Kreayshawn, Tyler The Creator, Odd Futures, Pluto In Scorpio Kids; Luciferians Or Sin Eaters?

White girl flash mob

“We the niggas you scared of, like bad dentists

Flow is anthemic, dirty like it’s plants in it

Sick, spit a pandemic, crack and Cancer mixed with cannabis

To have a bitch, ready to stab a clit with some glass and shit”

The words are disturbing and devoid of any kind of ironic distance or nuance, without context or back story and narrative, they still present a chilling look into what could be the most dangerous generation this planet has ever seen. Those are lyrics from Tyler The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt. If you haven’t heard of them, you will, especially Tyler, the twenty-year-old leader of the L.A. hip hop collective(s) “The Wolf Gang” and “Odd Future.” Part skate rat, part devil-may-care situationist, his latest video/track, “Yonkers” makes Lady Gaga and Jay-Z’s presentation of running the town with little monsters look like Hallmark homilies set to Sesame Street beats. In “Yonkers” Tyler has the sole distinction of eating an enormous cockroach, spitting it up and vomiting, while talking explicitly about raping a woman. NWA used to rhyme about life in the hood. Tyler raps from the persona of a twisted psychopath. There is an enormous amount of danger and taboo in his music, imagery and rhymes. There’s also plenty of eye-gripping occult symbolism surrounding him and “Wolf Gang.” They wear shirts with upside down crosses on stage. Tyler will occasionally don a green ski mask with the same upside down cross inked between the eyes ala Charlie Manson.

They are dark, occasionally disgusting and dangerous, everything that rock and roll and punk were at one point in time. The difference between Tyler and Johnny Lydon (whom he admires) is that he and the Odd Future collective all range from the age of 17-20 and they are all born with Pluto in Scorpio. They have no trouble at all going over the edge, beyond any kind of propriety, because “they don’t give a fuck..”

Last night, it felt like I stepped through the looking glass–a distorted and cracked mirror actually. It was one of those odd Twitter moments, bouncing from one follower to a friend of theirs and so forth. Suddenly, I found myself staring at the punky yet slightly cherubic face of a young woman named. “Kreayshawn.” I looked at how many followers she had and peeped over 245,000. Then I saw she was from Oakland and I was really intrigued at this point. Then I went to her website and lo and behold, she’s a rapper, a white rapper and she makes no bones about this. In fact she has her own posse called, “The White Girl Mob” comprised of her, Lil’ Debbie (The DJ) and a piece of work named “V-Nasty” (more about her later). I watched Kreayshawn’s latest video, “Gucci, Gucci, Gucci.” The lyrics are outrageously funny. And how can you not like a song with lyrics like, “Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada, I’m looking like Maddona, but flossin’ like Ivana, Trump.” Its hilarious and fresh. Think blonde Eminem in B-cups. Its a put on and yet its not. Its not clear whether she’s straight or gay and at this point, what does it matter?

Everything is blurred, not with just Kreayshawn and her “White Girl Mob” but this whole emerging scene, where everyone feels like they’re the mutant offspring of Sandra Bernhard and Harmony Chorine. Its surreal. I was really taken with this track and then I saw that over 12 million people were also taken with it as well. Hello? This is beyond tipping point numbers. Kreayshawn, Tyler and the Odd Future collective have not only surpassed Gladwell’s magical event horizon, they’re going to destroy it, mutilate themselves with it, grind it into dust and throw it in a blender with with some “Death Juice” and knock it back. Kreayshawn and Tyler are both nominated for a VMA on MTV. They are about to go as mainstream as Taylor Swift.

I spent about an hour trying to wrap my head around Kreayshawn’s VC. She’s the daughter of a woman who was in a punk band called, “The Trashwomen” and was raised on the hard streets of East Oakland. She’s is legitimately from “The Hood.” The rhymes, the knowledge, the attitude are legit. She got herself a scholarship to UC Berkeley to study film and eventually formed “The White Girl Mob.” This isn’t like any kind of hip hop or urban scene you’d recognize. Kreayshawn talks about “snatching’ bitches” and smoking blunts, fronting the same kind of rhetoric that an urban male MC would. There’s no distinction.

Lines are blurred, drawn and blurred again. Its clearly bi-racial, maybe bi-sexual, maybe not. There’s no seeming demarcation, and no one really seems to care. Young women LOVE Kreayshawn. I spent about twenty minutes scrolling through her comments and there’s a lot of devotion being channeled. Kreayshawn seems to have mastered the art of interactivity on Twitter as well, holding court with thousands of followers, although she did drop this decidedly dark Twitter bomb; “k2345h4wN ︻╦╤─ Im the wicked murder the devil has chose.” Ahem. Now she may be a Libra, but this is pure, Pluto in Scorpio coming through, dialoging with the underworld. After I had absorbed as much as I could, I stepped through the Odd Future portal, since Odd Future is all over “Gucci, Gucci, Gucci” with an appearance of both “Left Brain” and Tyler. I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to take in.

