Tony Hayward’s Anaretic Degree And Sabian Symbol, Mars/Cancer 11 Clown Caricature

Tony-Hayward-webWho’s foolin’ who?

Tony Hayward’s smirking mug got a lot more serious recently, as he actually tip toed around the oil stained shoreline of Louisiana. Smirking Tony wasn’t laughing much at all. No, instead, he was busy barking at cameramen to stop videotaping the endless puddle of oozing muck that seems to surface and re-surface with every futile shovel full. Nope, old Tony was out of his element, with the eyes of single vision bearing down around him. Outside the confines of his contained environment, met with the primordial truth staring right back at him, his arrogance rising to new levels nausea. But getting back to that smirk, the sense that he is laughing at all of us beneath his pathetic attempts to project a solemn countenance, there is a reason why he might have a version of laughing Tourettes.

Tony Hayward was born on May 21st, 1957. Sadly, this makes him a contemporary of mine. Certainly not the best and brightest of my generation. If we want to get a deeper understanding of Hayward and how his mind and motivation works, especially in crisis, we can see some telling traits emerge in his chart. His Sun is at 29 degrees Taurus. This is critical on so many levels to this situation. The 29th degree is called “The Anaretic Degree.” There is some debate in astrological cycles regarding where the energy of a particular sign is located. Some say it is at 0 degrees. Others say in he very middle of the sign at 15 degrees, a few believe that the Anaretic Degree is the final push of the energy of a sign, before it flips into the next sign. People born at 29 degrees are often in a hurry to shake off the shackles of that sign and move on. But there are lessons to be learned before moving on. Celeste Teal has a fairly good explanation of the Anaretic Degree and I chose hers to use to illustrate this, because when you read it and see Hayward’s decision making process matched up against it, you’ll see the deeply flawed version of the Anaretic placement in action. Also, at the very bottom is a reference to the Anaretic degree really being related to Taurus, which of course is Hayward’s Sun sign. Here is her description:

The 29th Degree
“Also known as the Anaretic Degree, defective vision is noted with this degree. It’s the weakest point in the sign it represents; tired and often showing more of the next sign than the sign it’s in. The planet and house placement is always getting ready to make a change and the 29th degree adds a decision-making complication to the house. Able to see both sides of an issue, there is oscillation between one view and the other and a struggle to make any decision at all. Decisions are put off or there is a continuous re-evaluation due to new information. At the end of his rope, the individual may make a quick decision, simply to do something, but this takes on the characteristic of Too Much or Too Little. Metaphorically, he may dive into the pool before checking to see if it has water.  Continue reading “Tony Hayward’s Anaretic Degree And Sabian Symbol, Mars/Cancer 11 Clown Caricature”

V Is For Vulcan and Vulcana, Earth Changes and The Gulf Disaster

spockSpock therapy?

Earth changes seem to be coming now with more regularity. Are these labor pains indicative of a new Earth that is being birthed before our eyes? Yesterday, both Guatemala and Ecuador experienced volcanic eruptions. We’ve already witnessed the ashy, Icelandic plume ground thousands of planes to a halt.

Beneath the once clear waters of The Gulf, BP and Halliburton opened the gates of hades on 4/20, through neglect, sacrificing the lives of eleven men, who were instantly incinerated by the hellish blast. Whether these events are triggered by some outside agency as some would point towards HAARP, Tromso, etc, or that they are emanations of our own consciousness, quaking and shuddering, unable to handle the pressure any longer or a combination of both, remains to be seen. The one thing that we can agree on is that there is a new level of dramatic, geo-physical activity that is taking place. Tectonic plates, effluvial matter, pillars of ash and molten flow all rise the surface of our consciousness. If we aren’t away of the Earth now, we will be.

