Spacecraft Luna, Wrap-Up With Jay Weidner, Full Moon Scopes

space_moonIt’s a Full Moon, but what is The Moon anyway?

On Sunday night, you might have heard the intense, powerful and profound conversation with Jay Weidner and myself. If you haven’t, you can simply go to the player to the right of this post and listen in. There are two streams to our talk; One is the evidence that Jay provides regarding the hidden messages in the films of Stanley Kubrick, messages that range from a faked Moon landing that he had filmed, to an expose of the dark forces of psychic and material manipulation that have been at work for at least the last 3,600 years.

Jay’s a Gnostic alchemist and draws a lot of his info from Indian scriptures such as “The Vedas.” His main thesis is that we have been managed and manipulated by a group of beings known as “The Aryans” or “The Ariens” or “The Archons” and their middle management, for a very long time. While we did not establish their original source, we did more or less agree upon the Annunaki as their origination.

It’s Jay’s premise that after every Yuga cycle, The Sun experiences something called, “Mass Coronal Ejection” meaning that there is a solar burst that scorches The Earth and Terra hits reset on consciousness and species development, a way for it to experience a new level of complexity and diversity, but Jay thinks that when these coronal ejections have taken place, “The Aryans” hoof it to Mars and chill out until life on Earth comes back a bit and voila, they get to run things all over again.

We also discussed the possibility of our Moon as an artificial spaceship, placed into orbit. While we did not talk about how it got there, theories abound regarding the destruction of our first moon and even the fact that we originally had no Moon at all and it was placed there to help balance our cycles with tides, menstruation, solar orbits and seasons. If that’s the case, then The Moon might have very different properties than we know aside from gravitational pull. Perhaps there are technologies within The Moon itself that regulates biological function from a distance. If that’s the case, then we cannot dismiss it’s impact upon us during it’s cycles, especially at it’s peak and decline. In it’s fullness we are in the most direct line of contact with an energy it generates to heighten our sense awareness, both defined and subtle. In it’s decline, we are in a state of lesser conductivity and are closer to the circadian rhythms of our own world.

What does this meaning terms of astrology? How does a piece technology impact where it lies in your birth chart? How can we account for such perceptive and accurate info when looking at The Moon’s influence?
When I was younger and just getting my feet wet with astrology, I noticed that both my parents have Virgo Moons and that their natures were by an large, critical, both of self and other and yet, they found refuge together in their shared and generally agreed upon criticism of the world and the shortcomings of others. It was a very small club and they were both founding and elite members. If one decided that a person didn’t live up to their standards of being a friend, the other would quickly follow suit, as they shared an emotional harmonic that was clearly played out by the critical nature of their Virgo Moons. This was my first and most immediate lesson in the accuracy of astrology.

I was born at the very end of Virgo, which also showed me the connection between Sun/Moon, Moon/Sun in terms of offspring relationships. I’ve done a number of charts where children share either a Sun or Moon sign with one parent. In my case, my son shares a Libra Moon with me, just a few degrees apart. Clearly, most people that have a basic working knowledge of astrology can see The Moon as emotional antennae as being legitimate. There are far too many cases of this being played out.

So The Moon moves through various constellations, usually over a 48 hour period and while in the sign of that constellation it is assigned a value based on the mythic or archetypal qualities of that constellation. Today, The Full Moon is in the constellation of Libra. Ironically Libra was first considered Scorpio as the Arabic word for scales and claws is roughly the same;

“In earlier times, Libra was represented not by a balance, but as the claws of a scorpion. The reason is a confused translation of the words zubānā in Arabic and zibanitu in Akkadian, which mean both ‘weighing scale’ and ‘scorpion’. In ancient Mesopotamia, a weighing scale was often the arm and the pans without a stand, and was hung up by a string tied to the midpoint of the arm, resulting in a close resemblance to a scorpion hung up by the end of its tail with its arms stretched out. The double meaning of zibanitu resulted in the constellation being called Chelae Scorpionis (the scorpion’s claws), and it originally formed part of the claws of the Scorpius. The modern Libra is the youngest of the Zodiac signs and the only one not to represent a living creature. In Greek mythology, Libra is considered to depict the scales held by Astraea (identified as Virgo).

One would think that if that were the case, then Libra would line up with Scorpionic time and it does actually in tropical astrology, but not in sidereal, where it resides from 9/23 to 10/22. How did it downshift from not just Scorpio to Libra, but to another month backwards in time?