Odd Future is a young collective of uber-talented and precocious kids. At the center is Tyler The Creator, (Taurus). Odd Future is comprised of designers, DJs, cartoonists, producers, rappers and writers. They’ve been putting out videos and singles for free for the past year, but now they’ve it the big time and Tyler’s “Goblin” is the first full length to blow up. I watched “Yonkers” for the first time last night. Its startling and memorable, very memorable, but not in any sort of inspirational way, more like a bad nightmare with a hangover sort of way.

Tyler strikes the pose of “The Thinker” in silhouette and then he launches into it. The easiest reference point might be the codeine beats and psychotic rhymes of Tricky, but Tyler is more articulate. His words and annunciation are sharp like razors. His gaze, maniacal and penetrating. He toys with a large cockroach, the size of my thumb. Then about a minute in, he pops the cockroach into his mouth and chews it, quickly followed by spit and vomit, but without missing a beat, he’s back into the monolog of the rapist. By the end of the track, his eyes are dark and blotted out, looking just a more than a little like Satan’s child.

The critics are all over Tyler and Odd Future. They’re claiming that this is a moment in time where something significant happens in music. They cite, The Sex Pistols, Nirvana and Public Enemy. They’re compared most often to Wu Tang. I’m not sure they’re wrong. But the hype and accolades come with caveats. Tyler, Earl and the other members of Wolf Gang use words like, “faggot” and “gay” constantly. They’ve been labeled “homophobic” Tyler’s raps about women are beyond misogynistic. And yet, are they? Is he really venting and spitting his frustration and rage at women or is he channeling darker, collective forces?

As I mentioned earlier they are part of a generation that is firmly entrenched in Pluto in Scorpio. Tyler in interviews says that he writes and rhymes about what we all think about at one time or another; dark thoughts, evil intentions, the id unleashed. There are five words that seem to be a motto for Odd Future and White Girl Mob; “I don’t give a fuck.” Its clear. They don’t. If you’re keeping score at home, its likely the same attitude displayed in London, Milwaukee and Philadelphia during the recent flash mobs and riots. We’re talking youth that is so disaffected and disconnected that they have a nearly homicidal pact with their own emotions and they’re not that concerned about yours.

In Tyler’s/Odd Future’s breakout piece in the LA Weekly, the one that really put him and Odd Future on the map, he’s seen sporting a t-shirt with Crowley on it; “Do As Thou Wilit.” Searches for “Is Tyler Illuminati?” are popping up on Google like magic mushrooms. People are hip to the illuminist tip, thanks to countless videos by people like Honor Lenon, breaking down the occult symbolism in videos by Jay-Z, Rhianna and Beyonce. The game is getting exposed. But two things really jump out at me when I look at Tyler through this particular prism. The first being how slick his video for “Yonkers” is. Its simple, but extremely high quality and cutting edge, not at all like their DIY efforts. Lets just say there’s money and some real direction behind it. Its the type of video that would make Henry Makow cream. In fact the whole scene would give him one, raging conspiratorial hard on and I haven’t even gotten to Cat Stacks or V-Nasty yet (oh man). He would see this as yet another blitzkrieg by the dispossessed foot soldiers of Lucifer himself, lesbian, pot smoking, degrading and debauched. And while I have certainly seen that theme as being very much alive and active, I’m not so sure about this movement is a franchise for the prince of darkness, although there are some striking parallels with Tyler and Robert Johnson, which I will share later.

I think the meme of what I would call, “The Luciferian Agenda” is already well in place, spread and co-mingling with the culture now, in a very transparent way. Its viral. The shadowy spores have spread across the dis-continent, fueled by a never ending series of wars, collapsing economies and a gaping void of leadership. Teens have finely tuned bullshit detectors and with this generation of Pluto in Scorpio kids, they have x-ray vision. They peer deep into the rot and they know the inherent hypocrisy all-too-well.

Tyler and his crew were around ten-years-old when 911 happened. In some ways, whatever innocence they had left was snatched. How would you feel if you were them? Especially if you thought you weren’t being told the truth. Would you feel ripped off and manipulated? How would you feel about adults who were supposed to understand these things and stand for something remotely just and right? Even if the subject matter of 911 conspiracy was never broached, somewhere in that deep, dark, collective soul, you’d be pissed . . . really pissed. And where would it come out? And how? You’d see the model of pure, naked, capitalistic grabs for power at work, without any sort of sentimentality. Its like the kid on the corner in the hood watching how gangs go about their business, but on a much bigger scale. You’d say, “Fuck that, I’m going to get me some motherfuckin’ money bitch.” Yep. And now the meme is spreading. Its becoming something that has enough momentum to perpetuate itself even if Tyler and his crew aren’t doing bongloads with Cthulu

These Pluto in Scorpio kids are going to digest every single taboo that older generations have objectified and locked down in the asylum of their consciousness. Its going to get more and more intense as Pluto moves through Capricorn, conjuncting Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn, which they have in their charts. This is extremely powerful as Pluto will deeply transform their concepts of spirituality and their engines of change. This is a generation to be reckoned with and you’d better treat them with some respect. They’ve got mad numbers. They are the largest generation since the Baby Boom and they are not afraid of much.

