70th Anniversary Of The War Of The Worlds — Orson Welles (Taurus) & Edward Bernays (Scorpio) Stage The Invasion Of Consciousness, Project Bluebeam Early Adopter

war_world_welles.jpgThe seventy-year-anniversary of WOW.

Seventy-years-ago today, Orson Welles and his troupe of actors, known as “The Mercury Theatre On The Air” perpetrated one of the great hoaxes of the modern era when they broadcast, “The War Of The Worlds” on Halloween night, 1938. Welles, a Taurus, whose deep baritone eventually became synonymous with cheap wine, was the director of Mercury Theatre, but there are some rather interesting characters that were behind the scenes of Welles’ terrifying radio play that Halloween night.

Mercury Theatre On The Air had no official sponsor, though the show itself was aired on CBS radio–opposite a highly popular program that starred Don Ameche and Edgar Bergen. At the time, The Rockefeller Foundation was very interested in the field of mass psychology and funded The Radio Project which created various programs, including “Little Orphan Annie” (Rockefeller was supposedly Daddy Warbucks). They also employed Ivy “Ledbetter” Lee. Lee is often considered the founder of modern PR and developed what we now know as crisis communications. He was hired by The Rockefeller family in 1914 to become the head of public relations for Standard Oil and then a founding member of The Council On Foreign Relations. So you had The Rockefellers on one side of the production team and on the CBS end, they employed Sigmund Freud’s cousin, Edward Bernays (Scorpio), who became known as the man that invented modern marketing. Bernays employed many of Freud’s theories when it came to marketing and instilling the concepts of “desire” and “demand” in the mind of the public. The eye-popping documentary, The Century Of The Self unveils Bernays’ influence on not just the psychology of marketing, but his imprint on thought and culture in the US during the 20th century. Bernays, Ivy Lee and Welles formed a formidable trio that could launch a very sophisticated program to witness how the masses deal with hysteria in a controlled setting.

Daniel Hopsicker chronicles The War Of The Worlds and the involvement of all of the aforementioned parties in the video, The Secret History: Masters of The Universe – The Secret History of The Federal Reserve. Of course this data has come in quite handy over the course of the last forty years, especially as it pertains to the publics knowledge and existence of UFOs. How the public responded to Welles’ radio play no doubt helped determine how the government would eventually deal with the UFO/alien agenda in the years that followed. Speaking of which, my inbox has been rife with emails about a soon-to-be orchestrated UFO landing. They range from government built craft posing as ET’s and a fake, “War of The Worlds” to a staged landing by ET’s that have already been here for thousands of years, dwelling beneath the surface of the Earth poised to save us from our ecological and financial crisis. With all of the buzz surrounding the recent Texas sightings, to classified info being released by The British government, there does seem to be some momentum building around the notion that some form of contact or contact theater could take place quite soon.

Welles had some interesting aspects in his chart, marked by his natal Moon in Aquarius which was conjunct his natal Uranus in Aquarius, making him an agent of the avant-garde, restless and unconventional, using the technology of radio and film to express ones emotions and influence the populace at large, injecting revolutionary and slightly radical tinge to his creations.

Many astrologers say that we involute through our opposite sign and evolute through our natal Sun, so it would be natural for Welles and in fact many Tauruses to work with Scorpionic elements and giving them concrete forms influenced by Taurus. Ironically, the aforementioned Sigmund Freud shares the same birth date as Welles. Freud and Bernays, Taurus and Scorpio form a potent duad of involution and evolution, one that changed how we think, feel, purchase and consume.

But if the rumors of a soon-to-be staged contact as in the widely and wildly speculated Project Bluebeam have any legitimacy, then it will make Welles’ “War of The Worlds” seem like a Saturday morning cartoon. In any event, Happy Halloween!

November Horoscope For All Signs, Void Of Course Election, Time Travel To Syrian and Ghanian Coups 1966

ZodiacHere is the intro to the monthly horoscope that I write for all signs over at Kosmiclife. You can read it in full by going here, or simply jump over to the sidebar on the left where there is a Kosmic widget.

In the days that follow reading this horoscope, there’s a very good chance that we will have a new president sitting in the oval office for the next four years. A pretty good chance. I’d say about a 75% chance. You might say to yourself, “well since there’s going to be an election of November 4th, isn’t that a given?” Generally, yes. However, there are three astrological phenomenon conspiring to perhaps alter or even delay the outcome. Let’s look at them.

First off, the moon is void of course. In astrology 101, its generally assumed that you don’t plan any major activities around a “void of course” moon. It’s almost like a mini Mercury, retrograde. For an image to lock onto, think of slippery Earth, slick and unsteady, no solid ground. Just tiptoe through it and and get to the other side, plant your feet on Terra Firma and move forward. That’s all well and good in ones personal life, but when an election takes place, a national election at that, well that’s a different story altogether. Let’s add yet another cosmic wrinkle, which is Saturn in Virgo directly opposing Uranus in Pisces. Wow. Saturn checks in with order and law, conservative to the gills, and Uranus is “revolution and dispersion” in this alignment. The last time these two planets exactly opposed one another was in 1966…only that time, Uranus was in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces.

