December 2010


Pluto In Sag Kids Coming Into Their Power

Narnia’s Centaur warriors, symbolic of Pluto in Sag generation. I have long been singing the praises of the generation that has Pluto in Sag. They are coming up and they my friends, are fierce and feisty spiritual warriors. And guess what? They have numbers. There’s lots of them and the first wave are hitting their […]


Solar Transmissions

Feel the everlasting and eternal rays from the center of your universe. It must be the arc of Sol edging closer to Jupiter at 25 degrees in my first house, or perhaps I am dovetailing with the times, but I will share with you, from the most expansive molecules that our creative genius granted me, […]


Sag(e) Tips For This Holiday Season

Now that’s the spirit! So the holidays are here and I am going to give you your holiday survival guide based on the planets in transit. This applies to ALL signs. First off, from here until the 22nd, the Sun is in Sag. That means rollicking good times for everyone. Good cheer, toasting, etc. Everyone […]