Oil Leaks, Wikileaks, Saturn In Libra, Chiron In Capricorn Generation Power

China-Pipeline-ExplosionsYep, that’s oil.

The darkness is encroaching. It’s not just a metaphor. Oil is flowing into The Kalamazoo River, it’s spewing off the coast of Mississippi and it’s gushing in China. Of course the mystery of The Gulf itself deepens. Gas mains are breaking in Austin. Chiron opened it’s veins in Pisces and the planet is bleeding. Let’s hope that it’s slight return into Aquarius can bring some knowledge and web wisdom.

It’s ugly.

It’s crude.

We can use Chiron in Pisces as a metric–the wounded healer immersed in the effluvial history of the world. If water holds the memory of emotion, oil holds the memory of time, of scaly creatures that lounge in clouds of methane and the life that could have been if whales had not taken to the seas to circulate their love throughout existence. We have lived in an uneasy symbiosis with it until now. Now it is foisted upon us in a dark baptism, reminding us of the stain of our original sin. No, it was not eating of the tree of knowledge, it was being convinced that the world could be owned and that we had to pay a price to live here. As J. Paul Getty once wryly decreed, “The meek might inherit the Earth, but they won’t own the mineral rights.”

Mars is about to shift into Libra. That’s a good thing. That’s a John Lennon kinda thing. He had Mars in Libra at 2 degrees. We know what he stood for and ultimately died for. Double Fantasy exudes a certain peace arrived at mid-life but also hints at darker themes, played out by his animatrix. Some think that the title of the album is a veiled reference to Paul/Faul, but I digress. The true distillation of Lennon’s Mars in Libra manifested in the 70’s with sleep-ins and city signs for peace. Perhaps to it’s detriment, Mars in Libra demands peace and equality. It’s counterpart/opposite Mars in Aries, makes no such demands. It simply acts out the will and peace is a byproduct of the activation of it’s nature. That said, Mars in Libra can whip things up, even though it’s a little defensive at times. My advice to you over the next 43 days? Stick up for the little guy and even the middle guy. The event to keep your eyes on? The fight over immigration in Arizona.

Immigration is a challenging issue and presents some deep complexities. On one level, we can see the inhumanity of a crappy existence in Mexico, where the poor have little chance at raising their living standards, meanwhile the multi-nationals and the upper 1% of Mexico live like Gods, thanks mostly due to NAFTA and billions of dollars that flow back to Mexico through the magic wires of Western Union and pack mule drug runners. Then there’s the karmic level of the colonialist land grab from our red brothers and sisters. Then there’s an ancient echo of Caesar allowing a multitude of tribes into Rome to increase his power base and dilute the senates. Then there’s the issue of states rights, versus The Fed. This will be a significant event during Mars/Saturn in Libra. Even now, Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona is already trying to come to some sort mediated agreement with the feds.

In May 1951, Sylvia Porter, a columnist for the New York Post, used the term “boom” to refer to the phenomenon of increased births in post war America. She wrote: “Take the 3,548,000 babies born in 1950. Bundle them into a batch, bounce them all over the bountiful land that is America. What do you get? Boom. The biggest, boomiest boomy boom ever known in history.”

The largest spike in that boom happened between 1951 and 1955 and coincidentally, that little booming subset has Chiron in Capricorn. As Pluto begins it’s crossing over the first wave of that group and Saturn starts it’s square against them, they will be dealing with power, how they have manifested, respected or abused it up until now. Many of them are walking the corridors of power or seeking to reinvest their lives with meaning and power. In any case, a certain reckoning is going to be taking place, thanks mainly to Saturn. If you’re born between 1951 and 1955, Saturn is making you check your level of power and if you’re using it accordingly. Just remember that higher power is always better in such cases.

Just an interesting aside. I think there’s some strange synchronicities going on with the whole concept of leaks. From oil to wikis, leaks are in vogue, and what does that mean? Well, in the case of Wikileaks, all is not what it seems and Julian Assange is not James Bond. In crypto circles, they call Wikileaks a “Limited Hangout.” Meaning its not meant to be there for very long and it’s real purpose is to disseminate dis or mis-info and to collect/filter potentially explosive material. Apparently there are leaks. Derive your own meaning.

Saturn In Libra Levels The Playing Field, Saluting The Captain And Michael Edward On FAR Tonight

alex7The new library at Alexandria

In spite of it all, and some of you know the “all” I am referring to, we live in rather amazing times. I am witnessing a profound self-assembling take place on Facebook and other nodes on the net. This blog and my show are just two, very small, omni-directional intersections of spirit performing complex algorithms of mysterious connection and strange attraction. At some point in 2011, the majority of my friends on FB will reach the upper limit of their friend capacity. What then? Do we all just become each others fans?