This is the culmination of a long, forty-two-year-cycle. On 2/24/66, in true Uranian fashion, The U.S. set off a nuclear test in Nevada, there was a coup in Ghana and just the day before, a coup in Syria. The energy is explosive and revolutionary. Add the fact that Mercury goes direct in Scorpio at 0 degrees, the same degree that it was retrograde on the night of the 2000 election, which was ultimately decided by The Supreme Court. So to recap, we have unsteady energy with the “void of course” moon, unstable energy with the Saturn/Uranus opposition and the revelation of secrecy in Mercury’s return to Scorpio. Should be a fun filled night by all accounts. Expect fireworks on the voting front with all of the energy bouncing all over the place and I would expect a fair amount of confusion regarding results.

This energy can also manifest in blackouts and loss of power. Of course this is a collective energy, larger cycles, but it impacts the individual as well. To top it all off, the really big news of the universe takes place at the end of the month when Pluto moves into its sixteen-year-stay in Capricorn. To put the time scale into perspective, if you have have an infant or toddler, by the time Pluto moves into Aquarius, they’ll most likely be driving, voting and drinking. As the Chinese say, “May you live in interesting times.” Just in case some of you get nostalgic for less complicated times and days, I’ve chosen a song from the mostly-happy-eighties for each sign and what they’re going through this month and the days ahead. Let’s take a look at all of the signs for Novemeber.

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Star Of The Day — October 28th — Scorpio, Mahmoud Ahamenijad, The Man In The Shadows

MahmoudWill the real Mahmoud please stand up?

Todays birth date, October, 28th (slightly late) is shared by two of the worlds most influential people at this time in our history. October 28th is the birthday of both Bill Gates and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. One might be the key to the end of the world, while the other is stockpiling every seed known to man in a remote region of Greenland, just in case that does happen.

That’s a fairly odd symmetry now isn’t it?

As soon as Saddam Hussein, or whoever that guy that crawled out of that spider hole was, and Osama Bin Laden and his dialysis machine retreated into a caved fortress (if he’s still actually a living threat), literally vanished from the worlds top villain list, lo and behold, there was another bad guy waiting in the wings, saying all sorts of terrible things against Jews and getting ready to build those nasty nuclear weapons, which he will no doubt launch on the rest of the world if his soccer team doesn’t make it to the world cup finals. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the latest in a long line of ready-made-rogues, making everyone just a little up tight and nervous. But what if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was not really who he projects to the rest of the world? What if he was like a long and illustrious line of puppet dictators, from The Shah, to The Ayatollah, to Marcos, to Noriega, to Allende? What if he had major US secret service intelligence connections and his role was to stir up shit and make sure the region was a contentious and edgy theater of continuous distraction? I am not alone in asking these questions.

Before we descend into Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s rabbit hole, I think it’s important to understand the role of the intelligence community in Iran and where it began.

John Perkins is the author of “Confessions Of And Economic Hit Man.” It’s a must read for anyone that wants to get a look at the seamy underbelly of the global economic shell game. Perkins’ role was to go in and destabilize third world economies, then offer solutions to the bankrupt economy, like having their debt wiped out if they pledged their resources for perpetuity. Sounding familiar? Continue reading “Star Of The Day — October 28th — Scorpio, Mahmoud Ahamenijad, The Man In The Shadows”

The Melting Economy Part 11 — Pluto in Capricorn Augurs Massive Unemployment, The New, New Deal, Personal Will As Currency And Local Economies Of Scale

new_flag.jpgMade in China

I was talking to a friend today and he shared with me an innocuous comment, at least on the surface. We were talking about a friend of his, a guy I know through a fantasy football league I play in. My friend told me that this fellow “had just been laid off.” This will be one of the most repeated phrases we’ll be hearing in the days, weeks and months to come. Even though the credit markets seem to be trickling again, money isn’t getting to solvent banks or to consumer credit markets, or businesses on the brink, no its going to failing banks that are using the money to buy other banks. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. If all of the economic indicators that I am looking at are true and the next line of casualties are going to be the hedge funds, then it will only be a matter of time when the ticking derivatives bomb will go off, “Just been laid off” will be the most common phrase of 2009.

When Pluto moves into Capricorn the breakneck acceleration of the current economic downturn will only increase. There is no turning back from the momentum of the dominant paradigm and it’s quest to merge government with business and vice versa. This will be a very early theme in Pluto’s stay in the sign of the goat. We’ve just witnessed, without precedent, The Treasury Department (Paulson) and The Fed (Bernanke) just take the government officially into the private sector, with congress and the senate, complicitly backing up the truck, against the voices of the people. Now that the government is in business, how does that reflect upon how people are governed? Because if we stay true to one of the overall energy of Pluto in Capricorn then governance also has to take the shape of something less officially democratic, more of say a version of the new social capitalism of China, where the state is the de facto employer, but not in some remotely nostalgic 19th century version of feudalism. No, it is going to be ultra modern, adhering to models of efficiency, cost analysis, bottom lines and productivity.

