Queen Of The Sun, Colony Collapse, Liquid Light And Neptune In Pisces

Bee the change.

I’m sitting across from Taggart Siegel, he’s the director of a new documentary about “colony collapse disorder” called “Queen Of The Sun.” In some ways, I feel like I’m staring back at my mirror image. We’re roughly the same age, with the same approximation of facial hair, in roughly the same place, similar shades for brown and speckled gray. He has a six-year-old son. Mine just turned seven. He lives on the east coast, I’m on the west side. So it’s not that strange that we would connect quickly and easily.

When I saw the PR email for his new film cross my screen, I knew immediately that I had to see it. It was pure instinct and that’s when I’m usually at my best. When I watched the screener, my gut was validated.

While “Queen Of The Sun” is filled with alarming news about the state of bees around the planet, it’s also a love poem to the honey bee. Many documentarians go for the jugular, but Siegel has gone for the heart, rendering a rare work that both informs and inspires, not an easy thing to do. He manages to craft a wake up call for the species and a celebration of the circle of life, of which the honey bee is a deeply integral participant.

Siegel followed the golden thread left behind by Rudolf Steiner, who predicted that we would be facing a crisis with the bees in roughly eighty years if we did not change our agricultural strategies. Steiner, unfortunately was correct. Due to a number of factors including increased use of pesticides, new super pesticides called “neuronicotienoids.” mono-cultural farming and even artificially inseminating the queen, let alone the unknown impact of chemtrails, bee colonies are dying around the planet. As a result, honey bees are forgetting crucial information. They are losing their way back to the hives, they are even losing the ability to remember specific bee like traits when they are in the hive itself. In essence the hive is breaking down, one bee at a time. Siegel makes it very clear, that their plight is ours as well.

Jean-Luc Picard introduced us to the concept of “The Borg,” a virtual hive mind, where the individual ceases to exist and serves only the interests of the Borg and ultimately the Borg Queen. It’s a synthetic doppelganger for the more organic version of the honey bee’s intricate network of propagation, survival and creation. Nature abhors a vacuum and in a sense, we are unfortunately replacing the glorious and organic hive intelligence of the honey bees with our own, mindless version of artificial intelligence. The honey bees are the canary in the coal mine and they are getting very quiet. The web of life is disintegrating and it follows a disturbing pattern of genetically modified design that is altering the very organic structure of this world. We are being recast as something other than human on a daily basis. Don’t believe me? Just pick up your “Android” phone and answer it. It’s the future calling.

While the news for the bees is troubling to say the least, the bee keepers in the film are a true affirmation of the “human” spirit. They range from eccentric yogis in France who tickle bees with their mustache, to uber-healthy farmers in New Zealand harvesting the powerful Manuaka honey, to ale sipping London roof top bee keepers. They are committed and passionate in their love, devotion and service to the honey bee and along with the bees themselves, are the stars of the film.

It didn’t take long for me to drop into the astrological zone with this film. Honey is a liquid. In fact, it is liquid sunlight, the aggregate essence of plant sex, seduced and spurred on by heliotropic waves of longing; to rise, extend and open to the source of all life. The honey bees perform their magic in the darkness of the hive, a sweet alchemy that feeds both them and us. The liquid and mystical nature of honey took on a golden Piscean glow for me, the intersection between the altitudes of Aquarius and the descent downward into the unified fields of comb and hive, the ultimate surge of oneness and undifferentiated consciousness. The honeybees are showing us how to get it done. They’re the new model for reclaiming our right and responsibilities as organic stewards of this world. This is the promise of Neptune in Pisces, which awaits us; Reawakening to our oneness, in a deeply integrated fashion, both individual and whole. With Jupiter in Taurus approaching us in mid-summer and hanging there for well over a year, the Earth and it’s need for us to remember and care will be front and center.

I urge everyone to see this important piece of film making. In some ways, it is the antithesis of the cold and clinical angst of Zeitgeist and it’s sci-fi wet dreams of Jaques Fresco. And go to the “Queen Of The Sun” website as well. There seems to be a community and social hive evolving there. Stay human. Long live the honey bee.

