Star Of The Day — February 28th — Brian Jones — The Mystery Of Death Revealed?

jonesmontStone dead.

A little late in the day, but feel like this is worth posting for a number of reasons. As the final hours fade from the last day of February, we look at the life of Brian Jones, one of the founders of The Rolling Stones along with being one of the most popular musicians of the sixties.

Jones was born 0n 2/28 1942, in Cheltenham, UK. There is no definitive chart with ascendant for Jones, but based on his history, we know that he was born on a Saturday night. which would either make him a Libra or Virgo rising. Two writers from the same website debate one anothers rectification and while they do come to any sort of agreement, their back and forth is fairly entertaining.

Jones was a Pisces Sun with a Leo Moon. His Mercury was in Aquarius and the three lead planets in is chart connote elements of artistry, showmanship and keen intellect. His Moon and Mercury are in opposition and might have kept him from trusting either one for sustained periods of time. I believe this on/off mode made it difficult for him to see what was taking place within The Stones as Mick Jagger began to supplant Jones as the leader of the group by a number of different means, including bonding with Keith Richards, who had originally started The Stones with his childhood chum, Brian Jones. Keep in mind that Jagger is a Leo Sun and his Sun was conjunct Jones’ Moon. In this alignment, Jagger/Sun takes on the masculine role, while Jones/Moon, the feminine. Did Jones’ Leo Moon make him defer to the more dominant Sun of Jagger? Did his Moon not allow him to see Jagger’s subtle subterfuge and when he did moving to the other pole of the opposition in Mercury/Aquarius, taking a more objective stance, what caused him to slide back into the submissive, lunar position? Was Jones pining for some kind of approval from Jagger and his more dominant Leo Sun? To complicate matters even more in this highly complex battle of egos and need for approval, Jaggers Pluto in Leo, Jupiter in Leo and Mercury in Leo were also all conjunct Jones’ Leo Moon. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, Jagger’s Pluto in Leo at 6 degrees was conjunct Jones’ Chiron in Leo at 9 degrees. I believe that this conjunction was what made Jones so vulnerable to Jagger and Jagger, so obviously keyed into power and it’s attendant manifestations used this against Jones.

Recently, a new online pal (Beany Bird) from Twitter turned me onto Magi Astrology, which I am slowly learning about. One of the main differences between traditional Western astrology and Magi astrology is how they view Chiron. The traditional view of Chiron is that of “The Wounded Healer.” In Magi Astrology, it’s assigned to the task of defining and assigning our true love and soulmate. Much like how there are two views of The Mayan count (Arguelles/Jenkins) and how they might actually reinforce one another, like masculine/feminine. light/dark, etc, perhaps these two versions of Chiron are not mutually exclusive of one another and that through the wound and reparation of separation, we find the value and vibration of a true love. If this were the case then The Chrion/Pluto conjunction these two shared becomes even more complex and hints at homo-eroticism, shadow projection, un-requited love and even cruelty. Continue reading “Star Of The Day — February 28th — Brian Jones — The Mystery Of Death Revealed?”

Cognitive Dissonance In The Season Of The Fish

cogfishSwim in the light.

Recently, Kassandra brought to my attention that ten states are opting for sovereignty and rejecting The Obama stimulus package. I truly believe that this is the dynamic that is aligning itself in the opposition of Pluto in Capricorn versus the The US stellium of planets in Cancer, particularly the US Venus in Cancer at 3 degrees in direct opposition of Pluto In Capricorn, currently at 2 degrees. This opposition in relationship, both literally and figuratively is an ideological schism that represents states right versus federal mandates as The Fed fuses with business (see Citibank purchase) while assuming the new mantel of the coporatocarcy. It’s not something that is reported far and wide in the mainstream media and yet it is a dynamic that is at the forefront of local consciousness.

In another, related, Pluto in Capricorn aspect Stanford Investments is just he latest investment fund/ponzi scheme to float to the surface like some specious waste product. Unlike The Madoff Fund, which touched a high number of film, TV and real estate moguls, Stanford reached into the realm of professional sports as baseball players like Johnny Damon, Carlos Pena and Scott Eyre had their life savings connected to Stanford and, as a result, have had their accounts frozen. Eyre, a pitcher with The Phillies has only $13 to his name.

The underbelly of Pluto in Capricorn keeps getting it’s green and greasy entrails exposed in the cold light of examination.

it will be interesting to see if Allen Stanford will also get to stay at home with a boot and a bullet-proof-vest ala Bernie Madoff. Do white color crimes carry the same leniency across the socio-economic scale as down and dirty blur collar theft, or should and will they both be judged and prosecuted with same level of conviction held by the current administration? It’s going to be interesting to watch The Obama administration mete out justice for offenders rich and poor, of variant faiths and entrenched relationships in networks that could incriminate far more than just the guy at the top of the pyramid.

