Pluto In Cap vs USA In Cancer Stellium Is On, CEO Obama Fires GM Chief And Obama And Geithner’s Lion Pride

plutocapbuzzReality just keeps getting weirder.

Here are just a few notes, events and ideas that have been clanging around in my head regarding Pluto in Capricorn. The first is GM’s CEO, Rick Waggoner being asked, no, told by Barack Obama to step down from his position. This is more than just a precedent setting act, it establishes Obama as not just president, but CEO of the country itself and reflects the increasingly interstitial relationship between the government and big business and vice versa. It parallels what Tim Geithner is also doing at The Fed/Treasury, making a major land grab for new powers and “oversight” over hedge funds, etc. But before we get too far into Geithner, the Waggoner dismissal must be looked at with greater circumspection.

It’s pretty obvious now that the auto industry has taken bailout money, that part of the conditions to receiving the stimulus money was that Washington was going to rise to the top of the pyramid, that they would have hiring and firing power, along with other powers that we may not be aware of. What makes this move more than mildly interesting is that Waggoner could have been asked to step down by the board of GM, especially with enough political muscle being flexed by the new admin. It could have looked as though Waggoner was stepping aside due either to his own volition or at the behest of the board. But this is old school business. Welcome to the corporatocracy in 2009, where the president makes you step down. It was a clear sign of Obama exerting his power in ways that other presidents did not do and if they did, it was through much more covert and subtle machinations. This was clearly a big dog moment for the president elect. It sets precedent and it establishes not just the executive branch, but Obama himself as the alpha and thus sends the message to every CEO in the country that they too could be asked to step down (theoretically). This is a bold and blatant assertion of power that is a cultural manifestation of Pluto in Capricorn and the rise of the corporacratic state and mono culture. Ah, but Barack Obama wasn’t done.

In addition to his pushing Waggoner out the door, he also summoned Bob Basso to The White House, for a little chat regarding Basso’s activities as one of the net’s biggest youtube stars. You see Bob Basso plays “Thomas Paine” in his youtube videos that features contemporary musings on the state of democracy and the lack of true representation in his “We The People” series. Basso’s numbers are growing and so apparently is the administrations concern that Basso could be a force towards a growing populist movement. As Thomas Paine, he not only engages in modern political commentary, he also incites people towards actions, like sending their representatives, “tea bags.” Apparently the president elect wanted to discuss and I quote, “The disturbing nature of the videos.”

What we are seeing here, marvelously played out in costumery and attention to detail, right down to the appropriate era is the opposition I have mentioned in prior posts, between Pluto in Capricorn and The US Stellium in Cancer. As most star watchers know, the last time we saw Pluto In Capricorn, the American Revolution, the very same one that Basso is re-interpreting took place and here we are again as Basso incarnate as Paine re-inacts the Cap/Cancer opposition and Barack Obama, wielding more and more kingly powers (let’s not forget that he is a Leo), summons Basso in a grand, monarchical fashion. If anyone ever wanted to see astrological aspects being played and re-played in real time, well, get your popcorn, cause you’ve got a front row seat. Somehow, I doubt that this is the last trip to the White House someone will make to get a chance to understand “the bigger picture.”

Before I go onto my other rumination regarding Pluto in Cap, I just wanted to return to Tim Geithner briefly. It’s interesting to note that he too is also a Leo, born a mere 14 days after Barack Obama. While he may share close proximity, he also has certain aspects that are wholly different than Obama’s, one of which is a lunar opposition. Geithener’s Moon is in Scorpio (don’t cross him) while Obama’s Moon is in Taurus. Unless they are on the same page and it looks as though they are now, these two could get into deep and entrenched power struggles, however as moons in opposition usually do, they confer a sense that the individuals need each other in some way. Obama needs Geithner’s guile, insider knowledge, inner workings of the byzantine world of global finance, while Geithner needs Obama’s solidity, form and base in order to cast his voodoo economics. In harmony, they are a formidable pair of big cats, lions on the prowl of a legacy in the service of an agenda. In disharmony, they could end up as bitter rivals working against one another.