I will have my interview with Taggert Siegel on tomorrow’s “Friday Farcast.” Please join me.

Japan, Brazil, The Antipode Equation, Uranus In Aries And The New Atlantis

Master Polymerase.

I am deeply fascinated by the concept of antipodes, meaning the opposite side of something, particularly geographically. With Saturn in Libra, as we do a our best to achieve balance in our lives, even while a gang of agents from Mars seeks to instigate radical change on our beings, the concept of antipodes (also shared by Gemini) is in play. Balancing the opposite. When the quake hit Japan, I looked for it’s antipode and it just happens to be Brazil, where of course Barack Obama retreated to, just a week after what is just the latest mega-disaster to plague the northern hemisphere in the past year. Brazil, in true, antipodal fashion is also home to the largest Japanese community in the world, outside of Japan itself. Sao Paolo, where Brazilian Jiu Jitisu evolved, is it’s center.

The Japanese were drawn to Brazil in the early 1900’s. Once slavery ended in Brazil, the Brazilian plantation owners needed to employ workers on their coffee plantations. Europeans were the first to arrive, but many didn’t stay, due to the intensity of the climate, low wages and harsh working conditions. Around the same time, Japan was emerging from a feudalist state and as a result, there was immense poverty in Japan. Immigration was subsidized to help combat low wages and the Japanese arrived at their antipodal point on the planet. Japan also happens to be a Libra country and it makes a great deal of sense, that they would be doing everything in their power now, to balance the intensity of Uranus in Aries and the power of the Pluto (Uranium/Plutonium) now ravaging their land and culture.

In Brazil, there was a fair amount of antipathy held towards the Japanese, since their cultural enclaves have been nearly impenetrable and Brazil has long proven to be a country that is malleable by internationalist ideology and dictum. In 1934, this resolution was passed into Brazilian constitutional law; “”The concentration of immigrants anywhere in the country is prohibited, the law should govern the selection, location and assimilation of the alien.” In essence, the Brazilian government would decide who would live where and force interracial and intercultural mixing onto it’s immigrant community. It was called, “The Whitening Project” where they hoped that the darker people of Brazil would lighten and get closer to the European hue, but the antipodal equation also exists in that there would be a darkening of the white race as well. The Japanese however have remained mostly steadfast in their cultural hegemony. In fact Oliveira Viana, a jurist, sociologist and historian had this to say about the Japanese; “”They (Japanese) are like sulfur: insoluble”. I’m sure that they’ll need to tap some of that insoluble nature in their homeland right now. This type of social engineering isn’t anything new for Brazil (Virgo country). In addition to the “whitening project” there is also the town of twins (more antipodal manifestation/Gemini) Continue reading “Japan, Brazil, The Antipode Equation, Uranus In Aries And The New Atlantis”

Super Moon, Uranus Shift And Japan

Fukushima Mon Amour

I am on the west coast, sitting here, doing my best to read the green tea leaves regarding Japan. Oh a reactor exploded! Wow. Well let’s get the official story. Even though the sides and the roof blew to the floors of St. Peters office, there was no damage to the core. Everything was cool, especially those rods. No meltdown here. Keep on moving, nothing to see. Okay, that was pretty dramatic, but glad you guys have it under control I mean you build the best and most reliable cars out there. Awesome. Let me go back to the NFL strike. Hold on. wait. What? There’s another reactor that’s exploded? Meanwhile, the Japanese PM is doing anything but channeling Toshiro Mifune. I wonder if he’s been replaced, just like Charlie Sheen? I mean c’mon? Every time there’s a cool, new, fucking robot, it’s from Japan. Right? Nothing is as it seems. Okay, the other robot in Washington just got in another eight rounds and Reggie Love was waiting for him back at the oval office with some raw cuisine. Barack Obamaton. He is clearly and slowly annunciating his message of both support and care for Japan. If you haven’t figured out what his role is in everything, he is the great mammalian soporific to Bush’s amphetamine reptile. He is the after party. He’s the comedown via NLP and heavy metals now swimming like Michael Phelps towards your amygdala. Yes, there is nothing to worry about. Continue reading “Super Moon, Uranus Shift And Japan”

Emerging From The Piscean Dream

Waking life.