One of the more fascinating and yet lesser known stories in modern astronomy is the search for the planet Vulcan. Vulcan of course was named after the Roman god, Vulcan, their equivalent of Hephaestus. Vulcan was the son of Jupiter and Juno. He was the smith of the gods and crafted art, iron, arms and armor. If you were into astropanthology, and you wanted to tap the energy of a god as a precursor to war, Vulcan would be your guy. In “The Lord Of The Rings” Sauron also taps the power of Vulcan to create a monstrous army with weapons forged from the fires of the earth. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

To understand Vulcan and it’s possible existence, we need to know who and what Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier contributed to modern astronomy and astrology. Le Verrier you see is the guy that discovered Neptune. Pretty fitting for a guy born on March 11th, doncha think? Anyway, Le Verrirer discovered Neptune due to the orbital anomalies he observed with Uranus, using a series of micro-calculations to determine Neptune’s pull, exertion and influence on Uranus. He was right and a Pisces rightly discovered Neptune.

After surfacing Neptune, Le Verrier was tasked to see if there was another planet between the Sun and Mercury that was causing the same sort of orbital fluctuations with Mercury. He did his micro calculations and sure enough he theoretically found the mythic Vulcan, which is purported to have a 19 day orbit around The Sun. Le Ferrier was not able to successfully locate Vulcan in space, but mathematically, he was convinced that it did indeed exist. Continue reading “V Is For Vulcan and Vulcana, Earth Changes and The Gulf Disaster”

Swirling Heaven, Emotional Authenticity, Sag Full Moon Scopes

full-moonySee your patronus?

Another day, the rain continues to fall from artificial skies–Bladerunner dawn–gray light dispersed through polymer clouds. Beyond the atmosphere The Moon moves into ritual position, aligning itself with the constellation Sagittarius, becoming a fractal expression of archetypal order, emblematic of the pursuit of authentic emotional states. Opposing the often trivializing consciousness of Gemini’s need to know, The Sag Moon does not require ontological data to inform the feeling body. There is sense of wanting to go beyond the accustomed walls of desire and experience. You body is the tribe, the village, and The Sag Full Moon is the world out there, a universe of sensation and a flight towards emotional freedom. It’s goal is attaining escape velocity, launching us above and beyond our normal emotional perspectives.

The Sag Full Moon wants to liberate us from our petty separation, the maze of our false beliefs–think Icarus ascending over the maze of Minos, the month of May, the bull god of Taurus, the month and sign we have just left behind. Ascension.

This two month phase, June/July is generally such a critical time for The United States and as such, for the world at large. The US chart has Sag on the rise, which places Gemini in the house of relationships. No wonder we have had such a challenging time with divorce and commitment here. We are swimming in Cancerian waters with The US stellium, but we are always looking towards the horizon with Sag rising–that patch of much greener grass over there. Of course, duality abides in house 7, so we are constantly seeking that other to complete us, know us, understand us, multi-processing identity and self.

We’re conflicted. We want home, hearth, family and life and yet, we stray towards some nebulous temple of desire in the distance, not quite content to just stay at home.

The Sag Full Moon accentuates those feelings. We want to be emotionally authentic, in all areas of our lives, from the personal to the body-politique. Think this might have something to do with The Gulf?

The Moon manifests itself here in tides and waves, the magnetic pull of liquid light towards it’s center out there. The tide of public opinion is rising and the expression of righteous indignation, always a Sag hallmark rises right along with it. The dam of silence is about to break.

Pisces gives way to Aries, as both Jupiter and Uranus shift into the sign of will and manifestation. Throw in a healthy dose of solar rays in the form of Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) hitting us in the next 24 hours and things could get very, very, interesting. You may want to invest in a good generator and some fuel. In any case we are approaching a collective Howard Beale moment.

What are you gonna do?

As the solar flares encroach upon our atmosphere, The Moon tugs and Uranus and Aries shift, what immutable, emotional truth are you going to express and act on? Let me see if I can lend you a hand. Full moon scopes for all signs. Continue reading “Swirling Heaven, Emotional Authenticity, Sag Full Moon Scopes”

Sabian Symbol, Six Gemini, The Reanimation Of Atlantis And Massive Attack

MassiveAttackMassive Attack get in on the act.

My astrological partner in crime, Willow and I were talking about Sabian Symbols the other day and we were discussing the whole concept of rounding up. So if you have a symbol in a particular degree, say, Mars in Pisces at zero degrees, you would round it up to the first degree and so on for every other degree. Today is Gemini, 5 degrees, which of course would get rounded up for the symbol fo the day. As such, it is Gemini, 6 degrees. Here is the Sabian Symbol for Gemini, 6 degrees;

PHASE 66 (GEMINI 6′) WORKMEN DRILLING FOR OIL–The avidity for that knowledge which ensures wealth and power.