Tyler and Odd Future make Lady Gaga sound like “Up With People.” They, along with Kreayshawn are carpet bombing the computer speakers and headphones of a generation and guess what? This music isn’t for me or likely you. This is their Sex Pistols and that’s just fine with Tyler, who despite the accusations of misogyny, homophobia and illuminism lives at home with his mother, still rides his skateboard and doesn’t drink or smoke, not even coffee. But just when you think you’ve figured out the enigma inside of the contradiction, it turns back in on itself again and Tyler’s screaming on Twitter for Meth.

When I first looked at Tyler, Robert Johnson popped into my head. It might have been the dead look in the eyes at the beginning of “Yonkers” that mirrors a similar fifty-yard-stare in Johnson’s gaze. Or it might have been the psychic analog. But something about Tyler smacked of the man who sold his soul to rock and roll, down by the crossroads. Well guess what? Tyler was born on May 6th. Johnson, May 8th. Tyler and Johnson both have Venus in Gemini, separated by just one degree. They are nearly time twins. They are without a doubt, in my mind, spiritual doppelgangers. Listening to Tyler rant about being on MTV and being a mainstream superstar reveals a deeply ambitious personality, willing to do nearly anything, including eating cockroaches to ensure his fame. But make no mistake, Tyler is no sideshow freak. He’s incredibly smart and knows his music. One of his heroes is Ian Curtis of Joy Division. And he loves Roy Ayers. If we follow the cosmic arc of the Pluto in Scorpio generation, their role is to embody and explore the taboo, break every single rule and emerge, through the other side, integrated. They are the embodiment of shadow, the repositories of our complexes and obsessions and they are here to shove them right back into our faces and just when we think we have it and them all figured out, they flip the script and will ultimately be in possession of a truth and psychic wholeness that will be without reproach. Either that or they’ll burn the whole fucking place down.


One of the more bizarre back alleys I stumbled upon during this little cyber jaunt was the stories of these two young women. V-Nasty is part of Kreayshawn’s “White Girl Mob.” Every other word out of her mouth is “fuck” and “n*gga.” Her videos range from her viciously rhyming over the same beats about “Barbies” (white women with blonde hair) to getting out of Santa Rita for a six-month-bid. She’s made enemies of the old and not-so-old school hip hop guard. And she’s going to be a star, mostly on the vapors of Kreayshawn. I have yet to decode anything remotely worthwhile when it comes to anything creative I’ve seen/heard. There’s also something deeply disturbing about her. She’s devoid of any ironic distance, which Kreayshawn, to her credit has and she lacks the shocking intellect of Tyler. If Tyler is Johnny Rotten and Earl is Sid Vicious, she’s the Nancy Spungeon of this scene. She’s also a psychic miscegenation of some socially engineered experiment; a cultural transposition of a black, urban male into a young, white girl. Its shocking and maybe, just maybe that’s her point, even if its completely unconscious.

Kat Stacks is part of a groupie sub-culture that goes back to the Plaster Casters. But now, in her world, they’re called hip hop hoes. They sleep with rap artists and are not ashamed or guilty of their caste, in fact, Kat Stacks relishes it, like its celebrity and thanks to Youtube, unfortunately, it is. Her angle is sleeping with rappers and then spilling their secrets. Fuck and tell. Its truly sad. She thinks she’s busting scenes and telling the truth when in fact she’s parasitically leaching off of these young and sometimes not so young guys so that she can gain youtube numbers and then grab the attention of a network like MTV, to get her own show and get paid! Well, she’s in jail now. V-Nasty just got out of jail and Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler’s partner in rhyme got sent back to Samoa to spend time in a youth rehabilitation center. Even Tyler has been under house arrest. It is Pluto in Scorpio. What did you expect? Tomorrow, I’ll profile the reverse polarity of Pluto in Scorpio as I look at Colin Kaepernick, the young and massively talented quarterback for the San Francisco Forty Niners.

Paula Deen (Capricorn) Vs. Anthony Bourdain (Cancer) Stars Clash

Goat and Crab stew.

I love it when the stars align for a meaty blog post. Notice that I used the word “meaty.” it won’t be the last time you’ll see a food reference or metaphor in this piece, because while Rome burns, and you put another weenie on your skewer, I have to chime in on the nasty Anthony Bourdain/Paula Deen food fight. I knew Bourdain is a Cancer. Of course he is. Surly, moody, taciturn, but somehow always managing to channel some discernible gravitas when appropriate, like when he had simple country fare with a Laotian family, and the man of the family had a leg and an arm blown off from a vagrant mine, leftover from the Nam war. Or the time he watched in horror and disbelief in Nicaragua as families pored through mountains of refuse, foraging for food scraps.