Recently, I awoke, from what seemed to be a lifelong dream, a haze of living slumber and somnambulistic poses, breaking into a cold sweat, waking nightmare. I looked around and it seemed like half the world was out of work and the only thing that even remotely mattered was the raw, naked teeth of capitalism and securing cash–everything else was just a luxury.

I wiped the silicon sleepers from my eyes and the world was transformed into a stinking and vile meat packing abattoir, straight out of Sinclair Lewis, and it was consuming the flesh of my brethren, from follicles to fingers to soles. I asked in a semi-audible voice; “What the hell happened here?” From behind me, just to my right, a different voice responded; “It’s always been this way, it’s just that the veneer and sheen of your experience has been wiped away. You’re seeing “the world” as it was and now truly is, a monster of leviathan proportions, an eater of lives.” I spun around to catch the speaker, but in the rush of the crowd, I couldn’t make out any form.

So I asked again; “Why didn’t I see it before now?” This time the same voice came from the other side, just off to my left. I could see the trace of a shadow dancing in the corner of my vision; “Before now, you had cheap money and cagey masters. They used the sweat of your brow to get rich beyond your wildest dreams and “allowed” you to have a relatively easy life, with even the hope of retiring and living out your final days in relative peace and general prosperity. But that’s all changed. They don’t need the money anymore, since they have most of it and they don’t really need you. The circus is leaving town and what they are leaving behind is the wasteland of your dreams, where you’ll have to fend for yourself or be devoured.”

I turned hard to my left and the shadow had shifted quickly into the crowd.

I managed to collect my thoughts and wander home. When I got there, I had a message from a friend that had been looking for a job for well over a year. She had sent out 500 resumes alone in January and the rejection had become threateningly demoralizing.

Another friend was absolutely exhausted from the draining exercise of “creatively” meeting her bills each month. Always, by the skin of her teeth, she managed, but it was taking it’s toll. She was constantly tired. She was thinking about leaving the country.

Both of them had looked back on their lives and were wondering if they had done the right things, made the right choices, wondering what it all was worth. Since I had awoken into this nightmare, I had been doing the exact same thing.

I looked back on both my failed marriages, my dot.com salad days, my adolescent drug use, my hunger to understand “the truth” and my rejection of a traditional lifestyle, hugging the razors edge of the continental plate for most of my adult life. In them and in myself, I could sense a measured reckoning taking place, a life review of what’s happened and why we’re suffering under the yoke of a system that’s faltering and failing us.

These sorts of things usually draw out recrimination and regret, which may or may not be real. They may be non-issues really, in an atmosphere of hope, but when the oxygen levels drop, we begin to gasp and they take on immense proportion.

Now some good may come out of this. For me it was realizing, beyond mere concept, how my parents had worked hard, sacrificed to keep things together as much as they did and have a home, raise a family and so on. I saw the love hidden behind their Virgo Moons, demanding perfection in themselves and me, unable to fully drop into the moment, for fear that something might get taken away, like it did to their parents during the last time we experienced this in the great depression.

It’s happening right now. If you can look away from Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga and The Royals for more than a day, you’ll feel the heaviness descend, the darkness encroach and the cold wind rip across your shuttered gaze. You’ll stir as well and when you finally emerge from your slumber, you’ll view your life too in the sobering light of this brave new world, where phantasms of the mind take the shape of orphaned memories, broken promises to self and others, aborted dreams, and missed opportunities.

These are the last days of Uranus in Pisces. The sleep and comfort of westernized capitalism has come to an abrupt end. It’s okay. The other half of the world has been living out this nightmare for the past fifty years and now we get to feel how the other half does.

