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ebolaA Mutant Strain Of Awakening

No matter what I do, I keep returning to Chiron. The big sexy is the Pluto/Uranus square, which has been doing the planet like Dirk Diggler did Amber Waves in Boogie Nights. But it’s Chiron in Pisces which has cast it’s beguiling, if not mind numbing spell over the planet.

In my private practice where I consult people and read their charts for them, most of my clients are people with Chiron in Pisces (1961-1969) and they are trying their damnedest to understand what they are going through, while gently penetrating their mystery of their own experience, the limits of faith and the geometry of possibility in a world that seems to offer less and less of this with each passing day. Chiron in Pisces denotes extreme sensitivity and I can assure you that these good people can feel the walls of this dimension closing in on them, while they sense the space outside of these four walls, defined by the monolith of Mecca’s Kabaa, the black-hypercube of our eternal imprisonment and exile in this seemingly godless dimension.

During one of my sessions with a student, I was explaining the evolutionary cycles of the 12 Houses and I was moving from the 11th to the 12th Houses and breaking down the potential of the 11th House as it relates to free energy, the end of work, enlightened, group consciousness and the dawning that we are all one; from every perplexing microbe and vexing sociopath, to the wonders of the natural kingdom, the elements of creation and the courage of the human heart. Once we begin to live with this realization of consciousness, we are on the cusp of the 12th House, signifying the end of our human journey on this world.

Ironically, we are technically moving from the Piscean Age, to the Aquarian Age, or at least that’s what our planetary custodians are intending for us, and I can assure you, that their version of the Aquarian Age is anything but egalitarian; Think a more homoerotic version of Soviet ruled communism, with a Social Democratic aka Fascistic topper, and a double shot of corporate control. But I am getting ahead of myself. I’m here to talk about things like Formaldahyde in the water supply of “developing” nations (do they ever really develop?), wherein the mixture apparently produces symptoms in people that look a whole lot like Ebola. Do the math; Water is Pisces. Formaldahyde is the contaminant. It creates a wound in the water. Speaking of Neptune, Pisces and Chiro, Masaharu Emoto, on cue, has exited the world stage. He’s taken that graceful dive into the great cosmic ocean of the 12th House. Emoto was born on July 22nd, on the 29th degree of Cancer (water) and he returned again and again to it’s message as the source of spirit which nurtures all of us.

Serums and vaccines are also Piscean in nature via their fluid distribution and many of them are dispensed in hospitals (12th House institution) and we are and have been witnessing their impact on the health of people all across the planet. Go back four years and return to the hype and fear surrounding cervical cancer (sexual transmission) and how via the HPV vaccine young girls could guard against cancer invading their most sacred space. Well that worked out well, didn’t it? A number of young women suffered from bouts of catatonia, depression, narcolepsy and confusion. I could go on.

In West Africa, the locals are telling anyone who will listen that the people getting sick are the ones getting a vaccination. The Red Cross is the pusher and they want them out.

Meanwhile, back in the states, Thomas Eric Duncan lands in Dallas and officially becomes “Patient Zero.” Wearing a kick-ass, lime green pullover, Duncan supposedly died on 10/8, the day of the Super-Duper Blood Moon, but likely, in reality, he died on 10/5, which is not as cool and super sexy as dying on a Babylonian holiday. But then, was Thomas Eric Duncan even real? Reports are that he worked for the Peace Corps, and later for Bank of America in Liberia. Rumor has it, that he was worth over one million dollars. He would fall into the category of “crisis actor” and it would seem that we are witnessing another Sandy Hook, or LA Airport, or Elliot Rodger (remember him?). If that’s the case, then what about Amber Vinson and Nina Phan, the two nurses who have supposedly contracted Ebola from being in close contact with Duncan? Are they part of the production or are they really sick? If so, what are they sick from? Is it Ebola or something else?

Off the coast of Belize (Pisces/Neptune) another Dallas nurse is on a cruise ship, placing herself in a self-monitored quarantine. I suppose the CDC said it was okay, just like Amber Vinson’s trip to Cleveland on Frontier Air. The CDC gave her the green light to go. Is it standard practice for nurses to go on vacation right after a potential carrier of the modern plague has been in their care? I wasn’t aware of this unique relaxation protocol offered to nurses, excuse me HEALTH CARE WORKERS after coming into contact with terminal plague victims. I must say, I like the idea, but the execution needs a little work. Allowing them to do it with the general public doesn’t seem like the safest strategy. But what do I know? Speaking of which . . . .

