Saturn In Virgo vs Uranus In Pisces Major Update — Chicago Researcher Dies From Bubonic Plague Complications!

casadaban_malcolmIs this man the first victim of the new, “Black Death”?

Instead of going into deep connect-the-dots mode, let’s just stay with what’s topical: Saturn in Virgo vs. Uranus in Pisces. The key thread in the previous posts has been the Uranus/Pisces, 23 degrees, in September of 1339 when “The Black Plague” officially killed it’s first victims;

“The first named victims of the plague died in 1338 and 1339 in the area around Lake Issyk Kul (Lake Baikal) in Russia, where a grave marker says, “In the year of the hare (1339). This is the grave of Kutluk. He died of the plague with his wife, Magnu-Kelka.”
Facts About The Black Death

Of course, the allusion to “Swine Flu” is an easy and timely tap. But how about this for timeline/aspect continuity?

American scientist studying the origins of the Black Death has died from an infection related to the plague he studied.

Published: 12:59AM BST 22 Sep 2009
Chicago health officials said there was no sign of any spread after the death of Malcolm Casadaban, a genetics researcher at the University of Chicago.

But as a precaution, antibiotics have been offered to co-workers, friends and family of the scientist.

The 60-year-old died on Sept. 13 after being exposed to a weakened form of the bacteria that causes the plague. The strain, which has been used as a vaccine in some countries to protect against bubonic plague, is approved by the US government for lab studies.

Casadaban’s lab has been sealed off while authorities investigate.

Officials have said it is unlikely that anyone else would be infected, and a Chicago Department of Public Health spokesman said on Monday the window for that happening is almost over.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is also investigating.

The Black Death, one of the deadliest pandemics in history, swept across Europe between 1348 and 1350. The plague, believed to be caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, killed as much as 60 per cent of Europe’s population.
Guardian U.K.

So what’s going on here? Are we witnessing the re-cycling of history through a conscious application of cosmic cycles? Are the cosmic cycles determining the re-cycling of history? Is this just some perverse synchronicity? Perhaps the answer lies in it’s opposition, Saturn in Virgo?

Happy Equinox–Quick MR Update–Affirm Your Balance!

equimontageHappy birthday to my birth mates!

The equinox is upon us. Blessed balance as we descend into the dark, we give thanks for the bounty of our lives no matter what the conditions of the outside world may portend, pretend or attempt to dictate. Today is a day to affirm your balance in all things. As above, so below, as within, so without. Your divinity is nothing that can ever be diminished, only your perspective of it and lack of recognition that you are the steward of your soul can darken your relationship to the light.

Mercury is doing strange flip-flops as it crosses backwards and hits Saturn in Virgo. We can expect more fractious dialogue in the healthcare debate and on a personal level, it’s actually a very good time to make sure that all of your parts are in good working order. On the work front, re-assess your skill set, make sure that what you’re doing lines up with who you are. Congruence is an essential component to balance. Open yourself to the power of balance.

Happy birthday to Joan Jett, Nick Cave, King Sunny Ade, David Coverdale and Andrea Bocelli.

Saturn In Virgo vs. Uranus In Pisces, The Meaning Of Work And Pluto In Virgo Generation, Gets Lit Up

obamaWith Pluto in Virgo, will Obama get serious about work?

As Saturn still drifts in opposition to Uranus, the healthcare debate still lingers on and on and on and on and on. Meanwhile, jobless numbers are up, not down. In the previous look at this alignment, we began to see the disparity between the ideal of the healthcare debate and the reality of the economy.

There’s a lingering echo of the Bubonic Plague in the air, when Uranus was in Pisces at 23 degrees in September of 1339, when it officially crossed Crimea into Europe. The plague wiped out a burgeoning class of highly skilled workers, who had honed their craft over generations of work and devotion on the great cathedrals. The rise of guilds and charters, the growth of crops, as Europe entered a warming trend, all collapsed in the wake of the black death. The flower of Europe’s high middle ages was sick in the bud. Monarchies survived and while the tax base decreased, their power was more, not less consolidated than pre-plague conditions. Humanity in the west was forced to retreat back into survival, not thrival mode. Continue reading “Saturn In Virgo vs. Uranus In Pisces, The Meaning Of Work And Pluto In Virgo Generation, Gets Lit Up”

Saturn in Virgo vs Uranus in Pisces, Meaningful Work (Dharma) vs The New Plague Part 2

ggFrom Dante to The Georgia Guidestones.