The quaint notion of democracy will not be challenged by its failings to stave off the encroachment of imperialism based on its charter, but it will simply be deemed antiquated and not cost effective in its application. just yesterday, Yahoo! ran a piece that equated the current social milieu with that of the times that Roosevelt inherited after the first depression. It was a pivotal moment in the history and evolution of The US. Roosevelt launched The New Deal and started The WPA, which used massive amounts of borrowed money through The Fed to build the backbone of this countries infrastructure, from highways and dams, to power plants. It was an opportunity for the federal government to assert itself deeply into the lives and welfare of the populace to a degree that hadn’t been done before. Sounding familiar? Continue reading “The Melting Economy Part 11 — Pluto in Capricorn Augurs Massive Unemployment, The New, New Deal, Personal Will As Currency And Local Economies Of Scale”

Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 31, Chanelling The Messiah Energy, Neocon Dreamers And Cinematic Prophesies

ThunderbirdSummoning the power of the Thunderbird.

As I looked upon the screen in front of me, I saw John Dee consulting with Queen Elizabeth, speaking of Mars moving at a faster pace than normal, rising up to meet The Full Moon. Of course Dee was foreseeing the shadow of war. Later Queen Elizabeth, with The Spanish armada speeding towards England implores that Dee tell her that the fates must have something promising to say. The court magus responds with, “When the storm breaks, each man acts in accordance to their nature; Some die in terror, some hide, some flee, while others spread their wings and soar.” You might already know that I am referring to a pivotal scene from “Elizabeth, The Golden Age” where “The Virgin Queen” gathers her courage and intuits that Dee is allegorically pointing towards the possibility of her and England’s destiny rising up together if she has the heart to meet it. As life occasionally presents itself to me in fragments of truth, clues in pieces cast off out from another reality that is constantly informing and interacting with us if we are simply willing to listen, the synchronicity of the moment was not lost on me. Through the portal of cinema and the flux of time, there was a message for our time and the days ahead. When the storm breaks, are you willing to spread your wings and soar?

With the sea change of Pluto getting ready to move into Capricorn, we are going to witness a massive power shift that will ripple across the planet and usher in a new order. How and what that order looks and manifests is still to be determined, but there can be no doubt as The Obama camp has been chanting the mantra of change for the past year, reaching near crescendo pitch, something new is coming.

As a result, we are adding to the emotional momentum of history that is about to unfold in the rapidly approaching event horizon. Dee also says that reading the stars is an art and not a science, and it is with an artistic eye that we gaze upon the days to come, making artful connections between angles, times, mythologies and recurring themes that arise out of the collective unconscious in new costumery and fresh personae. As we artfully assess correspondences between constellations and the planetary motions that wheel in and out of favor, we create the possibility of a shared reality through our collective imagination. Continue reading “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 31, Chanelling The Messiah Energy, Neocon Dreamers And Cinematic Prophesies”

Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 30, Obama’s House Of Secrets, Joe Biden His Time And Frank Marshall Davis Rumors Swirl

blurry_barry.jpgThe many phases of Barack Obama

One of the themes that we have looked at with Barack Obama’s rise and rush to The White House is identity. I rectified his chart based on an early version that I used from Joyce Hopewell’s chart, the first I saw on Obama and her chart stated that he was a Scorpio rising, which put Neptune on his ascendant. It made sense at the time and still does, even though almost everyone uses Aquarius as his rising.

As I stated previously, the reason why I thought Hopewell’s chart was more accurate, was because of how Neptune on the ascendant manifests, which is a nebulous identity, conforming to the projections of others, conjuring an aura of mysticism, channeling inspiration. This was compelling enough for me to stick with my original take on Obama as a Scorpio rising. That hasn’t changed and has even been reinforced by his choice of Joe Biden as his running mate.

With Biden’s stellium in Scorpio, much of which would reside in Obama’s first house, it would empower Obama, add force and form to his identity and for Biden, he fits like a glove, being able to project through Obama, no doubt reveling in his newly minted role as kingmaker and power behind the throne. Its the type of relationship that would allow Biden to convince himself to play second banana, but one with influence, power and sway. Biden’s recent revelations in Seattle reveal just such a dynamic. it wasn’t Obama that said, “I (he) would be tested and that I (he) would need our help.” It was Biden, sending up the trial balloon, acting as if it was his words, just gluing Obama’s name on it for legitimacy. In fact, just a few weeks ago, he referred to the new administration as “The Biden Administration” and it wasn’t the first time. By the way, I love how Biden dropped a “yo” in his call for support in Seattle.

I’m going to explore the dynamics of Obama’s identity further, looking at how the lack of disclosure and perhaps some other rather intriguing elements reinforce the idea of Obama as a scion of Neptune. Continue reading “Obama (Leo) vs. Sarah Palin (Aquarius)–It’s All In The Stars–Pt 30, Obama’s House Of Secrets, Joe Biden His Time And Frank Marshall Davis Rumors Swirl”