Just yesterday, Thomas Frieden, head of the CDC, went before Congress and testified that “You cannot get Ebola by riding public transit and yet, if you are exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms, you cannot ride public transit because you could spread Ebola. Huh? Run that past me again? That was one, slick, Orwellian mind fuck. When people hear that, they ask themselves what the hell is going on? The double speak of spellbinding has their heads twisted in knots. We’re supposed to trust and rely on Frieden and the convolution coming out of his mouth is enough to make us crazy and perhaps that’s the plan. Remember, the CDC, Texas Presbetyterian State Health and the NIH are all hospitals, 12th House domains and with Chiron, we can see something is very wrong and deeply wounded coming out of these hidden realms of institutionalized medicine. And it all really got rolling on that Blood Moon, the day Thomas Eric Duncan supposedly died

It was the Moon that Christians love—The Blood Moon—the pale and swollen orb that hangs low in the night sky—pure rapture porn. This Moon’s bloody aura was highlighted by its position in Aries. The Aries Moon is hot, passionate and willful. In this dance between the Libran Sun which wants balance, harmony, symmetry, and accord and the Aries Moon, which wants what it wants and wants it now, there is a creative and dynamic tension, one that starts in heated opposition and ends in shared perspective, common ground and hopefully, hot sex. That was the headline for this explosive dynamic in the interpersonal realm. And, what’s interesting about this dance is the impact that Libra has on all of us. You don’t have to have the Sun or Rising or Venus in Libra. You see Libra rules ALL relationships, so the Sun/Moon opposition impacts us all, regardless of our signs, since we are all engaged in relationships and personal contracts, so this Moon illuminates the state of those unions and agreements. But there is more—much more. Let’s return to The Rapture shall we?

It’s all lining up now; wars, plagues and droughts. The only thing that’s missing (for now) is pestilence and hunger. With the backdrop of Ebola (blood disease), the Blood Moon took on an even more, symbolic meaning. This Blood Moon and eclipse fell on The Feast Of The Tabernacles aka Sukkot. This particular feast is an important one for the Jewish people. This feast is a reminder of their deliverance from Egypt. It was also during this feast that Solomon’s Temple, one of the most important structures in the Freemasonic mythos was consecrated. When the temple was destroyed, it was rebuilt and finished during “The Feast.” In some circles, it is said, that this was also the time of the true birthday of Jesus, though I think that 9/11 is more likely.

Don’t think that this auspicious Moon isn’t going unnoticed by people who keep an eye on these things. As we review Blood Moons of the past we can see some interesting events emerge. On the Blood Moon of December 3rd, 2013, Ebola broke out in West Africa. In 2014, on February, Russia moved into Ukraine. Most recently, on June 3rd, Israel started it’s crushing offensive on the Palestinian people.

These events have specific significance for the likes of the dispensationalist Christian prophets of our time; John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, et al, all preach from the pages of the Scofield Reference Bible.

Cyrus Scofield (1843—1921) was a lawyer (that should tell you everything) and he had a pretty serious drinking problem, and abandoned his family, forcing his wife to divorce him. Scofield eventually went through a religious conversion of the charismatic variety, thanks to a fellow barrister. He re-married and was born-again. His version of the bible focuses mainly on Genesis and Revelation, with a heavy emphasis on Revelation. Scofield’s bible is the most influential since the King James version. By the start of WWII, his bible had sold over two-million-copies.

One of the key commentaries in the SRB is the notion that Israel needs to be intact as one country, divined by God and given to his chosen people so that the Second Coming could be initiated and the children of Israel would be given one, last opportunity to repent before the gaze of an avenging Christ. If they would not, then God’s wrath would rain down upon them. Of course all the good Christians would be shuttled out of harms way via the rapture. Down below, on Earth, Revelation would unfold and the scourges of the final judgment would be unleashed upon mankind. And right on cue, it is reported that Thomas Eric Duncan died from Ebola (a blood disease) on The Blood Moon. This makes for some juicy, prophetic speculation, but in the underground news world, it was reported that Duncan had passed on Sunday night, early Monday morning and while this is disturbing, in and of itself, it doesn’t have the fear porn factor of crossing over on the eclipsed, Blood Moon and yet, it is supposedly happening, according to the signs that conform to Scofield’s end times script.

We are nearly at the mid-point with Chiron’s journey through Pisces. I have been looking at Chiron in Pisces for a while and it’s one of the major drivers of the meta-reality we’re in. Nothing is as it seems. Jetliners disappear over the South Indian ocean without a trace, only to reappear in a death spiral over Eastern Ukraine. Guys named Jihadi John slice heads for fun and games, all the while sporting perfectly creased execution garb while captured on high-def video, and it’s more reminiscent of a studio set than a desert death pit. Neptune rules all things hopeful and illusory. It is crystalline faith and the crush of delusion all at once.

And so it is with the Thomas Eric Duncan’s passing, which is more illusory mind warp, conforming to the Blood Moon cycle and the hyper-charged revelation program.

While Wikipedia paints a mostly positive and sober, if abridged version of Scofield, the reformer, there are dirty, dirty details to his life, the work of the SRB and the symbolic ramifications are both startling and strange.