I’m a pretty good reader and his concern was anything but manufactured. And yeah, he takes pot shots at Rachel Ray and all of the other Food Channel’s McChefs, but its funny (and honest). And yeah, his world weary act wears a little thin, but he gets it right more than he doesn’t. He’s got an ego, but with Jupiter in Leo, how can he not? And I will tell you that anyone in front of a camera has an ego, even aw shucks Paula.

So Bourdain is a Cancer (3 degrees) and Deen is a Capricorn (28 degrees). Its perfect really. In fact, if you wanted to teach someone about astrology and wanted to use two disparate personalities to demonstrate it, well these two would have to merit consideration. They’re like salt and sugar.

If you don’t know how this spicy feud started, Bourdain roasted Deen and her, ahem cuisine;

“She revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and she’s proud of the fact that her food is fucking bad for you. If I were on at seven at night and loved by millions of people at every age, I would think twice before telling an already obese nation that it’s OK to eat food that is killing us. Plus, her food sucks.”

Nothing like dropping a career skidding rant on one of America’s feel-good food stars. But I get Bourdain’s angst and rage, his sour to her sweet and its in their signs.

Bourdain as we have discerned is a Cancer. He’s got Moon in Aquarius as well. He also has Mercury in Gemini. All three of these aspects match-up with The US chart, not necessarily by degree, but most certainly by sign. Even though he’s been labeled a food snob, he’s actually more at home in someones home, food cart on the street or out of the way cafe. His taste in food is anything but elite and he revels in the company of plain folk. He’ll also eat anything that is local or indigenous. Hell, he’s even BBQ’d with Ted Nugent at “The Nuge’s” ranch in Texas and he dug it. In essence, Bourdain is much more of a populist than his edgy persona conveys most of the time. He can’t stand corporations and the commodification of food. He battles with soulless co-optation, sometimes even inside himself on his own show. While he loves his job, he’s not always okay with being on.

His Aquarius Moon is reflected in his love for Punk Rock. And I have always seen Punk as being the dark side Aquarian musical genre. “Anarchy In The UK” was pure Uranus, and The Sex Pistols were fronted by Johnny Rotten (Aquarius). Bourdain’s favorite band is The Ramones and he even went to a Tiki Lounge on Staten Island with David Johansen of The New York Dolls on one episode. Tony with his Aquarian Moon doesn’t give a flip.

Mercury in Gemini is a dangerous thing in a “Fire Monkey” which Bourdain is. He gets bored easy. His Mercury is conjunct his Venus in Gemini. Yes, of course, he gets bored in relationships as well. He likes to stir shit up. But its those first three signs I want to focus on now, especially the Cancer Sun. Bourdain is much more of a traditionalist than people give him credit for. He detests trendy food as well as trendy eating, such as veganism. He sees veganism as a luxury that reflects mostly American cultural arrogance, since the majority of the world doesn’t indulge in what he would call “fringe cuisine,” since they eat what they catch or what they find. This is where he gets crusty with Deen.

Paula Deen is the opposite Bourdain and not just astrologically. She’s all shucks and smiles. Her recipes use copious amounts of butter and fat. She once cooked up a double burger with bacon between two donuts. Her food is a fried soporific that goes down well with shitty country and western music, but beyond that, she snuggles up to those “evil” corporations Bourdain disdains. In fact Deen got in bed with Smithfield Farms, who butcher and prepare pork products. Deen became their spokesperson; ““When I was looking for a company (Smithfield) to partner with, I wanted to make sure it was someone who shares my family values and traditions.” The only problem is that Smithfield has a terrible reputation. Jim Hightower sums up their gross misdeeds; “Smithfield is not at all sweet. It is notorious as a massive factory farm polluter of its neighbors’ air and water, as a monopolist that squeezes out small family farmers and as an anti-union abuser of working families. Family values? Try these: In recent years, Smithfield has been cited by federal regulators, courts and other independent monitors for spying, coercing, beating, assaulting, illegally arresting, intimidating, harassing, illegally firing and racially insulting its employees.”

Dipping into the shallows of Deen’s chart, we can see why she would align with Smithfield or at the very least a major corporation. She has Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars, all in Capricorn. Sun/Merc/Mars are all conjunct. Paula Deen may come off like warm corn muffin dripping with honey, but the lady is into power and she’s tough. She’s no pushover like mousy Virgo, Rachel Ray, whom Bourdain has seared on many occasions. Smithfield in her corner is not at all surprising and this is really what gets Bourdain’s goat. From killing factories, to killing foods, he understands the danger of Paula Deen and what she’s pushing.

