World Series Hero David Freese, Taurus Sun Meets Up With Transiting Jupiter For Star Turn and 12/28 Is 13 Ahau, Mayan Calendars End?

This guy is having the time of his life. Can’t you tell?

I have to do a quick sports post and roll 10/28 into it as well. I usually have a good nose for really great sports moments. It must be Jupiter in Sag in my first, trining Uranus in Leo in my 9th. I can usually spot the right time to go out and experience a game, usually at a bar or pub and catch the vibe. Tonight was the latest moment like that.

I could hear the world series game in the background from my radio downstairs while I worked. I had a sense it was going to be a good one, so I hoofed it over to the Up and Under, the local (and probably only one for miles around) rugby pub. There, I witnessed the epic game six between the Cardinals and the Rangers. The Rangers were leading the series three games to two. They needed one win to take the World Series crown back to Arlington. The Cards were playing at home. The lead changed eight times and went eleven innings. It wasn’t a perfect game, but like two heavyweights, slugging it out deep into the night, just when each team delivered what looked like a crushing blow, the other team would rally and tie or take the lead. It was relentless and it would have been over and done if it wasn’t for St. Louis native, David Freese. Freese just became thee poster boy for astrology in sports.

First of all, hats off to a his last name; “Freese.” Tonight the kid had ice water in his veins. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, St. Louis down by two runs, their season hanging by a thread, with a 3-2 count, Freese cracked a stone-cold-rope to right field, over the head on awkwardly retreating Nelson Cruz, driving in Albert Pujols and Lance Berkman to tie the game with a triple.

Two innings later, thanks to Bergman’s own heroics in the bottom of the tenth to tie the game, yet again, Freese stepped in against pitcher, Mike Lowe. Lowe was one of the Rangers last available relievers. Freese wasted no time and drove another 3-2 pitch just slightly down in the strike zone into the deepest part of the park. Game over. Local kid lives out his wildest dream.

Freese was born on 4/28/83, which of course makes him a Taurus. His Sun at 7 degrees is conjunct transiting Jupiter at 5 degrees. Jupiter/Sun is a spectacular conjunction to have on the game’s biggest stage. But it doesn’t end there. Nope. Freese has a Scorpio Moon, likely around 20 degrees, which would have made his natal Moon conjunct transiting Moon, Mercury and Venus, all in Scorpio. These late degrees were not opposing his natal Sun, however they did oppose his natal Mars and Mercury, also in Taurus. Freese is blessed with a Sun/Mars Taurus conjunction which endows him with some serious kinetic powers and a great deal of strength. That drive to center is not hit by someone with moderate power. The Scorpio conjunctions with his Moon seems to have offset any of the oppositions. He also has Jupiter in Sag conjunct Uranus in Sag with a one degree orb. That’s all about reflexes, timing and pure good fortune in the moment. Transiting Uranus in Aries was trining both Jupiter and Uranus. Whoa! Electric! Dude is on fire. He was already named M.V.P. of the NLCS and if the Cards can close it out tomorrow night, there’s a good chance he’ll be the World Series M.V.P. as well. Heady times for someone who nearly walked away from baseball just two years ago.


10/28/11 is the end of the Mayan calendar in the long coun for this Tzolkin. It is 13 Ahau; “The Cosmic Christ.” The keynote for 13 Ahau is, “I endure in order to enlighten.” This is an auspicious day. Well over a year ago, I interviewed Carl Johan Calleman and we talked about this very day. He believes that this is the true end of the Mayan calendar, since on 12/21/12, the calendar does not end in 13 Ahau, but rather 4 Ahau. 13 is a much more organic end and the controversial timekeeper claims to have had this confirmed by Mayan elders in the Yucatan. What will happen? Will we all ascend together, just as in a dream I once had? Will we all have our life review simultaneously and learn who, where and how we’ve hurt others, feel their pain and disappointment, be forgiven and be reborn? Will we wake up feeling more like our true selves than ever before? We will all have the same dream with the same winning lottery numbers for every lotto on Earth and magically redistribute the wealth over night? I don’t know, but pay attention or you might miss some pertinent detail to the unfoldment of the great mystery before your very eyes.

Oakland’s Heart Of Darkness, Journeying Through Pluto In Scorpio, Navigating The Underworld

OWS gets heavy under Oakland’s Scorpio Moon.

I spent nearly half of the ninties living in Oakland. It’s where I did the final days of time with Pluto in Scorpio emerging from my 12th House, onto my ascendant. They were dark days, but not without the promise and allure of secrets only derived from a romp through the underworld.

