2010 Horoscopes For All Signs

2010Welcome 2010.

Another Gregorian year draws to a close. It’s been a rather tempestuous one astrologically as we saw a number of eclipses occult the sky, Saturn squaring off against Uranus on a number of occasions, Saturn moving from Virgo to Libra, the big Aquarius stellium and of course Pluto’s arrival in Capricorn. The year ends on a potent Full Moon/partial eclipse which you can read about here. It augurs a portentous beginning to the new Gregorian year.

If we can look back on 2009, the power of the Aquarian stellium kept hope high throughout the summer, while the economy faded deeper and deeper into record numbers. Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron allowed us to face our collective fears and pin our hopes on the future. Chiron in particular was an amazing force that acted like an enzymatic agent of truth. As we looked at the Obama administration and Obama in particular (Leo) Chiron in Aquarius gave us the objective insight into how effective the new administration had been in honoring it’s agreements and pre-election compacts. Chiron in Aquarius gave us a glimpse at the shadow side of progressive idealism and the inability to fully manifest those ideals in the political realm, while the gargantuan energies of the corporatocracy rose to monolithic heights as Pluto stormed into Capricorn.

We saw government become more and more invested in the private sector, while cooperate interests found a home in DC with the likes of Gethner, Summers and Rubin, returning to the scene of previously committed crimes. Through it all, Chiron gave us sobering perspective, while Jupiter expanded our utopian possibilities. It was the best medicine we could get as the cold reality of politics settled in, just after the swearing in of the president elect during a VOC Moon and Mercury Retrograde.

The Tiger Woods scandal broke open near the year’s end and we saw first hand the cold, almost robotic functionality of Capricorn (Tiger’s sign) meet the unbridled and lusty expression of it’s more carnal nature in the same man as well. Tiger’s birthday was on the 30th (yesterday) and I’ll have more on him later. That was the year that was. What about 2010?

In 2010, we’ll see more significant shifts in the heavens, including a rapid transit of Jupiter through Pisces into Aries and the big one, Uranus’ move into Aries, in May. In fact, on June 7th, Jupiter and Uranus will be exactly conjunct at 0 degrees. Anyone with a modicum of working knowledge regarding astrology knows that any sign is at it’s ultimate expression at 0 degrees. The planet of change meets the planet of expansion in the sign of will.

The Summer of 2010 will be anything but dull.

People that have been put off, down and out will say “enough is enough.” By that time, the tea parties will have moved onto harder spirits and might be sipping molotov cocktails instead of Dunkin Donuts coffee. In essence, 2010 will be a revolutionary year, a year like no other. Based on what I can see, we will live through one of the most tumultuous years since the 1960’s. I’ll get into more specific predictions in a following post, but this one is all about you, your sign and what 2010 holds in store for you.

Fasten your seat belts and please make sure that you are seated for the last five minute of this post, and please be sure to keep all beverages away from the computer while reading. Let’s have a look at 2010 for all signs. Continue reading “2010 Horoscopes For All Signs”

The Star Of The Magi And It’s Possible Return

three-wise-men-starThe journey is the gift.

The journey of The Magi to the manger in Bethlehem, begins one of the most powerful and transcendent stories of our time. It’s a pilgrimage that culminates with a meeting of an auspicious being and a prophet for all time, in the guise of a little baby. It’s interesting to see the trajectory of the life of Jesus and how it is three magician/kings that augur his arrival. They based their journey on the rise of a star, brighter than the rest, a true north guiding them to their pre-destined, destination. Here we see one of the only references to astrology mentioned in conjunction with Christianity. Sorcery, magic and geomancy are frowned upon by the church. So the life story of Jesus begins with the aid of magic. It’s highly symbolic in this regard.

The Magi represent the highest point of evolution in the realm of the philosopher kings. They have achieved wealth and knowledge, likely through their skilled application of alchemical principles and enlightened ruler ship. Using the tools of their trade, they were drawn to find a new source of magic, one that was magic incarnate. They pass along three gifts; gold, frankincense and myrrh. These gifts are of course symbolic in themselves. Gold is the most precious element and reflects the pure state of the soul. It also is a material gift for the young family in their time of humble beginning and need. Myrrh has some very useful qualities that would come in quite handy at the birth of a newborn as it stimulates the production of white blood cells and aids against infection. It was used in conjunction with Golden Seal and sprinkled across umbilical stumps on new borns in the ancient world. It most likely had a very topical application in the life of young Jesus (Eshu Emmanuel).

Frankincense was used at one time as an embalming fluid. It grows primarily in Northeast Africa, places like Ethiopia and Yemen, which suggest that at least one of the wise men hailed from this region. While it is symbolic of the preservation of the body and might even portend the death of Jesus and the preservation of his life through the eternity of the soul, again, it also had a very practical application. Frankincense can act as an insecticide, and is quite helpful at repelling things like horseflies and sand fleas. While uplifting the vibration of the manger, it also could have limited the amount of bugs that could gnaw away at Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus. The wise men were indeed quite wise when it came to the preservation of such a young life. They had an investment in it and the three gifts they came bearing were essential to that end.