Drilling down just a little further, some other interesting aspects emerge. Deen has Jupiter in Scorpio, 23 degrees, (finding opportunity through power and others resources) and Saturn in Leo 6 degrees R, (challenges with true creativity, needs to be in charge, holds back emotionally). Bourdain has Jupiter in Leo, 27 degrees, (open, gregarious, indulgent, creative, generous) and Saturn in Scorpio, 27 degrees, (suspicious, sexually frustrated, addiction problems, uneasy with personal power, control issues). Interesting how they have Jupiter and Saturn flipped. Bourdain’s Jupiter/Saturn square is fixed and really tight. Its no surprise that he is unapologetic towards Deen or anyone else he dishes and disses.

I know its food and media and in the grand feast of life, where people in the horn of Africa are being starved, it seems a trite dust-up, but its not. In these two personas, we see two, very different sides of America, engaging in a surprisingly relevant debate on what we eat and why.

Now Bourdain is anything but the Bob Woodward of international cuisine. I saw him tromp around Dubai, which has one of the worst records of human rights on the planet. Most of Dubai was built on the backs of slave labor from Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Indonesia. Bourdain shoveled food in his mouth while he listened to the citizens of Dubai wax poetically about their country and how quickly it rose from the sands of the gulf. They swelled with pride like those bullfrogs he hunted in the dark of night down in the Everglades during the Miami episode. I’m sure that no more than just a few miles away, in what amounts to a concrete bunker, dozens of trapped workers unable to go home, ate modest portions of negligible foods, during a brief respite from their 16 hour days while the new class of emirates wined and dined Bourdain.

When he was in Panama, he walked through Noriega’s abandoned mansion, but only skimmed the surface of the complex political situation in a country that is only now recovering from the blitzkrieg of 1990, when GHWB forcefully removed Noriega,

While Deen chooses to deal with pig merchants on the Food Network, Bourdain has to honor the shinier sides of his destinations, because he does work for a leisure and lifestyle network. And even though he might not have any reservations, I’m sure the Travel Channel does and what happens in places like Dubai, stays in Dubai.

By the way, Mercury Retro is conjuncting Bourdain’s Pluto and Jupiter, which does not bode well for him. Middle America loves Paula Deen and there could very well be a backlash as long and thick as one of her Tammy Faye Baker inspired eyelashes. And as much as I love Tony, he’s been treading perilously close to shark jumping waters this past season. His debauched Guinness and Jamesons romp through Boston wasn’t a good look for him.

Successful, wealthy, well traveled, on his second marriage with a young daughter, he’s close to being an anachronism, as the angry-young-man that he captured in print in “Kitchen Confidential” isn’t the same man sucking on boar cheeks in Harbin, China. I have no doubt that someday soon, he’ll emulate his hero, Marco Pierre White and start a little restaurant somewhere in the countryside and clear out before the Paula Deens of the food world march with fixed smiles and painted faces, arm-in-arm, to Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA” right into your living room, with reels of recipes, fueled by genetically modified corn syrup and cloned meats. But until Bourdain does, this beef is on high simmer and ready to boil.


Astro Ephemera And Star Syncs

The dual duel

My kid is into Beyblades. Astrology plays a large role in the Beyblade mythology. I ran across this the other day when we went to the store with the ancient Sun symbol with man in the center. I thought it was pretty funny in some ways, but then as Mercury retrograde continues to stir the pot, I was watching a doc called The Panama Deception, about the invasion of Panama by GHWB to grab his old pal Noriega, who got far too big for his britches. Anyway, one of the tactics the U.S. used was implementing something called “Project Pisces” which entailed freezing Panamanian assets as a prelude to Noriega’s forceful ouster. There’s a woman who shows up in the film named “Sabina Virgo” who is a political activist. You can’t make this shit up. Must be the run up to Virgo. Mercury is rising.

Smart Meters (Uranus in Aries) Activating Social Activism (Saturn in Libra)

Technology thats bringing people together..

On todays show, I interviewed Joshua Hart, the founder of Stop Smart Meters.Org a true grassroots organization that is dedicated to stopping smart meters in their tracks. Santa Cruz, which, thanks to the tireless commitment by Hart, has become front lines for smart meter resistance. Hart who would classify himself as a classic progressive, driven by core progressive values, such as care for the environment, aversion to big business etc. has found himself aligning with members of the Tea Party, whose values seem to be much more in agreement than not on the smart meter front. One side abhors Big Gov, the other Big Biz and the magnet drawing them together is the dubious smart meter. This is a really positive example of Saturn in Libra getting worked out in the collective, two disparate sides forming alliances based on the need to bring a situation that’s out of imbalance, back into accord.

The meters themselves represent the worst aspect of Uranus in Aries. They are like small cell phone towers attached to your house and create a grid network of other smart meters that bounce the signal from one house to another, all the way back to a central tower. In addition to the radiation and dirty electricity thrown off by the meters, they’re also invasive, tracking your power loads in real time and sending the info back in pulses to Pacific, Gas and Electric every four-to-five seconds. While P.G.&E. is an early adopter, programs with other PUCs are popping up all over the country.

