Super Bowl And The Stars Part Four — Big Ben aka Big DreamerAnd Whisehunt’s Mind

roethlisberger.jpgEnter the matrix of dreams.

After having traversed The LA freeway system, for what seemed like hours, we finally hit the open road and drank in the eerie landscapes of The Southern California desert. I had visions of Spahn Ranch, out there in the distance, where acid fueled orgies and new moon rituals culminated in Manson’s apocalyptic sermons, peppered with keywords and triggers, priming his nubile zombies to murder on command, the dark phantoms of the hippy movement, ceremonially aborting the innocence of a generation. That stretch of highway still rings with supernatural echoes and disembodied voices that whisper and scream in the late winter Santa Anas.

We stopped in Barstow for caffeine and protein. All I have to say is that if “The Biggest Loser” is scouting for talent, the “In And Out” in Barstow has enough potential reality stars for the next decade at any given time.

So, we’re here at the El Cortez and it is so laid back and old school, I think I’ll use some Brylcream and Mennen before I hit the strip tonight.

So back to the stars, Big Ben and The Super Bowl. Steeler Nation is on edge . . . I can feel the angst. It’s palpable. Shawn Carson, a new reader here has done some really nice work, which I will post here in addition to what I dredge up.

I’m going to get to his Western details in a minute, but I’m going to look at his Sun’s Sabian Symbol and Mayan count to get a bigger overview.

Big Ben was born on 3/2/82 and his Pisces Sun is at 12 degrees. The Sabian Symbol for 12 degrees Pisces is, “An Ancient Sword, Used In Many Battles, Is Displayed In A Museum.” To me, this personifies Big Ben as a timeless warrior, soul who re-incarnates from lifetime to lifetime to take his place in the field of battle. This lifetime, it’ s football. I can’t think of too many other quarterbacks that lay it out on every play the same way Big Ben does. Some QB’s are field generals, Roethlisberger is a soldier. On Sunday, the Sabian Symbol for The Aquarian Sun, also at twelve degrees is, “A Barometer” slightly obtuse and yet encapsulates a certain Aquarian prediliction for science and metrics, weights and measures. Herein lies what I think is the key to Roethlisberger’s performance come Sunday. He has been fairly candid about his poor performance during the last Super Bowl, and I am sure that he will use it as a “barometer” to gauge his performance this Sunday.

With his warrior-like Sabian symbol, he is conscious of legacy and I have no doubt that despite the ring, he is not proud of performance. The key for Big Ben is to get out early and play well. If I was Bruce Arians, I would script him plays that would give him some success early, because based on his Sabian Symbol, if he is not faring well early on, I am afraid that he will struggle throughout the rest of the game. That doesn’t spell doom for a team that has Willie Parker and a magnificent defense, but it could make it harder on them. Big Ben’s early success is critical, unlike Warner, whom I feel will be engaged in an epic battle of wills. I’m not sure that Roethlisberger’s psyche, in this game, can handle it. Continue reading “Super Bowl And The Stars Part Four — Big Ben aka Big DreamerAnd Whisehunt’s Mind”

On The Road To Super Bowl Sunday

When you meet The Buddha in Malibu. . .

First off, props to Shawn Carson for bringin’ the yang over the past couple of days. Love your comments and insight Shawn. Keep it comin’.

I’m in LA getting ready to head out to Vegas in an hour or so, to partake in the great American ritual of excess known as “Super Bowl Sunday.”

I started the journey off in the late but capable hands of Jane “Boobs McGee” Piper, who piloted her topless Miata to the edge of Santa Monica where we hung out with Richard Horowitz and Sussan Deyhim, two of my favorite people on the planet. When it comes to football, Richard doesn’t know pass interference from offsides, but it didn’t deter Oliver Stone from choosing him to score “On Any Given Sunday” which happened to be my pal Jane’s favorite sports movie of all time. He recounted the story of when he met Stone for the first time to discuss the gig and Oliver had just gottten popped for smoking hash oil in his car, down in the valley. Wihout much fanfare, Stone handed the duties over to Richard.

