January 2011


Jupiter In Aries Early Signature Moments

Flame on! First it was disgruntled Bears fans burning Jay Cutler’s jersey. Then it got a lot more serious. Abdou Abdel-Monaam Hamadah, 48, a restaurant owner from Qantara, Egypt, set himself ablaze as a form of protest for not getting flour subsidies. According to The Telegraph; “He was said to have been complaining that he […]


2011 Astrological Forecast

A few weeks ago, I was on Michael Edward’s “Living Light” show on BlogTalk. This is part one of my 2011 astrological forecast. Part two can be found here. 2011 Astro Forecast Part Two. Also, please listen in on Michael’s appearance on a big, three-hour-special,“Voices Of The Gulf” with Jeff Rense and others on 2/1/11.


Jupiter In Aries 0 Degrees And The Cutler Burn

Notice the “6,” six stripes and six letters in Cutler. Jay Cutler (Taurus) became one of the first, public expressions of Jupiter in Aries and not in a flattering way. Cutler plays quarterback for The Chicago Bears, who played The Green Bay Packers this past Sunday, for the championship of the NFC, aka as “The […]