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full moonHot Aries Moon.

Here is the intro to The Full Moon Forecast for October. It’s a brief forecast that I write for Kosmiclife each month.

Things are hot and about to get hotter when The Aries full moon rises on the 14th.

Tempers are short and passions run high. Make sure that you are picking the right battles to fight for the right reasons. To complicate things even more The Moon is squaring both Venus and Mars in Scorpio, which adds to the volcanic energies that are boiling beneath the surface, opposing Mercury, soon to go direct on the 16th. So there’s a complex series of aspects all leading towards fireworks of one kind or another. Sexual tensions will rise as well, making the bedroom a hot zone for working out the stress and frustration engendered by the steamy Aries/Scorpio, fire/water dynamic.

On the global stage, the prospects for conflict is also high as many countries and governments are on red alert with the ongoing financial crisis. But they pay me to frame this in a positive manner, so my advice to all signs over the next three days, since we’ll feel The Moon’s energy from Tuesday through Thursday is to work out and work off the stress. Whether you do it in the bedroom or the gym, doesn’t matter, just use the energy to move energy and stay present while the changes around us accelerate at break neck speeds.

To find your sign and read more, go to Kosmiclife.

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