Hard Working Virgo, Rudy, “The Gridiron Fool” On FAR Today

The Virgo Everyman

Just a quick hit. I’ll have “Rudy” on my radio show today at 10:15 AM, PST. Rudy is a Virgo/Rat (8/24/48). He overcame dyslexia to get a degree and make perhaps the most famous tackle in Notre Dame history. His story was turned into the movie, “Rudy” widely considered one of the most watched sports movies of all time. With his Jupiter in Sag, Rudy has not only used football to better himself, he also connects with truly jovian spirit filled with good will and support. His latest foray into the realm of inspiration is; “Power Thoughts” a 365 day phone app with pithy “Rudyisms.” His sense of abandon, risk, belief and faith cast him in the archetypal role of the fool. The fool does not know what he cannot do. His failures can be epic and so are his potential successes. Ultimately, the fool knows no fear.

Please join me as I spend a few minutes with a true, American icon. Rudy. The Daily Farcast With Rudy.

Apple’s Shady Monopoly–Pluto In Cap–The Rise Of Silicon Barons

Last supper or wedding feast?

I have to tell you, that there are times when it just seems like one, big cosmic set up. The game is rigged and not in a bad way mind you. I have been getting closer and closer to some real time sync/nav nodes. The best way for me to explain this is that I am locking into some sort of collective brain, where I am thinking about some aspect or some event that relates to an aspect, then all of a sudden, the floodgates open. Here is the latest case-in-point. I ran across this piece on how Apple plans on crushing it’s competition in the online radio space, going after the likes of Napster, Pandora and MOG. And this is how they’re doing it.

iTunes and the iPhone have reached a critical mass of ubiquitous interface, meaning lots of people use these products and as a result, there is built in real estate for Apple. Once you are in, you their custom, not MOG’s or Napster’s. But as we migrate more and more onto our mobile devices, the app universe is quickly supplanting the online world and things like search. Businesses like MOG need to capture attention immediately. If you see their symbol on your iPhone as an app, you simply want to go there and sign up. Simple. I see. I want. I click. I get. The app is the closest equivalent to instant gratification that we have. No brainer.

Now Apple has determined that they have the right to charge Napster and MOG 30% for every user that clicks on their icon to sign up. Why? Because Apple can. And, because those businesses are competition to Apple and their forthcoming streaming service, Lala. If you want to sign up for either of those services, you can still go to their respective sites on your iPhone and bypass the app and thus screw Apple out of their usurious positioning, but few people will do that and Apple knows it. We’re basically lazy and mostly uninformed.

A few months ago, a friend of mine was creating some very lucrative ring tones, doing copies of popular themes. His Monday Night Football ring tones were pulling in about 2K per month during football season. What did Apple do? Apple buried the ring tone apps on the iPhone in favor of their new, online music community, Ping. See a pattern here? My friend’s revenue fell by 60%

So these revelations had me thinking about Pluto in Capricorn and the rise of Plutocracies and monolithic organizing principles. But I hadn’t really equated it with the online space and e-commerce, After seeing what Apple has done and is continuing to do, it dawned on me that there are only four real players emerging in the online world, with a another as a fading giant and ex-contender. The new silicon oligarchs of e-commerce are; Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon. Microsoft hasn’t been innovative ever, and has literally coasted on Windows and Windows development now for decades. Their codec, WMA was too encrypted. Zune, too late to the party. Same with their phone. It’s really between Apple, Google, FB and Amazon. They’re the online giants carving up your mind share and grabbing what’s left of your wallet.

What’s ironic is that when the net started and e-comm took off, it was a veritable bazar, offering up a plethora of choices. Remember Kozmo? Webvan? Well Webvan is now a division of Amazon and delivers foods in Seattle. Its new name? AmazonFresh. What started off like the gold rush and the race westward to colonize cyberspace with quaint storefronts, niche boutiques and hybrid services, quickly faded as resources such as easy investment capital dried up. Businesses like Webvan got bought up by the likes of Amazon. See big fish eat little fish. Law of the jungle river. Nothing new. This process however has metasticized at a breakneck rate, much faster than when the Morgans and Rockefellers began wiping out and buying up their competition. As result, we don’t have models for the type of monopolization taking place on an iPhone. It’s new, synthetic ground and yet it conforms to the Pluto in Cap model; Vertical giants.

Steve Jobs is about to have Chiron in Pisces conjunct his natal Sun. It’ll be interesting to see how this will impact him from a health standpoint (think kidneys, liver) and also from a legal one as well. Uranus in Aries will also have a resounding affect on people wanting to be free and self-determinant in the online world. That means everything from supporting net neutrality, to using tech for revolutionary purposes and taking on the likes of Apple and Google in class action suits. But don’t look for the Fed to jump in and break up their netopolies any time soon. The photo above was taken last night at a swanky silicon valley dinner. The guy in the center is Barack Obama. To his left, Steve Jobs. Across from Obama, Larry Ellison. Eric Schmidt of Google and Mark Zuckerberg are hoisting the grape as well.

