Pitch And Catch, The QB/WR Solar Conjunction Between Hines Ward and Big Ben

ben.jpgTwo fish that sync and swim.

I’ve been flirting with writing a football post for a while, so to take a break from the heavy stuff, here’s a little sumtin, sumtin for you pigskin fans.

I recently had Ben Roethlisberger on my fantasy football team. We traded him for a running back because of his upcoming, brutal schedule. However, we still have his top receiver, Hines Ward. I am a big, Hines Ward fan. No other receiver plays with the same type of aggression than Ward. Earlier in the season, he broke Keith Rivers’ jaw on a crushing downfield block. Ward is part Korean, part African-American and has set up an organization for Korean/American children whose fathers had abandoned them. Ward flies them out to games at his own expense and supports their journies through sometimes confusing world of mixed heritage. Ward is a Pisces, sharing his March 8th birthday with my son.

Big Ben, the man who has an alomost intuitive relationship with Ward, is also a Pisces, born March, 2nd. Besides a wide conjunction of The Sun, the two also share a conjunction with Aquarius (Mercury/Venus), these two conjunctions serve as an intuitive link betwen the quarterback and the receiver, perhaps the most important relationship on the field between two players. The Steeler success has been innately linked to how well Big Ben and Ward play together.

They also dispel any stereotype or notion that Pisceans are soft as the two have reputations as being some of the toughest players in the league at their respective positions.

When Steve Young and Jerry Rice were hooking upduring the fabled Forty-Niners glory days, they too shared a conjunction, a very close one in Libra (17/19 degrees) which conotes a very connected familiarity on the field of play, understanding where the other will be in space and connecting with them through the physical act of intention. When it came to producing staggering pass/catch stats, Hall of Famers, Young and Rice are at the head of the class and like Big Ben and Ward, their conjunct Suns play a large role in the dynamic synergy they share on the field.

However, sharing a similar Sun sign between a QB and a WR doesn’t always translate into success. Both Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens are Sag, however their natal Suns are separated by 18 degrees, which gives them some connection through the essence and expression of the archer, but obviously not enough, as Owens and McNabb’s relationship imploded and Owens left The Eagles in huff with a number of digs against his former QB.

If I was GM in The NFL, would I base my personnel moves on finding solar conjunctions, between QBs and WRs? Probably not–but I wouldn’t discount it or eradicate it from the process.

Pluto In Capricorn Arrives — Strikes An Ominous Chord — Mumbai Terror Attack — Filtering The Noise

mumbai.jpgWho benefits from this?

The meta event that will be forever associated with Pluto’s move into Capricorn will be the Mumbai terror action. I think people need to be very wary of how this event is going to be framed.

Good old Deepak Chopra is already out on the front lines indirectly blaming The USA for the attacks, a blame that falls at the feet of US policy and terror funding by buying petroleum through Saudi Arabia, where the cash for such large operations gets funneled into groups like the brand spanking new, “Deccan Mujahadeen.” I’m not buying it. I think a much more critical and less knee jerk reaction/analysis needs to occur. Always, we must ask ourselves, “who benefits from such acts?”

Back in September, I wrote about Zbigniew Brzezinski, his aspects, how they interact with Obama’s and what “Z Biggy’s” action items are. Z Biggy and his son, Mark have been advising Obama on international affairs since Obama’s candidacy gained both traction and support. Z Biggy was the architect behind the Afghani resistance fighters when The Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1980. Brzezinski helped guide the formation of The Taliban with covert US dollars. It was Afghanistan where a privileged Saudi prince looking for a little action, Osama Bin Laden got his hands on training.In “Winds of War,” which I wrote back on September 13th, I looked at the distraction of the presidential election/reality show and what was going on behind it as drone attacks were being carried out in Pakistan, killing dozens of Paki civilians. I saw this as a transition strategy from The Bush to the incoming Obama administration, with Brzezinski steering the wheel. The deadly seeds for the next war were being sewn.

Brzezinski’s stated goal for years has been eradicating The Russians, while establishing a global hegemony based on American empire. He is the liberal counterpart of Henry Kissinger and the Mumbai terror attacks have the look and feel of something very different than they appear on the surface.

