Gathering In The Void — 12/31/08 — 6AM PDT

doublevoid.jpgBe there then

I’m often accused by those closest to me of being too cryptic or taking for granted that other people know what I am trying to communicate, so for the sake of clarity and being explicit, here are the basic protocols for “Gathering In The Void.”

This is simply an exercise and an opportunity to synchronize with others in a non-local space. To be able to notice potential connections between “strangers,” uncover patterns and even through our attention, send ripples of awareness through time.

Why now?
Because I have been sensing that time is speeding up and “reality” is much more malleable with each passing day. I’m not alone in my observations and this is an opportunity for us to explore the perameters of “the real.”

Why today?
The end of The Gregorian Calendar year seems as good a day as any, but it also happens to be one of the most potently synchronistic days of The Mayan Calendar, as the day falls on “Five Caban. Here is the tone/code for the day:

kin 57: Red Overtone Earth

I Empower in order to Evolve

Commanding Synchronicity

I seal the Matrix of Navigation

With the Overtone tone of Radiance

I am guided by the power of Life Force

Simply get into a relaxed state at 6 AM PDT for thirty minutes with a pen and paper nearby. When you feel relaxed enough, simply notice your toughts and feelings, images, names, dates or places and write down whatever seems appropriate, or draw if the images are vivid enough. Then simply return here to this post and record whatever your experience was in the comments section. We’ll then look over the comments section to see if we can find any commonalities and connections. Please be sincere in your effort and when posting a comment. If you are posting here for the first time, I’ll have to moderate your comments, so this will afford us some measure of control for this go round.

I truly feel as though 2009 has the potential to be an incredibly visionary year, (eleven vibration with Jupiter in Aquarius) if we are willing to leap into the void and find our balance in new spaces, places and ways of being. I hope that we can use this space to calibrate our own personal and collective attention/intention for the days and nights to come.

See you on the other side.

Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 3

rockefeller1a2.jpgOil wells and Orwell.

So we’ve had a gander at Woodrow Wilson, his chart, the chart of the times, namely, the events that surrounded the epic year of 1913 and how they are still impacting us today. All that is left is to understand who the key players were and their ultimate goal–follow the through line and arrive at your own conclusions.

We have already looked at the mysterious Col. House, but what about the men he worked for?

John D. Rockefeller was born on July 8th, 1839 at 11:55 pm in Richford, New York, making him a Cancer Sun, with a Gemini Moon and Aries ascendant. He has some very notable features surrounding his chart as they relate to the US, but also in his personal chart as well. His natal Pluto in Aries is at the end of the 12th house and conjunct his ascendant. This is an incredibly powerful placement for Pluto, acting as a volcanic generator just barely beneath the surface of the self. While the personality might be able to display a veneer of control and calm, underneath, there is a penchant for violence, anger, deep, long lasting grudges and enormous staying power and will. For me, this is the focal point of Rockefeller’s chart, especially as Pluto leans into his ascendant from the 12th house. To make matters even more complicated for Rockefeller, his natal Sun squared his Pluto as well, pushing his volubility to epic proportions. I’m sure that he had a wrath equal to old testament prophets and Gods–lots of smoting going on in The Rockefeller household. Dialing up the intensity, Rockefeller’s Jupiter opposed his natal Pluto, creating a hellish polarity between the will of the self (Pluto in Aries) and expanding opportunities in the lives of others (Jupiter in Libra). This dynamic no doubt led to Rockefeller’s intense formation of foundations and philanthropy, which in some ways has served his torturous polarity in a perfect expression. His foundations are a conduit to tax breaks and currying favor by bestowing money upon foundations, while also assuaging some of the guilt that’s accrued in the acquisition of wealth.

He was the epitome of the self-made-man, hawking healing potions as a traveling salesman. Potions and liquids play a large role in his life and his chart, from magical elixirs, to petroleum products, and the 12th house, ruled by Neptune is the domain or water, liquids and gasses. Pluto in Aries in the 12th is a thoroughly symbolic representation of drilling dow beneath the surface. Rockefeller made this aspect payoff for him in a very, very big way.