In my last post, I discussed “The Kolbrin Bible” and there are a number of references in that book that states that the world actually had 360 days in it’s solar cycle but an extra five days were added somewhere along the way. Did the extra five days push all the signs forward thirty days? Did Libra used to occupy the space where Virgo once was? Scorpio where Libra used to live? Did we actually add days, or did something happen where the Earth shifted it’s geocentric relationship to those constellations enough so that they actually appeared in different places in our skies?

Libra is a pretty interesting constellation unto itself, let alone the mythic meaning it might portend. It is home to the first planet that was discovered outside of our solar system that was found to have Earth like conditions:

Libra is home to the star Gliese 581, which has a planetary system consisting of at least 4 planets, including, Gliese 581 c, the first Earth-like extrasolar planet to be found within its parent star’s habitable zone, Gliese 581 d, discovered in 2007 to be another Earth-like planet, and Gliese 581 e, the smallest mass exoplanet orbiting a normal star,[1] both of which are of significance for establishing the likelihood of life outside of the Solar System.(Wikipedia)

So let’s get back to this Moon/Constellation thing. Let’s say for a moment that The Moon is a spaceship, a piece of technology, one that amplifies and magnetizes, then it could theoretically account for it’s interactions with star systems and planets, acting as a device that accumulates and disperses energy based on alignment or misalignment. We know that planets have pull on another and this is how a number of planets, especially the outer planets were discovered. There was a wobble on the orbit of Saturn, which led to the discovery of Uranus, which had a wobble of it’s own, where we found Neptune exerting it’s influence. So we can agree that the planets themselves have force. Most astronomers and skeptics would say it’s not enough to influence our lives and that astrology is mainly superstition. But how did astology get here and why does it hold such a powerful influence on our lives today?

People like Jordan Maxwell attribute astrology to “Astrotheology” in essence making our myths out of planets and constellations. The Electric Universe guys have a similar theory. But it had to come from somewhere. In my exploration of death and time as it relates to “The Epic Of Gilgamesh” it’s fairly clear that astrology was prominent during the heights of the Mesopotamian and Sumerian empires. Certainly, it takes root in Babylon and later Egypt, where Ptolemy, a Roman living in Egypt becomes the first westerner to organize astrological principles in great detail. So the debate becomes, does it truly exist and exert an influence on our lives and how?

Here are four plausible theories:

1) The Planetary Pull Theory
Discussed in some detail above, the planets in our solar system exert an influence on us by their mass and general physical properties. As they square off, oppose and trine one another, the energies and elements create harmonic or dissonant relationships with one another. The constellation or star system they are aligned with acts like a Cymatic pattern that is an aggregate of the energies of that system. The ancients knew this and created a nomenclature for the lay person to understand this via agrarian or elemental attributes. So in essence, the planetary pull theory is like a shifting, kaleidoscopic mandala that is always moving and modulating energy on an individual and collective level.

2) The Accumulated Belief Theory
This theory presupposes that since we have been living with astrology for so long and have poured so much of our beliefs into it, that it has literally taken on a life of it’s own. In essence, we have created it through our continued attention and focused application of it’s principles. Now we may look to the planetary pull theory as a justification for the belief in astrology, but our own interest animates it into a social construct and a way for us to understand the ineffable with a language and set of guidelines and principles.

3) The Elemental Theory
While talking with Jay the other night, he discussed how the Archons returned from Mars, sans melanin, with red hair. Jay claims that this is the result of iron oxide in the blood, accumulated from time spent on Mars. If that’s the case, then perhaps we have an elemental connection to all the planets in our solar system; elements of Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, etc, which biologically predisposes us towards certain influences and inclinations. If we are heavily aspected by certain planet, there might be also be an underlying correlation with our own biology and accumulated star/genetic stuff.

4) The Past Life/Interdimensional Theory
I first discovered this in the writings of Edgar Cayce. According to Cayce, there is interdimensional life taking place on all the planets and that the energies of each planet experienced intensely on those plane(ts). For instance, if you needed a lesson in love, it’s off to Venus you go between lifetimes. If it’s sobriety and order, a little timeout on Saturn is just the tonic. So, theoretically, by having these experiences between lifetimes, we actually become attuned to the influences of these spheres and the impact they have on our lives based on time of birth, soul agreements, etc.