One of Scofield’s benefactors, a key promoter in his cliff noted version of the bible, was one George Bannerman Dealy, a 33rd degree Freemason from Dallas. Yes, that same Dallas, where JFK was murdered, in of course, Dealy Plaza. Dallas is just below the 33rd degree parallel. Another one of Scofield’s handlers and benefactors was Lyman Stewart, president of Union Oil and founder of “Biola” University. There were four others, including John J. Ingalls. They called themselves “The Secret Six” and they were all high ranking Freemasons. Scofield would eventually wind up as the minister of The First Congregational Church of Dallas (there’s that city again) where he would fall under the spell of the writings of John Nelson Darby, who was the founder of the “Any Moment Now” school of rapture doctrine. Darby’s ideas would play a large role in Scofield’s annotated bible.

Scofield’s first version of his bible was printed in 1909, when Chiron was in Aquarius. The revised and final copy was printed in 1917, when Chiron was in Pisces. It’s this version of the bible, which is widely in use today.

Perhaps this is not so off topic, but a few weeks back, just before the Ebolamania was about to hit, I was watching Oliver Stone’s, “On Any Given Sunday” his football movie, where he luxuriates in his love of Roman spectacle and large, sweaty men, with anger issues. His pre-game speech to the team, just before their big finale against the DALLAS KNIGHTS is a classic. It’s a compendium of all late Pacino; Devil’s Advocate, Scent Of A Woman, Glen Garry, Glen Ross, a guy at the edge of existence, laughing in the face of the devil, cursing at God. It’s great speech actually, pure Oliver Stone overwriting, but Pacino is the guy that delivers it. The walls of the locker room are splashed with odd, illuminated symbols like an All Seeing Eye atop a pyramid with a flaming sword. The symbol also appears at mid-field. At one point the camera flashes to the symbol on the wall behind Pacino, then it cuts to LL Cool J’s character, who is wearing the number 33, the number of The Sovereign Grand General Inspector. Then the camera cut to Jamie Fox’s character, wearing the number 13, the number of death.

Stone’s symbols on the locker room wall and Knight uniforms gave the film this surreal Templar effect, with of course, Dallas as the backdrop of it all, where JFK was murdered. Stone, the JFK’ophile was reminding us on a subliminal level of Dallas, resting just below the 33rd degree, where on Dealy plaza, named after a 33rd degree Freemason, history, life and time changed forever.

Movies are interesting, especially their timing and placement. They are classically a Piscean art form. The theater is the ritual space that takes place apart from the world, where symbols, archetypes and even inter-dimensional life forms, all fueled by human emotion is cast upon an external screen of our minds. The theater space is a twelfth house location. Film itself is a gelatinous amalgamation of petroleum, an element of Pisces viscous fluidity, stopped down and frozen in time. The timing of certain films or television shows cannot be overlooked, especially in times of a planetary crisis.

For instance, Brad Pitt’s latest movie, “Fury” takes us back to WWII. It happened to be released when both Uranus in Aries (War) and Neptune in Pisces (Film) were both retrograde, so going back into time would be an appropriate set of aspects for a WWII film. Pitt is always good for a cipher read on the times we’re in—so is his partner in crime, Angie Jolie. Pitt plays “War Daddy”, a commander of a tank battalion, caught behind enemy lines. It’s a classic look back that extols the heroism and courage displayed by Americans during the “Great War” which 99% of Americans sign off on without any critical or second thought. While it cements the “official story” of WWII, it also serves as a back drop to the current battle against ISIS/ISIL/IS which translates into America fights the good fight in the face of tyranny, regardless of the odds. In essence, it’s timely propaganda, dressed up in a nostalgic narrative of real men, heroes, and acts of courage from another time.

In an era where the most courageous, white male on the planet manifests as an unabashed cross-dresser or metro-homo-sexual who comes out in the face of so-called social pressure, we have to travel back into time, where Pitt’s testosterone and machismo can exist without the blight of censure or criticism and yet, this version of will and courage are readily summoned in the service of supporting the general spirit of war in our time. War Daddy is a ghost slave conjured up for the marketing of the global death machine driven by the military industrial complex.

Over on TCM, Ted Turner, globalist kingpin’s movie channel, they have inexplicably been showing films that have Black/African themes, just as the first wave of so-called Ebola was breaking. One week, it’s “Zulu Dawn” a classic film from the 60’s, where the English suffered their worst military defeat of all time at the hands of 60,000 Zulu warriors. The next week, it was “Blacula” a truly underrated film starring the great stage actor, William Marshall in the title role. Marshall plays an African prince of sorts, who was infected by a Vampire’s blood, thousands of years ago in Egypt. So in the short course of a week, TCM has managed to run a film about Africans overrunning the fragile outposts of White civilization and a Black African transmitting a virulent blood disease that turns people into the undead.

Timing as they say, is everything.

Meanwhile, under Jupiter in Leo, we have “The Royals” (Leo) and “The Giants” (Jupiter) facing off in the world series–tt should be a good one. Ironically, both teams have a guy named Cain that plays for them. Nothing like a little, biblical sub-narrative, even though Matt Cain is injured and won’t be playing.

So just to wrap up this uber-long and long overdue post, do your very best to stay cool, calm and collected. Know that the cosmic ritual of the changing of the ages is upon us. Stay strong, stay together, stay free.

