Virgo Full Moon, Sun/Jupiter Conjunction And Patricia Cori

sumergeWhen two Suns become one.

The sweet tension between being emotionally correct and effusively expansive is in play right now, as The Moon crests in Virgo, opposing the Sun and Jupiter, both in the immersive energies of Pisces. There’s piety and propriety, passion and promise swirling in the ethers. Politeness and and circumspection can transform into humility, which is the gateway to understanding. Sun/Jupiter is a portal, a stargaze to mystery that is accessible by entering into them at the same speed at which they vibrate. This is not the speed of light in the physical sense, but rather in the metaphysical sense. There is an abundance of potential in the skies, but The Virgo Full Moon is the attitudinal barometer for entry into the gates of mystery.

On the practical front, this is a great day to make sure that you are coming from emotional integrity in all of your relationships. The Virgo Moon is want to be uber-critical but it is softened by the pillowy cushion of Jupiter/Sun. Ease up on yourself, but don’t checkout. Notice. Check-in. Re-correct, gently. Stay close to the purity of intent without submitting to the puritanical tyrant within.

On a macro-level, The Virgo Full Moon allows the self to see the world and it’s institutions clearly, without projection or sentimentality. Virgo is deeply invested in health, which in The US, means of course the ongoing soap opera with health care, one of the biggest drags and distractions on the planet right now. There will also be s light sense of panic for those that are depending on urn-employment benefits, which could run out, thanks to the irascible Jim Bunning (Scorpio) this should last only for few days though, so don’t clench that anal sphincter too tightly and remember, there is profound possibility in the air if you enter the space openly with humility.

patricia-coriI’ll be posting scopes for March tomorrow, but tonight, please join me over at FAR at 8pm, PST, where I’ll be speaking with author/channel, Patricia Cori, discussing her Sirian connection and her mind blowing new book, Where Pharaohs Dwell: One Mystic’s Journey Through the Gates of Immortality

Great Spiritual Opportunity With Pisces Sun/Jupiter Conjunction And The Tiger Reboot

tiger2Tiger and Tiger and Tiger and more Tiger.

While the worst winter in recent memory blasts it’s hoary breath across the planet, The Sun and Jupiter co-mingle in the deep and faith filled waters of Pisces. I was speaking with a friend today and he was working out his challenges over the phone, grating and grinding them down to size. I listened and saw his plight as one of millions that we’re all experiencing on some level right now and if not us, then someone close to us is going through the soul wringer. Then it dawned on me: “We are in the time of tribulation.” It made sense to me from a biblical perspective obviously, though I am not a cheerleader for Revelations, but I could see the connection. From a purely energetic and experiential stand point, trials are the order of the day. We are experiencing the tribulations and tests of our everyday lives. Add them all up and the world is going through it. Even though we cannot see it clearly, we’re all gong through it together.

The early conjunction of The Sun and Jupiter allows for us to have spiritual insight, deep spiritual insight into our current sets of challenges we all face. As I type, the Sun is at five degrees Pisces while Jupiter is eight. The Sun is gaining on the second sun. On SUNday, the two will be in exact conjunction. Circle the 28th on your calendar. It portends a day where a divine sense of grace can really enter into our affairs. If we surrender our fears and our limitations, place them at the entrance to our higher selves and leave them behind, while ascending into the “upper room” we can see our spiritual expression as being greater and having far more power than our circumstances and the world that wants to limit them. Venus will also be in Pisces, within a five degree orb of Uranus, thus making them conjunct as well. This is symbolic of quantum healing for all relationships. If you are a believer in the “power of intention” then set your inner compass to gentle expectancy. Patiently and faithfully wait on the magic and power of divine love to move through your relations.

This coming weekend is a deep and accelerated time for shifting and deeper alignment. Don’t sleep on it.

Stalking Tiger

I would be remiss if I did not comment on the resurrection of Tiger Woods. He met the media on Friday, Guys in blazers, mute witnesses to the “robotic” confession offered up by Woods. I can’t tell you how many sports writers used the word “robotic” over and over again when discussing The Woods presser. Bill Simmons of ESPN, one of my favorite sports writers continually made reference to the fact that Woods displayed all the emotion of a doorknob. Continue reading “Great Spiritual Opportunity With Pisces Sun/Jupiter Conjunction And The Tiger Reboot”

The Sabian Symbols Stack Up In Average Joe Plane Crash

austincrashLook deeply into the visage of the very smoke itself.

