The World According To Moby

The World According To MobyI did this interview back in 1999 when I was helping out Radio-V. Play was everywhere; car commercials, radio, TV shows and it launched Moby right into the heart of mainstream culture. Moby and his management were crafty. They had decided to license music off of Play immediately. It’s catchy fusion of beats and old blues songs were instantly memorable and perfect for commercials. Soon, consumers were sending emails to Volkswagon asking what that song for the Jetta commercial was? Radio quickly took notice and added Play to their playlists on a number of formats and it rapidly ascended into the top forty. I caught up with Moby on the phone and we instantly clicked. The interview you’re about to read is pretty much verbatim.

Moby: Vegan, Christian, Proto-Punk, Self-Exposing Enfant Terrible who twisted bits of the Twin Peaks soundtrack into one of the first Techno hits (“Go”) is riding the crest of a newfound popularity with the breakthrough release of Play. Voted one of the top 99 albums of the Nineties by Spin,the opinionated, self-proclaimed, “little idiot” is also for better or worse plagued by a conscience that has led him to explore his relationship to Chrisitianity, Animal Rights and gigs in Kosovo.

Poised to be either a holy fool or feckless Techno-Messiah of the next century, Moby (aka Richard Hall) will always have something to say. The following is a small slice of the world according to Moby. Continue reading “The World According To Moby”

There Is A God!

Gene Simmons Apple Doll GodIf anyone has been looking for irrefutable proof that there is a God, Gene Simmons’ hideous facelift is proof positive. This “knight in the service of satan” has been transformed by the divine scalpel from leathery, rock predator, to a puffy and harmless, living apple doll. Ironically, Simmons may only recognize himself when the facepaint and glitter are reminders of an image that is the only touchstone to a once familiar identity–although, one could say that he might actually look even scarier now. Meanwhile, Simmons’ Kissmate, Paul Stanley had to pull out of a show at an indian casino last week due to a heart ailment. Let’s face it, the monsters of rock aren’t breathing fire and spitting blood with the same venom they used to.