Leo Full Moon Illuminated And Jose Escamilla’s Revelatory Moon Rising

PrintAdLUNASheer lunacy?

Okay, tonight is a twofer, meaning you get two consecutive posts on the same day for one visit. Talk about value! It’s a Full Moon and I would be remiss if I did not address it. It’s in Leo, the biggest and brightest Full Moon of 2010 and i have always found the Leo Moon to be quite fascinating. First off, I believe it’s the alchemical bride, as it brings together solar illumination, with lunar luminosity. In essence, it’s an illuminated moon and it stands opposite the Sun in Aquarius, providing the backlight of our current age. It’s a warm and incandescent moon, adoring and convivial. Go out, mingle, maybe even let out a good howl. It is the “Wolf Moon” in case you didn’t know. But while we’re on the subject of illuminating The Moon, my pal, ufologist and guest on Free Association Radio on 2/11. Dennis Whitney, turned me onto Jose Escamilla’s latest film, “Moon Rising.”

In case you don’t know of Jose’s work, he captured what’s known as “rods” on film some years back. But in “Moon Rising” he did something outlandish, outrageous and remarkable. He took black and white photos of the moon, all we ever see and colored them in. What comes through the coloring or the illumination process is mind-blowing. Shapes and what looks like structures begin to emerge out of the mono-chromatic landscape. Escamilla and others in the film begin to portray a very different satellite hovering above us. I’m posting the first of a multi-part series of youtube videos from “Moon Rising.” It’s definitely worth watching all of them. As the Sun (Leo) touches the moon, take a little Aquarian journey to discovery that The Moon and our reality might not be what they appear to be.

Avatar, Chriron And The Impact Of Planetary Discovery Upon Consciousness And Culture

naviThe Face Of Chiron?

I’m fascinated by social events and phenomenon as they relate to the discovery of new planets in our solar system, or new facets of existing planets. One of my favorite examples of course is our favorite ex-planet, Pluto. When Pluto was discovered in 1930, the mob and Al Capone were in full blown psychopathic-twitch-reflex. Capone and his ilk were called “The Underworld” and of course, that is one of the hallmarks of Pluto; sex, death, transformation, drugs, the depths of the psyche, the underworld. Cosmic discovery meets terrestrial uncovering. The planet of the underworld and the underworld on this planet. Ten years later, Glenn Seaborg and Edwin McMillan would cook the fuel for the nuclear bomb at UC Berkeley and name it, “Plutonium.”

The ott-controversial Chiron was discovered in 1977. This “asteroplanecomet” is often referred to the wounded healer of the zodiac. It has it’s own orbit and moves quite slowly through the various signs. Perched between Saturn and Uranus it could be part of the planet, “Fenix” often referred to as “Maldek.” It was the fifth planet from the Sun and supposedly got tangled up into a nasty war between some agro-aliens and had to be taken out for the sake of everyone. That’s one version. Out of Fenix/Maldek, Chiron was ejected. It’s the largest surviving chuck of the former planet. In Greek Mythology, Chiron was a “civilized centaur.” Unlike those other beastly rutters, he was skilled in medicine and surgery. He was supposedly a great teacher and quite kind. And, according to the Greeks, were it not for Chiron, we’d still be fumbling around in the dark, looking for matches. Chiron made a deal with Zeus, that he would sacrifice himself, so that Prometheus, the fire (knowledge) thief, would be unchained from the rock, where human pate was served to birds each and every day. So Chiron becomes a sort of Christ like figure, dying for the sin of humanity, in this case, the arrogance of Prometheus.

When we look back at 1977, it was no ordinary year. Personally, it was a train wreck for me in high school, where I consumed far too much rye mold, if you know what I mean. But collectively, it’s kind of a whoa year. In keeping with the fire/gods theme, 1977 was officially the first time lasers were used in creating fusion energy. This is actually a pretty important development. In addition to the fire theme, something else quite remarkable happened that year and has since set a ripple effect through time, to this very day. Continue reading “Avatar, Chriron And The Impact Of Planetary Discovery Upon Consciousness And Culture”

Update On Pluto In Capricorn, SCOTUS Ruling And Glen Beck’s Controlled Opposition

tribeckaBeware the Beck and call.

We are deep in the pitch now. There is no turning back. The tea baggers have pushed away from shoal of familiarity, the muddy banks of their present misfortunes and social entropy. Scott Brown took down Martha Coakley and while no one will ever mistake Scott Brown fror Ron Paul, it marked the beginning of a movement. Glen Beck might have laid the astroturf, but it will grow upon it’s own accord. My guess is that Beck will be found out soon enough. He’s a third-rate Goebbels that manipulates mostly white rage against the machine. He’s the perfect howdy-doody, mouthing the party line of controlled opposition. Beck is a mainstream version of Alex Jones. Both are feeding you mostly spoonfuls of bullshit, but they’re nicely seasoned and deep fried. But what Glen Beck does not understand is that the energy he is unloosening in his perverse and nearly pornographic propaganda, is enough to stir the numb and befuddled masses. Beck will be happy to lead them right off of a cliff into the crashing waves and jagged rocks below. But that ain’t gonna happen.

