February 2010

Astral Weather Report

Virgo Full Moon, Sun/Jupiter Conjunction And Patricia Cori

When two Suns become one. The sweet tension between being emotionally correct and effusively expansive is in play right now, as The Moon crests in Virgo, opposing the Sun and Jupiter, both in the immersive energies of Pisces. There’s piety and propriety, passion and promise swirling in the ethers. Politeness and and circumspection can transform […]

Astral Weather Report

Astrology Matrix — Live Tomorrow Night

Go FAR this Sunday night. I’ll be taking calls live, tomorrow night on Free Association Radio (FAR) for nearly two hours. I’ll be riffing on astrology, politics and sports. If you have any questions regarding astrology, or want me to do a quick reading based on your Sun/Moon/Rising, please join me at 8PM, PST on […]