I was speaking the other day with my good friends, Sussan Deyhim and Richard Horowitz as we plan out a multi-media event to take place in September in San Francisco at one of the great churches in the city. Sussan played me some clips of blues songs that she was working on specifically “I’m Gonna Beat My Woman” by Robert Johnson. Always the consumate artist Sussan brings her rich and mysterious phrasings to the fore and turns the song on it’s head from a womans perspective, replete with fat beats and sensuous grooves. Anyway, I was speaking with them and they were commenting on what a strange time this is as the economy continues to melt away, jobs lost, fear mounting and yet, they are feeling positive and aware of the cognitive dissonance of this state of being. They’re not positive because they have some sort of nest egg, but because of the underlying vibration of Jupiter in Aquarius, which speaks to the possibility of creating new networks, inspiring novelty, creative connectivity and a deeper flow than the fear channel can distribute. The recent exercise of “Gathering In The Void” confirmed this for me as people that dropped in, participated and shared their experience affirms for me, that the power of something as simple as investing some time and connectivity can begin to form more complex patterns of thoughts, feelings and perceptions. I’m going to see if I can do something with some of the imagery that people shared so that I can make it more or concrete form.

Floating at the periphery of change in the season of the fish, have a blessed Friday.

Gathering In The Void Part 2 — Pisces New Moon

void_crystalSpace is the place.

Please feel free to use the comments section below if you participated this AM and have anything you’d like to share and compare notes with.

Due to semi-popular demand, I am going to hold the space for another “Gathering In The Void” to be held on The Pisces New Moon on 2/25/09 at 6am PDT.

For those of you that did not participate the first go round, the concept is fairly simple. We gather wherever we are at an appointed time and simply breathe, relax and notice our thoughts, images, words, messages, feelings for thirty minutes etc, then capture them somehow and return back here to report back on what we experienced. The idea is to find commonality, threads, shared themes if they exist.

As we hurtle through space and the anxiety regarding our financial situation rises, I think it’s important that we connect non-locally, to feel one another in the midst of a presence of silence and space.

As I stated before, this is not a ritual to send love and light anywhere, it’s an opportunity to feel, experience and be.

In addition to it being a highly sensitive Pisces New Moon, it’s also 9 Ben in the Arguelles count of The Mayan Calendar. It is an auspicious day, a galactic activation portal.

Red Solar Skywalker
I Pulse in order to Explore

Realizing Wakefullness
I seal the Output of Space
With the Solar tone of Intention
I am guided by the power of Universal Water
I am a galactic activation portal enter me.

Pisces New Moon Sabian Symbol Download From Lynda Hill

william_blake_jacobs_ladder1Ascend and touch the light.

My friend Lynda Hill, “The Modern Seer Of The Sabian Symbols” delivered her new moon newsletter last week and I thought that it merited re-printing in light of “The Gathering In The Void 2” which takes place on 9 Ben, one of the portal days in The Mayan Calendar.

It seems as though that this Wednesday does indeed have the potential to be a potent opening for conscious realization and healing. So let’s jump right into what Lynda has to say about this forthcoming New Moon.

February’s Pisces new Moon occurs on February 25 in Australia and February 24 in the United States. The Sabian Symbol is Pisces 7: Illuminated by a Shaft of Light, a Large Cross Lies on Rocks Surrounded by Sea and Mist. This is an image that inspires feelings of chaos, concern and a sense of misplaced priorities. There is hope, though, and plenty of it; there is ‘illumination’ from a ‘shaft of light’. One needs to focus on the light that can lift one up from the ‘rocks surrounded by sea and mist’.

This degree brings to mind the scars, pain and loss of so many in recent months, especially here in Australia with the bushfires and the floods and the millions of people that have lost their jobs and their homes. It also brings up Princess Diana. Diana’s Chiron (the Wound, the Healer and the stories we tell ourselves) was on this Cross degree, directly opposed by Pluto on Virgo 7: A Harem. This fits so well with her story of being the daughter-in-law of the head of the Church of England (Queen Elizabeth II), and, her feelings of misplaced loyalties and being in a ‘harem’. It was reported in the press that at the time of her funeral, the tomb of her Egyptian lover, Dodi who died in the crash in Paris with Diana, had a heavenly shaft of light shine down onto his name, just lighting up the letters D and I on the tomb (Di, as Diana was widely known) – ‘illuminated by a shaft of light’.