Many Moons ago, as I stared down the beast of Pluto In Capricorn and began to look at it’s celestial arc against our skies, both present and past, I could see the opposition begin to form in the US Chart, a brave stellium of Cancerian Planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter).

Currently, transiting Pluto and transiting Saturn are opposing and squaring the natal US in Venus respectively. People are being dislodged from their complacency by the strain of the economy, political double speak and overall bad vibes. The slumbering masses are stirring.

The latest electro-shock to the body-politique was the stunning ruling by The Supreme Court that corporations and not just any old US corporation, but any corporation in the world can spend as much as they want in the forthcoming elections. They were granted individual rights and “freedom of speech” so to speak. It’s all preemptive. With the midterms coming up, they will stock the coffers of as many candidates on both sides as possible. Don’t think that this is simply yet another mad, power grab by the right to reinstate their majority. The right and the left are fair game when it comes to corporate finance. The left as we have seen doesn’t have imminent domain when it comes to morality and doing the right thing. Bill Clinton passed both NAFTA and GATT under his watch, promoting globalist expansion at breakneck speed. Don’t be deceived by the right hand or the left. Continue reading “Update On Pluto In Capricorn, SCOTUS Ruling And Glen Beck’s Controlled Opposition”

2010 Prediction Update

carnac“What is the sound of breaking news?”

Sometimes I think it’s good to track things in real time, whether we are right or wrong. In the beginning of the year, I made a list of predictions. Some of them are coming to pass already, in a sense.

I predicted a major quake in LA in 2010. Already, the year is off to an Earth slamming start with the Haiti quake. But that’s not the prediction I’m most interested in.

I recently got an email from the people at One, which is Bono’s organization and they are calling for full debt relief of Haiti. I predicted that we are going to see more and more of this throughout 2010. The cry for debt relief across all nations is going to get louder and louder.

I predicted that we would begin to see a wave of homegrown technological innovation, especially from our youth. I ran across a story last week on CNN about a teenager that has a very plausible theory for time travel. His name is “Gentill Abdulla.” It’s a fascinating theory, but what’s equally fascinating are the exchanges in the comments after the piece, where Abdulla is clearly a confident 13 year-old defending his theory.

I think this is just the beginning of untethered genius we’ll be witnessing. Can’t wait.

In the meantime, I’ll keep track of the hits and misses.

Wyclef Jean’s Moment Of Awakening, Disaster Capitalism And The Tremors Of HAARP

haiti-mapDream or Nightmare?

Earlier this week, we celebrated the life and times of Martin Luther King. I’ll never forget how they staged the first assault on Iraq, Desert Storm on his birthday, back in 1990. I wasn’t totally aware of the blatant use of ritual symbolism to stage events at that time in my life, but I had a sense that the timing was auspicious on some level for a very select few. So here we are, 29 years after-the-fact, celebrating the man who had a dream. Meanwhile, someone who should be emblematic for all that King stood for was being pilloried in the mass media and marginalized by the forces of disaster capitalism. I’m talking about Wyclef Jean, the main force behind The Fugees and one of Haiti’s most successful stories.

Jean’s foundation. “Yele Haiti” had raised over $2 million dollars in relief for his place of birth and he was immediately attacked by “The Smoking Gun” for some improprieties with his organization, including, but not limited to paying himself a salary for a benefit concert that he did for “Yele Haiti.” In addition to those claims, TSG also accused of others inside of the organization for using non-profit funds for profit. Jean, to his credit admitted that there was some issues that needed cleaning up, but then went onto address that, that wasn’t really the issue now–the issue is Haiti. On Oprah, Jean noted that no one really cared about the shape of “Yele Haiti” until they were raising a million dollars a day for Haitian relief; “So the attack on me, it basically came because, once we started our movement, no one was focused on Yele until they noticed that we were raising $1 million a day after the earthquake. What that did is it rose a lot of eyebrows.”

Is Jean being directly being discredited and marginalized because “TPTB” want to run the show in Haiti with little or outside interference? Would they rather have the 11,000 + troops on the ground versus empowered and well funded efforts by individuals that don’t have a stake in disaster capitalism? Was Jean being undermined for the sole purpose that the individual must be subordinate to the dictates of the rising corporatocracy aka “Pluto In Capricorn?”

