Mercury Goes Direct, Realtionships Of Destiny, Wobbling Dollar

Oh say can you vee?

Mercury has just gone direct. For some people, it could not have returned to it’s forward motion any sooner. Merc in Aries retrograde doesn’t have the same, haywire capacity that say MR in Gemini or Virgo can have; losing things, accidents, bad contracts, etc, but it really does highlight personal differences in styles, direction and will between people. This aspect is confusing. There can be a lot of, “he said/she said” dynamics in play. The reason is that we’re recalibrating will during the Aries, Merc, MR phase. The whole concept of will comes into play; Are we our instinct? Are we doing our best to align with our soul’s mandate (which is not always the same as the needs of our personality?) How does it match up or align with the will of others, especially significant others?


Whether one chooses to put any energy into the cascade of events now taking place across the planet, we cannot deny that conditions are dire. What’s taking place in Japan has extreme consequences for the rest of the world. While we have been fed a steady diet of radioactivity since WWII, now we’re being seated at the final feast. Three wars and counting take on an Orwellian, endless war meme. The cognitive dissonance is so great, that most people don’t know who we’re fighting or why. The reasons are buried in a heap of land fill, in a heavily guarded patch on Staten Island, where the dust of memory carries traces of truth. The economy, as always teeters on the brink of insolvency but this weekend seems like we have arrived at a critical tipping point as China has decided to dump large amounts of US dollars. According to a friend who has a source that has real time tracking in Dubai, the Chinese are in super sell mode as I type. Maybe this is why The University of Texas has received a huge shipment of gold, in anticipation of what might come.

So what does all of this have to do with the price of tea in China and Aries MR? I think it’s incumbent that we understand who we need to spend our energy with and why. While I am not a real advocate of the soulmate scene, it does feel as though we are having to sort through disparate world views with ones that we love and we may not always see eye-to-eye. One person may see death in the clouds, while another might just see a pretty shape. This is the vector of Aries Merc, especially as it opposes Saturn today at 12 degrees. As I mentioned before, 12 is the number of The Hanged Man in the major arcana and it is a turning point of surrender. It is time to align with people and lovers that share the same focus and feeling and those people may not be your current partners and or friends.

In the Sabian Symbols, Aries 11/12 is A Triangularly Shaped Flight Of Geese. This represents instinctual patterns of migration, knowing where to go and who you want to get there with. The triangular shape also resonates with triangulated relating, love triangles and trinities of commitment. Lastly, the rune, Kano (opening/fire) is also symbolic of the open ended pyramid, traveling sideways across the expanse of sky. Fire is clarity. The next two Sabian Symbols are quite telling, Aries 12/13 is, An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest which hints at false flags, both interpersonally and collectively. It’s followed by 13/14 Aries, A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman which speaks to the instinctual aspects of mating and relating. The sleeping serpent is unactivated Kundalini. It exists in the dream state, where our reptilian brain kicks in. It evokes dormant possibility of creative potential between two people. This weekend, extending out towards Tuesday and Wednesday is a period of relationships of destiny. Pay attention. Take notice. Have the courage to act on your emotions/convictions. Your future in this realm might just depend on how well you trust and with whom.

The Cosmic Weather Report

Change Is In The Forecast

As we head into the The Easter Weekend, I wanted to post the brilliant Q and A I had with Ellias Lonsdale and Richard Grossinger, just two days before the tsunami hit Japan on 3/11. In some ways, it captures a moment in our time that we will not see again. Ellias was just stirring at his place in Kauai, Richard a few miles up the road from me in the East Bay hills. Ellias spent most of the first half of the interview in a heightened state of awareness and seemed to be reporting back from it. Richard strobed in and out, flashing bright light and incandescent insight. In just two days, Japan would be thrust into a state of peril, the likes of which it had not seen since WWII. The rest of the world now observes what might be the worst nuclear disaster on record.

Ellias’ latest book, The Cosmic Weather Report was co-authored with Mark Borax, a former student of his and was the main gist of our discussion. Here is a brief moment in what we perceive as time before disaster shook the world. It’s a lucid and inspired discussion about astrology and much more.

To find out more about Ellias and Mark’s stellar work, go here: Cosmic Weather Report: Notes from the Edge of the Universe

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Mercury In Aries Retrograde, Re-examining The “Head” Of State

Faul and Fauxbama ?

Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are all running their retrograde programs in my heart and head. I seem to be re-thinking everything, even my most sacred contracts. This is a time of deep reflection. On the Mayan calendar according to Jose, today is 12 Cib, the last day in the Caban wave spell, which culminates tomorrow, hurting us into the 13 day cycle that takes us into the direct center of the calendar, culminating in 13 Oc, or 13 Dog.