But it’s not just idle chatter or random chit-chat on FB or elsewhere. We are exchanging perspectives, ideas, cross-pollinating concepts, cross-checking facts. I am witnessing less flame wars and flashes of the ego. Even though the honeyed chants of new age kumbaya still gurgle in the background, they do not predominate the current mindset like they did last Summer. People have come down from the high of hope and the charge of change. The hangover of reality has set in and blaming the bitter Bush we were all forced to gnaw on is not going to alter our experience one iota.


In many ways, the internet has become a virtual mystery school, a 21st century library of Alexandria at the tips of our fingers, and it is evolving with ever more novelty and invention. This is unprecedented in the history of world. We’d have to travel back into the annals of Atlantis to approach something similar, but even then, we did not have the same sense of undifferentiated selves that we do now. But the internet is changing all that. The medium has it’s critics and it deserves it at times, but I do not find it as isolating and alienating as some might paint it. After I write this post, I will meander down to the local cantina and help my buddy Lloyd ring in his 62nd birthday.

I have friends all over the planet from the net and I have even met some of them. It helps me keep existing friendships alive as well, but then I have a stellium in my 11th house. What I am doing my best to communicate is, is that this is a remarkable medium and it’s changing our lives in ways that we cannot comprehend. It’s braiding our spirits on a subtle level and in many instances is fleshing out our humanity in the process. Continue reading “Saturn In Libra Levels The Playing Field, Saluting The Captain And Michael Edward On FAR Tonight”

Uranus In Aries, Fourth Reichian Transhumanism And Of Course Lady Gaga

archandroid_coverFrom Archons To Arch Androids

That cutaway illustrated below is an actual model of Dick Cheney’s heart or lack thereof. You see, Dr. Strange Love has no heart. While this might not come as a surprise to many, having an actual look-see as to what keeps Dick ticking is kind of a dark revelation to say the least. This is a pump that actually circulates the blood through the body. With no heart, he has no heartbeat. It’s just the mechanized woosh of plasma that’s roiling through his system. If it weren’t for technology and a few million bucks, he would be a dead Dick.

But in a strangely ironic twist, this is the dream of the trans-human-fetishists, albeit saddled with a bulky version of an AI interface. Cheney, an Aquarius, would theoretically be receptive to the deepening of his silicon connection. While this is a functional version of a cyborg’s delight, Cheney is far from alone.

dick_heartLady Gaga has been flashing her hybrid style for the past three years, getting ever closer to the woman-machine synthesis. Gaga might be the most overt example of the programming that is taking place on a number of levels but as we will soon find out, she is not alone. Her haircut mimics the same style of Daryl Hannah/Pris in Blade Runner. It’s not a coincidence. I’ll steer clear of the obvious illuminist symbols and stick as close to the ummmm, facts as possible.

The Cloning Of Pris’ Bangs Is A Cipher Repeating Itself Through Timepris

Are ideas like this latched upon by canny dream weavers or does the Hannah/Gaga continuum evolve out of a pre-set archetype that modulates image and function accordingly? There are a number of sites that track illuminist symbolism and imagery in art. From Alan Watt, to Esoteric Kitten, to Pseudo Occult Media, you can find enough mind numbing examples of overt symbolic manipulation, much of it revolving around pop stars like Gaga. The Evidence Is overwhelming. We are programmed to the point where our drives and desires are rarely our own. Even our most sacred values, such as patriotism and God are the wallpaper of our sub-conscious. No doubt, there are men and women highly skilled in the art of psychic manipulation through esoteric symbols that evoke the mimetic tableau of our times. Many of them have been steeped in magic of darker hues. They might even meet in halls, lodges and wooded groves. They would certainly match the layman’s description of a conspiracy, but what if they themselves were being acted upon and like the unwitting public that they trance with their animatronic eye candy, are just as oblivious?

True Hallucinations

The late Terrence McKenna dove with abandon into the strange world of DMT, where self-replicating machine elves create psychedelic ovules of papier-mâché, giving birth to them in realms we cannot imagine. What if a similar process was behind all of creation and Gaga and her robot masters were nothing more than creations of some larger force living out it’s own archetypal imperative? In essence, does Lady Gaga or GW Bush have any choice in the matter of who or what they are to become and have the forces that we have fed for millennia simply taken on a life of their own, enormous entities that nearly rival God in the accumulated manifestation of our beliefs and practices? What if all of this is just phantasms of our own imaginations, fears and perverse desires, co-mingling with forces from other realms? As always, like an ancient script of numeric representation, there is the astrological codec, an overhead projection of this realm through time and space. Let’s have a look shall we?