In the second half of todays program, I hooked up with Carol Croft (Etheric Warriors.Com). again. We talked about how orgonite can be used to diffuse the static fields of not only smart meters, but other electronic devices, systems and grids. There are visionary applications for technology, the light side of Uranus in Aries and orgone is certainly one of them.


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The New Dark Ages, The Astro Mirror Of 541 AD And The Pluto In Capricorn Procession

Don’t fall on me.

Mercury retrograde has been mostly kind to me. Its retreated to a sweet spot between my natal Pluto and Uranus in the 9th and has sent me spiraling backwards through history. The journey starts with an innocuous post on a forum, someone pecks out a few lines of a They Might Be Giants tune, “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”;

Istanbul was Constantinople
Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople
Been a long time gone, Constantinople
Now it’s Turkish delight on a moonlit night

I didn’t think much about it while I was reading it, but an hour or so later I jumped into a a documentary on The Dark Ages. Let’s just say, it was instructive and a wormhole of dark synchronicity and glimmering hope opened up to me simultaneously.


The Dark Ages officially begin when Rome is besieged by the Visigoths. To understand the importance of this event and the surrounding circumstances, its important to recover a few relevant details. Rome was split in two. The eastern empire lay in Byzantium, where the capital was, Constantinople. Rome in the west had been fighting numerous wars to hold onto their captured territories. They needed more troops to help them secure their gains, so they conscripted the Visigoths to fight for them. However, the Romans treated them with disdain. They would take their young and sell them into slavery. The Visigoths resented the hell out of this and in due time, they would revolt under the leadership of Alaric.

Here we have an empire that is stretched beyond its capacity to maintain itself and yet, they dehumanize the “other” inside their own city walls. Are you paying close attention yet?

Alaric returns to Rome and plans on not just revenge but on feeding his fellow Visigoths. Rome is heavily fortified so Aleric and his men stake camp around Rome, thus walling the Romans in, unable to bring food and supplies into the city. The Visigoths were going to starve the Romans out. It took over two years, but the plan worked. The Romans opened the gates of the city and the Visigoths went on a rampage, however, they found little food (surprise) but lots of riches, which they helped themselves to. Once they stormed and sacked Rome, they headed south in search of more food and the Sun had officially set on the Roman empire.

Within a few short years, the great roads and aqueducts that surrounded the city began to crumble under the deconstruction of the Visigoths, which used the stones the Romans had gathered and set them as the walls for their new homes, crude, low lying dwellings, nowhere near the splendid architectural achievements of the Romans.

In the east, Constantinople was thriving, even though its emperor, Justinian I was a crook that did nothing but raise taxes and forge documents that helped put money into his coffers. Justinian had a powerful and beautiful wife, “Theadora” a smokin’ hot dancing girl that Justinian actually changed the law to marry. She and Justinian were planning to return to Rome and be its rightful rulers, claiming it and Constantinople as their kingdoms. There was a brief uprising where the people had had enough of Justinian and nearly killed him during one of the chariot races. The crowd had turned so fierce, raging against Justinian’s corruption, they chased him to his boat, nearly sending him into exile if it weren’t for Theadora. She told him that she would not leave. Well that was enough for Justinian. He sent in the shock troops and killed 30,000 of his own people. In a few short years, he’ll wind up second guessing his decision.

In 541, Constantinople is hit by Europe’s first great plague, an early incarnation of the Bubonic plague, delivered by rats on ships from Egypt. The death toll was steep. Five out of ten people died. And the death was a terrible one. Living wasn’t much better. If you got through it, like Justinian did, there was a good chance that you would be disfigured and less mentally sound than before. This is likely due to lesions on the brain. This was the final blow that dimmed the golden light of the Roman empire’s outpost from which it would eventually emerge, but like the rest of Europe, it settled into a dark age. The astrological cycles and aspects for this period are eerily similar to our own era.


In 541 AD, Pluto was in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Libra. The True Node was in Sag. These aspects are in play today, during this time. Back then, Pluto was in Cap in the mid degrees, second decanate. Neptune was early, first decanate. Jupiter just slightly ahead of where it is now. Saturn was in the final stages of Libra. The True Node at 12 degrees Sag. The bulk of the contagion really hits in 542 BC, when Saturn moved into Scorpio and Jupiter in Gemini. Pluto and Neptune were in Cap and Pisces respectively.

In the second decanate of Capricorn, we see the fall of empire. Its collapse is stunning and horrific. Famine and pestilence are the key Malthusian agents. But at the core of the rot is a cultural arrogance and tireless campaign of unending war. The conditions were prime for a fall.

Looking at our time, the parallels are striking. The US feels like its about to embark on yet another war as Syria is in the NATO crosshairs, Iraq just had its worst series of deaths and casualties in the past few years and as always the nuclear clock seems to be tick-tick-ticking on Iran. If you add up the wars in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and quite possibly Syria, it has the distinct feel of WWIII being progressively rolled out in manageable stages.