In some ways, I’ve undertaking this little sojourn to demonstrate how Moon in Libra works. It takes an issue (usually emotional) and looks at it from a number of different angles to come up with a fair assessment of the situation or dynamic at hand. That said, how does the Libra Moon play out for you in your sign over the next couple of days? In order to better understand, I’ve assigned you each a guide of fairness, balance and wisdom to guard you and light the way for the next 48 hours: Continue reading “Spacecraft Luna, Wrap-Up With Jay Weidner, Full Moon Scopes”

Stanley Kubrick’s Scorpio Moon And Mercury/Pluto Conjunction As Guides To The Dark Side Of The Moon–Jay Weidner on FAR tonight!

stanley-kubrickKubrick’s eyes wide open.

There are very few directors that have imparted such a singular imprimatur on their work as Stanley Kubrick. Hitchcock and Coppola come close to Kubrick in their own way, but Hitchcock basically stayed within one genre (suspense/mystery) and Coppola dropped a few bombs which more or less bent him towards the conformity of the studios. Coppola hit his peak with “Apocalypse Now!”. Notice, I didn’t mention Spielberg or Lucas in the mix. Nor did I include Welles, who basically made one great movie, two very good ones, and a lot of questions marks.

Kubrick’s films were almost all well received critically. Some even did well financially, all were fairly different from not another and yet, there is a them that exists throughout all of them, like a great arc against the backdrop of the latter part of the 20th Century.

Kubrick’s storied career really kicks off with “The Killing” a gritty, crime drama about a heist at a racetrack, where betrayal uncoils like snake and culminates with “Eyes Wide Shut” where secrets and betrayal are the common theme, gilded over a much deeper exploration of something decidedly dark and more sinister than most people would ever dare to imagine.

There are no charts for Kubrick which include the ascendant/birth time, so we’ll have to use the personal planets to uncover the mystery of Stanley Kubrick:

Kubrick was born on July 27th. 12928. He was an Earth Dragon, capable of making things happen on the material plane and quite frankly beyond. While his Sun was brightly illuminated by the sign of Leo, which is now rising in the northern hemisphere, hot on Orion’s tail, it’s Kubrick’s Moon in Scorpio which might provide the skeleton key for understanding not just his chart, but his overall strategy and art.

Since we don’t have his actual birth time, locating the degree of his Moon is not the easiest of tasks. But if we simply look at the Scorpio Moon on face value and then back engineer it’s connection to the rest of the chart, we might be able to get a much clearer picture of its importance.

The Scorpio Moon is dark, deep, intense, sexual, possessive, secretive, psychic, slightly sadistic (more on this later) and deeply regenerative. People that have Scorpio Moons are privy to secrets and hold their own closely to their chests. When we look at Kubrick’s career, “2001, A Space Odyssey” is the one film most associated with the director’s greatness. Here, the central character of the film during it’s first part, is The Moon itself. The film unfolds as a piece of classic ballet. The opening sequences are like a primordial “Rite Of Spring” where early man and his savage nature encounters something mysterious and quite possibly transforms the nature of the species itself. “2001” transitions from the thumping heat and violence of early man, to the gossamer like grace of objects floating in space, dancing between the void of The Earth and The Moon. It’s important to note that the effects that Kubrick was busting out for “2001” were truly mind-blowing. Science fiction, especially space science fiction films at that time, were mostly clumsy efforts that couldn’t quite capture the feeling and the esthetics of life in space. We often take such effects for granted now, especially in the light of CGI, but what Kubrick was able to accomplish was nothing short of paradigm shifting when it came to film and effects. But it’s The Moon and the secrets of The Moon which sets the stage for the rest of 2001 and beyond. Continue reading “Stanley Kubrick’s Scorpio Moon And Mercury/Pluto Conjunction As Guides To The Dark Side Of The Moon–Jay Weidner on FAR tonight!”

Niburu Sightings, Coronal Bursts, The Grand Cross, 2012, Noah Safe Place?

HathorHathor est Niburu?

Healthcare or whatever passes for Healthcare passed on 3/22/10. Knowing the penchant for numerology when it comes to these sorts of things; 9/11, 4/20, 7/7, 3/22 was looming large. I kept wondering if it would go down on 3/21 or if they would string it out until 3/22. Sure enough, they did. It passed late Sunday night/early Monday morning, thrusting it into the 3/22 timezone. Twenty-two is the number of the master builder, four, the square foundation of the pyramid. Three is the trinity of body/mind/spirit, or animal/human/god, the tripartite aspect of our nature. Add’em up and you get “seven” of course. The day abounds with symbolic meaning. Those of you that know about The Georgia Guidestones, might be interested in knowing that they were erected on, 3/22/80. Pretty interesting eh? That makes six. Six plus seven is 13, which of course is reduced to four and there we are again.