Today is about facing ourselves and our fears, staring our shadows right into the black hole of their third eyes. Speaking of shadowy third eyes, many years ago, a shaman that betrayed his community passed on a bit of wisdom before he violated deep trust amongst his students. He said, “That there are only two root fears; madness and death.” In essence we’re terrified of losing our minds and our lives. Well get over the former as quickly as possible, since insanity is on the rise. The latter is a very personal issue for each of us. The first people of this land mass have a wonderful relationship with life and death. Many of them believe that we are only here for a brief time and that our true dwelling place is in eternity. With the dragons breath belching clouds of plutonium and uranium down upon us, we all need to take this death thing just a little more seriously.

On a surface level, it’s easy to see how Pluto retrograde is making us re-think the wisdom of nuclear energy and the use of plutonium. My new hero, Dr. Helen Caldicott from this recent presser in Canada states it clinically and succinctly that Plutonium, even in very small doses is lethal and the amount that Fukushima is spewing is enough to kill off most of the planet. The shadowy third eye is just the first level of initiation. The next one after that is staring down the gun barrel of our existence. Lose your mind and then live like there’s no tomorrow, because, quite frankly, there might not be. What are you waiting for? Someone to give you permission to live your life the way you always wanted to live it? If we have any chance, any chance right now, each and every one of us needs to get to the most authentic level of our expression. This is Mercury in Aries, Retrograde getting us to re-think what we do and how we do it. You might not have many more chances as the likes of Tom Cruise, Angie Jolie and Bill Gates drink vintage Rothschild, three miles deep, toasting to their good fortune, hoping their souls return if they should ever see the light of a new day again. Continue reading “Mercury In Aries Retrograde, Re-examining The “Head” Of State”

Neptune In Pisces Equals More Japan Confusion, Help For Brian Stow And Mahendra Trivedi On The Friday Farcast

Is the world ready for Trivedi?

Just a quick note before I drop into Neptune in Pisces, I will have Mahendra, Kumar Trivedi on The Friday Farcast with me today, discussing his work with the energy of thougt transmission. And now onto Neptune in Pisces.

The first thing that Neptune in Pisces will bring is confusion. How bad is the radiation level? Is the EPA lying? Why was TEPCO so slow in reporting the facts regarding Fukushima? This is pure Neptune in Pisces, especially as it relates to Chiron in Pisces. We are drowning in the cesium tears of Japan. This latest version of negligence, disregard and silence might very well be the clarion call for humanity, but will it be too late?

One of the great, if unfortunate aspects of the Japanese disaster has been the re-emergence of Dr. Helen Caldicott. Caldicott (Leo/Tiger) was the voice of sanity in maelstrom of the nuclear age. It was her tireless campaign against the dangers of nuclear power that sparked a movement of sorts. There was Karen Silkwood and No Nukes. It might have been the last bastion of true dissent in this country and while Caldicott might have been able to wrangle an audience with the late Ronald Reagan, her minions were unable to stop dozens and dozens of subterranean nukes that were dubbed as “tests.” In the underground alternative news community, these so-called tests were actually deep cratering, which would become the foundation of massive DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases). Continue reading “Neptune In Pisces Equals More Japan Confusion, Help For Brian Stow And Mahendra Trivedi On The Friday Farcast”

More Japan And Brazil Fallout And The Cardinal Retrograde

There’s something in the air.

It’s starting to feel a bit like “On The Beach” the 1950’s film starring Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire and Anthony Perkins. Based on the novel by Nevil Shute, WWIII has occurred and massive fallout in the Northern Hemisphere is circulating around the upper half of the planet. Due to the separation of tides and winds between both spheres, only Australia has inhabitable air, while most of the Northern Hemisphere perishes in toxic clouds of heavy metals. Peck, the commander of the submarine, U.S.S. Sawfish, travels to San Francisco and San Diego, only to find both cities are nothing more than ghost towns.

As the Fukushima disaster enters it’s thirty-day-mark, Iodine, Cesium, Thallium and Strontium counts are up beyond acceptable levels, all across the Northern Hemisphere. TEPCO has finally conceded that the Daichi reactors have now hit the highest level of disaster of all time, reaching the dreaded 7th level, which of course, has been heretofore reserved solely for “Chernobyl.” If there was a level 8, 9 or 10, I think Daichi would probably reach it.

Yesterday, I was on the beach. A gray haze cut the glare of a blinding Sun. Most of the rides were out of service due to the season not being started just yet. Our beloved boardwalk had the feel of it’s own ghost town. Who needed the haunted house?

By the time we got home I was parched in a way that only heavy metals could leach the vital fluids from ones body. I’ve been worshiping Kelp in all forms and wondering what to do next? Do I bust out my stash of Potassium Iodide or do I seek out some lead free “Prussian Blue” and make my own pills?

We’ve got Mercury in Aries, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Cap, all retrograde. These heavy hitters were all part of the Cardinal Cross that covered the skies last June We’re coming up on the year anniversary of that major movement. Theo White over at Global Astrology has written extensively about this and how the procession of these crosses are the signifiers of deep chaos and change. With the focus on the retrograde energies of these three cardinal forces, we are asked on a symbolic level to really explore how we’re spending our energies and life force. These are cardinal signs and they are all about getting things started and moving. Initiating. With all three in reverse, while we cannot put our lives on hold, we are being forced to re-examine how we spend our energies and what we deem important. Pulling back or even out of certain activities, especially, if they have become routinely habitual is favored now. Unplugging creates space for new and different thoughts.