Astrologically, is there an explanation for the star of the magi itself?

Mike Molnar is an astronomer with more than a working knowledge of astrology. His book, The Star of Bethlehem: The Legacy of the Magi details how through the discovery of certain astrological aspects on a Roman coin, he was able to determine what and where the Star Of Bethlehem was. ARIESAccording to Molnar, based on the evidence of the coin pictured here, it’s clear to him, that The Star Of The Magi was Jupiter, specifically Jupiter in Aries. This occurred on 12/19, 6 BC. Molnar actually gives some credible evidence regarding the fact that it was 6 BC, six years prior to the Gregorian standard. According to Molner, King Herod died before 4 BC and because Herod spoke of the messiah and the star, it had to occur prior to his death. Molnar also places Saturn in Aries at that time, as well as The Moon. He claims that since Jesus was Jewish and that Jupiter in Aries is resonant with the Jewish people that this is indeed the star. Now there are other that claim that Jesus was in fact not Jewish, but possibly Syrian, certainly, at the very least, an Essene. I’m not sure how Molnar works this one out. But his evidence is fairly compelling.

So if Molnar is correct, then we are, in very short order going to experience the return of the star, as quickly as next year, when Jupiter shifts into Aries after a very fast run in Pisces, the sign normally associated with Jesus. It has a brief retrograde run, then gets back to business, moving forward again in Aries. On 4/4/11, There will be a major stellium in the sky, with The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, in Aries. Jupiter will be just past Saturn in Libra, 15/13, creating powerful opposition, even if it has moved just beyond it. Does this stellium portend what could possibly be the second coming? With all of the energy concentrated in the sign of the self, Aries, it could either augur a powerfully transcendent ripple of awareness through our collective psyches, potentially opening us put to the power of the Christ in each of us, or it could portend something more ominous in it’s overly Aryan overtones.

The god of war opposes the goddess of peace. Anti-Christian? Conflagration or liberation? Both? 4/4/11 is a date to circle on your calendar. It adds up to 1. 44+11 = 55. 5+5 = 10. 1+0 = 1. The overarching theme of unity on this day is abundantly apparent.

As we return to the three wise men, one of the other lessons that we can infer from their role in the young life of Jesus is that they are messengers of manifestation, harbingers of gifts in times of need. Upon their arrival, the share gifts of the spirit and the flesh with Joseph and Mary, gifts that are symbolic, but also quite useful in nurturing and fostering the young life of baby Jesus, and the life of the young family itself. In their hour of need, their needs were perfectly met.

We exchange gifts as we act out the generosity and the gifts of the magi, reenacting the alchemy of abundance and the joy of giving in the service of life.

In that spirit, I’d like to thank all of you who are regular, or even semi-regular readers of my blog and have contributed your gifts to me in terms of comments and the occasional email. I thank you and your presence means a great deal to me and what I do. I know this blog isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve lost some readers along the way, because I don’t always paint pictures with the brightest hues, but on this night, I thank you.

To learn more about the work of Mike Molnar, go here.

The Blue Light Special–Anti-Christian Sign Of The Times?


A lot of people have asked me about the “Blue Light Special” that flashed in Norway last week. You know, the mysterious blue spiral that was pawned off as a “russian missile.” I was hesitant to assign any meaning to this phenomenon initially. My instincts tell me to trust very little and do my best to look behind the scenes and often the scenes behind the scene of the scene. Theories started rolling in; Project Bluebeam, HAARP in Tromso (not far from the projection of the beam) and even CERN, but the more that I dig, the more that certain evidence and clues begin to emerge.


As I surfed the web, I began to move closer and closer the visage of Maitreya. In case you don’t know, Maitreya has been offered up as the “Coming Of The Christ” for decades now by Benjamin Creme. Creme, an artist, with reputed links to MI5/6 has been stumping for Maitreya for years. I first came across Creme back in the eighties when he was on “New Dimensions” radio on KPFA. In conspiratorial circles, Maitreya has been synonymous with The NWO and it’s presumptive, spiritual figurehead, Maitreya. When Bill Cooper was alive, he talked about how there had been active forms of discussion and negotiation as to who would be the spiritual leader of the new world order between Maitreya and the now deceased pope. Looks like through sheer longevity, Maitreya won out.