Here is what the great, Dane Rudhyar has to say in part about drilling for oil;

“Drilling for oil may represent the attempt to penetrate the deep layers of the collective unconscious and to reawaken n the powers of the archaic psyche which once flourished–for instance in the true ceremonial magic of the tribal world, perhaps among the adepts of fabled Atlantis, or even among the shamans and witch doctors of more recent times. The archaic powers may be “refined” for modern situations, but the almost inevitable result is the release of noxious waste products, “pollution.” And there is a pollution of consciousness as well as of the atmosphere that man breaths.”

So here we are, 36 days into the Gulf disaster, which the media is now calling a “gusher.” This morning, a dear friend in England passed along this video. It’s one of the last feeds of raw footage of the planet’s guts, spewing up, from 30,000 feet below the surface of the Earth. Rudhyar really struck a deep nerve with this interpretation of Wheeler’s symbol for this degree, sourcing Atlantis. Where is the rig? It’s in The Gulf, roughly the same region where the legendary continent once kissed the sky. What else have we witnessed lately in the same general vicinity? The Haiti quake, even more centrally located in the Atlantean region. These deep Earth and deep water catastrophes are vulcanic, razing the spirits of another time, reanimating the ghosts of Atlantis, cradle of the esoteric knowledge brought from the stars, ancestral home of illumined networks, the birth of polarity, the conflict of the spirit and the will, cycling and recycling as epochs, eras and movements through time, getting closer and closer to resolution, a spiritual singularity not the event horizon.

Last night, I was at Massive Attack, the dark, visionary outfit from Bristol. Their light show was epic, flashing digital numbers, phrases, stats, data, factoids, memes in rapid fire, real time intensity. They had the power and flexibility to program that download of data at any given moment. While MA was churning out epic suites of psychodrama with beats and heavy atmospheres, they were hitting us with stats about 200,000 barrels of oil a day. They blitzed our minds with an assault of corporate logos, clockwork oranging us to the very last notes, then hitting us right between the eyes with a giant, red, BP across the stage wide screen. It was multi-media agit-prop at it’s best. They are taking their media and music around the globe and they are waking up people up. The rupture in the Earth, 5,000 feet down is an opening into a deeper space within our psyches. It’s primordial and it speaks to our very own survival. PHASE 66 (GEMIN 6′). I’m over on BlogTalk live, in ten minutes, doing mini-readings.

What lies beneath.

The Gulf Still Bleeds, Spiritual Leadership In A Void, The Twins Square Off

kim-jong-il-in-team-americaTake me to your spiritual leaders.

Day thirty-five and The Gulf is still bleeding. Oil and methane are now co-mingling with other substances, perhaps sulfur, iron oxide. These are not elements of a deep sea oil field, but an undersea volcano. The spew is beyond toxic–it’s flat out poisonous. The Earth’s blood is running from a gashed artery that apparently cannot be tied off. Birds, fish, coral, brine, plankton, plants, people all feel the stain of BP’s egregious malfeasance as it washes upon the shores of their lives, with no end in sight for their hell. Meanwhile, Barack Obama will be in San Francisco tomorrow night, ironically, with Barbara Boxer, the head of the “Environment and Utilities” committee. San Francisco is not kind to progressives that have turned. I’m sure there will be a significant turnout, vociferously reminding the president of his progressive roots. Should be very interesting to say the least.

Did you hear what visionary leader Barbara Marx Hubbard had to say about “The Gulf” while the administration is stalling and hand wringing and stomping their feet at BP? What about Deepak Chopra’s deep and penetrating deconstruction of the events unfolding down in Louisiana? Manage to catch Marianne Williamson’s fiery and inspired sermon she gave the other day regarding the degradation of the environment and loss of not just jobs, but an entire culture? Well, if you happened to miss all of that great wisdom and profound examination of corporate arrogance, greed and complicity flowing down from the font of their exalted perch as our spiritual leaders, don’t feel bad, it’s because they haven’t uttered a single word on the subject. Yep. They’re mum. As usual. Just like the silence they indulged in when the economy went down in a heap and the banksters were bailed out by you and me. Not a single, solitary word, because that was our reality and not theirs. When it comes to the big ticket items of our time, they are mute witnesses to the greatest crimes of the century.