From Yemen to Egypt, a common denominator in all of the color revolutions has been the staggering cost of food and incipient violence doled out by regimes that want to remain in power, knowing full well that their heads are on the chopping block. In the grand scheme, there can be no ruling family like the Assad’s sitting at the table. The same could be said for Gaddafi as well. Sovereign states, no matter how despotic they are or portrayed will not be tolerated.

Pluto in Capricorn though, if we can glean anything from its ancient arc in earlier times actually results in the deconstruction of empire, not its ultimate rise to power. In fact we can see through Pluto in Cap and its successive rounds in all of the other signs until it circles back, once again in 768 AD, that over time when there is a despotic or brutal reign of some sort of terror, some unforeseen event or new development, either strategy or technology, occasionally both, rattles and shakes loose the chains of tyranny. But from 541 on, its a brutish and very difficult time time until the next go round of Pluto in Cap, where Charlemagne takes the reins of power, not just in what we now know as France, but other regions stretching throughout Europe. In fact, Charlemagne at one point is even crowned the emperor of Europe. He’s unique in that he has an eye to the future and begins to incorporate social systems like schools and learning, yet he has little guilt when he slaughters 4,500 Saxons in Verdun, thus bringing Saxony to its knees. Charlemagne’s rule is a major turning point and augurs the beginning of the end of the Dark Ages.

We see deconstruction during one phase of Pluto in Cap and then we see reconstruction in its next cycle, a new organizing principle. Byzantium had survived the Bubonic plague in 541 and managed to be the consistent power in Europe through most of the Dark Ages, however, once again, with Pluto in Capricorn, in 1025, we witness the final stages of the great Byzantium in full decline.

If we step back and look at the Pluto in Cap cycle during our era, the last time it swung through these parts was The American Revolution. It was a constructive and integrative phase, similar to that of Charlemagne’s. This current cycle of Pluto in Cap seems much more deconstructive and all of the elements are in place, both astrologically and culturally, particularly next year. However there is something else happening here. As I have mentioned before, anytime some sort of imbalance occurred, there was some agency or act that would ultimately counterbalance brutality and tyranny and while this might have happened over a period of years or even decades then, during this time/era, things hapen much, much faster, thanks in due part to the light speed of technology but also factors beyond our most sophisticated reach, like DNA mutating solar plasma, burst forth from the Sun like a fiery bloom blasted through space, bombarding our subtle bodies with hyper-activating neutrinos.

The cycles are getting shorter and shorter and in fact, we are getting closer and closer to McKenna’s fabled Eschaton, where we will witness the compression of history before our very eyes; the reenactment of Alexander’s push for the conquest of Persia, the black plagues, the rise of the monarchy in England (WIlliam and Kate’s alchemical union), and famine, starving out populations through the siege of sanctions, the invisible ramparts set against targeted groups.

Its all going to unfold before our very eyes and then like a reel of film reaching its end, snaking through the rollers of the projector, it will uncoil and the reel will spin like a wheel without ground, the only thing now showing, a clear beam of pure light across the screen of time, blank, lucent, becoming one, uninterrupted by the script of history any longer.

Time Traveling Through Mercury Retrograde

From wax to wane

I’m time traveling it seems. Mercury retrograde is a perfect carrier to re-visit psychic locations of the past, re-animate memories and court the benign and occasionally not-so-benign spirits of other times. Last night I hooked up with my soul fixer and good buddy from the halcyon days of the dot com era, Marv. We stepped into Qool, where DJ Chloe Harris was spinning sigils of circular magic. Qool is an ongoing electronic music party run by the irrepressible Jondi and Spesh for well over a decade. The portal had moved though.

We managed to track it just south of Market to the legendary End Up, a one time bastion of hardcore gay culture during the peak of SF’s wild and free, pre-AIDS, orgy of permission. The End Up of course had one of those tongue in, er cheek names for that time, if you get my drift. Dealing the ravages of promiscuous sex, the gay crowd became more mono y mano and relocated to the Castro. The End Up, like other SOMA clubs became home to the next wave of pleasure seekers; The ravers. Once the parties ended, ecstasy soaked trippers would pile into The End Up. They were open 24 hours and even if they stopped selling alcohol, the party was still on to the break of dawn,

I checked into my past and the beats and grooves hadn’t changed a bit. The cellular memory kicked in and I was flooded with images of that era and how everything seemed possible for about 18 months, the sweet spot being mid-1998 to 2000. It was just before the arch-mage of voodoo economics raised the interest rates repeatedly and brought the era to its knees in just a few short weeks. Like a guy at a bar that had just been sucker punched on his way out, the populace stumbled and staggered for a while, trying to find their car or something resembling it. Too bad they ran into that guy hawking “cheap” houses like fake rolexes just down the street, but thats another story.