Yesterday, Joe Stack flew his plane into an IRS building in Austin. It was pretty big news and I have to admit that his manifesto struck a chord with me. His flying plane into a building DID NOT. We’ll get into the astrology of this act in a moment. But let’s try to understand what really happened here by looking at the facts:

• He moves from place-to-place to try to get a leg up on the system and according to him, always got beaten back down by the man.

• He invokes The FED, The AMA and The IRS and The FAA. Who didn’t he leave out?

• He burns his house down. No evidence about his life leftover for any scrutiny whatsoever.

• He steals a plane and flies into one of two IRS buildings in Austin, the one that is not nearly as populated as the other.

• Luckily, coincidentally, The Austin HAZMAT team is right across the street when the plane hits.

• His website, part of which is still archived out there had a whole list of clients, some of them with ties to The US Gov. So Mr. Stack was at least earning a living wage.

So what are we to make of all this? First off, though I respect his frustration and rage against the machine, he is not a hero. Let me repeat that. HE IS NOT A HERO. People like Joe Stack fuck everything else up for other people that are working towards deep, profound, paradigm melting change. He might have made a nice statement for himself or whomever got him riled up enough to do this, but left a shit-stained boxer short for the rest of us to clean up, while the alphabet groups sharpen their pens and tighten nooses. Tax protestors have now just become “Domestic Terrorists” thanks to Mr. Stack or whoever he was.

Continue reading “The Sabian Symbols Stack Up In Average Joe Plane Crash”

Year Of The Metal Tiger — Brace Yourselves For Corporate Warfare

red-tigerThe Tiger is about to bear it’s fangs.

Sunday, in case you missed it, was The Aquarian New Moon. It’s the first new moon of the chinese new year, which means that it’s officially the “Chinese New Year.” Back in 1998, I was part of the great dragon in the San Francisco, China Town, New Year’s Parade. I think I was part of the alimentary canal. It was great fun. The dragon is organized by one of the Kung Fu schools in Chinatown and I knew one of the instructors there. We all got together back at the YMCA in Chinatown afterwards and feasted on great Chinese food and ice cold Tsing Taos. It was a great memory and I was really struck by the power of the community which was mostly Asian, and how they embraced non-Asians with equal, open arms. I felt a lot better about humanity after I emerged from the belly of that paper-mache beast.

But that’s not what’s happening with The US and Japan in what is rapidly decaying into the first open conflict of corporate warfare of the 21st Century. To understand what’s taking place, we have to zoom out again to get the 50,000 foot view.

We’re dealing with Pluto in Capricorn. This is the rise of the coporatocracy and I have banged out against it over the space of this blog from it’s inception. Everything that manifests now in third dimensional reality either reflects it’s expansion and influence or defines itself against it.

On the mundane level, we have the thoroughly controlled, supposedly grassroots, Tea Party rising up and shaking it’s collective, weathered and vain popping fist at the establishment. The Tea Party is the echo of the past, a reanimation of this country’s roots, when the so-called American Revolution was set into motion. Remember, Pluto was in Capricorn during those revolutionary times and as such, it was in opposition of The US Cancer Stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter). So we’re seeing the ghost dance of liberty being awkwardly staged across our lives as paid and played figureheads like Sarah Palin and Joe Farah are quickly escorted into positions of leadership, all there to control and stage manage the rage. Gate keepers. Bad shepherds.

But the American mind-set has been so entrained in Hegellian dialectic (problem/reaction/solution), they are ready pounce, frothing, mouth foaming as the Pavlovian ring of the Tea Party bell is sounded. Tea baggers don’t question who or why certain people are there, steam pressed, wrinkle free and ready to lead them in cheers that ring hollow and yet advance agendas at light speed.