My advice for you, when you get to the life review is take it seriously, but don’t allow it to demoralize you any further than the events of the world that are already doing a nifty job of. It’s strong medicine and you have to go through it. You’re not alone. We’re all dying. When you realize what the game is now, there is immense power waiting for you to take back the reins of your life and re-engineer meaning, heart, compassion and purposefulness. These are powerful times. Take advantage of your awakening into the heart of Samsara, because now you finally have a chance at dealing directly with the beast instead of it’s manifold minions disguised as distractions, altering your direction.

Carpe Diem.

Uranus In Aries And The Techno Gap Of Spiritual Evolution

Where’s my flying car? Where’s my Mars colony?

We are about to change the channel. Uranus is getting ready to move into Aries. On March 12th, it takes up residence in the sign of the Ram, for eight years, finally departing into Taurus, on March 6, 2019. Jupiter has already blazed a revolutionary trail. It’s been “The John The Baptist” to Uranus’ “Jesus” getting things fired up, especially, in North Africa, The Middle East and now The Midwest, aka Wisconsin. Aries, visionary soul, Gil scott-Heron, once intoned that, “the revolution will not be televised.” He might be right. While the anger and the frustration, from the banks of the Nile, to the halls of Tripoli is palpable and quite real, perhaps the genesis of these spirited regime changes that have been initiated are not.

Webster Tarpley and Wayne Madsen have noted that there seems to be a manufactured vibe to it all. Their thinking is that the reason these are happening now is twofold. One reason being that they are like pressure valves, to release the mounting tensions in those regions, where food prices, inflation and unemployment have stirred the masses.

Really, it’s the rising coast of food that is doing it more than anything. Feed people and they’ll put up with most tyrants, but tyrants never seem to quite figure this one out. They want to have it all. They want to dominate AND starve the masses. Just feed the masses and most of them will be like cows grazing. But that’s not enough. Never. Ever. Have them on their knees begging for rice or borscht or burgers. Anyway, it’s on. Release the pressure and manage regime change.

The other stated purpose by the likes of Tarpley and others is to get rid of the old guard-middle-men like Gaddafi and Mubarak and insert a new, more compliant boss (Suleiman) or generic IMF/UN toadie. The unrest is real. The inception may not be. The fallout is very real though. Gas is climbing and the dollar is falling. This is just with Jupiter in Aries. Just wait until Uranus blazes with the fire of the individual, will and self-expression. Look out.

On April 3rd, The Sun, new Moon, Mercury, Mars (0 degrees), Jupiter, Uranus and Black Moon Lilith will all be in Aries. That’s a lot of fire. Folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Astrology is a dualistic practice in many ways. In each sign, there is an opposing polarity. With that in mind, we can agree that all signs are predisposed, positively and negatively. Uranus in Aries is the expression of will on anabolic steroids. It will manifest in both light and dark camps accordingly. Based on the rush of innovation which took place the last time Uranus was in Aries (1927-1935) most of the game changers of the 20th century were discovered and developed; computers, the jet engine, television, sonar. radar, nuclear energy, and complex polymers, just to name a few. All were featured in the theater of war in WW2. That blitzkrieg of development was a quantum leap in not only vision, but production and scale. Just to give you an idea, when Uranus in Aries was just taking off, the rocket engine, television, radio and the lie detector were all launched into our consciousness and yet one of the most polarizing figures of the wild west, Wyatt Earp was still alive. That’s how much of a leap in technology took place during the late 20’s and early 30’s. Now, we have a different time scale and a much greater dilemma.

We’ve had almost ninety years of continued, hard core development ever since, funded by trillions of dollars from many different directions. Then we have the alien influence. yes, the alien influence. Crashed and downed craft, back engineered. Then there’s the alien known as”Tesla.”

So the R&D that went into the beginning of Uranus in Aries would be akin to the early designs of the Bronze Age in scale. We’re dealing with machines the size of dust and the synthetic hybridization of all life, which leads to the next and perhaps the most important part of this equation; The suppression of highly advanced technologies. Continue reading “Uranus In Aries And The Techno Gap Of Spiritual Evolution”