Geithner’s Mars is in Libra at 0 degrees, while Obama’s is in fastidious Virgo. Obama revels in details and minutiae, probably down to his cufflinks and cliff notes, whereas Geithner is driven by the almost obsessive need for balance. Libra is in it’s fall here and can produce either a vigilant champion of the peoples rights or a quarrelsome type that sees inequality at every turn and thus acts from a personal position, usually as an offensive/defensive posture. In balance, the Mars in Libra type can be a consumate dealmaker and diplomat. The other planet where they share a distinct difference is Jupiter, where it’s retrograde motion goes from Aquarius as it is in Obama’s chart, to Capricorn at 29 degrees in Geitheners. If you do the math, he’s a proud Leo with Moon/Scorpio, Mars/Libra and Jupiter/Capricorn. Tim Geithner is wired for power and it’s acquisition. He and Obama, so closely coordinated, yet differentiated by the stars share the same intent and purpose at present, but if one of them shifts their position and angle or relating, we’ll see some real drama at play.

I was going to talk about life extension through Pluto in Capricorn, but I’ll save that for the next post.

Terrence McKenna, Uranus, 2012 And Winged Pyramids

astro_w2gw_48_2012_year_hp12/21/12 in Chichen Nitze.

I’ve been thinking about 2012 lately. I’ve gone from one side of the 2012 camp, to the other and now dance somewhere in the middle of it’s significance. Early on, back around 1995, when I was just starting to explore the work of Jose Arguelles and Angela Spillsbury, the whole concept of 2012 fit neatly into an inner paradigm that I had been constructing for a very long time. Hearing about “The Photon Belt,” “Alcyone,” “The Galactic Center” and so on, made a great deal of sense to me. All of this coinciding with the end of The Kali Yuga (Hindu epoch of planetary suffering) and “The Procession Of The Equinoxes” all made perfect sense to me. But as I began my descent down into the rabbit hole, I wondered how much of the 2012 mythology was fact and how much of it was fabrication, an orchestrated event to manipulate our consciousness and belief systems. Let’s throw Niburu into the mix, which supposedly will arrive on 2012 and violently alter the physical and social topography of our planet, adding yet another layer of complexity in the rapidly approaching drama.

I first met up with George Green back in 1990, in Olympia, Washington. Green and his wife were on tour, telling people about The NWO, right in the middle of the first Iraq war. I was not prepared for the level insider info that they had to share. It was so far out that in some ways, it had to be believable. He claimed that most of the high level bureaucrats were either clones or “robotoids” and that they were completely controlled. I left that talk with my own sense of reality and sanity pierced.

Green had been approached one time by The Carter administration to work with them, but as he got closer to the source, he backed away from any involvement with “The Peanut Farmer From Plains.” I eventually circled back to Green in the mid-nineties with a book he had published, a channeled work called, Handbook For A New Paradigm. If you haven’t read it, I found it to be one of the most profound pieces of channeled material I had ever read. It dwells mostly on the nature of the universe and God, from the standpoint of Prime Creator knowing itself through creation, without judgement and how there is counterforce to Prime Creator that thinks that it can create another universe unto itself based on darkness and anti-matter. However the endgame would always resort in Prime Creator having the upper hand, because even in the act of anti-creation, the dark could not separate itself from Prime Creator or source, even if they chose to alter the very nature of the source itself. It was a great read and then George Green faded again from my view.

Recently, when I was looking for samples for one of my tracks, I came across an interview with Green on “Coast-to-Coast” with George Noory. There he was again, unreeling wild tales about underground cities and concrete domed houses that can withstand up to 300 mph. Yes, it all centered around 2012 and Niburu.

2012-posterSo what we’re dealing with on the 2012 front is something that has profound, social velocity, which is going to pick up considerable steam when “2012” directed by epic disaster master, Roland Emmerich hits the screens. “2012,” stars John Cusack as a crusading anthropologist who takes it upon himself to counteract the apocalyptic events of 2012 and save himanity. It fits neatly in Emmerich’s end of days resume, which includes independence Day and The Day After. Emmerich also helmed, Stargate so I guess if you need someone to depict disaster films and future mythologies, he’s your man. But is there any meat on the bones of 2012, especially from an astrological perspective?

In my mind, Terrence McKenna was truly one of the great minds of The 20th Century. Unlike previous psychonauts who had travelled the dopamine soaked neural pathways of alternative realities, McKenna did as much as he could to keep his findings as closely as he could to the realm of academia. He published massive tomes on his experiences as a psychedelic explorer and his choice of substances, “entheogens” was his name for them was anything but casual or fun. mckenna21 McKenna took heroic doses of mushrooms, but his substance of choice was DMT, which Daniel Pinchbeck described as “smoking a lawn chair.” Strong doses of DMT can transport the user into an alternate reality in a matter of moments and keep the often bewildered traveler there for 15-20 minutes, which for them, often seems like lifetime. People that voyage to the DMT space describe strabge creatures that range from rapturous to phatasmagoric. McKenna would often witness the strange, almost cartoon-like rituals of what he would call, “Machine Elves.” But that wasn’t all McKenna witnessed.

