Turmoil In The House Of Tiger–T Square Love Triangle?

tiger_triangleMirage et Trois?

Life seems to be getting in the way of the blog at times these days. As some of you might know, my father is ill, gravely so and I will address this in forthcoming post either on Monday or Tuesday as it seems to fit in place with the Transhumanist theme that I began with the last post on this blog. I’ll also get to scopes for December and the full moon as well, which are both, almost upon us, but for now, let’s take a slightly tawdry turn and see if there is any sort of astrological activity that might be kicking up some dust in Tiger Woods, house of love.

Unless you’re living under a rock, Tiger Woods’ recent run in with a tree at 2:30am outside his home in Florida is bigger news than the 30,000 Afghan troop build-up and the massive sell off US dollars just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Yes, it’s big news, especially BIG for the tabloids as the hot rumor is that Tiger has strayed from the cage and the embrace of the lovely Elin Nordegren, the former swimsuit model and the mother of his two children. It’s rumored that Tiger sank his claws into Rachel Uchitel in a hotel in Melbourne while Tiger was stroking it at the Australian Masters. Uchitel is a New York party gal who has a tryst with David Boreanz from the TV show “Bones” on her resume. Of course the story was broken by the tabloids, but quickly picked up by The Huffington Post as well. It didn’t take long for the story to go from toasty to Chernobyl once Woods tried to put a wood grill on his Escalade (I bet there’s someone at Cadillac trying to come up with a Volvo angle for the Woods smash). So can we find an astrological through line on the Woods soap opera? The answer is an unequivocal “yes.”

Woods is a Capricorn Sun (eight degrees) with a Virgo rising (24 degrees). The Virgo/Goat combo is great for Woods the golfer. Virgo rising gives him impeccable work habits, and a deep need for perfection. His Capricorn Sun, especially at 8 degrees, gives him a desire to be great and rise to the top of his ranks in his given profession, which in this case happens to be golf. It’s a fantastic combo for someone like Woods in his sport/field. But recent astrological activity seems to have impacted woods in a way that might alter his domestic life and quite possibly his legacy.

With Saturn transiting his 12th house for the past two years, Woods has been experiencing a deep loneliness, especially as it relates to his pursuit of perfection. For all of his achievements, worldly accomplishments and m-o-n-e-y, when Saturn, especially in Virgo passes through the 12th house, the house of God, the return to source. Woods’ has been quietly going through an existential crisis of sorts. He has been learning that his nearly perfect golf game and almost perfect image, the one so sought after and enamored by corporate America is not enough and unless he was willing to get down to basics, surrender and open his heart to service, a hallmark of Virgo’s transit through the 12th house. It’s an opportunity to experience an impetus towards a higher calling. Continue reading “Turmoil In The House Of Tiger–T Square Love Triangle?”

Uranus In Pisces — The Plague Petri Dish — Uranus In Aries — Rise Of The Transhumanist Culture

Human-FormThe alien invasion is on.

Ever since the Swine siren started sounding, I’ve been mucking through the brackish and swampy waters of vaccines, the history of allopathic medicine, eugenics, for-profit-Big Pharma, tracking plagues, re-combinations, and Sci-Fi maladies like “Morgellons.” And, and, and, it all seems to be vectoring into two nodal points (population reduction and species augmentation) that converge into one; “Transhumanism.”

Before we get to the transhuman fetishists, I think it’s important that we take stock of the stars and do a quick review.

During the past few months, we’ve been engulfed in the health care debate, mostly as Saturn in Virgo opposed Uranus in Pisces. It’s been a classic standoff that resulted in the fractalization of a number of different realities nd sectors of society. We had progressives versus conservatives, people demanding health care, people demanding their right to choose their health care, you name it. Meanwhile, Swine propaganda started flowing like poison milk from the rusted teat of a mechanical udder. Awareness grew, people woke up and the rush to “voluntarily vaccinate” wasn’t that pronounced. The WHO feigned shortage, hoping people would be motivated by their consciousness of lack. Driven by fear, they trusted the voices in their head as they heard them coming out of their TV, talking heads with titles, spewing sobering statistics, pushing the agenda, driving the dependency deeper and deeper into the psyche, persuasively willing an act of obedience; the child following the commands of the uber-parent, without fail.

