Reconciling Male and Female–Saturn In Libra–Apologia To The Divine Feminine

maryOpen arms

I just turned fifty. Two days ago. Autumnal Equinox. In the lead up to my birthday, I took a sauna at my favorite place, a Finnish styled space in Albany. Closest to a sweat lodge I’ve found in the confines of a city. I decided during the sweat that I wanted to start the next fifty years with as much of a clean slate as possible.

For personal reasons, I’ve felt fairly blocked on the blog front and have had to work through some issues to get clearer. It hasn’t been easy and the radio program has afforded me a bit more anonymity during this phase. I decided to address a few issues to see if I can get clear, especially since Saturn is camped out in Libra and will be crossing over my Moon, Mercury and Venus in succession. So here is my attempt to reconcile the energy so that I can move forward. I hope it comes out as clear as it did in the heat of the moment when it flooded my brain cells at 115 degrees.

Some months back I made a connection with a kindred soul whose blog and content was similar to my own. We made a very fast connection and our work began to rapidly intertwine. It was potent and dynamic. As we developed a professional relationship, we also forged a personal one and exchanged feelings. We made plans to see one another which did not materialize and in fact became the pivot of our relating or lack thereof. What happened after that was an unraveling that quickly had us decamped in archetypal corners. We became manifestations of one anthers projections. I transformed into the enemy, the new age sheep in edgy wolf skins. She became my own, personal version of Kali.

Many years ago, I remember reading something by Robert Bly. He talked about how archetypal energies get acted out in relationships between men and women. He called these energies, “giants.” The biggest challenge is trying to deal with these energies from a personal perspective. It’s like trying to stuff a dwarf star into a three-bedroom-condo. We have been at an impasse since and I want to clear it up.

As Saturn lurches closer to my Moon, I seem to be more motivated than ever before to reconcile my relationship with women and my inner feminine aspect. The death of my father has also accelerated this process, leaving me to get to know a mother I never felt very close to–life loves to serve up these delicious ironies–I was far closer to my father. Now, here we are together.

In the months since my father passed, I have had to facilitate the sale of personal property for her as well as finding her a new home, movers etc. I am it seems, in service of the goddess.

With Venus and Mars in Scorpio, I feel it is incumbent upon me to get as clear as possible. To that end, I want to apologize to all the women of the world, the spirit of all women and the great feminine of God almighty for any unconscious, programed and robotic moments I’ve been learning through in this lifetime and more. I have been a better man at times than others and I have also done all I can to learn from my mis-steps and mistakes. I know that I have already been forgiven, but a virtual confessional can go a long ways. Is this self serving in some regards? You bet it is, because I want to get unstuck and be as free as I can be. So to my talented and passionate friend fighting the good fight and to all women and feminine energies of creation, throughout and in all things, I offer you all a heartfelt apologia. Continue reading “Reconciling Male and Female–Saturn In Libra–Apologia To The Divine Feminine”

Tonight on FAR Sunday, Michael Tellinger, Author, Slave Species Of God

RIR-100506Michael Tellinger gets pre-historic

Enki/Ea, the creator-god, rogue alien hero of “The Epic Of Gilgamesh” was also supposedly responsible for bringing astrology/astronomy to Earth (Sitchin). Almost all of the modern sciences have their foundation in the roots of the Fertile Crescent. But what if there was a civilization that pre-dated Sumer and Mesopotamia? What if that civilization existed in South Africa and that there is considerable evidence to suggest that that civilization spread out from that part of the ancient world? Well author/researcher, Michael Tellinger is tracing the roots of such a civilization based on a calendar found in his native South Africa. The calendar, called “The Adamic Calendar” has been dated to be over 75,000 years old. Older than the great pyramid at Giza.

Join me tonight on FAR Sunday, 8 PM, PST as I talk with Michael about his work as he has laid it out in his internationally acclaimed book, Slave Species Of God.

In addition to his work with the calendar, Tellinger also has a vision for a society of he future that he is also working towards. We discuss that aspect of his work as well. Please join us.

Live Today On Living Light With Michael Edward


I’ll be on Michael Edward’s Net Radio show today around 11:15 PST/2:15 EST. We’ll be talking about the Gulf and astrological cycles that will be playing out over the next 1-2 years, leading up to 12/21/12.

Michael has been tirelessly working to get the truth out around the Gulf, particularly, the toxic quality of the air and water, which Michael claims is leading to the “Blue Plague.”

Living Light Radio

Ingo Swann’s Psychic Penetration

fantastic_planet“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”

(Former Lockheed Head and B1 developer, Ben Rich on his death bed)

It’s recently come to my attention that we have been little more than a slave race. How’s that for a post MR opening line? Thought that would get your attention. While I was mostly, radio silent over MR, I revisited material that I’ve buried, only because the implications are too vast and broad to really comprehend. Also, I have been adopting the Native American position of asking myself, “But does it grow corn?” In essence, if it does not lead to some sort of practical solution, what good is it? I mean if I told you that our version of consensus reality is little more than a virtual program, constructed and influenced throughout what we call history by sources of intelligence far greater than ours, and in fact that those same sources even had a hand in shaping our biology, not once, but perhaps through three different epochs, would it help you pay your mortgage, get a new job, work for less money and more hours than your last one? Would it build a better and stronger bridge to you and your beloved, crafting a love that lasts a lifetime? It’s doubtful. And yet, it’s these strange and uncomfortable scenarios that I keep returning to time and time again.