He started Standard Oil and became one of the first oil barons in The U.S. Rockefeller’s Mercury in Cancer is conjunct The US Mercury in Cancer and that gave him a unique ability to tune into the needs of the public in a very big way. Rockefeller was very interested in mass psychology and getting people to do, or buy, or act in accordance with some form of social cue. He created the first in house PR department for Standard Oil by hiring Ivy “Ledbetter” Lee, a pioneer in the realm of PR. For Rockefeller and Lee, PR meant spin and the ability to nip crisis in the bud, create an aura of success or diffuse controversy. I have already explored aspects of this as it relates to The War Of The Worlds and Rockefellers involvement in the infamous, Halloween, psyop. Lee would later go onto become a key member in the early formation of The CFR (Council On Foreign Relations), which Rockefeller founded in the early part of the 20th Century.

It’s no secret that his descendants, from Nelson, to Jay, to Winthrop, to David have all had the establishment of a one world government, first and foremost in their mind. The formation of the network that would establish the various links between organizations and groups like The CFR, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergers and The Club of Rome all have their roots, in The US with Rockefeller. Is there any evidence to suggest that there are aspects to Rockefeller’s chart that could point towards such a powerfully clandestine network and dark aspirations.

For me, the tell tale alignment (besides Pluto in Aries on the ascendant) is Rockefeller’s Saturn in Sag, which sits in The US 12th house. Saturn is quite uncomfortable in Sag as the energies between these two could not be more different. Sag wants to expand, while Saturn wants to tamp down, constrict and limit. Sag is freedom of thought, feeling and worship, Saturn is often related to censure, criticism and judgement. There is not a natural expression for the expansive energy of Jupiter here and in fact, it is constrained to the point of being extinguished. His Saturn sits in the US 12th house, a house as we have seen that is behind the scenes, below the surface, beyond the purview of public scrutiny. It is the house of secrets and therein The US Chart, is this industrial titan’s Saturn, clamping down of Jupiter (freedom) behind the scenes.

In order for Rockefeller to achieve a global hegemony, or as some would say, “A New World Order” he would have to align himself with others of like mind and begin to fund such a massive undertaking. He would look to Europe as Europe was looking towards him for money and clandestine alliances that would lead to election of Woodrow Wilson to the office of president, the formation of The Federal Reserve, the institution of federal income tax and of course WWI.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at his European connections, the secret of Jekyll Island and the ultimate lament of Woodrow Wilson.

Don’t forget, 12/31/08, 6 AM, PDT is “The Gathering In The Void” where we will meditate, observe and notate our experience together and report back, here on this site. I looked at the Mayan calendar for that day and it is indeed auspicious, FIVE CABAN, “Commanding synchronicity.”

Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 2

federal_reserve.gifThe Federal Reserve Seal Of Approval.

Yesterday, we looked briefly at the aspects, both astrologically and socio-politically with the election of Woodrow Wilson and the subsequent passage of The Federal Reserve Act, The Federal Tax Act and the entry of The US into WWI. Let’s spend just a little more time drilling down on the astrological angle first and then see where the progression of events during this critical period of the history of the world takes place.

As we noted yesterday, Wilson had a stellium in Capricorn (Sun/Moon/Mercury) which made for one, highly ambitious individual. As we have previously noted, The Capricorn Moon is anything but sentimental. Individuals with a Capricorn Moon can be distant, icy and reserved. They base their emotional output on what will serve their material interests and are often the progeny of a very formalized upbringing, especially where the mother is concerned. The good news is, is that as they get older, they get more and more comfortable with their emotions, which at their base formation is simply the ability to experience emotional vulnerability. Alas, for Woodrow Wilson, that might have come far-too-late for him, as we will see later.