joseph-moshe-arrest-teargasBut there was revolt! Nurses sued to not get the jab. They got a reprieve but then some other strange, strain mutated in The Ukraine, where The WHO still refuses to release the sequence of this new and decidedly more virulent virus, one that destroys the lungs, leaving them saturated in blood. It’s like a freakish mutation of Ebola and The Flu. In the background of it all, the specter of Joseph Moshe trapped in his VW, enveloped in clouds of poison gas for two hours, while being surrounded by Feds outside the federal building in L.A. grows larger and larger, casting a shadow across the internet with his warning that a deadly vaccine was created in The Ukraine and would be unleashed upon the world for the sake of depopulation way back in August. Moshe is now safely tucked away in Israel, his home country, probably in some very deep form of relaxation and therapy. Continue reading “Uranus In Pisces — The Plague Petri Dish — Uranus In Aries — Rise Of The Transhumanist Culture”

Scorpio Stellium Demands Transformation, Saturn Square Pluto Commands Your Attention

gaudierSaturn and Pluto, cleaves and polishes

The power of the Pluto/Saturn square hasn’t kicked in quite yet as of this writing (11/15 9:48 PM PDT), but by Monday morning the energy should manifest itself on more of a collective level. Individually, I”m sure the weekend was intense for many people as Pluto demanded some form of control while Saturn commanded endurance and balance. Power struggles, power plays, fairness or lack thereof all got played out in my personal life.

My son entered his first jiu jitsu tourney and he was met with Plutonian force as his opponent threw him and executed a submission hold all in about 20 seconds. It was heartbreaking to see him get thrown by something he was not prepared for. The shock of the fall knocked his wind out and there was little he could do. His strength is his wrestling and he never got a chance to do it. Capricorn 1, Libra 0. Then a really strange thing happened when after his shocking defeat, they called his name to square off on another ring. We were mystified because he had just fought, but when they called his name the first time, they inverted his name calling his last name first. Then he was called to the second ring with his first name first. But then they didn’t recognize him as being who he was and disqualified him. So, in essence, he lost, twice, which was even more confusing for a kid not quite six. I guess with his Libra Moon, he had to achieve some sort of balance.

A strange symmetry.

Having to explain this to him on top of his loss, was really challenging for me and his mother. “Not fair!” ‘Not fair!” He kept repeating it through tears over and over like a mantra. Capricorn 2, Libra 0. So we called in the elders. We got his grandparents on the phone and their mature and soothing Saturnine qualities brought him slowly back into a state of balance. His little drama had just begun. Mine had started the night before.

Earlier in the day on Friday, I called my father who has not been well, in fact, he had been hospitalized for nearly ten days last month. I was hit with the news that he has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. Out of the depths of my twelfth house, the sting of Scoprio’s stellium hit like a ton of bricks. I’m still processing this.

So it was that my son had his first bitter taste of defeat in life and my father came face-to-face with his own mortality. In some ways, I was witness to a terribly beautiful balance, a dark fusion of Pluto and Saturn’s square.

So that was my story for this intense weekend.

What was yours?

New Moon Scopes, Big Cosmic Medicine, Pluto Squares Saturn, Go Deep

moonfullThe chief agenda is transformation

The powers of perception and deception are coming on strong. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus, all in Scorpio, with the Moon to follow on Saturday, the emphasis is on seeing deeply through the scrim of illusions, where shadows play upon the opaque nature of man. This weekend has all of the cosmic force behind it to get to the bottom of things, whether it’s relationships, pseudo-pandemics, or any other drama or trauma that bursts upon the flat panel of your mind. Go deeper, trust your instincts, especially on the new moon, the new, marvelously magnetic Scorpio Moon, dark and receptive, like an ebony portal to the rest of the solar system. Meditate, don’t medicate or sleep on this auspicious stellium. Let the lunar waves guide you to the true magnetic north of your soul. Gaze deeply into the eyes of another, mirror gaze, get next to an ocean or a lake. Become the stillness. Become the tide.