With all the Libra in my chart, I had been steadfastly relationship based. I rarely experienced sex without the formality of commitment. During those last years of Pluto in Scorpio, that would change. I decided to give myself over to the energies of Pluto in Scorp. I could write a steamy tell all book alone about these years.

From 1992 to 1997, I managed an apartment building on the cusp of East Oakland. My first day there, my muddied baptism in that place, was the day of the Rodney King riots. I had no idea what to expect. I was no stranger to the Black American experience. On the contrary. I had grown up in the racially diverse watershed that is East San Jose. I would get high and play hoops with my friends from our version of “The Hood.” On Sundays, I would trip across the street and race AFX cars with the Hairston kids, where I heard the first outrageous strains of P-Funk. In a touching yet odd holiday ritual, we would swap pumpkin bread for soul food. I got my first taste of collard greens, chitterlings and sweet potato pie from their lovely matriarch. You get the picture. But living in the nape of the hood and managing living spaces while Pluto, the Lord of The Underworld, in its own sign, in the darkest part of my chart, was a very different trip.

Oakland was the backdrop to it all. When I got there, I thought it held so much promise as San Francisco’s lesser sister, the Cinderella ash collector still looking for its magic slipper. Its a fitting metaphor since Oakland maintained its true working class status with one of the busiest ports on the West Coast, while San Francisco made a clear decision to gut its fishing and canning industry along the wharf and sundry piers to become a tourist haven. Oakland kept it real.

Often though, my zeal for the poor sister was dashed by the clarity of my experience. I learned to wait at nearly every green light after watching hoopties blast through clear stops, time and again. I even witnessed drivers that didn’t have the experience or presence of mind that I did, rush into the green, only to be t-boned by a heap of Detroit steel doing fifty through a dead red.

I was idealistic. I thought if I could spruce up the building, people would take greater pride in it. I remember putting a picture up in the laundry room to give it some warmth, only to have it stolen in a few days. I put a good sized Ficus in the lobby, with a big, heaping pot that one person would have difficulty moving, let alone taking. Within a week, it was gone. It was kind of indicative of my feelings about Oakland. Every time I invested any promise in it, it would let me down and yet I loved so many things about it. Even my tenants would reflect this. Continue reading “Oakland’s Heart Of Darkness, Journeying Through Pluto In Scorpio, Navigating The Underworld”

Sex, Death, Birth, Scorpio; Going Far With P.M.H. Atwater on NDE’s

When instinct meets vision.

It’s Scorpio time! Pull back the veil. The season of night is now upon us. Clocks turn back and we descend down into the nether regions of the psyche, feeling along the cave walls, like the uterine tracts of the great mother, as we plum the depths of sex, death and birth. In Libra, two seek to become one. The social ritual of courtship and finding common ground is sought after and experienced, balancing out self with and through another is initiated and then the real journey begins. That’s where Scorpio comes into play; Each person in relationship must die to their former selves. It is through sex, the little death that this gets played out initially. Ecstatic pleasure and the promise of recreation, to be born again in another life form is pure Scorpio. The psycho-drama of relationships is often and unconscious reaction to the dying process at hand.

Every step, from the first kiss, to the last breath in relationship, the human is involved in one of the greatest mysteries of the universe; one becoming two, then becoming one. Its a mirror of the relationship with the divine, where we are always one, but descend into duality and then seek to (re)solve it through the conscious awareness of our oneness. Relationship is the alchemical model for this gnosis.

Scorpio brings us face-to-face with our compulsions, obsessions, complexes, projections and fears, mostly assembled around death. Sex is intimacy and intimacy opens wounds. Wounds are the psychic scars we do out best to protect. Scorpio pushes us past our boundaries and fears. Scorpio is sex-death-birth and everything in between. Its an initiation, where the serpent and the eagle meet and instinct bonds with vision.

On the Friday Farcast, I interviewed P.M.H. Atwater, near death experiencer and author of Near-Death Experiences, The Rest of the Story. In keeping with the spirit of Scorpio, life, death and re-birth, she looks at the stats around NDE’s and their cultural implications. While I didn’t see eye-to-eye with her forthcoming social paradigm, which emerges near the book’s end, I cannot recommend her research on the subject enough. Its thorough and top notch. Here is my interview with her below.

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Piercing The Veil, Journey Through The Labyrinth Of The Outer Houses Begins, Quantum Quickie Scopes For All Signs

Time to re-trace ancient routes.