Exacerbating the heavy push towards achievement with Wilson’s stellium in Capricorn was a highly ambitious Jupiter in Aries, which squared his natal Sun in Capricorn. This combination makes for a highly driven individual and since they’re in two of the most ambitious signs in the zodiac, their energy is amplified but their expression is often rash, even as Aries is paired with cool, Capricorn. If anything, this combination could bring out the worst in both signs, fueling Capricorn’s desire to rise to the top at all costs. It’s perhaps this combination, connected with the next one we’re going to look at which drove Wilson to accept deals that he would later regret. Is it any coincidence that both signs are in animals that are often associated with the devil? Now, I am not being a moralist by any stretch, but I think it’s worthwhile to note the connection between the two.

The next aspect that really plays into Wilson’s professional vulnerability was a painful opposition between his natal Saturn in Cancer, opposing his Sun/Moon/Mercury in Capricorn. Saturn here is in it’s fall and generally indicates a lonely personality given to isolation, unable to allow the warmth and feeling on a familial level to enter into the emotional life. Again this is indicative of a strained relationship with the mother and maternal figures in ones life. As it opposed Wilson’s goat stellium, it created a polarity in his inner life that he sought to resolve by being successful and powerful, that by ascending to the presidency of the US, and doing whatever it took to do it, Wilson thought he could then gain the love, affection and acceptance he had been seeking all of his life. But he was wrong. Terribly wrong. It’s also interesting to note that Wilson’s Saturn in Cancer was just two degrees off of The US Sun in Cancer. Ultimately, Wilson’s ambition and covert associations, though his Saturn have placed a seal of limitation upon the Sun of The US. Astrologically speaking, there could not have been a better candidate to play the role of hatchet man, than Woodrow Wilson.

While Wilson was working out his love/ambition issues to his and future generations detriments, there was other action happenings in the skies that made this international power play take place with little effort or fanfare from the common man.

Throughout much of 1913, Neptune was in Cancer and sat directly on The US Mercury in Cancer at 24 degrees. Neptune/Mercury conjunctions can lead to incredible inspiration and even psychic communication. It can be a deeply empathic aspect as well, especially in Cancer, but it can also be painfully delusional, leading to illusory projections, needless self-sacrifice and unfortunately, deception. The energy of Neptune cloaked the real intent behind the players that made 1913, perhaps the most significant year in modern history, because as we are now seeing, it’s the inception of fractional reserve banking and the deep reach into the federal tax base, that have led to lending and default at an unprecedented scale. Some are even likening the current banking system with a Ponzi scheme that dwarfs even the Madoff scandal by comparison. In essence, what happened in 1913 has a direct correlation on what is now taking place.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the players behind the scenes and what their ultimate agendas were.

Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 1

225px-thomas_woodrow_wilson.jpgYou ilterally owe a debt to this man.

To fully understand the darker aspects of Pluto in Capricorn as they manifest in negative iterations of corporactic and governmental control and a frankensteinian fusion of both, which more than loosely translates into “fascism,” based on the classic interpretation by Mussolini, we need to travel backwards in time, to the year, 1911.

It’s the run up to the presidential election and there are two, soon to be three candidates running for the highest office in the land. The presumptive favorite is incumbent, William Howard Taft. Taft is intractable when it comes to allowing the creation of a central banking system. He vows to use the power of veto to kill any measure that would allow fractional reserve banking in the U.S. Keep in mind that federal tax as we know it did not exist prior to 1913, and why should it? There was no central banking system that could feed off of it.

Well, the likes of the international banking community were not to be deterred from gaining access to the financial coffers of the US tax base. This is the time of the rise of the industrial magnates and robber barons in The US. The likes of Carnegie, Rockefeller, Getty and DuPont are making alliances with older, European money vis-a-vis The House of Rothschild, Warburg, Hapsburg and Baruch. Through the association of Jacob Schiff, the money families of the early 1900’s are making alliances that would alter the socio-political landscape of the 20th Century.