Terrorism provides an endless loop of new enemies that emerge out of the void, replete with grainy videos and blood-thirsty-mission statements. It’s a meta meme that is employed as an omnipresent incursion into our peace of mind and emotional well being, a virus that we have to constantly ward off to maintain our psycho-spiritual sanity.The late Aaron Russo spoke extensively about his relationship with Nicholas Rockefeller. Here you can watch Russo talk about what Rockefeller told him about the war on terror and what the modus operandi is surrounding it.

As I have stated with frequent emphasis, I see Pluto in Capricorn as ultimately being positive, but the positive results will be arrived at through a dynamic of rising to social challenges that essentially pit the corporate state versus the individual and that Pluto in Capricorn is about the consolidation of power structures at high levels in order to achieve a totalitarian rule of law, not just in The US, but across the planet. As a result of such strategies, we need to look at everything that occurs on the global stage with a jaundiced view and a critical eye. Nothing is as it seems and an easy explanation of events in the rush of chaos should be examined from a distance with dispassionate regard. Will these attacks be used as evidence to escalate another war, this time into Pakistan? Barack Obama has already gone on record saying that he would go into Pakistan if necessary. Remember, Pakistan has nuclear weapons and is no Iraq, which was splintered by different factions, faiths and old grudges.

As they say on the streets, “Don’t believe the hype.”

Sag New Moon, Mayan Magic, Planetary Threesome, Cosmic Ray Storm

crshower2_nasa_med.jpgComic Ray Storm Hits The Planet

I had more Thanksgiving related material that I wanted to share, but felt I needed another post in order to do so. In addition to the big, headline shift of Pluto into Capricorn, there are some other pretty interesting things happening in the skies. First off is the Sag New Moon. This is a great time for the new moon to align with Thanksgiving as we head into the vortex of Pluto’s change of sign. The new moon is a time of setting intentions and saying prayers and when it’s in Sag, the qualities of thanks and gratitude find a true home in the jovial and philanthropic aura of the archer. As we stare down into the maw of Pluto, today will almost be like a moment out of time. Take advantage of it. As we look to The Tzolkin, The Mayan Calendar, the ancient wisdom synchs nicely with the new moon, manifesting in Kin 23, Blue Planetary Night, aka 10 Akbal.

Here is the transmission for Thanksgiving.

I Perfect in order to Dream

Producing Intuition
I seal the Input of Abundance

With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
I am guided by the power of Magic

This is a conscious opportunity to take time out to dream, invoke, pray and enter the pluto shift as conscious as possible. What do you want to welcome into your life over the next 16 years? How many blessings are you willing to bestow and receive? And since Sag represents freedom, how do you wish to live and grow free? In addition to the Sag New Moon, there is also a dramatic alignment with The Moon, Venus and Jupiter as they’ll appear to be separated by a mere two degrees. The power of these three planets will be hypo-potentiated due to their proximity with one another. As we know, conjunctions are always happening, but the closeness of these three planets won’t be experienced so intensely for another forty-four years, coming together again on 11/18/2052.New Moon in Sag, dark, magical night, intimate planetary proximity, what else can be on our plate at the precipice of Pluto’s shift? How about mysterious cosmic rays bombarding The Earth? Here is some very interesting info coming out of NASA:

“Nov. 19, 2008: An international team of researchers has discovered a puzzling surplus of high-energy electrons bombarding Earth from space. The source of these cosmic rays is unknown, but it must be close to the solar system and it could be made of dark matter. Their results are being reported in the Nov. 20th issue of the journal Nature. This is a big discovery,” says co-author John Wefel of Louisiana State University. “It’s the first time we’ve seen a discrete source of accelerated cosmic rays standing out from the general galactic background.”

This is big stuff and while I have no data as to what this energy is doing and how it is impacting us, but it’s appearance now, just prior to Pluto’s move in Capricorn is highly curious to say the least. It will be fascinating to see how these energies will manifest.

To everyone that stops by here from time-to-time, I wish you the happiest and most blessed of Thanksgivings. I am grateful for your eyes and occasional words and give thanks for this time, with this technology where we can all share and accelerate our growth together.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Potlatch Rituals, Abundance And Thanks, In Pluto In Capricorn

?totem_pole_3.jpg"Pole shift.