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blg 37 vikings cowboysPeterson’s Pater Sins

The giant, Red Eye, swiveled and locked in on Adrian Peterson this past week. Peterson, was born on 3/21/85. That’s just one degree off the astrological new -year, aka Aries 1. It’s one of the most powerful degrees of the zodiac. Its pure, undifferentiated will. If you have ever seen Peterson run with a football, you’ll see that degree clearly in action. He is the unstoppable force that very few unmovable objects have been able to deter. He bounced back from a devastating knee injury in record time to run the football almost further than anyone else in one season. And up until last year, Peterson had managed to avoid many of the pitfalls that other players had descended into. There has never been any talk of drugs, recreational or performance based around AP. He was never caught with any guns at the airport. He wasn’t doing tequila shots off stripper’s booties on a lake cruise like some of his former teammates. In essence, AP was pretty clean—until last year.

In the middle of the season, Peterson left the team to attend the funeral of his son. On the surface, this sounds tragic, and it was, but not for the obvious reasons. The boy was just two and had never met Peterson. In fact, he had just recently found out that it was his son; thanks to a paternity test he had to take. The circumstances surrounding the boy’s death are cloudy and charges have been filed, but what we do know, is that there was serious neglect. That death, attending the funeral of a child he never knew and had just recently became aware of was just the first step in Peterson’s strange and very public odyssey.

Just one degree off of his potent Aries Sun is his Moon in Aries at 3 degrees. This is a vital stat. He was born to athlete parents. His father was a gifted basketball player and his mother a state champion track star. And they stayed together, so Peterson was not the product of a broken home, in fact with the Sun/Moon conjunction, at that tight of a degree, it would indicate a closeness between the mother and father and Aries is the sign of the athlete, so we have both mother and father checking in as budding sports stars. However, his father’s hoops dreams were shot down when a gun (Aries) discharged into his thigh, shattering muscle, nerve and bone. When AP was just seven, he witnessed his brother get killed on his bicycle by a drunk driver. He overcame this tragedy by becoming a star, youth football player, coached by his father. And then his father got messed up in a dirty little coke and not just the super tight Sun/Moon conjunction, but also Mercury/Venus in Aries mark money-laundering deal.

Peterson’s chart as well (18 and 20 respectively). And, as we are about see, a very telling conjunction with Black Moon Lilith at 21 degrees Aries with Venus at 20. Adrian Peterson also known as “All Day” by his teammates apparently has at least three separate mothers with at least three different children. When asked about this in the past, Peterson has been cagey, evasive and not that forthcoming, The BML conjunction with Venus would indicate that the shadow of these relationships and women would surface at some point and the unveiling might be quite dark. Enter Uranus. With Uranus in Aries at 15 degrees, it would classify as a classic conjunction with Mercury, Venus and yes, BML. And as it moves backwards, it would have a revelatory impact on Peterson and his life, especially via the media, social or otherwise.

Last week it was revealed that Peterson had punished his five-year-old son so severely (a whoopin as he calls them) that the boy had lacerations and welts all over his lower torso, including his testicles. The pictures were released to the media and once that happened, Peterson was indicted in Texas on charges of child abuse and child endangerment. The photos by law, were not supposed to be released, but here we go again, with the veil between public and private thins beyond our ability to control it. And here is where it gets tricky. I don’t agree with Peterson did, and perhaps such a glaring spotlight is the one thing that might stop his unconscious violence and abuse, because, quite frankly, Peterson was just reenacting the punishment that he received at the hands of his parents, from the velocity of a wooden whip and who knows where this started? Perhaps darkly, in the plowed over fields of a forgotten plantation, but I digress.

Two days after the Vikings had suspended Peterson, they lost, getting their asses kicked, 30-7, the reinstated him. It’s clear that they missed Peterson, who was not just their best player, but also the face of the franchise. It was clearly and crassly and economic move. But it didn’t sit well with sponsors as Raddison pulled their local sponsorship deal with the team. Then governor of Minnesota chimed in and didn’t think he should play. So 24 hours after bringing him back, he’s suspended again. And right on the heels of that, more allegations hit the wire. Mother number three had texts and pics from AP that showed yet another child with injuries. Peterson had disciplined the child in the car. Here is what the texts read. “What happened to his head?” the boy’s mother asked in a text message, according to the report.

Peterson: “Hit his head on the car seat.”

Mother: “How does that happen, he got a whoopin in the car?”

Peterson: “Yep.”

Mother: “Why?”

Peterson: “I felt so bad. “But he did it his self.”

Sometimes astrology just has its way. Mercury was in Libra, opposing Peterson’s Mercury/Venus/BML when all of this started. And with Uranus kicking in as well, as part of the transit, this shit was going to come out. And speaking of BML, while Peterson has dodged questions about mothers, paternity and children with as much deft as he’s eluded 250LB men trying to bring him down, it’s come out that he has at least 7 children with 7 different mothers.

There is a special interest group that is starting a petition to keep him from his son and perhaps other children.