Gaga is an Aries (of course) and not just any Aries. Born on March 28, 1986, she has Aries at 7 degrees. Most people know that we are shifting from Pisces to Aries via Uranus, full time, next year. Jupiter is already there, but it too will retreat briefly, only to move fully into Aries in 2011. I will go out on a limb and predict enormous success for Gaga in 2011 (much to the consternation of many). It’s not simply her as an artist that will be successful, but the idea of transhumanist deviation, will stamp her image on the fore brain of the collective mind. Uranus in Aries is an explosive dance of destruction and conflict, it is the electric fire of individual inspiration and personal genius, and it also foreshadows the scientific manipulation of form and a as a result, the very essence of will itself.

The Third Reich came of age during the last run of Uranus in Aries and out of the Third Reich we have “Eugenics” the search not just for the perfect form in flesh, but perhaps even more importantly, it represents man’s ability to create such a perfect form, one that places him on the same celestial stage as God. That is the real golden ring. Transhumanism isn’t just a less loaded term for Eugenics, it’s code for the creation of a new species entirely and as a result, the end of the human as we know it.

When Uranus conjuncts Gaga’s Sun, I would not be the least surprised to begin to see real and not costumed augmentation to her physiognomy. The Sabian Symbol for 7 Degrees Aries is A MAN SUCCEEDS IN EXPRESSING HIMSELF SIMULTANEOUSLY IN TWO REALMS. This is clearly a celebration of the dual life, and in her case, part woman, part machine. Not only is her Sun in Aries but so is her Venus, though placed significantly further away at 23 degrees. Jupiter in Aries will kiss her natal Venus in 2011 and might even portend a marriage. The bride of Frankenstein? Pluto is also deeply informing her collective might as well. It is conjuncting her natal Neptune in Cap at five degrees and sextiling her natal Pluto at 6 degrees Scorpio, augmenting her androidal sexuality. Pluto in Cap is being distributed through the spiritual function of her generation. Neptune is filmic and illusory, it offers up gloss and sheen, it’s seductive in an etheric sense and when it is conjoined with Pluto/Capricorn, the individuals of her generation act as channels for power in an earthly sense. In it’s initial stages, not tempered by experience and time, it is the naked adulation of power as a God.

It’s All About The Baphometrics

Again, there is little coincidence in images of skulls, esoteric talismans and occult symbolism on tees, hoodies and caps. When Jay-Z recruits Kanye and Rhianna to “Run This Town” he is speaking directly to this generation that worships power. This is amplified with Pluto in Scorpio. While the ideal of power is worshiped, the act of sex as a conduit to power is this generation’s calling card and in many ways, Gaga has become a symbol for all of the above. She is an augmented sex-kitten, robotically responding to your wishes and desires, willing to do anything, rubbing your face in esoteric nose candy. She is morphing towards a synthetic version of Babylon’s greatest whore. But she is far from alone.

rihanna-rude-boy-rAries in Your Anus?

While Gaga manages to sell loads of inane music with beats that are likely laced with mind-numbing embeds, the aforementioned Rhianna is undergoing her own transmogrification, from innocent teen, to violated and initiated, to giving her body and soul over to the deus sex machina.

Chrisitina Aguilera was not content with motherhood. Nope, she had to get in on the game as well, sporting her own version of cybervixen, 2010. However, Janelle Monae might just be taking all of this to another level.

Discovered by Big Boi (Aquarius again), half of Outkast, Monae was signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy label. She left no doubt as to where she was going with 2009’s Metropolis referencing of course the Fritz Lang classic. But have a look at the album cover. She is not only part human and part android, but even the android part of her is broken and torn apart. However, she’s remedied that with her latest release, ArchAndroid which is about her alter-ego Cindy, who discovers her super powers and realizes that she is the “Arch Android” here to save the other hapless androids from their life of androidal enslavement.

I find the city of gold head dress (see image at the top of the post) totally fascinating, especially the golden phallus rising from her crown chakra like a spear of destiny, pointing towards the heavens. Metropolis, robots, a golden cock growing out of her mind, it all smacks of some new Reichian zeitgeist and I’m not talking about Wilhelm Reich.

Now some may say that this is some sort of market trend or a Grace Jones/Nona Hendryx redux, or even a semi-psychotic and dissociative projection of the human condition that has lost the ability to feel, but with Uranus in Aries, this is more likely a presage to the Eugenic drive to convert humanity into a transgenic species. But what happens to the soul? Where does the humanity go? Or are we already so degraded that it’s a moot point? Is this just the unnatural progression of things? Are we that numbed out and unfeeling that we have to create alters to explore the realms of non-emotive states? I am not enthusiastic about the trend, no matter how funky the beats and cool grooves are.

