May 2009


Pluto In Capricorn Gets The “Up” Lift

Growing old and up! A few months ago I posted about the power of the octogenarian as it resides in Pluto in Capricorn, the aspect that will see The Baby Boomers move into Social Security territory and I explored how Pluto In Capricorn would be a deeply empowering one for this generation, as Capricorn rules […]


Prince, Dylan, Tupac, Ginsberg, Miles, Brian, Maca, Wesley Willis And The Gemini Connection

Sense a trend here? Been away from the blog for a while–busy doing readings, consulting and writing a quick piece for emusic on rock savant, Wesley Willis, a Gemini, (clinically schizophrenic). Some interesting things really popped when i started looking at famous Gemini musicians, mostly the connection between the artist and their alter egos (sort […]