Jay Weidner has done some pretty interesting stuff around these dates and The Guidestones and connects March to Mars and Aries, the god of war in Greece, is right at home in Mars. Aries is related to Aryan and when we look at the new Healthcare bill and The Guidestones together, well you get the high strangeness. You see, The Guidestones have population reduction at their core. They call for a population under 500,000,000 for the entire world. Obamcare has been “guided” by the likes of Zeke Emmanuel and John Holdren, both of whom have been noted for their fondness for population management and there are hints that IBM and other data gathering giants were also helped in writing the legislation. Then there’s the echo of The Census. Guess what happened before the rise of the Third Reich? You got it. Census. IBM was there too. They had to have genetic profiles. That’s so deeply Aryan or Martian.

So we have Healthcare, The Georgia Guidestones (same day), Eugenics and The Census. Get the feeling something odd is in the air?

Lately, during one of those late night/early morning Youtube blackholes I get sucked into, I stumbled across some pretty fascinating photos and video of what appears to be something near the Sun. The peeps taking said film and video are surmising that this could indeed be Niburu, “The Winged Fury.” If you’re not already familiar with Niburu, it resides in Ursa Major. It has an elliptical orbit around our Sun and Earth of 3,600 years. The last time it would have touched our planet would have been around 1600 BC, when all hell broke loose. In 1570 BC, Moses led the exodus of his people out of Egypt, where the Nile filled with blood and water they could not drink. This would sync up with Niburu’s last pass through.

I recently discovered something called “The Kolbrin Bible.” I cannot attest for the authenticity of the work, but according to Marshall Masters, a former science correspondent for CNN, who sells copies of the book on his website, it’s supposed to be a compendium of ancient text from Egypt, that is fairly biblical, replete with morality tales, death, destruction, and a detailed description of a cataclysmic event that according to Mathers and researcher, Greg Skinner was not just a one time event. You see, “The Kolbrin Bible” also has a Celtic component to it and there are similarities between the Celtic passages and “Lord Of The Rings.” Mathers posits that Tolkien was likely familiar with the Kolbrin texts and based on the research of both, wrote “The Lord Of The Rings.” According to Mathers, Niburu, “The Winged Fury” is winging it’s way back to us.

Do the photos culled from various sources reveal it’s existence? Are chemtrails being used to cloud it’s very presence from us? Is that why Bill Gates is funding a massive seed vault in Svalbard? Are the stories about a city beneath The Denver in fact truth and are the so-called elites preparing themselves for a catastrophic end time with underground fortresses?

Mathers got interested in this subject when he would fly over the polar ice caps frequently to do business in Russia. As time wore on, he witnessed the ice sheath crack and break apart. As a science reporter, he tried to find the truth behind global warming, What he found through some leg work with his colleagues, was the the temperature was heating up across the face of very planet in the solar system and that global warming was more like solar or even galactic warming. This led him towards the long elliptic of Niburu. Here is a brief passage from “The Kolbrin Bible” as to the power and wrath of Niburu.:

Creation 3:10
Then the great canopy of dust and cloud, which encompassed the Earth, enshrouding it in heavy darkness, was pierced by ruddy light, and the canopy swept down in great cloudbursts and raging storm-waters …
Creation 3:11
When the light of the sun pierced the Earth’s shroud … The foul air was purified and new air clothed the REBORN EARTH, shielding her from the dark hostile void of Heaven.
Creation 3:12
The rainstorms ceased to beat upon the faces of the land and the waters stilled their turmoil. Earthquakes no longer tore the Earth open, nor was it burned and buried by hot rocks …
Creation 3:13
The waters were purified, the sediment sank and life increased in abundance … The sun was not as it had been and a moon had been taken away …
Creation 3:14
Man found the NEW EARTH firm and the Heavens fixed. He rejoiced but also feared, for he lived in dread that the Heavens would again bring forth monsters and crash about him.
Creation 3:15
When men came forth from their hiding places and refuges, the world their fathers had known was gone forever. The face of the land was changed…when the structure of Heaven collapsed …

Continue reading “Niburu Sightings, Coronal Bursts, The Grand Cross, 2012, Noah Safe Place?”