Benjamin Creme has been touting that a “blue light” would signal the arrival of “The Christ” for years ( To be clear about this point, Share Intl. first stated this publicly last year on 12/12/09 ) and now on their website, Share International, they are indeed making the link between the blue spiral and Maitreya. The event is like a new age version of the light of the Magi, presaging the arrival of hype, I mean hope. There is also very little coincidence that Obama, was also in Norway at the same time as the blue spiral entered into our consciousness. We have been inundated with the spiritual imagery of Obama since he splashed onto the scene. Will Smith, has called Obama, “a flashpoint in consciousness.” Now we have him accepting The Nobel, back lit by the blue light of Maitreya. Whether the spiral was generated by HAARP/Tromso in Norway, powered by a surge of CERN or not, we are beginning to make links around this event and first Obama and now Maitreya. We may not see another blue spiral, but I don’t think we’re done with this sort of phenomenon.

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Embracing The Paradox Of Capricorn–Rise Of The Sea Goat

TY-DragonFishHonoring the mystery of the sea-goat.

A few days ago, I did a reading for a Capricorn. He was born at zero degrees and while he had a number of elements in his chart, in many ways, they supported the thrust for achievement, purely Capricorn in it’s distillation. I could also see where there was another side to him, a decidedly more emotional side. While every chart has supportive aspects, underlying themes, or even it’s shadow, there is something of a dilemma, a paradox that exists in Capricorn and it relates to our world as it is evolving through Pluto’s stay in Capricorn.

Even the most casual followers of astrology know that Capricorn is represented by the goat and the goat is the animal of ascent, in almost all aspects. It climbs mountains and corporations. It endures and will eat almost anything to survive. It’s also a utilitarian animal. It can produce milk and clear a hillside of grass and weeds. It overcomes any obstacle in it’s path over time to achieve it’s goals. Richard Nixon overcame an abusive and hard riding father to eventually become president. His quest to achieve power and domination over his father and his legacy, one that included significant doses of humiliation, also led to his downfall as well.

of all the Earth signs, even Virgo, Capricorn might be the most self aware. It cannot rise to the heights that it does by simply acting on it’s own instinctual impulses, though this should not be discounted as well. Capricorn must be fully engaged in it’s ascent, so that it may take advantage of any opportunity that crosses it’s path. But unlike Virgo, which can be caught on the horns of dilemma regarding ethical or moral decisions, ones that could impugn it’s sense of purity and service, Capricorn is more fully aware of the moral implications in it’s rise to power and quest for prominence than we might know–but this is the paradox or dilemma of Capricorn.

When Nixon was president, he was faced with the fact that he was embroiled in a war that he could not easily withdraw from, while not admitting some form defeat to the Soviets, deep in the heart of the cold war. Now whether Nixon truly believed this, or was simply operating under intel from his advisors one could see that he was faced with a moral dilemma, which was risk a smaller portion of American lives, versus the majority of the free world in the face of Soviet expansion and onslaught. Now Nixon was probably as psychopathic as amy other US president, but one could see, regardless of ones position on the war, that he had to make a choice for the greater (at least in his own mind) good, while still serving the interests of the military industrial complex.
I live in a company town. A giant, steel network of tubes, like extruded chromium intestines intersect and wrap around a sprawling sea of tanks and vats, refining oil into it’s various states and storing it for distribution around the world. It’s Chevron Oil, the same guys that trashed Ecuador in search oil and had a landmark suit slapped against them. Chevron is a emblematic of a Capricornian establishment. It’s oiligarchigal. I don’t agree with their methodologies or business practices. I don’t condone buying up patents and squatting on technology. But without Chevron, my town would be a ghost town and the families it feeds as a result of their presence here is yet another examplet of the paradox of Capricorn. The old German woman behind my place gets to keep her cafe open and employ half a dozen people on a full time basis. That’s the institutional example of the paradox of Capricorn. Corporations mostly suck. They’re flawed in many ways and often promote an organizational psychopathology that supports an unhealthy culture and yet . . . they do promote some form of economic support, either directly or indirectly.

The paradox of Capricorn is also at the heart of what used to be called, “The New World Order” and has now been re-branded into “Global Governance” since a lot of people were getting pretty uptight around all of the recent talk regarding The New World Order. Whether it’s the environment or the fall of currency, we’re getting all kinds of solutions to our problems at a “global level” while a lot of our issues are an amalgamation of many local ones. The Capricorn mindset, especially the Pluto in Capricorn mindset sees or at least convinces itself of the greater good, as it relates to global governance. It sees the needs of the many, outweighing the needs of the not so many. Do I think that Gordon Brown and Angela Merkel and Barack Obama are aware of the fact that they are pushing an agenda that a lot of people aren’t in agreement with? You bet. Are they willing to push their agenda in spite of that for “the greater good”? Uh huh. Will there be a small, select, group that still controls most of the planet’s resources and will those that will try to initiate global governance profit off of their hard work and allegiance towards such an endeavor? You betcha. Are all of them convinced that this is in the best interest of the common good? Some are–certainly not all. However, it’s the people at much lower levels, ones that push hard and are ideologically driven, they are the ones that believe most fervently. Global governance for all intents and purposes is a very Capricornian issue. But what does this mean for the individual?