Janelle Monae AKA Cindy Mayweather In Many Moons


Saturn’s Return To Libra And Sacred Activism With Andrew Harvey On FAR Tonight

Andrew.HarveyActively Sacred.

As we get ready to shift (again) into Saturn/Libra this week, for the finality of it’s stay, we’ll undoubtedly be addressing issues and questions around fairness, equality and of course, rights. We’ve all been “looking” at the environmental and cultural calamities that are arising out of the Gulf spew, but there has not been a lot of activism or demonstrations around the Gulf and BP’s almost totalitarian control over the region.

That could change greatly and pretty rapidly in the weeks to come, once Saturn reclaims it’s exalted place in Libra. Maybe, just maybe, groups like Greenpeace and The Sierra Club might actually have something to say about what’s going on down there, since they have been conspicuously absent throughout it all.

With Uranus and Jupiter both bobbing and weaving with Aries/Pisces over the next few months, Saturn will have center stage. People’s concerns will start to mount. It’s inevitable. Saturn in Virgo is patient and deals with the details. In Libra it swiftly turns to “what’s right.”

The USA was born in revolution (with a lot of inside help), but the culture of protest came much later, when the unions and suffragettes began to march for humane conditions, fair pay and equal vote. It wasn’t until the late fifties and early sixties when protests became synonymous with the country and the times. However a much deeper look at the social movements of the sixties begins to reveal a different story.

As I have typed here before, if there was ever a concerted effort to bifurcate the masses on the heels of a major collective trauma, like The Kennedy Assassination, the sixties could not have turned out better. The wholeness of the apple pie dream was sliced and sectioned off. We had splits between sexes, races, ages, and classes. We had a war that drove a continental wedge through it all, sprinkled with psychedelic fairy dust casting Dionysian spells across the land. It split The USA into a land of a thousand trances.

When reading and looking back on Saul Alinsky’s, luciferian inspired “Rules For Radicals” we can see the blueprint for a different kind of revolution taking shape, one that is culminating with the current administration. If anything, this is the apotheosis of the sixties and Alinsky’s freeze the target stratagems. Indeed, there was a revolution at hand, but who was pulling the levers and why? Were all of the protests of the sixties a great show, a Pluto in Leo sized distraction wrought with drama and useless death or were they the collateral damage for the “Dawn Of A New Day?” It calls into question the entire idea of protest and the spirit of activism itself.

Does activism have a place in our time and can it exist as a viral event waiting to catch flame, unlike much of the astro-turfed and deeply reactionary tempest in a Tea Party? Can people “change” the system? Do they have a voice? How much does spiritual awareness and activism go hand-in-hand?

We’ll find out some of the answers to these questions and hopefully more with sacred activist and poet, Andrew Harvey tonight on FAR Sunday, 7PM, PST. Please join us as we discuss these ideas and others, from his latest book on North Atlantic Press, Heart Yoga: The Sacred Marriage of Yoga and Mysticism

Capricorn Cohan Outfoxes Leo Ellison (For Now) Gulf Update With Michael Edward on FAR Today

larry_cohanWatch out for that mustard Larry.

Okay, I just can’t seem to let go of the NBA at this point, especially now that BP has allegedly capped the well (more about that later). Today, Christopher Cohan, Capricorn (1/2/50) sold The Golden State Warriors, my local pro hoops team. Like any good Capricorn, Cohan wrestled the team from Jim Fitzgerald and Dan Finane, owners of The Warriors from the mid-eighties to the mid-nineties. Cohan was a minority owner and he decided to force Finane and Fitzgerald to sell by threatening to sue them. This tactic was something that Cohan would become proficient at over the years. It represents the shadow of his Jupiter in Libra, profiting off of litigation.

So Cohan staged his own little hostile takeover, but he did it when Mercury was retrograde. I don’t have the exact date, but I clearly remember when it was announced that the was taking control of The Warriors. I was listening to my radio and getting ready to pump some gas at the Union 76 on Lincoln. When I heard it, I knew he was screwed based on MR. Lo and behold, all these years later, almost everything that could go wrong with the team has. I won’t list the hit parade, but for hoops fans, I’ll toss out four names and you can draw your own conclusions; Chris Webber, Latrell Sprewell, Todd Fuller and Gilbert Arenas. Enough said.

