February 2011


The Astrology Of Judgment Day

Is it a sign, or just a sign? I came across a sign, literally a sign today. It was staring me right in the face; “Judgment Day; May 21st, 2011.” Apparently the cat is out of the bag and the “Good News” is plastered across billboards around the country. Now unlike some others that summarily […]


Will Aaron Rodgers Super-Sag-Stellium Carry The Day?

Aaaron Rodgers is eyeballing his place in history. Here is my Super Bowl quickie. The lingering Pisces Moon could have a positively magnetic effect on The Steelers Piscean trident of Mike Tomlin (3/15), Ben Roethlisberger (3/2) and HInes Ward (3/8). This is is Roethlisberger’s and Ward’s third Super Bowl appearance, Tomlin’s second. Green Bay QB, […]