Whether it’s the late Bill Cooper’s detail rich story about the evolution of modern ET contact that took place in the American Southwest, mostly during the Eisenhower presidency, or Michael Tellinger’s unearthing of pre-antidiluvian civilizations and cultures in South Africa (we’re talking pyramids and glyphs) to the strange tales of The Dogon, to Lockheed head, Ben Rich’s deathbed confessional that aliens are real, we have their technology and not only can we go to the stars, but we already have, there is a serious disconnect and breach in the world.

One of my favorite movies of all time is a somewhat obscure, French film called, “Fantastic Planet.” It was adapted from the novel, “La Planete Sauvage” it is a parable for our time of sorts. There are two species occupying one world. One race is a species of alien giants, with superior intellect and technology. The other is a race like ours that is kept like pets. However, while the pet race might appear to be domesticated, it has a wild side. A rebellious side. One that won’t settle for being kept on a leash. Eventually, the giant race is threatened by the increasingly aggressive behavior of the diminutive little upstarts and starts spraying the air with drones that seek out their hiding places, where they mate and reproduce and an alarming rate. The little people are tenacious and clever. They find a weak spot in the alien life cycle and they exploit it to their advantage. They turn the tide and hold leverage, thus ensuring their safety and the safety of future generations. They achieve a form of peace, not through appealing to the higher instincts of the masters, but because they had neutralized a very important aspect of their lives. Leverage.


In L. Ron Hubbard’s glorious mess, Battlefield Earth a similar dynamic is in play. Earth has been invaded by a race of technologically superior giants, known as “Psychlos.” The “Psychlos” are code for “Psychos” and Hubbard was basically telling everyone that earth is run by a race of alien psychopaths that promote psychopathic betrayers of the home team. These psychopathic betrayers in turn become the leaders of the so-called free world–captains of industry–heads of state. The psychlos know they are foul beings and instead of pretending to have some higher, more ethical standard that regulates their more base impulses, say like religion, they practice a sort of nasty game theory, where holding leverage over someone lends power and control. If you’ve got leverage, you’ve got the upper hand and as a result can more or less dictate terms and conditions. This is a stark assessment of the current human condition, but it is one that more and more people are grappling with as resources on both a personal and a collective level are truncated, held back and reapportioned. During difficult economic times, leverage is even more powerful. Continue reading “Ingo Swann’s Psychic Penetration”

Farewell Captain

captain_skyRide, Captain, ride.

Looking Up

The clouds, like a herd of mute behemoths
Dancing to an invisibly intructed rhythm,
Burnish the horizon’s azure sombrero
With images of determined impermanence,
Leaving readers of the sky who
Look for more than signs of weather,
An atlas only of the imagination. (The Capt.)

One of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs of all time is “Heroes Are Hard To Find.” It’s from the period where they were less critically acclaimed than the early, psych/blues of Peter Green’s leadership of “The Mac” and certainly far less commercially successful than the Buckingham/Nicks version, but the repertoire is fascinating and in my estimation, more compelling. Bob Welch was the lead songwriter during that phase and penned jazzy odes to UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle, and Future Games. In “Heroes” Christine McVie’s voice is a thing to behold. It’s the top of song that gets lost in the pop cannon of later tunes and the mythology of the older ones. Occasionally this happens to people as well–getting lost in the cathode burn of our current celebrity obsessed culture, and faux giants of other times. The life of the common man is rarely recognized or celebrated as being heroic.

Just as the calendar flipped from 1999 to 2010, I lost a friend who had been DJ’ing at a gig in Los Angeles. His name was “Jim” and he was mad about music. I would see him almost everywhere Stephen Kent played. He was a single dad with a young teen daughter. He lived/worked in a home with troubled youth and was their shrink, guardian and surrogate father. He was the avuncular sort that you never minded having around, always in good humor, always re-framing in positive shapes and language. When I was in exile in San Geronimo, I used to hang at The Flatiron with him and watch football on the big screen.

I last saw him at a Christmas bash in Santa Rosa in 1999, where of course Stephen Kent was playing. He was leaving his state funded gig at the home due to declining dollars and wanted to get a reading for the new year and the next phase of his life, just right after he got back from DJ’ing in LA. I never saw him again. He passed on 1/1/00.

When I went to his memorial, I was stunned by how many people were there, how many friends he had, how much of an impact he had had on so many lives and it dawned on me that outside of his circle Jim was a phantom, a ghost trapped in time, but inside, he was a true hero, someone that changed lives . . . for the better.

Continue reading “Farewell Captain”