While McKenna journeyed into the deepest recesses of his psyche he cam upon the future beaming back to us, like an event tractor beam, sucking us towards a point of social entropy and then being shot out like a cannon into a new reality of “extropic novelty.” He likened this to the apocalyptic visions that are held by a number of religions, however, for McKenna, the end result of the warp from one reality to the woof of another was quite different.

To test his theory out, he devised an elaborate mathematical algorithim and then ploted the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching across a linear timewave of history. McKenna was able to decode the rise and fall of epochs and ages, the movements of cycles through time, all the way to 2012 and that ‘s where his model, based on the algorithim and “Book Of Changes” stopped. In McKenna’s mind, this is where the event horizon of history ends.timewave_zero_graph

As a brief experiment, I did a chart for 12/21/12 at 12;21 pm, for Chicen Itze, where the animus for Mayan calendar most likely took shape. The chart is very interesting. Notice how Uranus in Aries is just approaching the ascendant with the Moon, already there. The feeling is one of imminent breakthrough of some form or another. Uranus in Aries cannot simply rest in the solitude of the 12th house, especially as it approaches the ascendant. Later in the day, in Mayan time, Uranus in Aries will meet the ascendant with full force, uncoiling energies that have been dormant and repressed, for possibly ages. The moon has already paved the way and people will be feeling the pull towards some, emotionally transcendent experience, with more than just a sense of expectancy. But it gets even better.

In the chart, notice where Neptune and Chrion are. They’re conjunct in Pisces and they both form the tip of a grand trine. Neptune is right on the cusp of the 11th/12th and denotes an almost perfect merge with Chiron of the ideals of Aquarius in house 12th, true communion amongst one another and a return to source, Like The Moon, Chiron is leading the way, opening the door of the 12th, creating a portal through our vulnerability, To me, Chiron in this moment becomes a collective prayer for the soul of humanity, a moment where we must cross the divide between our ability to do it on our own and surrender to an energy that will carry us across some psychic divide in a way that we could not do on our own. Something opens up and the critical mass of awakening can tilt us towards a collective gnosis, but we cannot do it alone.

Just look at the chart for a moment and then digest what the Sabian symbol for Aries 4, which is where Uranus is stationed at 12/21/12, “A Triangle With Wings.” Go ahead, look at the chart again. What do you see? Notice where Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries are the tips of the wings, flanking Neptune at the head of the triangle or the tip of the pyramid?

What of The Capricornian Sun, rising up and illuminating Quetzlcoatl on the plain of Chichen Itze that very day? It’s at 0 degrees and the Sabian Symbol for that degree is “An Indian Chief Claims Power From The Assembled Tribe.” I find it more than mildly interesting that the degree/symbol evokes indigenous imagery, which for all intents and purposes is an indigenously driven moment in time.

Who is the chief? Christ? Anti-Christ? Godhead? Us?

Venus in Sag and Jupiter in Gemini also have their roles to play out. Venus in Sag, 8th house signifies a death, a transformation of how we relate to one another, the end of one story and the beginning of another. The Sabian Symbol for 8 Sag is “Within The Depths Of The Earth, New Elements Are Being Formed.” I think I’ll leave my interpretation out on that one as the power and resonance, aligned for this particular lends itself to rumination and not easy conjecture.

So there it is. I’m still not fully embracing the concept of 2012 as to how it’s being portrayed, but from McKenna, to the Mayan chart for that day and the Sabian Symbols, something is definitely in the air and I have no doubt that we’ll be able to gauge more relevance and meaning as we’re pulled towards some form of cultural epiphany at the end of time.

New emusic Astrology Column Coming!

emusic_wheelThe wheel just keeps turning.

I just got word from Joe Keyes at emusic and he’s agreed to run a monthly column based on the sign of each month and musicians associated with that sign. The first column will drop in May and will no doubt include Taurans, “the sign of the voice” such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin, David Byrne and others.

If you haven’t expereienced emusic, I heartily suggest that you do. If you’re into downloading music, it’s the very best value for independent music on the internet.

Check them out.

Aquarius And The Marketing Of A New World Order

271750_main1Come, join my corner in The New World Order . . .

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” — Joseph Goebbells

EDITORS NOTE. They have just announced that the new name of the proposed “Freedom Tower in NYC aka the new WTC, will be called, “The One World Trade Center.”