Palin gets in her “gosh,” “gollies,” and “geeze” then tells the crowd that they aren’t going to take the terrorists shit anymore and that we’ll wipe them out at every turn, including Iran. That’s why she’s there. If you are a tea bagger and you happen to stumble upon this site, rid yourself of any notion that Glen Beck, Sarah Plain or Joe Farrah has your backs (they’ll quickly have what’s left of your bucks though). But back to the corporate wars of Pluto In Capricorn. Continue reading “Year Of The Metal Tiger — Brace Yourselves For Corporate Warfare”

Reader Reviews “The Complete Book Of Spiritual Astrology”

gullflossOne readers’ reader.

One of the regular readers this blog, Katrina Keough from Canada, discovered The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology (LLewellyn) by one of Norway’s most prominent astrologers, Per Henrik Gullfoss. I encouraged Katrina to write a review and she did a bang-up job communicating the essence of the work with a nice sense of economy of language, even though English is not her native tongue. She also did a fine job of describing her experience as a relative newcomer to astrology and how Gullfoss’ work added to her rapidly expanding knowledge base.

The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology
Many of us have walked into the world of astrology with a goal of finding out who we are. However, most people’s experience of astrology has been limited to “Hey baby, what’s your sign?”, “Oh! That is sooo ME!” “Pffft! My day didn’t go at all like what the column said in the paper.” “I would NEVER date a Gemini. They’re all crazy.” “For a Virgo, you sure are disorganized.” I could go on, but long story short, all of the above is pure ego-speak. I’ve always believed that astrology, if only looked into superficially, is not only useless, but misguiding. People, seeking to fit into a mould, turn to astrology to tell them who they are. These types usually limit themselves to their sun sign, therefore only getting astrological feedback that is as narrow as their minds. Ass-trology.

Luckily, for the rest of us, there’s Henrik Gullfoss’ The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology. His work focuses on how the planets operate and interact at the ego level and then, when the person has evolved, at the soul level. This book is for those of us wanting to understand WHY we are here and how we can self-actualize. According to the author, as the individual becomes more “aware,” the planets in his chart become more integrated, resulting in the transformation of the astrological energies. “You are not a fractured mass of astrological data”, Gullfoss reminds us.

Now, for those interested the nitty-gritty.

The first section of the book deals with how the soul reaches enlightenment through the signs. With regards to the elements, the earth signs seek enlightenment through beauty, fire through joy, water through love, and air through wisdom. In turn, the qualities’ essences are as follows: cardinal signs are about will, fixed about power, and mutable about choice. The expressions of the IC, AC, and DC in the twelve signs are discussed in detail, “The planets are players in our horoscope, and the houses and signs are the stage.” The various possible scenarios are played out in the second section of the book. Gullfoss describes the energies of each planet and how they are expressed in various elements, qualities and houses.

In the third section, he examines aspects. By the way, Gullfoss does not believe in drawing aspects into the AC/MC/IC, etc. and other imaginary points as they have no mass: “there is nothing there that can reflect and turn the energy back.” He goes on to describe all the individual aspects and then the aspects between planets. He does not, however, bring the two together (ex: sun square moon; he describes what is a square, and the relationship between the sun and the moon separately). Also, he believes that absolutely every planet in a chart interacts with each other. In other words, all the planets in one’s chart have some kind of aspect to each other. “To even think that there can be no connection between, for example, the Moon and Mercury in a human being is absolutely absurd. There is always a connection.” Finally, he explains how planets express their energies when retrograded in a chart. I appreciated this part a lot because it discusses the more challenging features of one’s chart.

Since I am a novice in the study of astrology, I do find some parts a bit confusing and occasionally tedious. However, Gullfoss writes beautifully, perhaps intuitively, and draws very pertinent analogies. It’s astrology explained in poetic terms. And they say that poetry is the language of the soul. He does not simply present cold hard facts but constantly weaves in his wisdom. This has become a wonderful reference tool that I will be able to use more proficiently in the future.

“Ass-trology” dictates what “type” of person we are, whereas, spiritual astrology, the likes of which presented by Gullfoss, explains how we have been given (or chosen) certain challenges and gifts at the time of our birth. “Is astrology about fate, and is the horoscope a definition of who you are that you cannot escape? Or is astrology about your freedom to use your will to be and become whatever you are capable of?” (Katrina Keough)