Let’s face it, if he was a bus driver for Greyhound, nobody would know and wouldn’t care, but he’s just the latest in the NFL’s high profile blotter sheet, run out in front of the public, the latest sex crime perp paraded out for our condescending shakes of our heads and even worse, bitter words of condemnation and even hate. The saddest part? Peterson isn’t even aware of his transgressions. He admits to everything and is standing by that this was how he was raised. But we also can’t look the other way when we see seven kids with seven mothers, one of which has already died.

It’s like a train wreck of epic proportion in America’s unchecked and unabated love affair with sports, icons, heroes and institutional enabling. Other than his home fried whoopins, Peterson was passed along and feted from school-to-school, team-to-team. That, along with a whole lotta male chi/Aries planets and Peterson is all energy, action and dissemination and we have a man that is acting purely on his instinct and energy with not a lot of conscious awareness of the results it seems. He’s also got a lot of cash, which helps these things along on many levels, but affording a child doesn’t equate with good parenting and it seems as though Peterson has sort of a rotating tour of sorts with his kids.

This is nothing new. The late, Derrick Thomas had eight different children with various mothers. Antonio Cromartie (another Aries) has had twelve different kids with eight different mothers. He finally married Terricka Cason, a TV reality starlet and they’ve had two kids, with twins on the way. So, you can see, there’s an alternative lifestyle here, not unlike BB King or Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, both of whom make Peterson look like a monk of sorts.

Getting back to astrology, Peterson is going through his Saturn Return (of course it’s Scorpio). He’s dealing with how he uses his Scorpionic powers (sex, violence, anger, whoopins legacy) while society Saturn is now doing it’s best to restrain him. Man, does this open up a cultural Pandora’s box or what?

Peterson is now the image of the Mandingo gone rogue, fuckin’ and whoopin’ without regard to consequence or safety. And his owners (yes, the Vikings own his contract) wanted his ass back on the plantation, that was until the owners, owners stepped in and disapproved.

Now the White House is getting involved in all of this NFL messy house cleaning and of course that’s never good thing, because at this point, they’re just Al Sharpton with a much higher security clearance.

In a lot of ways I feel for Adrian Peterson, the boy that was subjected to those whoopins, the young boy who saw his brother die before his eyes and watched his father go to jail. He’s a byproduct of all of that and he needs to stop before he hurts one of those children—for their sake and his. And it’s unfortunate that it’s the public, the Eye Of Horus (now you know what it means) that is the one that sees all and judges all summarily through the collective aggregation of guilt, anger, special interest, Twitter and cell phones. But ironically, it’s not getting us any closer. We’re not asking uncomfortable questions about ethnicity, double and triple standards, genetic memory and the whole notion of the family in the 21st century. All we’ll get is headlines, 140 characters of noise and virtual judgment.

Ironically, Peterson was born in Palestine, Texas and as many of us know, Palestine (the other one) is ground zero for the violence and abuse of children.

Bless the beasts and the children.


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The social conscience has devolved into the electronic eye of reckoning. There is no longer any privacy and one’s words and deeds, whether good, bad, indifferent or misguided are used as ample evidence to judge them, with the holy arbiter being the collective morality of the Vox Populi, which delivers it’s crushing sentences devoid of any context or nuance, with a chilling efficiency that the Bolsheviks and their ideological descendants would be both envious and quite proud of.

Yes, that’s where we are. The Pisces Super Moon blurred the edges and distinctions of reality and our judgmental hold over it.

By now, most people have heard of Ray Rice and seen the TMZ video of him knocking out his then fiancée and now wife, Janay Rice. This has opened up a ripe can of worms in the realm of social media and the role it plays in defining truth and judgment. By the way, for as long as I’ve been shopping, I’ve never seen a can of worms on the shelf of a grocery store, but as a metaphor, it works, since we all have that imaginary can or worms in our heads.

This is a fairly complicated issue that has a number of layers, especially on the astrological tip, so let’s try to shine a light through the Neptunian fog.

The NFL’s current struggles began when Uranus entered into Aries. Almost concurrently, a group of former players filed a law suit against the league for damages sustained to their brains from concussions suffered on a continuous basis during their playing days. Guys like Dave Duerson and Junior Seau killed themselves because of the unending hell they were in due to a scarred brain that was causing not just mental degeneration, but also severe depression. Aries is the head and it also represents war/warriors and their modern-day-equivalent, athletes. Uranus is shocking, disruptive and electric. It transforms through swift action and judgment. The ultimate goal of Uranus is liberation from static forms of consciousness that have become entrenched or fixed. It starts as chaos and ends in reformation.; Ab Ordo Chao. And while this is a seemingly natural process, it’s also one of the most manipulated when it comes to astrological dynamics; See Aquarius, dark manifestations.