During the height of their golden age, before Lewis and Clark and before the russian fur traders found their paradise, the indigenous people of The Pacific Northwest dwelt in a veritable paradise. They had more salmon, trout, deer, elk, bear, seal, otter and berries than they could ever use. They were surrounded by great trees and the bear, fox, otter, beaver and seal provided them with pelts of fur and boots. Tribes like The Chinook, Haida, Nootka and Tlingit were blessed with a bounty so rich, that they had to hold ceremonies to give their excess wealth away. These ceremonies were called “Potlatch” and they resemble our own modern day version of Thanksgiving. The Potlatch was no casual affair as lots of preparation and planning went into the event and formal invitations were sent to everyone in the community. On the day of the Potlatch, there was great feasting amid the ceremony of the giveaway.

While the Potlatch was usually just a great excuse for a party, it served also served as a valuable, social ritual. It affirmed the abundance of the tribe, allowed tribe members an opportunity to give thanks and it helped to create an inherent balance and order in the tribe. The accumulation of goods was seen as selfish and the giveaway was a collective exercise in mental health for the giver and the receivers. But the Potlatch was just one manifestation of the wholeness of spirit exhibited by these tribes.

Since most of their needs as hunter-gatherers were taken care of in rather copious amounts, their struggle to survive was not as pronounced as it was with other tribes across the mountains and plains of Turtle Island. As a result The Haida, Chinook and the others had a very advanced culture that used the big trees for houses and hollowed out canoes. With less effort and time devoted to finding and preparing food, they had more time for activities that transcended the mere acts of survival. They became skilled artisans, capturing and detailing their complex relationship with nature, carving intricate totem poles and masks. Living so close to nature, they developed an animate relationship to it and their carvings reflect the humor and reverence with which they viewed their world.

This is what can occur when the basic needs of everyone are met and there is a cultural check and balance system that dissuades hoarding and gluttony. Once the cabins are built, the pelts cut and fitted and food is in the belly, we have the time and opportunity to focus on our creative imaginations, interact with the supra-normal forces in our environment and express the magic and timelessness through the expression of art.

I recently listed to Peter Joseph of Zeitgeist and Alex Jones go at and Jones had Joseph and The Zeitgeist model in his cross hairs. As you may have read earlier on this site, Joseph is a huge advocate of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project. It’s Joseph’s contention that our attitudes and behaviors are all born out of an environmentally stimulated competition to survive and that if we replaced that need/drive we would not inhabit the same prison of disparity and lack that many of us live with, paycheck-to-paycheck. He sees the scientific model as the new religion, gauging The Earth’s load and living in accordance with it by using the technological model set forth by Fresco. It’s a resource based economy and the only people that can survive are ones that understand the technologies to tap the veins of the planet and have the social mindset in order to conform to such a society. Jones labeled Joseph a “fabian-socialist” along the lines of HG Wells and indeed, Joseph promotes a brand of a techno-socialism that has the allure of equality and the elusive promise of leisure that was dangled like a synthetic carrot in the initial stages of The Transistor Age, where the likes of DOW, Monsanto, GM and GE were serving up heaping portions of promise, replete with moving sidewalks, floating cars and TV phones (at least they got one right). Leisure, the province of the rich was oh-so-close and corporate america was going to be our saviors. Continue reading “Potlatch Rituals, Abundance And Thanks, In Pluto In Capricorn”

Cosmic Origins — Part 1 (Addendum)

darius_the_great_inscriptio.gifBas relief of Persian/Aryan King, Darius The Great.

I was speaking to my good friend, Chris Van Buren over at Kosmic tonight and we were kicking around some of the concepts of my last post. As soon as I mentioned Orion/Aryan he got a little fidgety and thought that I was treading too close to controversial material. It frankly had never entered my mind that some people might find this journey down the rabbit hole offensive. So I want to be very clear and up front, that when I speak about Orion/Aryan I am referring to a connection to the star system Orion and a manifestation of Aryan culture that rose up around the fertile crescent and into India around 1500 BC and became identified with Indo-Europeans. Perhaps not so ironically, “aryan” is loosely defined in sanskrit as “stranger” and “noble ones.”

Present day Iran is the most recent example of connection to aryan culture (Aryan/Iran).