To find out more about MOG, go here;

Leo Full Moon–Massive CME–Quick Scopes

But mama, that’s where the fun is. . . .

The Moon has entered Leo and as a result, it is bringing our attention towards the Sun and the massive solar flare we had two days ago, the largest in the last four years. Early reports from the human front are people dealing with dizziness and fatigue, an overall tiredness and a need to rest. Now this could be a result of some sort of enzymatic and pharmaceutical cocktail coursing through our blood stream courtesy atmospheric aerosol dispersal, or it could really be that we are getting blasted with a torrent of neutrinos, a complex swath of solar intelligence raining down upon us. While the revolution of Egypt, where the first monotheistic God on Earth was crowned an embodiment of the Sun, the real revolution might actually be taking place in the heavens, with the Sun now leading the charge.

It’s interesting to note that as we are now in the greatest amount of coronal mass ejection cycles since the late 1800’s, NASA and other astronomers keep re-directing our attention in other directions. Last month it was Ophiucus. This month is planet “Tyche” the illusive 9th planet. The buzz on “Tyche” is that it is the size of Jupiter and is rumored to be floating around The Oort Cloud. Again, it takes us away from the big news, just two stones away. “Tyche” might be the size of Jupiter, but there was a fissure that erupted on the Sun which was the diameter of Jupiter. Let’s put this into perspective shall we. Roughly 1400 Earths would be able to fit into a space the size of Jupiter. This is big, cosmic news here people.

So let’s just say for a moment that these neutrinos will transform you in ways that you cannot comprehend. As a result, you will develop new abilities to perceive reality and interact with others in ways that you or I cannot begin to imagine. With that in mind, let me sketch out a brief CV for each sign and give you some sol food for thought. Continue reading “Leo Full Moon–Massive CME–Quick Scopes”

Mubarak Skips Town, Suleiman’s Strong Astro Ties To US And Ra Ra Ra For Egypt

Suleiman The Magnificent vs. Suleiman The Expedient.

2/11/11. Oh what a day for a revolution. The people of Egypt are free, sort of. Their persistence and desire to rid themselves of their president of this past 30 years, Hosni Mubarak resulted in Mubarak vacating his position, abdicating rule to his appointed successor, Vice President, Omar Suleiman (Cancer 7/2/36). Suleiman as I have noted before has a very strong astrological connection to the US, with his Sun conjunct the US Sun in Cancer. His natal Moon (Sag) sits very close to the US ascendant in Sag. Mercury in Gemini at 19 degrees is just two degrees off the US Mars in Gemini at 21 degrees. This is worth noting as he has been instrumental in arranging rendition flights to Egypt (travel/torture). His natal Mars is at 4 degrees Cancer, just one degree off the US Natal Venus of Cancer at 3 degrees. He has Jupiter in Sag at 19 degrees, again resting in the US first house, but it is retrograde.

He is an apparent extension of Mubarak, the people of Egypt know this and are not going to be placated by his insertion, but he is going to be much harder to dislodge than Mubarak, based on the close conjunctions of his chart with the USA chart. If the Egyptians want to be truly rid of all things Mubarak, including Suleiman, deposing him will be no cake walk.

In addition to the tight conjunctions, Pluto is trining his natal Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is THE planet of revolution and Mubarak is a Taurus. In essence he is getting some serious celestial support to succeed Mubarak via revolution. Pluto however is also opposing his natal Sun and will get within two degrees of complete opposition later this Summer. He will in some ways embody the ongoing conflict of the rising Plutocracy (Pluto in Cap) and the opposition of grass roots movements and the will of the little folk (Cancer).

Suleiman has stepped into an archetypal struggle of order and rule versus self-determination and personal sovereignty, which is going to be played out across the planet in the days, months and years to come. This is not a personal belief per se, but what I have been able to determine and track over the last few years. These are the facts as I see them. No one is advocating revolution or overthrow, but this is a function of consciousness at a scale that very few of us can comprehend.

My FB buddy, Bryan H posted an image of Titan, a Moon of Jupiter that looks like Earth’s little sister today. It was an interesting post, because what I believe he was tapping into, was titanic forces at play. This is not your basic banana republic revolution. This is something much bigger

Suleiman also happens to be the name of “Sulieman The Magnificient.” Suleiman was the most ambitious ruler of The Ottoman Empire, leading and winning a series of battles that extended as far as Vienna, where he took on The Habsburgs. He spoke six languages and was an accomplished poet and goldsmith. He completely re-wrote canonical law and became a patron of culture. Breaking from tradition, he married a hottie named “Roxelana” from his harem stable. In an age of tyrants and dictators, “Suleiman The Magnificent” was probably a little more enlightened. He ousted the Knights Templar from the island of Rhodes, their base of operation, where they engaged in piracy. After a five-month-siege there, he captured the island and let them leave and return to Malta and ultimately Rome. He was the longest reigning king of the Ottoman empire and now his namesake sits in the seat of power in Egypt, astrologically yoked to the US.

