August 2008


Alter Nation And The Rise Of The Fractured Self

>So it must have been sometime last week when I was driving down the freeway and heard Christian Slaters familiar pipes telling me how great it was to buy a used car online. I’d heard this commercial hundreds of times before, but this time, I thought more about Slater in the context of Hollywood stars […]


Is Tibet A Red Herring?

Three years ago I had the great privilege of getting a behind-the-scenes look at The Dalai Lama’s visit to Stanford.  My good friend and occasional client, Stephen Kent was playing at Stanford, opening for The Dalai Lama at two events; the large gathering for mostly students at Maples Pavillion and the other at a church […]


Hi I’m WALL-E And I’m A Depopulation Meme

About three weeks ago, my son and I set out for a afternoon matinee of WALL-E and our expectations were undoubdtedly high. We love Pixar, well let’s just say we love Pixar up to Cars. I’m not sure what the target audience for Ratatoulie was–maybe foodies with rodent fetishes? I’m just not quite sure. Anyway, […]