Another asset of old and new money was one Col. House. House was a mysterious figure that moved in and out of political circles, making connections and courting favor. House met the main man of todays tangled tale, one Woodrow Wilson (12/28/1856), then Governor of New Jersey. Wilson (Capricorn Sun/Moon/Mercury), was a lawyer by trade and House saw in him the qualities of a man with ambition, a man with a feel for the future, an agent of compromise. In short, the ultimate candidate, pliable and easily led. House approached Wilson with the offer to become president, with the caveat that he would carry out whatever mandate came across his desk by his “advisors.” Wilson, driven by his goat stellium and very ambitious, Jupiter in Aries readily accepted House’s offer.

House then engaged the banking the industrialist families, who began a massive cash infusion into Wilson’s coffers, while tapping their assets in newspapers across the country touting Wilson’s talents. Just in case the vote was close, the industrialists trotted out an old Teddy Roosevelt to run as third party candidate, a strategy that has been employed whenever needed (see John Anderson, Ross Perot and Ralph Nader) to fractionalize the popular vote.

Their all out assault on the presidency was successful and Wilson won by the lowest margin of victory in history and less than 50% of the popular vote.

This is where it all begins.

.In 1913, when Neptune and later Pluto were both in Cancer, in rapid succession the following takes place; the passage of The Federal Reserve Act, the passage of The Federal Income Tax act and the entry of The US in WWI. In short order the United States was thrust into the maws of the international community, started to produce munitions and weapons (of course they had top borrow millions in order to do this) and the toll road to indebtedness and servitude was now open.

It’s been recently revealed that The SS Lusitania was loaded with munitions and was shipping them across The Atlantic for the war effort. The Germans had intercepted radio communication (likely intentional) and knew the ship was ferrying explosives, even though it was a passenger liner. The German government took out ads in newspapers warning citizens not to travel on The Lusitania and yet, they did. Germany did what they had to during a time of war and sunk The Lusitania, which signaled the entry of The US into WWI. As a result, a border war that was nearly resolved with British surrender and the return of most land and assets by The Germans to the countries they were fighting with was nearly over and then The US enters the fray, which changes history.

Why was The US brought in and by whom?

We’ll look at this more closely tomorrow, as well as how Wilson’s planets in Capricorn, along with the potently deceptive Neptune in Cancer and powerfully transformative Pluto in Cancer struck dark chords that are ominously reverberating through time.

New Moon In Capricorn — Ascend To New Internal Heights — Co-Create And Nurture

cap_newmoon.jpgYou are already there

Last new moon of 2008 rises today. The moon is in cool and detached Capricorn and while it heats up ever-so-slightly in a partial conjunction with the young, goat Sun, it will not be a moon given to warmth, nurturing and camaraderie. However, if you were so inclined to go out with the masses and haggle over post-holiday bargains, you’re in the drivers seat as long as you can easily walk away from a deal that you are equally invested in. Cyclically, the new moon is always associated with planting seeds, whether they are literal or figurative and this weekend is prime for planting intentions, especially as they relate to the overall Pluto in Capricorn vibration. While it is a fallacy that we think we are totally in control, we can skillfully interact with the power of creation during a new moon and ask ourselves, “What is important in my life and how can I assist in bringing it to fruition?” The old adage is “prayer” is asking, while “meditation” is listening. The new moon affords us the opportunity to do both, in an active/passive modality.

While it is in Capricorn, ask your various selves, “how do I continue to ascend on my journey during this time in our history?” While the planet might seem like it’s shutting down for business, we’re still very much engaged in the act of being human and alive at this time.

During Pluto in Capricorn it is your birthright to ascend to the highest degrees of physical and spiritual attainment. The ironic part is that we are already enlightened, have already reached the apex of the pyramid and dwell in the great mystery in a state of constancy. Only our conscious awareness or lack thereof keeps us separated from the multi-dimenional reality of our eternal nature. So, like most paradoxes on Earth, there is nothing to achieve and yet we must strive at times in order to come to the realizations that are vital to recognizing this. Our spiritual quest is mostly a battle against inertia and a process to awaken.