I have previously written about the two of them here in my interview with them back in 1998. But the readers digest version for those that are not aware of them is that they have one of the most respected and honored careers in the world music community. Sussan studied with The Beijart Acadamy as a teen, learning dance and music from some of the finest practitioners in the world at the height of Persian cultural renaissance during the reign of The Shah, when he spent millions of oil dollars on music and art festivals, like the legendary Persepolis festivals of the seventies. She’s since gone onto international acclaim as one of the finest vocalists on the planet.

Richard has an exquisite feel for the music of Turkey, Morroco, India and Iran and deftly employs those sounds and others in films he scores. Hanging out with them usually becomes a six-degrees of synchronicity parlor game as people from our collective past surface and wrap around our increasingly intertwining stories.

We spent the afternoon having lunch at Moonshadow in Malibu, where a foursome of frisky Persian women sprawled out on one of the beds they have on the deck, overlooking the deeply blue Pacific, were drinking wine and playing footsie with increasing affection as the afternoon wore on.

I promise to get back to The Super Bowl when I hit Vegas this afternoon and look at Big Ben Roethlisberger’s chart.

Super Bowl And The Stars Part Three — Sleepers, Prop Bets And Destiny

jj_limas.jpgDon’t sleep on JJ or Sweed.

Since I will throw myself into the spirit of the Super Bowl this weekend by traveling to Vegas and indulging in some prop bets, I think it’s incumbent upon me to look at players, who might not be marquee players, but could really surprise come Sunday and in the right situation, could pay off nicely in a prop bet situation. Now in case you don’t know what a prop bet is, it’s short for “proposition bet.” They can range from, who scores the first touchdown, to which team leads at half time, to if LeBron James will score more points than The Steelers. Stuff like that. Odds are commensurate with the level of absurdity connected with the bet. For instance, let’s say that you have a bet on Mike Gandy scoring the first touchdown. Well, since he plays tackle, that would be an almost impossibility, the odds on a bet like that would be quite high. So, realistically, who could emerge from this game, not only offering up the chance to cash in on a fairly high prop bet, but might even influence the game in ways that most of us wouldn’t expect?

I’ve looked at the birth dates for both rosters and the two players that pop out, one for each team are Limas Sweed for The Steelers and JJ Arrington for The Cardinals. So the question then becomes, “Why?”

Let’s start with Sweed.

From a logical perspective, Sweed might have to get more playing time due to the fact that Hines Ward is hurt, but aside from this, practical aspect, Sweed, born on 12/25/84 is a Capricorn, 3 degrees with an Aquarian Moon, Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Capricorn (1 degree). Now that Pluto has moved into Capricorn, it is resting directly on top of Sweed’s Sun and his Neptune. That’s a lot of current for the young man to handle. For the lay person reading this for the very first time, with little knowledge of astrology, Pluto moves in long cycles and just shifted into Capricorn for the next 16 years. People born early in the sign, like Sweed will feel this intense change more readily than others.

Pluto is about transformation and dying to outdated concepts of self, while Capricorn means business, big business. There are plenty of posts here that get into the social ramifications of this shift, but on a personal level, young Limas Sweed is waking up and realizing that he is in the big time now and will shift his confidence and awareness to embrace the growing cognition that he is a force to be reckoned with. Maybe he’s having great practices or perhaps Bruce Arians is really coaching him up, getting him ready to take on a more pronounced role in this game due to Ward’s balky knee, but whatever is happening I would wager and I probably will, that a light is going off in Limas Sweed’s brain, that somehow, this game, his present, his future, are all intertwined. Continue reading “Super Bowl And The Stars Part Three — Sleepers, Prop Bets And Destiny”

Super Bowl And The Stars Part Two — Kurt Warner’s Date With Resurrection — Overcoming Adversity — Transiting Pluto Opposing Natal Sun

warnerca.jpgKurt’s rejoinder.