The latest, Uranus in Aries explosion that involves the NFL is the Ray Rice incident. Rice by the way is an Aquarius (1/22/87). He has Sun at 1 degree Aqua, with Mercury at 7 degrees Aqua, conjuncting it. The Sun/Merc conjunction, especially in Aquarius denotes intelligence, an individual he thinks for himself and is known for using his mind. Now Rice does have Mars in Aries at 8 degrees. It’s conjunct with his True Node in Aries at 15. He is a warrior. However, Uranus at 15, was right on his True Node yesterday, opposite his South Node in Libra. Libra is partnerships and relationships and with Uranus exactly on his TN, opposing his South Node, well, Ray was going to go through something along these lines. Aries is the head and he hit Janay, square in the head, knocking her out.

Uranus is social media. It’s TMZ and Twitter. It’s the read and react of our current network of information, chatter, squawk and noise. And with video cameras in place, the all-seeing, electronic eye, the synthetic conscience of humanities digital soul is everywhere. No longer are we judged within the confines of our own consciousness, with our own God, but out there, by equally flawed and judgmental others. This is the Eye of Horus, the all seeing eye of judgment, now cast upon us.

Calculated and cool, TMZ released the full version of the Rice, elevator video, just one day after the NFL’s opening weekend for the 2014 season. Once the tape was released the narrative wasn’t about the season, but about Ray Rice, Roger Goodell and whether or not Goodell and the Ravens were aware of the full-length video before suspending Rice for two games. Rice had entered into a pre-trial, interdiction program and was sentenced to counseling and therapy. He and Janay wed, and even had a child in the interim. Life went on and then the TMZ media scud missile exploded.


TMZ was born out of a merger between AOL and Telepictures, the parent company who produced “The People’s Court” amongst many other shows. debuted on 11/8/05, making it a Scorpio entity, as it probes like a paparazzo sentinel, burrowing through the underworld, expurgating muck and mire, the oozing spectacle of society and the dark navel that we are gazing into. TMZ is run by Harvey Levin, an openly gay crusader, who has specialized in this sort of thing for many years now. Harvey was the legal counsel on The Peoples Court, which was the first, modern step in trying and convicting people in the court of public opinion. On a side note, I actually met and knew the creator of The Peoples Court. He was a fine man, classically educated and erudite. I don’t think he ever had any intention of this virtual court infesting our lives the way that it has metastasized before our very eyes.

While the Rice drama is getting cooked up, Bruce Levinson, owner of the Atlanta Hawks, along with G.M. Danny Ferry, are being accused of being racists. Levinson had a memo that was released to the press where he was trying how to get more “white” fans into Hawks games. Levinson was almost immediately forced to sell his shares of the team. Danny Ferry supposedly said that Luol Deng, “Still has some African in him.” We saw what happened with Donald Sterling.

Codes of conduct, speech and thought control are being mediated and implemented. Somewhere in the backs of our minds we are policing our own thoughts and feelings, wondering who or what will be offended, to what extent and how it might impact us, especially if we are in the public eye. This sort of self-policing is a result of the panoptical society where we are all observed and observe one another. We become our own jailers and wardens in an increasingly restrictive net of social modification and control.


Roger (which means “to fuck”) Good (God) Ell (Elite/Saturn) is right on the cusp of Aquarius/Pisces. The Pisces Super Moon was right on Goodell’s Venus in Pisces, illuminating the messy diffusion, the lack of boundaries and blurred lines of communication between the league, it’s media partners, the justice system and the public. Goodell has Jupiter in Sag at 0 degrees and Mars, in restless and peripatetic Gemini, at 3 degrees. The Mars/Jupiter opposition has manifested as a disaster in Goodell’s punishment policies. He has been accused of being too hard on players and hits, fining the likes of James Harrison, hundred of thousands of dollars for rough play. At times, his verdicts have appeared as arbitrary reaches, creating an uneasy sense of boundaries when it comes to tackling and hitting. There have been times over the past two seasons, where players didn’t know what was a legal or non-legal play, and yet had to pay for their errors of judgment.

As it relates to the Rice case, Goodell suspended Rice for two games. Just before the season started, he admitted that he didn’t punish Rice enough and that there would be a zero tolerance rule when it came to domestic abuse moving forward. That was just days before TMZ released the elevator video. Jupiter judged and Mars brought the fractal chaos. This is inherent in Goodell’s chart. Even now, he is saying that while Ray Rice was indefinitely suspended, there is a chance for him to play in the NFL again. Jupiter, meet Mars.

So after reading all of this, you might say; “So what, I don’t care about sports.” That’s not really the point. The point is, is that we are being conditioned, entranced and entrained to rush to judgment, cast aspersions and condemn in the court of public opinion, under the gaze of the all seeing electric eye, God’s virtual doppelganger and synthetic over soul. But don’t trust me—you be the judge. . . .

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weightheheartThe Axiom Of Choice

Mercury has just entered Libra and oh what a fine, balancing act it is. Libra is the way station between Virgo and Scorpio. On the one side, Virgo represents order and control. Have you ever met a Virgo that doesn’t like being out of control? Oh, I forgot, Charlie Sheen is a Virgo, but is Charlie Sheen even Charlie Sheen anymore? I digress, just slightly. Virgo’s embrace of chaos is done out of the need to create order, which is essential to it’s operating system. On the other side of Libra is Scorpio, which isn’t anything like Virgo, save a need for control (for different reasons).