I’ve been dealing with moving and decoupling from my domestic life, amongst other issues, so I haven’t taken on the big pieces as of late, but I have promised my pal, Twilight to do a little Siskel and Ebert on “The New World Order.” Twilight, like my very good friend, didge player extraordinaire, Stephen Kent is from England, where the idea of socialism is actually a reality they are quite used to, having been indoctrinated into via their respective English upbringings and while The U.S. is currently a soft socialist model, it has had the trappings of free-market capitalism for most of it’s existence, though we are now aware that “free market” actually refers to the fact that white collar criminals who have absconded with billions over the past five years, are still free to do what they do best. Pilfer. If it wasn’t for Bernie Maddoff’s smug and arrogant confession to his sons, he’d still be fleecing people begging for a 12% return with no questions asked. But that’s a different story.

Twilight believes that the only way that we can solve our problems is to submit to a world government and a world currency, a unifying theme, principle and body that would determine the rule of law, for everyone, equally. This is what HG Wells and his “Fabian Socialists” have been working towards for decades (much more on Wells later) and in theory and principle, it all sounds fine, warm and fuzzy, because thanks to Freud, most people believe that we are all just really neanderthals beneath The Brooks Brothers suits, just waiting to club someone if no one is looking and that there are a smarter, more enlightened group of people that can save us from ourselves and through the rule of law and force, united under one unifying system, we can tame the beast within us and live peacefully, thanks to the exalted beneficence of those who are better trained, smarter and more refined than the rest of us.

With Neptune in Aquarius and Jupiter in Aquarius, rapidly approaching a major conjunction, the ideal of a New World order might never be closer. Aquarius represents fairness and equality. While Libra seeks balance and fairness in one-on-one relationships, Aquarius addresses it from a societal standpoint and an ideal such as a “New World Order” has immense appeal during this Neptune/Jupiter/Aquarius phase. Aquarius is also the sign of the media, mass media, radio, t.v. and the internet. I equate music and film more with Pisces, but the vox populi at this very moment in ensconced radio, t,v, and the net. This is where the memes for The NWO will be launched into the collective mind.

One of the things we learned about the last election is how much politics has become marketing and vice versa. From Mad Ave, Tavistock, to SRI, to Langley, we have seen how strategies are borne out of the need to not just capture the public’s mind share, but to colonize the entire personality through beliefs. It was quite evident during The Reagan era, even more so when the conservative christian community were mobilized to support the dubious Bush agenda without question. With Barack Obama, we witnessed the very same thing, catapulting a personality forward on the promise of “hope” and the vapors of “change.” The nebulous nature of the platform has the power to keep us waiting for a very long time as “hope” is a state and not a destination and as a state it can always remain an ideal, not a reality. I have already written about this especially as it relates to Edward Bernays (Freud’s nephew) and how he essentially created the field of mass psychology in The US during the 20th century, creating everything from covert psyops for United Fruit in Central America, to working Alcoa and Reynolds to get the public to accept fluoride (a byproduct of aluminum processing) in the public water supply. Bernays is the godfather of mass mind control and public perception. His work was funded at times by The Rockfeller Foundation, including “The War Of The Worlds,” (HG Wells again) produced and performed by The Mercury Theater and a different Welles, Orson. A side note, here is a rare radio interview with Orson Welles and H.G. Wells.

. Continue reading “Aquarius And The Marketing Of A New World Order”

New Roles For New Goals In The Post Economy, Pt. 3, Sag — Pisces

sag-piscesGetting personal with “The Transpersonals.”

Moving, living between worlds, bifurcation of self, bi-location of spirit, all of these things have kept me from finishing “New Roles For New Goals In The Post Economy,” but now that I have a couple of hours to fill, I think we can look at new, emerging gigs from Sag through Pisces, the transpersonals.

As a rule, the transpersonal signs can have a somewhat easier time with massive social change as they are geared more towards experiencing the world at large through themselves and vice versa. In many respects, they have come here to contribute to the evolution and upkeep of society, culture, institutions, the realm of spirit, etc. For instance, family might be important to a Sag, but not as important as to a Leo or a Cancer, or a Taurus. Fo those signs, the concept of family is integral, a core issue to address and build their lives around. That doesn’t mean that family is all that those signs are wrapped up in, but it’s a matter of degree and importance placed on the role that the family plays in ones life.