A much earlier symbol of Capricorn is not just a goat, but a sea-goat. It’s almost half goat, half dolphin. This image goes all the way back to Mesopotamia and has it’s link to Enki, the creator god in “The Epic Of Gilgamesh.”. What did Enki do besides create, brew beer, get drunk and bed? He cared about his creations, perhaps too much. The fish part of Capricorn’s ancient symbol represents the emotional body or in some ways, Enki’s emotional body. It lends a natural balance to the sign that seems to have been lost over the ages as the sea goat morphed simply into a goat, which has it’s representation as Baphomet.

It’s essential that if we are going to move towards any type of global governing, even if it’s one that we naturally aspire to and want to create because it’s the ultimate form of communion, we have to have full and total compassion. It cannot be an exercise in will which excludes the thoughts and feelings of independent and sovereign communities, whether they be located in the heart of the amazon or the heart of New York City. But this is just the broadest application of the symbolism of the sea-goat as compassionate yet enduring to commitment of it’s goals. It has it’s own meaning in our lives as well, no matter where or if you have any Capricornian aspects in your chart. We need to see as much of the whole as possible and begin to reconcile disparity in the world around us and ourselves, which is an ongoing knitting of the mystery of paradox, embodied by the sign of Capricorn.

Is Tiger Woods Dead? (Figuratively Speaking) And The Astrocartographic Event Trigger

Tiger-Wods-tiger-woodsWhen we will have a Tiger sighting?

Today marks the 17th day since anyone has actually seen Tiger Woods. The last bit of evidence confirming his corporeal existence was the odd 411 call and recording from the neighbor. Ever wonder why and how these recordings get released? Is this standard operating procedure? Anyway, today was the day that Tiger was supposed to be the best man at a good friends wedding. Let’s explore this for a moment. Tiger was supposed to be the best man. That’s quite something for guy like Woods, who really didn’t seem to evoke an image of loyalty and friendship, at least not in public. For him to miss an event of what might be considered significant personal commitment, means something.

One of Woods’ pals from the PGA tour, the newly refurbished John Daly, has been trying to get through to Woods for weeks now–to no avail. To borrow a term from Tiger’s father’s days in Nam, he’s MIA.

Accenture, one of his big sponsors, just dropped him. Accenture is major player as they sponsor an annual match-play tourney, so they’re deeply woven into the golf world and they have moved on. That makes three sponsors that have cut Tiger loose.

Yesterday, as my son battled with aliens in his stomach, ejecting them into a large chrome bowl every hour or so, I thought more and more about the Tiger Woods affair and came to the conclusion that he is at the very least, figuratively dead. His sponsorships are evaporating, his public persona is in tatters and he has quickly morphed into Michael Jackson, reclusive phase.

What he stood for is now a memory, a montage of highlights and fist pumps, red shirts on Sundays and green jackets at Augusta. As we have noted, not only has his personal visage vanished, but his commercial doppleganger has as well. So, metaphorically speaking, the safe and sanitized Tiger Woods is gone. The most bankable sports minority south of King James is commercially dead.

But is it simply the demise of his persona and image? Could it actually be something more? Continue reading “Is Tiger Woods Dead? (Figuratively Speaking) And The Astrocartographic Event Trigger”

Tiger (Sag Moon) Moves To Sweden As Obama Hangs In Denmark

golf-digestAdd your own captions.

Well it looks like Tiger Woods is about to do his very best to slip down the memory hole. He has left the country and is now in Sweden, where he will reportedly reside in a six-bedroom-house on an island off the coast of Stockholm. I suppose that this is where he’ll go cold turkey on his addiction to Ambien and cocktail waitresses. Tiger’s winter of discontent just got a lot colder with his change of address, while being penned up with his furious ice queen for who knows how long.

Tiger’s Moon in Sag has indicated a maternal influence from outside the country with his mother, born and raised in Thailand and along with his Swedish born wife. Now Tiger’s Sag Moon also indicates a change in residence, also abroad. Don’t’ be surprised if this change is permanent, while Tiger becomes the Great Garbo (also Swedish) of golf. I think there are some real questions regarding his role as a professional golfer moving forward, though with his Capricorn Sun, I doubt that he will be able to simply rehabilitate forever.

In the upcoming issue of “Golf Digest” the cover features Tiger and Barack Obama, together, on the same hole, with the now suddenly embarrassing, subtitle, “Ten Tips Obama Could Take From Tiger.” The irony of the cover couldn’t be more timely or potent and it stirs yet a few more questions around both men, who they are, how they got to where they are and the impact they have made on society. Continue reading “Tiger (Sag Moon) Moves To Sweden As Obama Hangs In Denmark”