Yesterday we looked at Mike Tomlin and Ken Whisenhunt, their respective charts and how they might play out against the starry backdrop of The Super Bowl. Whisenhunt, if he can stay calm will have considerable good fortune on his side with a stacked confluence of transiting Aquarian planets, Sun, Jupiter and Neptune, with his own natal Aquarian planets, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter. Tomlin has a nice Mars trine with transiting Mars in Capricorn aligning with his natal Mars in Taurus. Transiting Moon early in the day will conjunct Tomlin’s natal Mercury in Aries and later moving into conjunction with his Venus, Mars and Jupiter, all in Taurus as well. Both coaches will have dynamic aspects, but from an astrological perspective, I’ll give a slight edge to Whisenhunt. But what about the quarterbacks? I have already looked at the Piscean pair of Big Ben and Hines Ward in a previous post, so I’ll spend some time on Warner and then double back to Big Ben as we look at the quarterbacks.

Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda would likely find my words and perspectives blasphemy. Being Christians, unless the prophecy comes from scripture or an ordained pastor that is both anointed and has the call, then it is the words of false prophets. It reminds me of a time when I was in Atlanta during The Summer Olympics of 1996 reading tarot cards and being besieged by young Christians who had been bussed into Atlanta to save souls. Boy oh boy, did I have a neon “fallen” sign blinking on me. So at the risk of being labeled a heretic, I will look at Kurt Warner’s chart.

The one thing that really jumps out to me in Warner’s chart is that he is born on the 22nd of June. Anyone that is born on the 22nd of any month has the vibration of the master builder at play throughout their life, but really manifests between the age of 29 and 48. This is because the first third of ones life is devoted to the vibration of the month in which they are born. The second cycle, the day they were born and the year, the last third cycle. So Warner is right in the middle of his master builder, vibration cycle. This is a period where the individual represents a level of skill and mastery that allows them to expand beyond the scope of average achievement. Their impact is deep and far reaching, often transmitting a spiritual quality as well. So Warner is deep in his mission and mastery. But the other thing that really stands out is that both his Sun and his Mercury are conjunct at zero degrees Cancer and both planets stand in direct opposition to Pluto, now stationed in Capricorn. This is a truly powerful time for Warner, one that can test him on a level worthy of someone in a “22” phase. The transit of Pluto opposing his Sun represents overcoming severe limitations in ones life, a major period of testing and coming through the fires of transformation. It’s early for Warner as Pluto has just moved in Capricorn, so the major tests will just be beginning for him. How do I see it played out in this game? Look for The Steelers to try to punish Warner with wave after wave of blitzes. Warner will no doubt be tested and I would not be surprised if he suffers an injury during the game and will be forced to comeback from it. Comeback is a term we’ll hear a lot of whenever Warner’s name is mentioned and comeback will definitely be a them in the game as well.

In some ways, I see this as being a contest of biblical proportions. Don’t expect to witness an efficient and methodical performance from the former Iowa Barnstormer. Warner will either rise to some epic moment, or be forced to deal with the crushing weight of defeat. Remember, comeback is the name of the game and it will either happen in game or after, when he’ll have to resurrect himself from the burning embers of alchemical fire.

So, while transiting Pluto opposing his natal Sun is a huge theme right now for him, there are other aspects at play as well.

Warner’s Jupiter is at 27 degrees Scorpio, which will form a sextile to transiting Mars in Capricorn and trine with transiting Venus in Pisces. The Mars sextile will give him a dynamic and aggressive outlook throughout most of the game. We’ll see a fiery Kurt Warner on display come Sunday. I’ll go on record and say that if Warner can face whatever comeback/challenge he has in game, and The Cardinals win as a result, he will be The MVP. I will also go on record that based on these transits, especially the Pluto opposition, there is a strong chance that Matt Leinart will make an appearance.

Not to be glossed over, Warner’s natal Saturn is squaring transiting Pluto right now as well and it too plays into a resurrection/comeback drama that I see unfolding in his life and the game, as it progresses. Super Bowl Sunday will be an epic chapter in the amazing life of Kurt Warner.

He’ll leave it all on the field and his measure of success will be determined by how well he’ll deal with significant strife and mythic challenge.

Super Bowl And The Stars Part One — Mike Tomlin And Ken Whisenhunt — A Piscean Pair Of Fighting Fish

tvsw1.jpgWho’ll be the big fish?

The Super Bowl is now less than a week away and I feel compelled to look at it from an astrological perspective. When I look at sports and astrology, I take into account key players and coaches, but this Super Bowl might be impacted in a big way, by a lesser known player (more on this later).

