But this is more than just a big cat vs big cat rumble. Its BIBLICAL!

Last week, the Broncos “miraculously” defeated the Steelers and their Rasputinesque QB, Ben Roethlisberger. They did it in amazing fashion. In overtime, with one, quick strike, Tebow found Demaryius Thomas on a slant for 80 yards and a score. Game over. That pass gave Tebow 316 yards in the game. The same number as his favorite passage from the Bible; John 3:16. Tebow’s coach? John Fox? His GM? John Elway. Two Johns (The Baptist and Patmos).

Just last week, Tebow’s former coach, the guy that brought him to Denver, Josh McDaniels just got hired by the Patriots to coach their offense. McDaniels is a Taurus. Can you say silver? Forty pieces? Can you say Judas? The Patriots coach is Bill Bellichek, an Aries. Can you say war? Roman? Centurion? Pilate? The owner of the Patriots? Bob Kraft, a Gemini. Duality. Can you say Nicodemus? I predict something strangely, well miraculous. If I were the Patriots, I’d be more than just a little nervous. They might win, but grand cosmic forces are at play here. Moon in Virgo rewards conservative play calling, which favors not only Denver, but also the Forty-Niners against the high flying Saints.

Check out this powerful video, which exposes Mitt Romney for the cold-hearted corporate assassin that likes to “fire people.”