The following is an excerpt of my interpretation of Pisces 7 from my book 360 Degrees of Wisdom: Charting Your Life With the Sabian Oracle:

“There could be a feeling that life has not been “good” enough. Thoughts of helplessness can come from feeling as though all is lost. Perhaps one’s aim was too high and things have came crashing down. Feeling forsaken or used can lead to a sense of loss of belonging or identity. It may indeed seem that much has been lost, but do we really have to continue to suffer so much? Seeing the positive or the spiritual messages that come in dark moments can shed new understandings that transcend even the most difficult times. With faith and a positive outcome in mind, you may experience a true awakening, or a reconnection with your spiritual ideals and hope for the future. A sign may come soon to show that you are on the right track to recovery of life and love. Letting go of outworn relationships, allegiances or beliefs will assist you to move on with a stronger sense of self. However, are there still some worthwhile and wonderful things that can be salvaged or things to be grateful for? Concentrate on ‘The Shaft of Light’ as this can lead you to see that ‘Light’ is indeed all around you.”shaftlight

Keywords: Renewed dedication after loss. Looking for signs of hope and recovery. Coming to terms with loss or failure. Rocks, mist, howling winds on coasts. Crosses of faith. Important and substantial sacrifices. Being devastated by events. Being in the “spotlight” in difficult times. Finding the way through the dark. The need for sacrifice. Alternative religions. Stepping outside religious boundaries.

Issues to do with relationships can be central to feelings of loss or the need to rebuild one’s life. Venus is about to go retrograde for 40 days (and 40 nights – a period in the wilderness?) and it’s slowing right down in order to turn around in the first week of March. Continue reading “Pisces New Moon Sabian Symbol Download From Lynda Hill”

Jade Goody’s Death Watch In Uranus/Pisces & Neptune/Aquarius

goddy_deathWhat is real?

The last time I was in England, the country was all-a-twitter about a young woman named “Jade Goody.” Apparently, she was a real Walter Mitty story. Her star rose when she first appeared on the UK’s version of the reality show, Big Brother. It seems as though her lack of sophistication and naivete along with her simple, yet potent honesty captured the hearts of many Brits. They saw in her a vision of themselves, someone who was just plain folk, whose innocent and unpolished attitude towards life mirrored their own to greater or lesser extent. When she left Big Brother she was offered her own cosmetics line and other residuals that lifted her far out of her previous social and economic milieu. She had become a star.

But when I had arrived she was on Big Brother for her second go round and had gotten into a nasty cat fight with an attractive, young, Indian actress. Apparently, Jade’s “honesty” crossed over some tasteful lines regarding the other woman and Jade was quickly cast into being a racist and was first voted off the show, then had nearly all of her endorsements removed from her. It seemed quite sad actually that she could rise so fast and then fall so quickly. Well, Jade’s story just took another, decidedly more grim turn.

I was perusing The Guardian Online the other day and I found out that she has terminal cancer and is now back in the spotlight, loved again, celebrated for her courage as she basically bares her soul on TV and The Internet so that she can derive enough money from her long goodbye for her daughters two sons future. As I saw her bald-headed visage, I was really stunned. Then, I remembered a movie I had seen many years ago called “Deathwatch” by Bertrand Tavernier.

The basic premise of “Deathwatch” is that it takes place in the-not-too-distant future and in that future, people have lost the ability to feel and live vicariously through the experiences of others on television, particularly a show called “Deathwatch” where a person who has some form of terminal illness is befriended by someone and unbeknownst to them, they are capturing their every emotion, every thought, every move. Their experience is then broadcast so that the collective can experience what it’s like to feel.

Romy Schneider plays “Katherine” a woman who is told that she has terminal cancer and is befriended by Harvey Keitel, a producer of the show who replaces one of his eyes with a small camera, capturing every moment he can as she grapples with her oncoming demise. Trying to come to grips with her mortality, she ventures into the countryside with Keitel in tow. Her honesty and vulnerability are a ratings boon, but they also make Keitel question his role as a man who has sacrificed his vision for the reward of voyeuristic immediacy. Katherine eventually wanders into a grocery store where a clerk greets her with tears and this encounter forces Katherine to understand what is really taking place. The irony is that once she met Keitel, walked away from her life and confronted her mortality, she became more alive than ever. But then the betrayal kicks in and to make matters even worse, Keitel tells her that the doctor lied and told she had cancer because he was in on the production. Once Katherine hears this, she no longer wants to live and her her subliminally imposed condition kicks in. She dies.

The film is beyond prescient, especially in the light of Jade Goody’s very public demise.

This represents the shadow side of the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces, as well as the strange co-mingling of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius where the real and unreal melt together in ways that bend reality. Reality TV becomes reality and reality becomes Reality TV. The Obama election was something similar, a self-generating prophecy where we saw a man reach deific heights, the illusion of Pisces/Neptune, fused with the cross-platform media saturation of Aquarius/Uranus. The veil between the two is so thin and permeable now.

