January 2009


On The Road To Super Bowl Sunday

When you meet The Buddha in Malibu. . . First off, props to Shawn Carson for bringin’ the yang over the past couple of days. Love your comments and insight Shawn. Keep it comin’. I’m in LA getting ready to head out to Vegas in an hour or so, to partake in the great American […]


Super Bowl And The Stars Part Two — Kurt Warner’s Date With Resurrection — Overcoming Adversity — Transiting Pluto Opposing Natal Sun

Kurt’s rejoinder. Yesterday we looked at Mike Tomlin and Ken Whisenhunt, their respective charts and how they might play out against the starry backdrop of The Super Bowl. Whisenhunt, if he can stay calm will have considerable good fortune on his side with a stacked confluence of transiting Aquarian planets, Sun, Jupiter and Neptune, with […]


Pluto In Capricorn — When A Good Man Goes Baaaaaaad

“I’m a b-a-a-a-aaad m-a-a-a-a-aaan.” How do you know when it’s officially Pluto in Capricorn? When a goat gets arrested for automobile theft. Yes, it seems to be a fairly common occurrence in Nigeria, where shape shifting black magicians assume animal forms, just as they’re about to be nabbed by the local authorities. What’s going to […]