For Sag or Sag rising, family would have to fit into some philosophical construct that aligns with their belief system. Or for Capricorn, family would be looked at how efficient it is, what kind of legacy would it leave, how many tax credits would it allow, and could a daughter fetch a son from a powerful family, etc. For Aquarius, family becomes more than family. It becomes the world at large, expanded, the global village, the brotherhood of man and as a result, their angle of relating to the traditional role of family is skewed towards their more expansive and utopian vision for family. Intentional spiritual communities might line up nicely with how an Aquarian perceives family. If they have traditional mates or partners, this can lead to a real disconnect.

I have used these examples around family to show that the transpersonal signs, Sag through Pisces almost always run everything through a bigger picture lens before they can ascribe their own personal meaning and then sign off on personal values and situations. So that said, as we look at where we are headed and seek to find some new, meaningful, careers for these signs, keep in mind that they are generally more than willing to re-create themselves, either for or against the emerging milieu, because it meshes with their own, inherent sense of inhabiting and influencing spaces larger than their personal domains.

Let’s have a look at what they can look forward to over the next 3-5 years.


You and your rising sign have just been completely transformed by Pluto’s stay in your sign, which just recently ended, giving way to Pluto in Cap. Though they can be extremely non-judgemnetal, Sag can also be haughty and proud. Pluto changed a lot of that for Sag in general. Humility became a common theme for many a Sag over the past 13 years. Since Sag can be a deeply religious sign, humility is not such a bad thing as it brings them closer to a feeling of divinity, being open and flow. But Sag, no matter how many times they are consigned to the fires of change, will not avert it’s gaze from the truth. They are painfully honest with themselves and others. This can present a problem during this era as they’ll either have to find something that they fundamentally believe in with all of their hearts and minds, and then become a zealous supporter for some cause or vehicle for change or they will rebel against a system that they feel is not being forthcoming, wholly truthful and transparent. Keeping those things in mind, let’s see what we can come up with.

1) Local Environmental Sherpa
. I met a woman on Saturday night, I’ll call her, “Gail Force.” She might have one of the most interesting jobs that I have ever heard of. She’s an “environmental interpreter.” What does this mean? She essentially spends time in nature, learns from experts about Humpback Whales or old growth forests, assimilates the info, then teaches people how to interact with it, teach about it, be a guide, or docent on the subject, or shares her expertise with researchers so that they have a language to share with potential funders of their projects. Gail has a lot of experience as a trainer and can apply those skills across almost any platform, but she has chosen nature to be her vehicle of choice. You are a natural teacher and the natural world can open up like a book to you. While I think it would be great if you could re-train yourself to work along Gail’s lines, there’s lots of possibilities out there in the natural world and the ones that are the most immediate might be in your own back yard. What kind of plants and animals are indigenous to your local environment? What about herbs and medicinals, growing right under your feet? How do all of these various life forms interact? Can you weave a web of interconnected life? Here is an opportunity that exists right out your own front door. Learn about the world around you, let it reveal it’s mystery and then share it with others. Lead tours, write a blog, become and urban hunter and gatherer. You’ll be surprised by what secrets nature will yield, once you really pay attention.

2) Peak Guru
. There”s one thing that Sag’s love to do and that’s stay in peak zones for as long as possible. Being in a peak zone is equivalent to a “state of grace” and this is the most fundamental ground of being for a Sag, as it aligns with their desire to sync up with a higher power and have that will blend and merge wit theirs. This is the ultimate peak zone for Sag’s and they can show the rest of us, how to get there and stay there. From diet and exercise, to right thought and right action, The Archer can fine tune the peak states for all of us, if they can manage to stay off their pulpit long enough to do so without being preachy. When they’re on Sag can channel a fiery zeal that can really light an inspirational fire under someone’s fanny. So if you’re a Sag, looking for the next level coaching, when people are going to have to not only survive, but excel when the world is runnin’ down, “Peak Guru” is your calling. Learn it, be it, share it. Let the aliveness flow like a river through your life and out into the world. Staying healthy and sane is no longer and option–it’s a necessity. Continue reading “New Roles For New Goals In The Post Economy, Pt. 3, Sag — Pisces”

Lynda Hill Reflects On The Aries New Moon

nierikaThe mirror image of the Nierika portends two separate realities.

Lynda Hill, The High Priestess of The Sabian Symbols chimes in with her analysis of this powerful, upcoming, new Moon.

It seems fitting that this time requires us to be nimble and occupy as many realms as we need to in order to make this 3D reality work. Whether it’s two jobs, or two lives, or two planes of existence, such as prayer and practice, this moon gives us a glimpse into how we can navigate alternate realms. So, without further ado, here’s the wisdom of Lynda.