In a day that is filled with ironies, 2/11/11, some cannot go unnoticed. Today is Sarah Palin’s birthday. It’s also Jeb Bushes birthday as well as Manuel Noriega, who had his own experience with being tossed out of office, ironically by his birthday mate’s daddy. The ouster of Noriega was one of the more bizarre events of the late 20th century. Let’s just say that if the internet was around back then, the way it is today, I seriously doubt that that kind of event could take place. With cell phone cameras, youtube, vimeo, Twitter, FB, etc, there is an expanding transparency that is emerging, much to the chagrin of the traditional media outlets. Our access to information is changing how events get staged.

Today is also the birthday of King Farouk I, the last, royal ruler of Egypt. Here is a bit of his story;

Egyptian royalty, the son and successor of Fuad I, ruler of Egypt 1937-1952. His reign began with a sense of promise and hope and ended in scandal, corruption, thievery and indolence. Educated in England, he returned to take over the throne with a life-style that became increasingly profligate along with political ineptitude. In the beginning, the reign of King Farouk was greeted with enthusiasm by both the Wafd party (the largest Egyptian party) and by the rapidly growing Muslim Brotherhood. Farouk was, amazingly, the first Egyptian ruler of the descendants of Mohammed Ali Pasha to speak fluent Arabic. Turkish had been the court language of all his predecessors. Moreover, Farouk seemed to have nationalist sympathies.

The young ruler was, unfortunately, too weak-willed to defy the British. Within a year he had signed the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty which gave British forces the right to remain in the Suez Canal Zone while ostensibly ending the British occupation of Egypt.”

When Farouk was deposed, he was succeeded by Nasser, then Sadat and finally Mubarak. Farouk had Chiron in Aries at 3 degrees. Synchronistically, Jupiter is currently in Aries at 3 degrees. Jupiter it appears is redressing Farouk’s inability to lead. His greatest accomplishments seem to be centered around his prodigious appetite. He would eat up to 30 eggs in a morning to start his day. With Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Leo in the 10th, his royal bearing gave way to a walrus like bearing. He died at the age of 45 in a restaurant, from over eating. On the day of the birth of Egypt’s last and likely worst king, a man named for one of the great kings in the Ottoman empire takes over. In the land of the pharaoh, the template of modern rule, where the seed of the West cracked and moved like a vine towards Rome and London, where modern astrology was born, and where the all-seeing-eye gazes down from the top center of the great pyramid we are witnessing the energies of titans at play.

Rundgren Redux

Here’s a little Ra Ra Ra for the people of Egypt, from “Todd The God”.

The Astrology Of Judgment Day

Is it a sign, or just a sign?

I came across a sign, literally a sign today. It was staring me right in the face; “Judgment Day; May 21st, 2011.” Apparently the cat is out of the bag and the “Good News” is plastered across billboards around the country. Now unlike some others that summarily view Christianity with disdain, I am no such blasphemer. Well, let me put it another way; I am a selective blasphemer. I will not nor ever underestimate the power of a good saint sighting or the visceral tug of people displaying stigmata. These things cannot be explained away by science, except that maybe saints could be holograms, but I will give the divine the benefit of the doubt in this category.

So I reserve the right to embrace the miraculous and a power greater than I can comprehend. However, I have to admit that I have a special scorn for the managers of the rapturists. Rapturists, or dispensationalist Christians have turned a blind eye to suffering on the planet. They’ve had their faiths and their souls plundered by the likes of John Hagee, Tim LaHaye and others who have spread the gospel of fear and “being left behind” for the sum of millions and millions of dollars. They helped elect Bush and stood by him in reverence as two wars raged in the middle east. I have little patience for this version of the Christian faith. And it seems like the 5/21/11 date is being promoted by the rapturists. Now I will say this. With the number of animal deaths taking place, the poisoning of the waters by BP/Nalco and the rumblings of revolt in North Africa and the middle east, the signs are prevalent. Some even say that the seals are being opened.

So, if 5/21/11 is indeed the date that hearkens the arrival of Judgment Day, being a dyed-in-camel’s wool, desert heretic, I decided to take a gander at the planets for that particular day. Let us gaze into the future together. . .

We are on the cusp of Taurus, 29 degrees. The anaretic degree of Taurus. I already posted at great length regarding this anaretic degree as it relates to Tony Hayward, former head of BP, now being winded and dined by Abu Dhabi to set up a new oil company there. The cusp is the end of one sign or epoch and the beginning of the next, only there is a pause, a space, an interim where reality can fall through the cracks and what was once and what will be can co-mingle in the space between.