All three of these planets in their backwards processions invoke the following questions; Are you putting energy into the right relationships and right relating? Is your voice/will focused on the most important aspects of your life? Are you ceding more power to the rising plutocracy than is needed? Re-examining our relationships to institutions like self, partners and the world at large is crucial, because we might very well be headed to beach parties where the bon fires of history are getting ready to be set ablaze.


A few posts back, I wrote about the strange, antipodal relationship between Japan and Brazil. Sure enough, Japan has another quake, a 6.1 shaker that damaged the Fukushima plant even more. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, in Brazil, 12 school children are murdered by a twenty-three year old named “Wellington Oliviera”, which is also the name of a famous footballer in Brazil as well. Can’t have a tragedy without a meaningful doppleganger, especially in Brazil. Oliviera supposedly had extremist views, however, there seems to be the ubiquitous, shadowy elements involved as two men were seen sneaking weapons into the school. Of course, Oliviera did everyone a great favor by killing himself. Apparently he was an admirer of the 911 attacks and had been, “spending lots of time on the internet.” The result? Brazil is going to review it’s gun ownership laws. Of course.

In other high strangeness, I ran across the aforementioned “Prussian Blue” as I was surfing around that infernal internet, where all kinds of radical and dangerous thoughts are swimming around like piranha of the mind. I was searching for some sort of protection against the non-existent radioactivity levels that the EPA has been constantly referring to. “Prussian Blue” is a particular pigment that has the ability to be a super binding agent, kind of a meta-chelator, only to be used in certain instances, like extreme metal poisoning. What’s ironic is that the famous Hokusai painting of the great wave, cresting in it’s tsunami-like intensity is a classic example of Prussian Blue. However, yet another bizarre manifestation of “Prussian Blue” is the white, Nationalist Front duo of two, young-blond-teens, that are sort of the musical Nazi version of the Olsen Twins. Their singing act is named “Prussian Blue.” So here we have twins again, as in Mengele and blond as in “Aryan.” Do we live in a twisted hall of mirrors or what?


Last week, a very good friend told me a story about his son. His son is a skeptic on all things mystical, having grown up around a father that is essentially a high priest of high strangeness, choosing solid ground over ethereal vapors. But even his axis was tilted when at around 11pm, two weeks ago, he walked into his sons bedroom to check on his two young boys and found to his amazement, an attractive, young black woman hovering over his five-year-old. Quite startled, he asked the young woman, not an apparition, who she was and what she was doing in the boys room. She muttered something back, like, “We are many and we are here.” His wife walked in and continued to ask questions. All they got was gibberish and cryptic answers. They called the police, who eventually showed up and were able to get a little more, but not much out of the girl, who turned out to be a student from the nearby college. So here is what took place.

The young woman left a party to go outside and make a call on her cell phone. That was the last time people at the party saw her. She then wandered about five blocks and found the house with the boys. Earlier in the evening, the mother of the boys had inadvertently left the keys to the house in the front door. The young woman let herself in and found the bedroom with the two young boys, asleep and simply stared at them. Now what are the odds that she would find that house, the one with the keys in the front door, only to search out linger in the presence of these two children, doing absolutely nothing more? And why was she drawn to the house to begin with? The father of the boys managed to sneak a cell phone pic of her before the police took her away. He showed his father and they were both immediately struck by the fact that despite racial differences, she was a “dead ringer” for the boys great grandmother, who had passed on some fifty years ago.

My friend speculated that there was some sort of spirit entangling that had taken place, a possession of sorts. That’s well and good, but how to explain the keys in the door and the consciousness that set this all in motion? Realms are getting slippery and slipperier.

Here is a track I just did, an ambient treatment of journalist, Tetsuo Jimbo’s ballsy excursion into the ghost town of Fukushima. It’s called, “Daichi Walkabout.”

Daichi Walkabout by dominmatrix

New Aries Moon, VCU Rams, Final Four

Ram rising.

New Moon rising tomorrow, Sunday (Sun Day) in the sign of The Ram. The NCAA (Final Four) Four Horsemen, final, apocalyptic ending begins later today. UConn (You con-sense-us reality) vs, UKen (You know or understand). Jim CALhoun vs John CALipari (Calendar, end of days). Huskies vs Wildcats.

In the other game, scrappy underdogs The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU/We See You) Rams are up against The Butler Bulldogs. We could be staring down an all dog final (Huskies vs Bulldogs/Sirius) or a cat/dog final, or a cat/ram final. With Sun in Aries, Mars and Moon about to tip into the sign of the ram, the Shaka Smart money is to go with the Rams to win vs Butler but lose in the finals. Why? Because what would a meta-final-fourical ritual, be without the sacrifice of the Ram? To understand the significance of this, read the following post.

Starting tomorrow, I will be doing a week-long series of posts on Neptune in Pisces as it relates to a great tidal change in our awareness.