Scorpio will never shirk from a challenge or temptation as it’s seduced by the lure of not just the thing or the act itself, but the power of death, rebirth and transformation. It may want to control people or events at a superficial level, since it is a fixed sign, but really, the journey is anything but safe and predictable for Scorpio. And then there’s Libra.

Libra sits in the center between the two and hence the balance and the scales. One side rests Virgo and the rational function, on the other, Scorpio and the irrational immersion into obliteration. Libra is the mediator between the two, staking its turf with one foot in one world and one in the other. Libra’s relationship with beauty leads it closer to the Scorpionic caverns of the underworld. The ability to pull back and objectify the experience tilts the scales back in Virgo’s direction and the need to manage the impending chaos and loss of self that will follow the plunge into the nether regions.
This is the agonizing chaos of Libra’s axis mundi and the desperate need to achieve balance between the two. Of all the signs, this is why Libra often has the most difficulty in committing to something. Commitment threatens their precious, precarious, balance.

This gets played out intensely with Mercury in Libra and the playground of the mind. During a collective phase of Mercury in Libra, we deal with levels of temptation. It can be as simple as agonizing over that Tequila Lime cheesecake with coconut crust versus simply stepping away from the table.
That’s Mercury in Libra on a mundane level. On a higher, more complex plane, the temptations get more intense. The stakes are higher. How does Mercury in Libra reconcile it? Why make art of course! That’s usually the best course of action and for Mercury in Libra art can be anything from a conversation to a canvas. It’s that wide.

So, on a collective level., we’re feeling the push and pull, the sweet tug into the crackling fires of Scorpio, and the occasional restraint coming in the other direction of Virgo. Libra can be the most moral and immoral sign there is and sometimes it occupies the same being. Crowley was a Libra and we see the Western Godfather of sex magic, the veritable beast himself. And yet, his desire for magic and knowledge was to destroy the mindless and numbing conformity of not just religion but the institutions of the state, such as school and government, which reduces a person to at best, a number and a statistic. This is what fueled Crowley. He saw the immorality of the system itself and the reduction of the human. So he took a moral stance and flipped it inside out. This is the basic premise of Satanism by the way and on the surface, it’s a very sound argument. However, the methods used to achieve personal liberation are far darker than the street version that’s peddled.

Virgo is pure and virtuous. Scorpio is lustful and degraded. In Libra we are faced with the cardinal function of will. Opposite Aries, Libra well knows what the consequences are. And Mercury is psychic amplifier.

On the plus side, Mercury in Libra does offer us the ability to see how the other feels. Notice I said “see” and not “feel” because we’re dealing with the approximation of emotion. Mercury is the mind and Libra is air, so it creates movies, scenes in the mind of how it must or could feel. By doing so, it evokes a type of kindness based on protocol. From a mental perspective it sees how the other is or will be treated and then it has to make a judgment. JUDGMENT. In many ways, that’s where we are now.; Days of judgment, moments of choice. Don’t underestimate them.

But it’s not all a test for one’s soul, oh no. Mercury in Libra can be positively peaceful and dedicated to social harmony and with a world that seems more and more un-hinged, you can stake your claim for the next few weeks and become a diplomat for the race itself. Open some doors for people, let them slide into your lane without a honk or a dirty look. If someone says something a little nasty, take the high road and leave them with a compliment. We can always look to William Blake for a little inspiration, so from “The Proverbs Of Hell” I give you this; “Damn braces, bless relaxes.” Mercury in Libra is much better at blessing than damning. You be the judge.

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maryisis“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” (Ghandi)

Well now that everyone’s minds are frozen and cleansed from the outside in, via buckets of ice and buckets of water, those muddy footprints of the other should, be theoretically washed out of the paths of our cerebral cortexes. But really, is this the case?

It’s no coincidence that the “Ice Bucket Challenge” happened with Mercury in Virgo. Mercury is the brain, our mental switchboard and locus of third domain control. In essence, those, icy floes, cascading, upon our shimmering crowns, is some ironic attempt to purify (Virgo) our minds (Mercury). In so doing, we invoke the other; Virgo meet Pisces. Chiron, the wounded healer in Pisces through the connection of ALS manifests as an illuminated ritual masquerading as a social craze.

Yes, many symbolic treasure hunters have found that the parent company, the one benefiting from the research money now going into ALS and swelling it’s stock price to gaudy proportions is named ISIS. Dig deeper and the company behind ISIS is Regulus. Regulus of course has just shifted into Virgo. The fixed star of kings and queens, which had been in Leo for a very long time. You see, fixed stars rarely change their assignations, since, well, they are fixed, so when they do, it’s a pretty big deal. However, since it was from Leo to Virgo, there’s a little less fanfare—that’s Virgo for you.

