April 2011


The Cosmic Weather Report

Change Is In The Forecast As we head into the The Easter Weekend, I wanted to post the brilliant Q and A I had with Ellias Lonsdale and Richard Grossinger, just two days before the tsunami hit Japan on 3/11. In some ways, it captures a moment in our time that we will not see […]


New Aries Moon, VCU Rams, Final Four

Ram rising. New Moon rising tomorrow, Sunday (Sun Day) in the sign of The Ram. The NCAA (Final Four) Four Horsemen, final, apocalyptic ending begins later today. UConn (You con-sense-us reality) vs, UKen (You know or understand). Jim CALhoun vs John CALipari (Calendar, end of days). Huskies vs Wildcats. In the other game, scrappy underdogs […]