While you’re dropping down into spiritual erogenous zones, don’t drift away or fall asleep. Stay present and aware of what’s taking place in the macro, practice the presence of two minds, equally aware and awake of inner and outer realities. Mastering this form of awareness is a type of bi-location of consciousness, being in two places at once, grounding the polarity of emergent realities simultaneously. You can do it. Look for clues, see signs, read tea leaves like they’re the headlines of your newly appointed mission, but don’t fall asleep, because those self-same energies are being worked by other agencies as you read these words. Breakdown and breakthrough are the key words for this weekend and this new moon.

In addition to the stinging stellium and moonless skies, Saturn squares Pluto on Sunday, it’s hardest angle. The Sabian Symbols for both planets/signs are interesting to say the least. I use Dane Rudhyar’s interpretations, so they may not match up with Wheeler’s or my pal Lynda Hill’s. For Rudhyar, Libra 1 initiates the cycle of collectivization, underscored by the power of Libra 1, which is “Transfiguration.” The Sabian Symbol for Libra 1 is:


Rudhyar believes Libra 1 to be a potent degree of intuitive consciousness, but not limited to the individual. He sees the energy shifting from the individual to the formation of groups, collectives and the archetypal energies surrounding Libra 1 are “Forms.” Interestingly enough, he assigns the cycle of Scorpio as “Powers” which brings us back to the opening paragraph, around the power and depth of Scorpio and it’s planetary formation this weekend. Forms and powers. Groups. Collectivity. Connectivity. Clusters. Tribes. Empowerment. The symbol of the butterfly itself is of course a record of it’s beauty, a symbol of it’s transformation, the secret patterns on it’s wings with messages for those with eyes that can see. The dart “fixes” the perfection of the butterfly and thus makes an archetype of the butterfly itself. Rudhyar of course also sees the butterfly as Jesus impaled on the cross, where the rays of transfiguration complete the transformation from “The Son of Man” to “The Son Of God.” We’re talking potent symbology and energy. Do not underestimate the power of this weekend to really blow some doors off the hinges of your psyche, especially as it relates to Capricorn 1.


When I think of Capricorn 1, I think of the movie from the seventies with the same title, with James Brolin, OJ Simpson and Sam Waterson as astronauts that take part in faked a Mars landing and are then hunted down by TPTB when they decide to flip the script. It’s one of those semi-cheesy seventies films that flirts with conspiracy, then flaunts it in our face. But this Capricorn 1 is much different. Rudhyar talks about the sheer power of this degree and it’s bold claim to title, to that of “chief” which apparently has the same Latin root as “capital” and also “head.” He is somewhat neutral on the effects of the degree, concerning himself more with the power than it’s actual application. In Rudyhar’s eyes, this degree is clearly a test of being able to handle the power . . . or not. As it squares off against Libra 1 and Saturn, the concentrated focus of collectivity an the powers of Scorpio, will it create a natural friction? What if the groups do not like what the chief has done? can there be thousands of chiefs? I find it interesting that Barack Obama was essentially meeting with a group Native leaders at the Tribal Nations Conference and actually called out a “Dr. Joe Medicine Crow” under Capricorn 1. Was this a symbolic act by Obama, asserting himself as “The New Chief?” John Bell Hood, the man whom Fort Hood is named after, cut his military teeth as an “Indian Fighter” shooting it out with Comanche’s at “The Devils River” in Texas, where his left hand was pierced by an arrow.

So let’s say your asking yourself, “How will this new moon effect me and my sign?” Well let’s find out:

Continue reading “New Moon Scopes, Big Cosmic Medicine, Pluto Squares Saturn, Go Deep”

Saturn In Libra, Generation Ex, Tristan And Isolde, The Culmination Of Romantic Love

tandaTristan and Isolde re-incarnate during Saturn in Libra.

This weekend is shaping up to be one of the most potent, multi-disciplinarian and potentially prophetic weekends in quite sometime. It starts off with Friday the 13th. Here is a link to my piece around the significance of this day, especially as it relates to the Knights Templars and Masons. It’s quickly followed by the exact square between Pluto and Saturn as well as the sixth night (Baktun cycle) of The Mayan calendar, as interpreted by Carl Calleman. He has November 15th circled off on his version of the calendar’s interpretation as being a major trigger point, which will basically send us into the linear accelerator of change; The CERN of the collective soul, up through March 8th, 2011, which would then trigger the last 260 day cycle, as Calleman sees it. In essence, we’re about to shoot the rapids of transformation, but that is still almost a week off and we need to revisit an earlier series of posts about the re-calibration and re-balancing of the male/female dynamic.