Another pal, “Connie-Ma” aka the lovely Constance Demby shared with me info about the looting and pillaging of sacred treasures and even highly valued esoteric technology when The US stormed Baghdad and that the confiscation of talismans, texts and objects from the golden age of Babylon was as much of a purpose to invade as oil, no bid contracts, massive escalation of debt, permanent bases, etc. If that was part of their intention for Iraq, then what other treasures and secrets of Aryan/Indo/European are on the shopping list and where? Remember that the crusades of The Middle Ages were partly financed by kings and queens searching for holy remains and treasures, recon for the cult of relics and religious power to be bartered with Rome. That same mindset is in place this very day, though the quest isn’t a retrieval of quaint christian chachkis.

When I was flipping through the TV menu tonight, I saw a title for a film called, “Orion’s Key.” I would have thought this to be decidedly profound at one point in time, but I have come to expect such strange ripples in the matrix.

Alice Bailey (Gemini), Midwife Of The New Age, Orion/Aryan High Priestess, Cosmic Origins Pt. 1

hitler_with_alien_ufo_vril_.jpgA truly secret handshake?

Well it was a very intense weekend to say the least. I’m not sure if anyone else was dealing with the psychic stress of the economy and all of the other unseen energies that are constantly permeating our bio-circuitry, but I certainly did. I spent a good majority of it watching Alex Jones get all revved up about the coming economic collapse and The Obama regime looking to go into Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. The I listened to an old radio program of the dead patriot, Bill Cooper bashing Alex Jones, saying that he is an illuminati shill. Then I watched Alex Jones say the same thing about David Icke. Then I watched Alex Jones disassemble Peter Joseph, the producer/director of Zeitgeist. The I watched a video by a Christian named Chris White also dissect Zeitgeist as well. It was a virtual hall of mirrors. But I left off my last post with an enticing hook about exploring our galactic ancestry and I will do my best to weave it all together.

When I was deeply into The Findhorn experience, having travelled there in 1984, when I got out of college, I was first exposed to the writings of Alice Bailey while I stayed at The Sirius community for month. I was part of a group of seekers on a program through The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Our eventual destination was Findhorn, but our month-long-stay with The Findhorn seed community just outside of Amherst during the thick of Scorpio in November shattered my perception of reality. Bailey’s work on groups and the concept of a group soul spoke to me in a very profound way, almost as if I was being instructed from another plane of existence. But who was Alice Bailey and what does she have to do with our cosmic origins?


Alice Bailey (Bateman) was born on June 16, 1880, which puts her Sun at 25 degrees Gemini. Born into a wealthy Anglican family, she eventually matriculated to India where she did missionary work for The YMCA. It was there that she met her first husband, Walter Evans, an episcopalian minister. The two of them moved to The United States where they started a family and had three children together. Bailey eventually divorced her husband, a social taboo in the early 20th century, As she turned her back on her marriage, she also turned her back on her faith as well, leaving the church. She toiled in a factory and eventually had a life altering experience when she was introduced to the works of Madame Blavatzky and Theopsophy. She reached out and became a member of Krotona, the U.S. branch in Hollywood, rising quickly to the position of editor for The Messenger, the societies newsletter. It’s here, where she recognizes the picture of Koot Hoomi (Kuthumi) as a visage that she had seen in her youth that her psychic opening occurs. Bailey had her Mercury in Cancer at 17 degrees, which gave her a retentive and intuitive disposition that had easier access to psychic realms, in the open spaces of theosophical thought and inquiry. Her natal Mercury sextiled her natal Neptune in Taurus which gave her the ability to channel thoughts into the collective. Unfettered, Bailey’s psychic antenna and perhaps creative imagination created a link with an intelligence that would forever change her life and in some ways is currently shaping the social order that is rapidly self assembling around us.

When Bailey first began to transcribe the psychic transmission of DK (Djwalh Khul) The Tibetan, she was met with mild encouragement from theosophical elders like Annie Besant, publishing the first few chapters of Initiation, Human and Solar but ceased further publication, based on what Bailey would term “jealousy and the intervention of lower level spirits.”It caused a rift between her and Besant, which saw Bailey leave theosophy altogether and allay herself with the man that would eventually forge her work into the ongoing administration of The Lucis Trust, her second husband, master mason, Foster Bailey. Continue reading “Alice Bailey (Gemini), Midwife Of The New Age, Orion/Aryan High Priestess, Cosmic Origins Pt. 1”