Jean has his North Node in Capricorn at 14 degrees. The sabian Symbol for 14 Degrees Capricorn is, An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long Standing, Forgotten Culture. Dane Rudhyar synthesizes it down to this; “What is need is a penetrating and courageous insight founded upon a valid historical perspective. This applies to the past of an individual’s life as well as to the history of a nation or a group.” In essence, it’s part of Jean’s destiny to be deeply involved in the destiny of Haiti.

Transiting Pluto is sitting right on top of his natal Jupiter in Capricorn at 2 degrees. It’s empowering him on a much larger social scale and yes, Jupiter shows us that there is money involved–big money–but Jean has Saturn working against him in some regards and helping in others as it is squaring his natal Jupiter.

Saturn in Libra is forcing him to clean up his foundation, making him have some form and focus to the abundance he is channeling with the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction. When Saturn squares his North Node later this year, he’ll be facing some real challenges to his ideals and force him to become more of an outspoken critic of NGO’s and other organizations that like to control the flow of money and resources when calamities hit.

Currently Saturn is sitting right on top of his natal Pluto in Libra. Pluto in Libra is deeply transformative in the realm of relationship. Saturn sitting right on top of his natal Pluto speaks of the devastation of Haiti and Jean’s heart. He is struggling against some might powerful forces. His efforts will be anything but easy, but this is a HUGE life lesson for him and I have no doubt that it will ultimately be reflected the music he makes. He’s also going to have form some very powerful partnerships if he wants to have any say in what happens to Haiti moving forward, but the stage is being set for Jean to move into a much higher vibration of human rights advocacy and social leadership.

Some months back, I saw that Saturn in Libra energy would re-ignite the power of the protest song, as well as the more traditional love song. It will be events like Haiti and others to come that will spark the muse of discontent and inspire a new generation of lyrical social criticism.

This is no temporary tussle for Jean as Saturn will make a sweep through Mars, Uranus and then his Sun, all in Libra. He’s in this now for the long haul. Disaster has grabbed hold of his destiny.

So what are we to make of Haiti? People in the ex-political world are claiming this was a HAARP generated event, part of the ongoing weather wars, just like Katrina. And, just like Katrina, aid as in the form of Doctors WIthout Borders was turned away initially. Just like Katrina, troop deployment was almost instantaneous, while basic supplies were not.

There are reports that Haiti has significant oil reserves and this has been known for a few decades. My pal Charles Ostman says that China has been working with them on this. Haiti also supposedly has gold as well. Naomi Klein has been pushing the idea of disaster capitalism since Katrina vis her book, “The Shock Doctrine.” It makes sense on a lot of levels. A number of my friends see the Haiti quake as an act of nature, others don’t. Think of the evolving strategy behind implementing such a technology. Instead of casting a coup or starting a war in select places, if it were possible via HAARP, why not simply create the conditions of a disaster and then simply move in?

It’s been years nearly five years since Katrina slammed into “The Big Easy” and yet there are a number of people who have still not returned to their beloved parrish homes, held in the same family for generations. It’s also very interesting to note that both Haiti and New Orleans have deep ties to the supernatural and the occult world, which makes them vortexes unto themselves with repeated ritual re-enactment. Lastly, Haiti is also quite likely a remaining chunk of Atlantis. What else lies within and beneath Haiti? What kind of tremors from our antediluvian past is Atlantis now stirring? We’ll find out in the months to come and if Wyclef Jean’s chart is any indication, he’ll be giving us a historical record, both through his music and his evolving role as a guardian for the sanctity of his native Haiti.

The Packers Vs. Cowboys — Saturn Will Call The Plays

brett-favre-tony-romoOld versus blue?

Just a quick post before The Cowboys/Packers game. Crammed some relevant data on Brett Favre and Tony Romo. Right now, Favre has Saturn Retrograde at 2 degrees, sitting right on his ascendant. It’s also conjunct his natal Moon, Uranus and Mercury, all in the same sign. This is a fascinating alignment. Will Saturn Retrograde turn back the hands of time with Favre? Will he revert back to his young, gun slinging self? Or will father time, chronos/cronos, Saturn, finally bring Favre’s brilliant and swashbuckling run to an end?

Conversely, Tony Romo, the guy playing opposite Favre, the guy who grew up idolizing him has his natal Sun at 1 degree Aries, Saturn opposing it. Is Favre Romo’s Saturn? Is this the official passing of the torch from Favre to Romo? When the day is done, we’ll have a much clearer picture of whose star is rising, descending or still burning bright after all these years.

EDITORS NOTE. I would not be surprised if this is the game where Brett Favre finally gets knocked out at some point due to an injury.