Sun/Mars Trine–Just Do It!–Alan Tower Live On FAR tonight, Plus Free Mini-Readings

smarThe merging of life and will.

Today’s Sun/Mars trine at 1 degree is a brilliant catalyst to get things done. There’s martial/jovial energy in the air. With the Moon in Gemini, conversation should be lively and sprightly. Get out and make the most of the fresh Spring energy. As the moon shifts into Cancer on Wednesday and for all of you gardeners out there that did not get the jump on the Taurus Moon and planting on Friday/Saturday, The Cancer Moon gives you a nice second chance to get things in the ground.

On the Healthcare debate, whatever happens today during the fiery exchanges held on the house floor, the repercussions will be felt mainly on Wednesday as the Cancer Moon will oppose Pluto in Capricorn. Expect everything from out and out crankiness to passive/aggressive acts of civil disobedience. All-in-all, the energy today sets the stages for a week of initiation and making tinges happen. Put your passion into play.

Speaking of the Gemini Moon, we’ll have Alan Tower (Gemini) on FAR tonight. He’ll be with me from 9-10PM PST. From 8-9PM PST, I’ll be doing live, free mini-readings. Alan will be discussing his latest project inspired by “Avatar” as well as his remarkable theories around natural resonance and sound integration. Please join us.

Alan Letting it all Hang out.


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The Music And Sounds Of Alan Tower

Uranus/Conjunct Sun In Pisces, King Monkey Gets Funky, Free Readings On FAR Today!

Ian-Brown-Dolphins-Were-MonMonkey sea, monkey do.

Last year I dropped a post on one of my favorite artists, Ian Brown, born 0 degrees Pisces (same as Kurt Kobain). I love Brown, aka “King Monkey.” This old video recently washed upon the shore of my awareness and it’s absolutely perfect for The Sun/Uranus conjunction at 26 degrees. In the final degrees of Pisces, Elsie Wheeler invokes The Moon on Sabian Symbols 26-28, starting with one of Wheeler’s mini-epic titles; “WATCHING THE VERY THIN MOON CRESCENT APPEARING AT SUNSET, DIFFERENT PEOPLE REALIZE THAT THE TIME HAS COME TO GO AHEAD WITH THEIR DIFFERENT PROJECTS.”

It feels like anytime, Dane Rudhyar interprets Wheeler’s symbols, he does so with an almost dismissive tone, in fact he never refers to her by name in “An Astrological Mandala.” In that regard, he reminds me of Bill Parcells when Terrell Owens was with The Cowboys. Parcells never called Owens by his name with the media, only referring to Owens as “the player” or “him.” Rudhyar does the same with Wheeler, calling her “The Author.” My favorite Wheeler diss comes with the Sabian Symbol for my rising, 28 degrees Scorpio; “THE KING OF THE FAIRIES APPROACHING HIS DOMAIN.” Here “Great Dane” takes a real whack a dear old departed Elsie, “This rather peculiar image tell us perhaps a good deal about the limitations of the mind of the clairvoyant who saw it.” Dane Rudhyar was the Simon Cowell of astrology! But I digress.

Here’s the basic lyrics for “Dolphins Were Monkeys.”

“I could be the next to see/That there’ll be nobody there/If you feel excited throw your hands into the air/No one can judge you baby/That don’t live your life/I need the resistance/Held by your astrological sign/Now I’m caught in the middle/
You’re next to me/I swim with the fishes/You come from the sea/The dolphins were monkeys that didn’t like the land/Walked back to the water/Went back from the sand.”

It’s playful, polymorphous and slightly perverse. It hints at hybrids and chimeras. Notice all of the water imagery, the sign for Pisces tattooed on Brown’s wrist, the co-mingling of some sort of weird science and espionage with a touch of light S&M going on. Sun in Pisces conjunct Uranus in Pisces; anything goes. Put it in the test tube and shake it like a Polaroid. High art, high camp, high strangeness. By the way, the album version is far superior to the single, which is represented here in the video.

I’ll be on FAR today from 9:30AM to 11:30AM “Navigating The Astrological Matrix.” I’ll be doing free mini-readings after the first half-hour, when the coffee kicks in.