In our last episode of who started “The Black Plague” we came upon the most interesting fact that in 1339, the year when “The Plague” rampaged through Crimea and it officially became a European issue, Pisces was in Uranus at 23 degrees. In our time, Pisces is in Uranus at 25 degrees, just two degrees off of the September, 1339 date. And what are we dealing with again? The specter of yet another plague in Swine Flu, perhaps the first of many. Today, marks not only the new moon in Virgo, but along with The Sun and Saturn (opposing Uranus) Virgo encourages us to look more closely about the effect and impact of Virgo on this current cycle and what it looked like during the inception of the plague.

In September, 1339, Jupiter, not Saturn was in Virgo and it had just entered the planet of possibility and expansion. When we look at these cycles from a cultural perspective, as we’ll see from Saturn later on, it’s important to see how they are cast against the backdrop of the times. In 1339 at the peak of the “High Middle Ages” craft guilds, charters, communes, monetary systems, were all on the rise. Society in the west was in a deeply formative stage and the energy and possibility of a new world emerging from the darkness of “The Early Middle Ages” was a distinct reality. Continue reading “Saturn in Virgo vs Uranus in Pisces, Meaningful Work (Dharma) vs The New Plague Part 2”

Saturn in Virgo vs Uranus in Pisces, Meaningful Work (Dharma) vs The New Plague Part 1

danteWhat is Dante trying to tell us here?

The big face off is here. Saturn vs Uranus. Opposition. The sexy take is nagging conservatism (Saturn in Virgo) vs. enlightened progressivism (Uranus in Pisces). That’s almost too easy. We can draw a line in the sand and start extolling the virtues of one versus the other. Joe Wilson (nagging conservative) calls Obama (enlightened progressive) “a liar.” Nagging conservative, Glen Beck, leads a public storm front against enlightened progressive, Van Jones. Dig in your trench, the culture wars are upon us and if you’re not in one camp or the other, you just might wind up as collateral damage. But is this right (Virgo) vs left (Pisces) what the sturm and drang is really about or is it simply the reactive conditioning of the system that has become increasingly polarized since 2000, when George Bush was elected? What if there was another meaning we could pin on the opposition that we may be overlooking?

Turn back the clock. The year is 1339 and the month is September. What makes this date in time unique? It marks the beginning of The Bubonic Plague. Where was Uranus? In Pisces, at 23 degrees, just two degrees off of the current opposition. To understand “The Plague” we have to get a better idea of what culture in Europe was like before the plague: Continue reading “Saturn in Virgo vs Uranus in Pisces, Meaningful Work (Dharma) vs The New Plague Part 1”

Alex Jones’ And Charlie Sheen’s Mercury Retrograde Faux Paux And Chance For Redemption

distortduoPuttin’ a Sheen on Jones or just a put on?

Want to see how Mercury Retrograde can go bad? We don’t have to look any further than the Alex Jones/Charlie Sheen debacle that took place on Tuesday, one day deep into Mercury Retrograde.

Jones has been taking lots of heat lately from people that are claiming that he is noting more than a well paid gatekeeper–Glen Beck with bullhorn and a good conspiracy theory or two to kick around as well. The deep divide that has arisen in the world of Alex Jones is Jones’ repeated refusal to talk about Zionism, AIPAC, etc as it relates to influencing US policy, both abroad and domestically. Jones will routinely shut down callers who call in and want to crack on Israel. He’ll also wipe out comments from his forum if someone calls him out on it. Some folks have made interesting connections between Jones’ lawyer being the same lawyer for Edgar Bronfman. Whether this implies a strong Jewish/zionist connection that can surely be examined and discussed, it cannot be dismissed that this is one, powerful lawyer working for some guy with a x-files fetish.

So with dissent and fracture starting to happen around Jones, Jones decided to call in his old pal, Charlie Sheen.

Some people might be aware that Sheen questioned the governments involvement around 911. Some jokes were made by Bill Maher. Letterman, etc, but it never impacted Sheen say the way it did Mark Ruffalo, who basically said the same thing, and within just a few weeks, found his brother murdered. I guess it pays to have your father play the president on TV.

So Jones calls Sheen in for the “Biggest Story In Jones (suspiciously meteoric rise) Career!” What’s that story? Sheen is going to interview the president! Wow! Charlie Sheen to interview Obama! Fat chance. It was all a ruse, a pathetically faked interview that shot even more holes into Jones’ leaking ship of credibility. The backlash has been significant. George Noory chastised Jones live on “Coast-To-Coast.” Jones couldn’t even admit that he fucked up. He blamed it on the fact that WordPress could not handle more than 16 pages, the length of the bogus interview. Apparently, according to Jones, the missing 17th page, was the one that had the disclaimer.

No such luck.

So what are we all to make of this? Why don’t we have a look at the charts of the two players in this absurd and potentially damaging little prank? Continue reading “Alex Jones’ And Charlie Sheen’s Mercury Retrograde Faux Paux And Chance For Redemption”