That time was filled with the best electronic music, the easiest cash, the coolest technology and the most eager start-ups. It was the next incarnation of the American dream. We were going to innovate and have a great fucking time while we were doing it. Companies all tried to ape Hewlett-Packard as quickly as possible, offering all kinds of perks to get the best and brightest young minds able to make code dance like faeries on the head of a silicon chip. Free beer on Fridays, off sites at Bocce Ball courts, snacks and goodies in the kitchen that would make a fourteen-year-old drool; gummy bears, sodas, pastries in the mornings and lots of very strong coffee. And then there were the parties. Every week, there was at least 2-3 new companies wheeling out dubious product, half-baked at times, just so they could spend their IPO money and show their board a really good time. They always had the hottest DJs, free booze, free food, sometimes even shuttle service.

We were all incredibly naive. It was all one, fucking, massive distraction. While we were dreaming of ways to make the technology do cooler and cooler things, the likes of Salomon, Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs and Lehman were quietly drilling down into the core of the boom and sucking the best parts of it right out of its marrow. They were the ones that brought all the companies to the NASDAQ. They ran their IPOs and they made a shitload of money. And guess what? They got out. Greedspan raised the interest rates and in April of 2000, the whole thing crashed, like a poorly written program, filled with all kinds of errors. It was a planned demolition.

Qool used to take place at 111 Minna, which at one point was really nothing more than just an empty art space; high ceilings, walls and a bar. But over the years it got more and more upscale. The “weekly” Qool events, always on Wednesdays, always just after work and not at 3AM, would be flooded by dot commers up from the digital gulch. The place thumped with a sexy urgency bouncing with chilled cocktails and smokin’ rooves. Jondi and Spesh managed to keep the party rolling until well past 911. Money was loose and people were a lot less stressed.

111 Minna is like a temple of remembrance now, storing the past, where a few random beads of sweat that didn’t evaporate into the mists of time, rest on the ceiling, walls and floor, an invisible fresco of memory and lives during a much more carefree era. Everything seems to drain into The End Up; gay culture, bleary-eyed-ravers and the final remnants of the boom. The party hasn’t stopped yet, though it is getting noticeably smaller and smaller.

I offered up the best case scenario that I could from an inner level in my last post from yesterday. Anon liked it but commented on how the financial crisis is really much more of a functional problem. I completely agree. The biggest challenge that I suppose most people in this country face more than any other is the trance of cognitive dissonance. The world around is much the same as it was but there are glaring details that we gloss over if our brains choose to look for something else. The markers of memory, iconic symbols like McDonalds or Starbucks or Safeway are almost always there, but if you look closer you’ll see places with going out of business signs and empty shop windows proliferating at a viral rate. The world is changing and not in a good way. The paradigm of bubbles has popped and their isn’t anything left based on that old model to exploit unless its some freakish cap and trade shell game, or unfortunately water. There’s no more money to loan under the old system. The ability to repay the creditors is mathematically impossible. It truly is the end capitalism as we know it and maybe thats not such a bad thing.

The real challenge is what is going to replace the old system? What new magic pill will “they” have us swallow? How long will people have to starve before they accept the “new new deal” under any circumstances? As I have seen it, the challenge is and has been for a while, not a disparity of wealth between the classes, but resources and I cite “resources” in this case as hyper-dimensional technologies, quantum field energy and a whole host of radical sciences that is so far ahead of the public view that it would make your head spin like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist.” The likelihood is that they won’t play nice and give up the goods since that is really an even bigger piece of leverage than the debt itself, so we’re going to have to figure it out on our own.

The first thing you have to murder like an unrepentant serial thief is the idea that someone will come in and save the day. They won’t. Once you’ve taken care of that dirty business, there are plenty of aspects that reflect where we can turn to in order to discover where the greatest sources of power can emanate from. Look to the outer planets. Pluto in Capricorn is ruthless and enduring. Understand it. Know it. Get tougher. Goats will eat just about anything. Expand your diet and palette. This is survival of the hungriest. Neptune in Pisces gives you deeper access to profound levels of spiritual understanding, forgiveness and love. It melts barriers and dissolves separation. We have an opportunity to really key into oneness in a very real way, not just some wish fulfilling projection through New Age spectacles. People are suffering. Chiron in Pisces is a reminder of that suffering. Lastly Uranus in Aries is the wild card. It can push us to be wildly creative, inventive and unpredictable when its rightly aligned. When its not, we see its shadow in the London riots, where as a result they will now employ biometric facial recognition scanning for the upcoming Olympics and beyond. More chaos of course leads to more “security.” But that’s the shadow side. Uranus in Aries is jet fuel for the awakened mind.

How all of this shakes out, how people, react, respond, organize, unite, crumble, fall, fail, fly, however it unfolds you will know that you are in the final stages of this Earth story and this dimension as we have known it. Soon, we will get to write the next novel installment and I promise you, it will be an epic for the ages no matter how it turns out.