New Moon On Monday–Super Stellium–Alchemical Marriage–Quick Scopes

alchemicalmoonThe Sacred Union

Five planets in Pisces, four of which conjunct throughout the day. “The Ides Of March” should be more like “The Tides Of March” with all of this watery influence. Peak spiritual experience is in order for the day. Compassion fills our cups–the holy grail of our day-to-day emotional redemption. Find one person or event in your life that has been difficult to forgive. Address that grievance inside yourself in any way that you can and simply let it go, let it return to the source of all life. There is profound spiritual energy available at this time and the veil between us and the cosmic pulse of life is very thin. Here’s some quick scopes for each signs and strategies to forgive and let go. Happy birthday Mom.

Prepare your bedroom like a shrine tonight. Add lots of flowers in many small vases or vessels. Bring as much water into your space as possible. You are building the proscenium for your temple of dreams. Set your intention to forgive and be forgiven. Let God do the rest.

Get out, mingle in the void of the moon. Mix and open to the magic of reflection. You will have numerous opportunities to experience your feelings amidst reflections of personae from the past. Bless each one with the benediction of kindness no matter how forbidding they once appeared to be. There are no shadows tonight.

Want to hit the re-set dial on your career? There is no time like the present. Anything you do today in order to take some course of action to get closer to the ideal expression of your innate, evolutionary pattern, the more you will bring that into being. Make a collage of your gifts and talents, support someone else’s creative dream by donating time or money and let your higher self take of the rest.

The imagery of “The Upper Room” should be first and foremost in your heart and mind today. Contact with the numinous awaits you if you can prepare the right conditions for it to occur. Meditation, silence, deep retreat into the natural world all set the stage for “higher” wisdom to pour into your life.

Sex and spirit were cleaved in two by the early church “fathers.” Mary was left out of the trinity, usurped by the holy ghost, a phantasmic apparition for pagan consumption. She needs to assume her rightful place in the triune of spirit. Mary and Mary got left on shore because of the power inherent in woman. Psychologically, the thought of endless waves of orgasmic ecstasy and divine birth were just too much to handle. With Mars gone direct, it’s time for you to rediscover the whole and holiness of the divine feminine as it relates to deep, sexual intimacy.

While Leo is plunging into the archetypal depths of sacred sexuality, you are courting your soul mate. Like all signs today and tomorrow, it’s not necessarily what you do, but how you do it. Don’t take anything personally (a life lesson for you) and let the tides of connection move you magically, magnificently and majestically to your divine reflection.

Dharma and purpose are first and foremost for you over the next 24 hours. You need a spiritual renewal in your sense of purpose. You do this by discovering different depths and layers of your current occupation or if you are in transition like so many Americans at this point, allow your secret gifts to rise to the surface. Indulge in the perfect scenario for your most potent expression talent. Forgive yourself immediately if you don’t feel like you are doing your life’s work. Today, let life’s work do you.

You and Leo should hook up. Seriously. The same energy is running through both of your signs but moving in slightly different paths. For you, it’s about allowing your fantasies to rise to the surface in all of their gothic and romantic excess. Get in touch with the deep and poetic wellspring that you can be renewed through love and any past hurt that made you feel like Edward Scissorhands can be exorcised simply by opening your heart.

If Aries is turning their sleep chamber into a temple of dreams, you should be doing the same with your own house this evening. The possibility of visitation and communion with the other side is highlighted for you. Find and arrange pictures of someone you love that has passed and place them around the house. Find some of their favorite foods, play a few of their favorite songs and invite them to sit for a while, especially if there was any unfinished business.

I spent the weekend with my Capricorn uncle, whom I had not seen in years. He spent the majority of it sobbing over his childhood that was stolen from him. The energy of this Moonday is exquisitely aligned for you to forgive any and everyone that made you grow up much faster than you would have liked to. Your siblings, if you have them hold keys to memories that would unlock the cages of your torment. Seek them out and commune with them.

Give it away. Let it go. I’m talking material stuff. Things. Definition of self as manifested through your accumulated fetishes and power objects. Donate or dump them. Get them out of your space if you want to welcome in something new that is far more reflective of your ever changing nature. If you feel like you have compromised your integrity by your attachment to these things, forgive yourself and welcome in cool new expressions of renewable energy on many levels.

You are the poster child for forgiveness today. We look to you as our super-heroine who is no longer able to swim against the tide, but must really surrender and go with the flow. The act of letting the currents of change take you to wherever they need is a blessing that you cannot see at this point. The only thing that will hinder complete and total rebirth is your clinging to anything from your past. Let it all go.

Just for kicks and entertainment purposes only, here is Duran Duran with their semi-fascistic, fetishistic video, “New Moon On Monday.” Enjoy.