On that day of days, the Moon will be in Capricorn and of course, it will touch Pluto in Capricorn, somewhere along the way. The conjunction of the Moon and Pluto is powerful and more than slightly obsessive. It promises the complete and utter transformation of the emotional state, but there is a ruthlessness in the Moon/Pluto/Cap conjunction. It’s win at all costs and be damned to the weak and the unwilling to engage in the struggle to fight for their right to feel. While The Sun is about to exit Taurus, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all be stationed there at 7/6/7 degrees respectively. We’re talking tight trine, fixed trinity full of bull. Stubborn. No turning back. However, there are some interesting symbols interwoven at Taurus, 7/6/7.

THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA AT THE ANCESTRAL WELL: The meeting of the traditional past and of the creative spirit point toward the future

The Sabian symbol of 7 Taurus, refers to Jesus’ encounter with a Samaritan woman, whose tribe was despised by other tribes of Israel. In essence, she was an outcast amongst outcasts and it is to this woman, that Jesus reveals himself as the messiah. She was outside of any codification and judgment as a result of being cast out. In essence, she was an empty vessel and ready receive a vision of the future, one that has at it’s core, universal love, over tribal law and a path of redemption open to all men and women whose hearts yearn to be free of dogma, liberated from arcane rituals in the name of a vengeful God. Rudhyar masterfully interprets this symbol in the following way; “The creative future descends first to that which becomes chaos. An old order is never open to a new Revelation until it has accepted disorder in the name of that Power, which subsumes all forms of order, ie, LOVE.” So in essence, if we were going to have Judgment Day on the 21st, then the appearance of 7 Taurus in Mercury and Mars bodes for an interesting day at the very least. Note that it is just one degree off of the 7/7/7 octave. However, the irony is not lost on me that that the missing number is “One.” But even 6 Taurus yields some tasty morsels of potential prophecy.

CANTILEVER BRIDGE ACROSS A DEEP GORGE; The conquest of separateness through group cooperation

This symbol refers to an act of commitment, of moving forward, across a great divide, stepping together over the void of separation, by some form of conscious, collective act that transforms the individuals relationship to his aloneness. It’s a powerful symbol, but one that requires movement and sacrifice of some sort, because, in essence, it cannot be done alone. I’m beginning to like the sound of Judgment Day based on these two symbols.

What’s also interesting about this day is how animals dominate the sky and not just any animals; Bulls, Goats and Rams (Jupiter and Uranus in Aries), all sacrificial beasts of the aforementioned Old Testament. Perhaps the scales of judgment (Saturn in Libra) can offer us some respite from the stampede of bellowing archetypes galloping across the fields of our minds, conjuring up ancient rituals of bloody sacrifices done in the service of lesser gods. Maybe it’s time to free those beasts of burden once and for all. Maybe it’s time for me to consider becoming a vegetarian? Maybe it’s time for you to get to know a saint or two between now and May 21st and if it is indeed Judgment Day, then remember that in the tumult and the chaos, miracles appear, angels descend, heroes emerge and in the darkest of hours, creation has a chance to slip in between the cracks, where God can consciously become manifest and the world born anew. Don’t miss it.

Will Aaron Rodgers Super-Sag-Stellium Carry The Day?

Aaaron Rodgers is eyeballing his place in history.

Here is my Super Bowl quickie. The lingering Pisces Moon could have a positively magnetic effect on The Steelers Piscean trident of Mike Tomlin (3/15), Ben Roethlisberger (3/2) and HInes Ward (3/8). This is is Roethlisberger’s and Ward’s third Super Bowl appearance, Tomlin’s second. Green Bay QB, Aaron Rodgers, has a natal stellium in Sag (Sun/Merc/Mars/Uranus/Neptune), which is one reason why he’s risen to the top ranks of the NFL’s quarterbacks. Rodgers has an exact conjunction with his natal Sun and Uranus at 9 degrees. Transiting Jupiter has a wide orb (7 degrees), trining both planets. However, Jupiter is also opposing his natal Mars in Libra (five degree orb).

Can he channel and ground the poles of the opposition? Will his decision making be rushed? Will he try to do too much himself (Aries) and not lean enough on his team mates (Libra)? Rodgers will also have transiting Sun and Mars sextiling his natal Jupiter today, with a one degree orb. There are other players in play for today’s game, but in my mind, it really comes down to Rodgers, versus the Tomlin/Roethlisberger/Ward Neptunian trinity. If Rodgers can find a balance between carrying the team on his shoulders and getting others involved, he will be the difference maker today and win the MVP of the Super Bowl and thus make The Packers, world champs. 30-28 (Packers over The Steelers)