The new moon in Capricorn sets the internal benchmark. How can I be more? How can I do more? What would my life look like if I had the ability to master even the most daunting details of my life? By invoking the power of creation in a state of humility and service, these very pertinent, Capricornian intentions during the new moon, take on a life and resonance of their own. The 13th of January is when the moon is full in Cancer and the manifestation of Capricornian intent can be revealed.

On a global scale, the world is less forgiving today and a ruthlessness is very present on the geo-political front. Pakistan is readying their troops in response to a potential strike by India. US troops are swelling around the borders of Afghanistan, the Israelis have hammered an already reeling Gaza and The US Army are poised and ready to roll, should the economic downturn get even uglier.

The opposite of Capricorn is of course Cancer, so be sure to balance some of this heavy and aggressive energy by nurturing some part of your self, your family, your community. Add your presence to life today and affirm your being through acts of kindness and care, Cancerian traits being called forth now and remember, no single act or thought is ever insignificant, especially if it is consciously arrived at.

Have a good new moon.

Don’t forget, 12/31/08, 6 AM, PDT is “The Gathering In The Void” where we will meditate, observe and notate our experience together and report back, here on this site. I looked at the Mayan calendar for that day and it is indeed auspicious, FIVE CABAN, “Commanding synchronicity.”

Earth Signs Dominate The NBA — Karmic Justice For Sonics Fans — Power Shift In NBA?

sternmont.jpgStern rules . . . for now

Yesterday, Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant squared off against each other on national TV with The Los Angeles Bryants versus The Boston Garnett’s. I used their names instead of Lakers and Celtics respectively because that is how David Stern wants it. It’s a league and enterprise marketed and driven by the players first and teams second. Stern (Virgo) understood that the future success of the league was based on the star power of the league’s top players. He had taken over the league at it’s nadir, when the playoffs were televised during late night TV in time delay on CBS. I loved because it was a time of my life when I was staying out late, alot, and after a longish night of polluting my body, I could watch a game, having missed the news, like it was happening in real time. I don’t think I was the leagues ideal demographic though.

So Stern, a lawyer by trade shows up as the new commish and has the great fortune of being in the right place at the right time as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird enter the league together and a decade’s worth of rivalry between two, storied franchises ensues. They would play long enough and well enough to allow the next superstar of the game, the one that would take it to unprecedented international heights to enter the arena, one Michael Jordan. By the time Jordan was beginning to reach the peak of his powers, Stern had perfected marketing players over teams. He knew that there was not enough superstar talent to go around to each team, so if he could take the top 2-3 players and amp up their wattage, they could garner enough interest from cities outside of their own market and sell jerseys and tickets to visiting teams on a consistent basis. Moreover, if he could market his players strong enough and get them on TV with a semi-frequent basis, like yesterday’s Kobe/Garnett duel, he could help networks sell high priced advertising by bringing in manufacturers like Nike, Sprite and Gatorade. The higher the ratings, the greater the ad revenue. The greater the ad revenue, the more Stern, the league and the owners got in their TV deals. David Stern understood the power of the personality unlike any other commissioner in any other sport at the time and he turned the NBA, for better or worse into a star-making-machine.

His critics (and I have been a vocal one on various message boards) contend that he plays favorites, rewards certain franchises through favroritism via the draft (Golden State losing out on Patrick Ewing), coddled his stars like Michael Jordan (saved him from gambling disgrace) and even determined how certain games would be officiated so that his star players and their franchises would reap the benefits of games reffed in their favor, especially in the playoffs. Just ask Kings fans about the now infamous Laker/Kings playoff series when The Kings looked destined to oust the favored Shaq/Kobe led Lakers, only to have a certain playoff win wither away at the hands of one of the worst officiated games in history, which saw The Lakers overcome a huge point deficit, as fouls went their way repeatedly against The Kings, who eventually lost that game and the playoff series as the sexier and TV rating dominant Lakers moved onto the NBA finals. Continue reading “Earth Signs Dominate The NBA — Karmic Justice For Sonics Fans — Power Shift In NBA?”