The new Moon in March falls on March 26 in the United States and March 27 in Australia. The Sabian Symbol for this new Moon is fabulous and rich and contains a lot of promise, diversity and possibilities as it’s on Aries 7: A Man Successfully Expressing Himself in Two Worlds at Once.

This new Moon shows the necessity, during these very interesting and testing times, of being adaptable, moving with the times, taking on new information as it arises and being able to focus our energies on the things that are rewarding or necessary, or, perhaps, dealing with the things that just get in the way of what we need to be doing. Sometimes we may feel “split in half”, having to balance different but equally pressing issues.

”A Man Successfully Expressing Himself in Two Worlds at Once” shows someone being versatile and adaptable. When operating in ‘Two Worlds’, one’s life may seem divided, with divergent responsibilities, needs and urges. But this image implies that this person is ‘Successfully Expressing Himself’, which shows that this is a time when it is possible, or necessary, to integrate or successfully deal with separate or diverse areas of life.

We may be living a “straight” life; going to work, doing the daily grind, being corporate or whatever, but living a spiritual life in our private time, or, it can show having separate identities, differing talents and abilities or living our lives split between two families, lovers, places, houses or whatever. It can, of course, show duplicity; someone who plays their cards on both sides of the table.

Whatever the situation, this is one of those times when we really need to be looking at ourselves, and others, to see if we’re being truly authentic in every aspect, every world, every realm. How do we express ourselves? How do we come across to others? What face do we present to the world? What do we really look like when we strip down to bare bones, tearing away the unnecessary, the encumbering, the things that cloud us and take us away from our true nature? Who is that person in the mirror?

The Keywords for this degree are: Integrating the spiritual with the material. Balancing things. Doing juggling acts. Moving through people’s lives and social stratas. Translations of words and thoughts from one area of life to another. Having separate family situations. Living a dual life. Moonlighting.

Venus, which is currently retrograde (it appears to be moving backwards), is right there in the mix with this new Moon. It is on Aries 8: A Woman’s Hat With Streamers Blown By the East Wind. This degree shows the necessity of staying on track, staying true to one’s mission, desires, intentions and not to be blown off course. We can find ourselves distracted when this degree is around and easily changeable. Being fickle, forgetful or feeble won’t cut it; we need focus.

Many people are reporting that they are finding it difficult to sleep. I did a workshop on the weekend and asked whether people were having problems with sleep and almost everyone said they were. This has been happening for a while, but I think it’s quickening as so many feel they have so much to do, to achieve or get through. These are not easy times but they can be very productive! Pluto is firmly in the mix as he’s squaring this new Moon from Capricorn 4: A Group of People Entering a Canoe For a Journey by Water. This Symbol speaks of the issue of working with others, OR, working alone. Some will feel the need to balance this journey by finding time for solitude and focus, others will want to spend a great deal of their time in group efforts. This is a personal decision, and, if everyone is coming from a place of integrity, a very fruitful time lays ahead.

A day or two after the new Moon, Venus moves backwards onto  “A Man Successfully Expressing Himself in Two Worlds at Once” – this Symbol gets a big shot in the arm from Venus’ desire to make things happen. If we can stop being “blown around” by emotions, stop distracting ourselves or finding excuses for why we can’t do something, we can move forward to a better representation of our talents, desires and abilities and have more productive outcomes in every sphere of our life.

Uranus is throwing something interesting into the mix. It’s on Pisces 24: An Inhabited Island. Many people find that they want to live alone, they don’t want to have to compromise their lives by accomodating others. Of course, some may be feeling lonely and cut off and wondering how to include more people in their lives. Most, though, with Uranus being on this degree now are likely to be wanting their own private space.

Mercury is on Aries 2: A Comedian Entertaining the Group – keeping a sense of humor works wonders as does indulging in some comedy and light hearted fun. The day after the new Moon Mercury moves onto Aries 3: A Cameo Profile of a Man in the Shape of His Country. This also asks how we fit in. How do we see our “cameo”, how do we see ourselves fitting into the big picture?

The trick with new Moon is to make up your wish list for the future. Where does Aries sit in your chart? Check it out as this is the place where you can expand on your positive affirmations for the future. Make up that wish list but remember to cover all areas of your life – even those parts that you feel divided about.

If you would like to know more about Lynda and perhaps get a personalized, Sabian Symbol reading, go to her site and dive into the breadth of this wonderful tool for self discovery.