Yesterday was the day that Harold Camping re-racked his doomsday scenario for 10/21. Just in case you missed his last one, back in May, that was marked by an Earthquake, but didn’t occur, so he re-cast it (yet again) for 10/21. Interestingly enough, we had two, very intense quakes in the Bay Area on Thursday. Both topped out at around 4.0 and were just below 10 miles deep, which according to the likes of Dutchsinse, are HAARP generated quakes. Let me say this about those tremblers; I have experienced many earthquakes here and for quakes that were just around four, they both had a feeling of violence and power that was alarming. They started off like a bomb exploding and then the long, hard waves.

Sun In Scorpio On Monday

As we course through the final degrees of Libra, the dark season is upon us. Light recedes more each day (in the northern hemisphere) and the veils grow thinner. Scorpio is the beginning of the transpersonal journey in the chart. Its also the transpersonal journey for the world at large. Here, as a collective, we begin to embark on the exploration of issues and challenges greater than our individual perspectives, through the outer houses. Its a shared journey of mystery and deepening, one that’s not always easy to understand as its occurring. From Monday on, we are in the labyrinth of change, tackling the forces of cycles and waves, greater than our own individual lives. The gift of Scorpio is the ability to see in the dark and possess the vision to peer into the season of night ahead. Seeing into the dark takes some practice, but the cultivation of inner vision, especially when applied to the externalization of events, is essential. Its the timeless sight of the shaman, that with a little practice, is available to all.

Camping might have been a week off on his prediction or piggy backing on Carl John Calleman, since next Friday, the 28th, is the end of the Tzolkin in the Mayan long count; 13 Ahau. This is when Calleman predicted the end of time, not 12/21/12. His reasoning being that 13 Ahau will not occur again before 12/21/12 and on that day, the long count is 4 Ahau. So we’re still a week away . . . according to the controversial Mayan researcher. But as we leave Libra, let me give each sign a quick, shamanic forecast, a bit of focus for your inner vision.

Quantum Leap Scopes For The Weekend of 10/21

Sometimes it takes three to tango–start the music.

Get over the cost of love. Its priceless.

Go out create a new oracle. I suggest reading the sediment of a good cabernet.

Push back with purpose and subtle, yet firm conviction.

Be the myth you always dreamed of for the next 48 hours.

Stare unflinchingly at the ghosts of your past and they will blink first.

You’re doing all the heavy lifting now. Don’t stop.

The slumbering dragon begins to stir, its time to shake off those old scales.

You know you’re right–now its everyone else’s turn to taste your truth.

Go re-build a bridge you once burned. The world will better off for it.

Climb down from your ivory tower and dance your ass off.

Too much feeling is never anything to fear, affirm your humanity and dare to embrace as much as you can.

Remembering The Death Of An Angel, Here Comes Scorpio, The End and 11/11/11

“Poverty is the parent of crime and revolution.”

It must be the Mercury/Venus conjunction in Scorpio, creeping up on my ascendant. Tales of the underworld unwind. I’ve been following with some interest a simmering feud between rival motorcycle gangs, The Hells Angels and The Vagos. Just over a week ago, the head of the Hells Angels in San Jose, Jeffery “Jethro” Pettigrew was gunned down in a casino in Reno (hey that rhymes) allegedly by a member of the rival Vagos gang. According to my buddy James, who used to be a detective in the Central Valley, they’ve got some kind of turf war going on for Meth distribution.

Last weekend at Pettigrew’s funeral in San Jose, a fight broke out and there was another fatal shooting. This time it was Angel on Angel and the dead Angel was “Steve Tausan.” Tausan was the Angel’s enforcer. A former marine and professional boxer, he was a certifiable badass. I went to high school with Steve Tausan. I knew him since junior high and even trained with him in P.A.L. boxing. Even back then, he was one, tough, little dude. In high school, he was a boxing champ. I wan’t close with him, though we talked. What’s fascinating is that he was never a bully. He was a edgy, but not a bully (though my high school buddy Kurt said he saw him drop kick a cat during PE once) and by the way, no one fucked with Steve Tausan. Continue reading “Remembering The Death Of An Angel, Here Comes Scorpio, The End and 11/11/11”

Split Personalities And Twin Flames, The First Episode Of Phoenix Rising On Webtalk Radio

Reflections On Psyche

Saturn in Libra has been an active and dynamic exercise in balance, finding equanimity and re-memebering who are in relationship and larger social orders and systems

I’m pleased to announce my inaugural podcast on Webtalk Radio; “Phoenix Rising.” In this episode, I’m looking at “Split Personalities and Twin Flames.” Listen in as I get into the heads of young women getting ready to get their groove on with the raunchy and illuminated Ke$ha. Then, I explore the concept of twin flames with Zula Zule, author, healer and Pleiadian emissary. Its a trip into the psyches and spirits of two generations of feminine expression looking to lose themselves and find the other.