As we move deeper in the chironic swirl of Pisces, the whirlpool that sucks the illusion right out the spiritual leader paradigm, we leave behind the concept of enlightened beings thinking, acting and speaking for us. It’s the end of an era people. We’ve reached far too much critical mass and the tipping point of awareness is about to go quantum. Their days and usefulness are numbered. Oh sure, they may lead a few thousand people on a cosmic karaoke night to ascension, wherever that ascended plane might be, but in actuality, many of us are awakening due to the deep pain our planet is suffering and when something is wounded, our natural inclination as a species/pisces is to reach out and help, to assist and comfort. There is a blood pact we have with life and crisis awakens a priori experience in the chambers of our DNA; an alarm, a cry, a plea, a blast of a trumpet from an angel within. This is the true activation of Chiron in Pisces; spiritual crisis.

However, the clarion call is not enough. No, we must have the courage and fortitude to be able to make a stand for this blue and white pearl, whirling through space and that energy is coming.

With Jupiter and Uranus shifting into Aries at month’s end, the activation of will, will take place. The ability to spontaneously respond to a situation, without permission or the enlightened direction of spiritual leaders can spontaneously manifest in all of our lives. As Uranus/Jupiter moves into Aries, it will signal the great awakening and even greater accountability on our part. Do you need to know what to do? Nope. The time will come and the urge to act/be will arise for each of us. Just do your very best to stay healthy and stay in love. You’ll know, when the knowing is ripe.

The Shadow Of Uranus In Aries

While the will of the individual is stirred, not shaken, the intensity of Uranus in Aries is already starting to reverberate. Tensions are mounting in Korea and Ill Kim is rattling sabers at South Korea. Looks like they might be going to war. Not good. Not good at all. Apart from the fact that there will be a lot of damage, destruction, death, more horror, it will also impact the economy in a huge way if this goes down the way it’s looking. South Korea is a major manufacturing hub and provides The US with not just goods like TV’s and cars, but the distribution chain for those products, here in The US will be deeply affected. Trucks, ships, stores, you name it. They’ll take a massive blow if this escalates and the economy will as well.

A few weeks back, my pal, Dennis Whitney sent me some info about the TransOceanic rig being attacked by a North Korean min-sub as payback for the sinking of a North Korean ship by South Korea. The TransOceanic rig was built by Hyundai. It came through Sorcha Faal, who is not deemed a trustworthy source by many in the exo-political world, and yet, here we are, seemingly on the brink of war with North and South Korea ready to go at it. It’s interesting to note that we are in Gemini, the sign of the twins and The Sun is squaring Chiron just moving into a four degree orb. The twins are North and South Korea and they are squaring off, potentially over a deeply chronic event. If they can stem the tide with these two countries over the next few days, both the square and the tension will lessen to a degree, until we get closer to the mega-cross at the end of June. Hold on kids, as we approach the shift of Uranus and Jupiter, we’ll be experiencing a bit of turbulence. This could get a little bumpy.

Is Kim Jong Ill really alive?

Willow Wednesday Coming To Far Tomorrow Plus Free Mini-Readings

willowebbingGet caught up.

Some of you might be aware of the whip-smart Willow, from Willow’s web. She’s indicative of the new astrologer, one not tied to convention or any of the other New Age trappings that astrology has been saddled with over the last 50 years. There is a new genre of astrology emerging and it’s astrology with an edge (Just wait till Uranus lands in Aries) and she is right at the forefront. No fluff, polite cushioning, just potent, undiluted observations and keen analysis on her end–she’s also a helluva writer. I was blown away when I discovered her blog–a kindred soul indeed. Once a month, I have her on my radio show, it’s called, “Wednesday With Willow” and on it we discuss what’s happening astrologically as it relates to the culture at large, taking a scalpel to our examination of the greater milieu. In the second hour, I’ll fly solo and will be giving free, mini-readings. Please join us live, tomorrow, on FAR.