When I saw Goody, I even had to wonder how much of her illness could have been caused by how people turned on her and the immense ill will she experienced at the hands of many who thought that she betrayed their trust, faith and love in her. Almost like sympathetic black magic, did the public’s toxic reaction to Goody hasten her demise? Did Goody’s system become overtaxed due to stress and living what seems to be an unhealthy and fairly debauched life as a reality star?

It’s all very strange and sad to me, yet par for the course in a world where the line between various realms gets thinner and thinner with each passing day.

Jupiter In Aquarius — The Currency Of Light — Re-Imagining The Self

silversurferPlug into the possibility.

I was talking with my pal Chris over at Kosmic and I was trying to translate the concept of the “Currency Of Light” and he struggled slightly and thought it might be instructive to provide some examples to understand what I was talking about. So I thought about and what I came up with was a series of events that took place in my life in 1995, just as Pluto was touching my ascendant.

I was managing an apartment building in East Oakland and it had been an incredibly enlightening, yet more than occasionally sad experience. I was a witness to certain version of Black American life close up. It was the WIC, AFDC, single-mother version. I saw many, many things in that neighborhood that made me a much better person in many ways, but as I mentioned it was rarely easy. Two of the things that I had to do was evict people and manage their public behavior so that others in the building could live a mostly normal life. There was a series of events that took place over a three-week-stretch that for me was the uplink to the source that would eventually plug me into “The Currency Of Light.”

There was a young couple that lived in one of the bottom units. The guy that lived there smoked meth and was always drawing lots of trouble to himself and his quite lovely, yet unfortunate girlfriend. They covered their rent, but he was a REAL problem. So one day, I said to myself, “What if they had a small fire in their kitchen, no one gets hurt, minimal damage and it let’s us move them out?” Well, just a few days later, it happened and sure enough, they were on their way out.

Then, there was another woman on the same floor, whose sister would park her “hooptie” in the back, where only residents could park. I had asked her repeatedly to move the car and i always got the same answer which was “ok” and the car would remain. So as I passed her car, I actually thought about slashing her tire to teach her a lesson, but didn’t. I returned in the morning to find her tire slashed. She never parked in the back again.

Then, there was the big moment.

I had been working on one of the units and was shutting down for the night. The apartment below me was partying and loudly carrying on. I wasn’t into it. Not coincidentally, they were getting evicted. So I walked downstairs, asked them to turn their music down and they shined me on. I thought about going into the basement to shut their power off, but thought better. Then I said to myself, “What if there was a little power outage in the hood and they ended their party as a result?” Well, just a few minutes later, you guessed it–out went the lights and the party broke up. I was feeling a little weirded out at this point. I tuned into Art Bell on my battery powered radio and found out that there had been a major black out/power surge all over the Western US. Then I found out that the source of the blackout was . . . “Oakland.” I managed to call into Bell and told him my story. He said; “Well there you go ladies and gentleman, it’s all the man in Oakland’s fault.”

I began to look at how reality was conforming to my thoughts and realized that in each situation, I never asked for anyone to get hurt. Some might call all of this high strangeness just weird coincidences and yet, I knew that this was directly linked to my consciousness and was illustrating to me how we can have far more control over our environment than we had ever imagined, if we re-imagined ourselves and our capabilities.

Well I eventually experienced the backlash of this power when I decided to make it personal. I was clearly shown that I could not cross that line without consequences.

To me, this is one manifestation of “The Currency Of Light,” to be able to practice holistic and non-threatening magic. What if hundreds, thousands of us were able to tap into that powerful vortex? What could we do if our will and intentions were aligned in the highest and most loving way? What kind of magic could we wield? How quickly would we be able to re-imagine what’s possible? This is one aspect of what I am talking about when I mention “The Currency Of Light.” By tapping into the deep, cosmic reservoir of possibility and sharing it amongst ourselves, trading in the diversity of what each of us has to offer one another in relationship with the quantum universe, we interact with the quantum reality and accrue interest through the continued participation in this realm, especially in conjunction with others. That is the psycho-electrical throughput for “The Currency Of Light.”

For me, the possibility to link up on these subtle networks which allows the currency to flow freely and manifest in form is here and now with Jupiter in Aquarius. We can begin this collective practice by noticing it in ourselves, in our lives, in action in the world around us and empowering it’s presence. Twilight brought up the transit of Uranus into Aries and to me, that phase is the radical activation of will. It is the on switch for those that haven’t quite plugged in yet.

I’ll have more concrete examples in the not-too-distant future.