In 2000, when The Warriors were hosting the All Star game, fed up fans booed Cohan. By most accounts, it was the last time he was seen at Oracle Arena. It has been a chilly detente ever since. It seems as though after today’s events, Chris Cohan has not forgotten that moment and used his Capricornian wiles to not only screw the fans of Bay Area basketball one last time, but also stick to computing baron, Larry Ellison, who was in the running for purchasing The Warriors.

Ellison, Leo (8/17/44) is a man known for not losing. He recently spent a fortune to those with lesser wallets to insure that he would win The Amerca’s Cup and he did. Once everyone got wind that Ellison was in the race for The Warriors, it was a fait acompli that the third richest man in America would not suffer defeat and take over the stumbling franchise. Ellison was every fans fantasy. Let me repeat that. EVERY FAN’S FANTASY. Denizens of message boards were foaming at the mouth. They couldn’t wait until Ellison squashed Cohan like a bug, cleaned house and ran the team like Mark Cuban or Paul Allen or Jerry Buss. Look out Lakers and Mavs, here comes Uncle Larry and The Warriors! Something funny happened on the way to the fantasy. Ellison lost. Larry Ellison rarely loses. Continue reading “Capricorn Cohan Outfoxes Leo Ellison (For Now) Gulf Update With Michael Edward on FAR Today”

The Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse, Where Do You Call Home? LeBron Breaks The Spell

mongolia-ger-stay_1439434cWhere do you park your oxen?

Home. Where is it? What does it mean? These are questions that are reverberating through the space of our times. Last night an old friend stopped by. He was without a place to stay, roaming from job-to-job at this point. Another friend is considering abandoning his apartment for life in his car, parked at night near the sanctified confines of local churches. A recent client has been using her mother’s home as a chrysalis, getting ready to re-hatch her life back into the world. LeBron James left his home and bolted for a new one, raising all kinds of questions about loyalty and commitment in the process (more about LeBron later).

I pondered these questions about home as residents around the gulf are reporting all kinds of sickness, all occurring around their homes. The oil is gushing, unabated now, as BP removed part of the well head today, hastening it’s unimpeded flow into the home waters of the south. People down there might be forced to leave their homes.

The concept of home rose to the surface of my consciousness as I watched a blues band bang out standards in the center of my town, my home, a place that I have called home since last year, as I left on my Hejira, just up the road. It came on the heels of three days in a psych ward, where I witnessed the sad state of human wreckage that called that and other places like it “home.” It took a journey into the orphic depths for me to find the lost parts of my soul, the mad and disenfranchised strands of self, shunned by me as a coping mechanism to get by in this world. They were all there, in male in female form. I gathered them unto me and led them out, back into the light. I brought them home. A year later, almost to the day, my father died, in his home, thus completing my turn around the Sun.

With the Sun in Cancer, New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, the idea and ideal of “home” is moving to the front and center for many people. It is illuminating what’s important to us and how we can use the home, any home, whether it’s rooted in rebar or attached to ones back, to be the fertile ground for cracking through to new life and sustaining the momentum of growth.

The Sabian symbol for the Solar Eclipse tomorrow is THE UNFOLDMENT OF MULTILEVEL POTENTIALITIES ISSUING FROM AN ORIGINAL GERM. On a day when the Sun is eclipsed, we do not view our shadows and all is brought forth into the clarity of day to witness. Here we see on the New Moon, the symbol of germination, of breaking through and beginning a heliotropic journey towards the light. In essence, grow where you are planted and if there is not enough light and sustenance, cast yourself to the winds of change land somewhere that you can.

Through my readings with people, I have gleaned that we are in the act of finishing up business and getting with the art of living. The time for processing is over. You’ve been here a thousand times already. You know enough. Let the unfoldment of multi-level potential germinate.

When we deal with the concept of breakthrough, we often frame it in dramatic terms, like finding the right work, or the right partner, or manifesting something we have desired and worked towards, but it’s often the case that breakthrough can be as simple and humble as the first fissure in the hard membrane of the seed wall. That tiny fracture cannot be underestimated as a monumental event in the life of the organism that emerges. It’s as critical as the first fall of fruit and the next generation of seed. Without it, there is no life. Our lives are comprised of any number of these moments and the beauty is, is that you have a choice in these moments as they emerge.

It’s how you respond.

Do you give your power away for approval or need?

You will let another snuff out your light for acceptance?

Will you react in the middle of a fire fight between out-of-control egos?

Will you consistently choose wholeness and integration over diffusion and defracation?

Can you respond from a place of third option, a creative alternative to polarity and duality?

It’s these things that manifest in everyday acts that allow us to chip away at the hard husk of separation and risk the reward of journeying towards the light. Breakthrough is just one thought and one breath away. It’s always there. Continue reading “The Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse, Where Do You Call Home? LeBron Breaks The Spell”