I”ll be doing brief installments on The Super Bowl throughout the week, looking at key players, coaches, owners and the teams themselves. Today, we’ll look at both coaches, Ken Whisenhunt from The Cardinals and Mike Tomlin of The Steelers.

Interestingly enough, both are Pisceans. Whisenhunt is on the early side of Pisces, 2/28/62 and Omar Epps look-a-like, Mike Tomlin, was born on “The Ides Of March.” 3/15/72. Tomlin was also born in “The Year Of The Rat,” and this past rat year has been stellar for him, as he guided The Steelers to their second Super Bowl in three years, just two years after replacing long time Steeler coach, Bill Cowher.

Tomlin’s Steelers were able to dodge a number of bullets this season, from Ben Roethlisbergers numerous injuries, to Willie Parkers bad knee, to Santonio Holmes getting arrested for possession of marijuana, to shaky offensive line play all year. He obviously learned from some very rookie coaching mistakes in his first season. He’s still riding on the momentum of his rat year return and could ride it right through Tampa to yet another Steeler, Super Bowl victory, in the young year of The Ox.

While Whisenhunt’s chart is dominated by Pisces, Capricorn and Aquarian personal planets, Tomlin’s is chock full of Taurus, Pisces and Aries on the personal planet side, with Venus, Mars and Jupiter, all in Taurus, and Jupiter and Venus being in a close conjunction. Tomlin is extremely well liked by his players and with this sunny conjunction of Venus and Mars, it’s easy to see why. In fact, one of the interesting subplots to this game is that Tomlin became The Steelers coach, literally out of nowhere, leaping ahead of the presumptive, leading candidates, former Steelers coaches, Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm, now both Cardinal coaches.

Steeler owner, Dan Rooney, brother of longtime owner Art Rooney, the man who instituted “The Rooney Rule” which makes it compulsory for NFL owners to interview minority candidates when searching for a new head coach, followed the spirit of the rule by hiring Tomlin. He and Tomlin share some very nice aspects, perhaps the most important being an exact trine (one degree) of Saturn in Aquarius (Rooney) and Saturn in Gemini (Tomlin). Here we see Rooney’s idealism and commitment to racial equality move with great flow in his head coaches direction. This is a relationship that will last a very long time and as long as Dan Rooney is alive and has any say in the matter, Tomlin will likely remain The Steelers head coach. Together, they will be living and working examples of idealism in action. Rooney’s Pluto in Cancer (21 degrees) and Sun in Cancer (27 degrees), trine Tomlin’s Piscean Sun at 24 degrees, conferring a relationship that is deeply karmic and empathic. I would even go so far to say that Rooney, even during Tomlin’s brief stint would already consider him family, like a son. The Tomlin/Rooney aspect is as powerful as it is empowering and I think it is very important to look at in light of the game. In essence, in some ways, we cannot separate the two when looking at how the astrological aspects of the game will play out. Continue reading “Super Bowl And The Stars Part One — Mike Tomlin And Ken Whisenhunt — A Piscean Pair Of Fighting Fish”

Pluto In Capricorn — When A Good Man Goes Baaaaaaad

“I’m a b-a-a-a-aaad m-a-a-a-a-aaan.”

How do you know when it’s officially Pluto in Capricorn? When a goat gets arrested for automobile theft. Yes, it seems to be a fairly common occurrence in Nigeria, where shape shifting black magicians assume animal forms, just as they’re about to be nabbed by the local authorities. What’s going to happen to this goat (man)? Well, if convicted, I think there’s a good chance that he becomes dinner. If that occurs, then would this now fall under the equally bizarre possibility of cannibalism? PETA, forget Michael Vick for a few moments and come to the aid of the goat man!

(BBC) Police in Nigeria are holding a goat handed to them by a vigilante group, which said it was a car thief who had used witchcraft to change shape.

“A police spokesman in Kwara State has been quoted as saying that the “armed robbery suspect” would remain in custody until investigations were over. But another police spokesman told the BBC the goat was being held in case its owner claimed it. The belief in witchcraft and the power to change shapes is common in Nigeria.”

To read more, go here.