My last two posts on the subject (here and here) were met with mostly positive response, some criticism and some questions. In the series of comments that followed the two posts, I think we sorted through some of the confusion and grey areas. In this final edition, we’ll look at the male/female dynamic from mytho-poetic perspective, how it relates to the scientific breakdown of the bi-cameral spirit and the impact of people born under the influence of Pluto in Libra.

Robert Johnson wrote a series of short, yet brilliant works on the male/female dynamic from the Jungian perspective. The books, “He,” “She” and “We” look at the archetypal power of relating as a romantic narrative, using the tale of “Tristan” and “Isolde” as the ultimate, tragic model for how we relate as men and women. To understand this, we must have some perspective and insight into the age of romance.

The Birth Of The Courtier

The age of romance took place mostly during the period of the crusades (10-1100’s), when writers like Chretien de Troyes composed tales for ladies of the court. In De Troyes case, it was Marie Of France, Countess of Champagne, daughter of Eleanor of Aquitane. He was a courtier and although he is often credited for being the father of the modern novel, it was he and others like him, that titilated and entertained the ladies of the court while their husbands were off slaughtering Saracens in the name of Christ, while plundering the vaults of the holy land, uncovering Solomonic secrets that would allow them to eventually rival the churches power. During this period, when the quote-un-quote “real men” were away, doing “God’s” work, the eunuch’s, monks and poets serviced the ladies of the courts and it is here, where we begin to develop the whole notion or romantic or “courtly love.” It was courtly because it was the upper ranks of the nobility, which had idle time on their hands to create a dream world where love became something of a luxury. The lower classes mind you, were also busy servicing the ladies of the courts as well, but mostly by toiling in fields and farms to provide food or taxes. Let’s just say that their love was far less glamorous and courtship usually centered around heifers and quilts, both literally and figuratively. Continue reading “Saturn In Libra, Generation Ex, Tristan And Isolde, The Culmination Of Romantic Love”

Looking back on Saturn in Virgo, The future of health care, The secret history of cures and The amazing Harry Hoxsey

hoxseyThey’re curing cancer down the street.

Saturn is at least temporarily out of Virgo for now. It will return for one, brief, curtain call in April of 2010 and that’s where it will stay until June, when it finally moves into Libra until it transitions into Scorpio in October of 2012. It’s time to take a look back and just slightly ahead.

When Saturn was in Virgo, the healthcare debate moved front and center and while people were busy arguing about who gets and doesn’t get it, who has to pay, who doesn’t have to pay, if it will be enforced or if there will be a public option, no one ever really brought up the quality of healthcare into the debate at all. It was assumed that the present system afforded to those who could pay was the one that provided the best medical solutions available. But is it really? Is allopathic or western medicine the panacea for all our individual and social ills? Is wellness vs illness ever part of the discussion at all? It wasn’t and when congress reconvenes after the first of the year to discuss the Obama healthcare plan, I doubt it will get addressed then as well. But to understand the nature of allopathic medicine and what it entails, which is a high preponderance and emphasis placed on surgery, technological interface and prescription drugs, one must also have a greater understanding of homeopathic and naturopathic methodologies. I wasn’t as keenly aware of this until I watched an amazing documentary called, “Hoxsey.”


“Hoxsey” is the life story of Harry Hoxsey, the founder of an alternative cancer healing method handed down to him by his father, on his father’s deathbed. Hoxsey’s dad had been a vet and watched one of his cancer stricken horses begin to tug and gnaw at plants growing in the field. The horse had not previously eaten these select plants prior to the cancer. But the elder Hoxsey watched in amazement as the horse recovered from cancer. He then explored the properties of the plants themselves and came up with two cures. One was an external paste made up of blood root and cascara. It served as an escrotic and burned the cancers away from the skin, leaving the non-cancerous skin alone. The second was a serum. also based on roots and herbs. Iodine also played a role in Hoxsey’s serum as well. In addition to these two things, he also had his patients get off of wheat, sugar, fried foods, alcohol and vinegars, while scaling back salt. At his clinics, a feeling positivity and well being was encouraged from the moment that people walked through the front door. According to Hoxsey, he had a 80% cure rate. Many of his patients that came to him were deemed terminal.

