June 2008

Alternative Innergies

Spreading Dick Love — The Ginger Ninjas

I was up at Harmony Fest yesterday amidst the twirling dancers and swirling winds of skunky dank, checking in on old friends and renewing my hippy card for 2008/9 and while I mostly enjoyed the experience, a major happening for the Sonoma County region, I was really taken by one little band called “The Ginger […]

Dub Science

The Mad Professor, Lee Perry And Voodoo Dub

As yet another Mercury retrograde yoga pose for this month, I’m posting an interview of mine, resting neatly in the dustbins of the internet.  This one found a home in Remix Magazine.  I got turned onto Remix by a woman who was an ad rep there and helped me get a couple of writing gigs. […]


Revisiting Morocco, Magic, Majoun, Horowitz and Deyhim

Mercury is retrograde in Gemini and it’s time for me to re-invigorate my blog. I did this interview ten-years-ago and recently re-connected with Richard Horowitz after staying up far-too-late one night last week watching Bertolucci’s cinematic rendering of The Sheltering Sky where Horowitz provided the exotic soundtrack.This Q&A was to appear in the last, which […]