While Hoxsey succeeded, opening 17 clinics across the country, his detractors grew in ranks and rancor. Hoxsey’s most active nemesis was Morris Fishbein, head of the AMA and a man that would personally ruin the wonderful work of Royal Raymond Rife.

It must be noted that during the early part of the 20th centruy, The AMA was simply a small group of doctors who were trying to create their own version of a trade union with the power to lobby. Their great fortune and perhaps not ours, was the ascent of the industrial revolution as new mechanical devices like iron lungs and later x-ray machines would capture the imagination and pocketbooks of industrialists like Getty, Carnegie, Rockefeller and Morgan. These giants of manufacturing and commerce saw the medical field as a way for them to essentially move more product and thus they put their full weight and wallets behind Fishbein and The AMA. Its ironic to note however, that John D. Rockefeller never visited an allopathic doctor. His father also made the first of the family fortunes selling “snake oils” at county fairs. But nonetheless, JDR was willing to live by two standards instead of one.

Fishbein went after Hoxsey hard, but Hoxsey was not one to lie down and roll over. He had his own camp of support, including a radio evangelist who promoted his cures to millions around the country. The AMA might have been obstinate but they weren’t dumb. They knew that Hoxsey had something and they wanted to buy his serum from him. When Hoxsey asked that a provision be included that no matter who was sick or what they could or could not afford to pay, they would get the treatment. The AMA would have nothing of the sort, since they simply wanted to bury the formula. Hoxsey refused to sign and the simmering feud, erupted into a full scale battle.

Fishbein went after Hoxsey at every turn, meanwhile, Hoxsey and his methods were winning over people in the right places. A city attorney from Dallas, one who had been going hard after Hoxsey had a brother develop cancer. His brother went to see Hoxsey and was cured. The attorney went on to become a judge and one of Hoxsey’s biggest, local supporters. Fishbein went too far. He slandered Hoxsey in an article. Hoxsey sued and had his day in court. Day after day, witness after witness they came to attest to the his method and how it saved their lives. While people were lining up to support him, his defense did a little fact finding on Fishbein and it turned out that Fishbein hadn’t even passed elementary anatomy and never even treated one patient. He was forced to resign in disgrace. Hoxsey had won, but the battle wasn’t over.

Once the AMA lost, it was the FDA’s turn to have a go at Hoxsey. They shut down his clinics in the various states based on interstate trucking laws. They would do something very similar to Wilhelm Reich in a few short years. Hoxsey could not fight each case individually and only kept the Dallas clinic open. When he was old and ready to step aside, he passed the Hoxsey baton onto Mildred Nelson, a longtime nurse in his Dallas clinic. Nelson relocated to Tijuana and renamed the clinic “Bio-Med” where it still stands today.

The film also goes onto explore how the FDA in conjunction with The AMA have strong armed alternative medicine and healing with increasing powers and draconian oversight throughout the 20th century. While the medical reform bill is in a temporary state of abeyance, I would urge as many people as possible to watch this film and ask whether or not allopathic medicine is the right approach to the future of health care and if we can hand our health and well being over to the same agencies that have historically determined this policy, often resorting to everything from intentional and misleading disinformation, to mob-like, strong-arm-tactics. I shudder to think what the alternatives for alternative medicine will be in a top down, highly controlled system of standardized healthcare.

Watching the Hoxsey doc online is extremely difficult. There are versions out there, mostly low rez. Google even disabled a version on it’s video service. You can however find a few copies at Amazon for sale. I highly recommend that you purchase this very important document of not only one of America’s most fascinating self-made-men, but also to gain a further understanding of what’s at stake with our health and how some of our most immediate and important remedies may be affordable, less invasive and promote wellness than merely approximate a cure.

Hoxsey; The Quack Who Cured Cancer