What does it mean? Well, holographically speaking, it’s a reflective fractal for this Regulus/ISIS/ALS/Bucket Challenge weirdness. In essence, we see it getting worked out in real time. However, let’s not gloss over the fact that we have essentially shifted from “The Elite” to “The Prolls” (That’s short for proletariat BTW). We’ve been seeing this brewing for a while. People are demanding a living wage, and at the very least, a much higher minimum wage. If I were the ruling class, I would start get a little nervous about this, even if they’ve got the teal or the indigo, or the carnelian revolutions waiting in the wings, to try to sucker people into their controlled opposition uprisings. First we had elections to give us the ritualized theater of having a voice and a hand in the process, now they’ve replaced them with the semi-annual revolt, shaped, molded and packaged to reinforce that change is always a distinct possibility, whether it’s in Zucotti Square or Cairo.

However, going one level deeper beneath the arch and cynical maneuvering of the masses, there’s more to this star shift that meets the eye.


The father of Human Design, the late Ra Uru Hu, said that we are moving from the consciousness of “The Manifestor”, to that of “The Projector” here on Earth. In essence, what he meant by that was, was that our reality would become less dependent on strong, willful figures, who could be tyrannical and dictatorial, but also possessed with iron wills, to carve out a reality against the back drop of wild nature, rough and tumble market places and the fury of the industrial age. Ra believed it was “The Manifestors,” a small 8% of the population, which built the Earth and now their time was up. It has shifted to “The Projectors,” which are about 22 % of the population, who have no energy of their own, but can feel and amplify a large channel of energy. Ra beleived that this is their time.

Projectors are the interpreters of the human story. They read energy and create the context for humanities experience, both individually and collectively. As a whole, we are moving towards this paradigm through our collective awareness of various systems, such as astrology. It’s a set up of course.

Manifestors are very much like their archetypal expression of kings and queens. In fact, the strategy of The Manifestor is to announce what they are going to do. This is the psychic equivalent to a royal proclamation. If they don’t announce what they are going to do, the world around them is shocked. Conversely, The Projector must, “wait for the invitation.” Yes, like the lowly servant of the court, they must wait to be invited to an event, a relationship, or a job. This is very much like our good, humble, Virgo, who patiently works away, while waiting for the invitation to the grand ball. Ra might have been tracking Regulus as it relates to the rise of The Projector and a planet of channels who can share our collective narratives with the rest of us via energy based systems. Yes, I am a Projector.



Isis shares an astral affinity with Virgo. She is akin to the Virgin Goddess, arising in the invocation of the other, which is Pisces/Jesus and the Piscean Age itself. Regulus’ arrival in Virgo is the announcement that the age of Isis is commencing. In essence, Isis is being unveiled and as a result, she/it is reclaiming the virginal status that has been the domain of Mary for the last 2,000 years. She is the mother of the New Age.

While John baptized Jesus, down by the river, the converts of Isis (Ice Us) are being ushered in, not by their soles, but by their freezing crowns. Staying with this dualistic theme, the asteroid, Isis, was discovered on May 23rd, 1856, making Isis a Gemini asteroid, representing at least two, variant levels of reality. Neptune was in Pisces then, at 20 degrees, which would make transiting Chiron, conjunct Isis’ natal Neptune. It’s also no coincidence that Pluto was in Taurus at that time (4 degrees) and we can see Taurus as a crown, a symbol of fertility on the head of Isis.

Gemini itself is a model of the DNA, think two strands, intertwined and wrapped around one another, entangled and twisted into a chain-like code, now being unlocked at a quantum rate by epigenetic researchers like Isis and Regulus. In fact, there is even a computational genomic, data-mining tool called,
“GEMINI short for “GENetic MINIing.”

Meanwhile, across the planet, Muslim terrorists are leaving a trail of blood (DNA) and fear in their wake. This is of course is; ISIS or ISIL, using the latest and greatest tanks, RPGs, video equipment, SATNAV, you name it. They aren’t your typical, raging, ragtag, rag-heads as they would say just outside of the PC confines of Austin. No way bubba, they have state of the art weaponry and communications. Who pays for this stuff? Where do they get the money for it? Who sells it to them?


Word on conspiracy street of course is that the same guys that funded Al Qaeda are juicing ISIS and need a bigger, badder, bogeyman in the world to instill fear, paranoia and despair. They (ISIS) are also really great for creating more rules, drafting more laws, tapping more security, and offering up less freedom along the way. Keep your eyes affixed to Saturn and it’s future date with Sagittarius at years end. The whole freedom versus security debate will be ablaze, which means that there will have to be some kind of event to trigger the heat.

ISIS has been saying that they are going after America and that 9/11 (Twins/Gemini) will be their day of retribution. Here in Texas, murmurs rise up from the border, like snakes writhing across the arid scrub, slowly winding their way towards the electric circus of the civilized world. The rumor is that ISIS supposedly crossed the border during the last wave of humanity that swept upon the banks of the Rio Grande. Who patrols the borders? Why ICE of course!

So anyway, during the month of Virgo, the rise of Isis is commensurate with the unofficial level of threat. You didn’t ask, but there it is. We have to get out in front of these sorts of things, because at best, it makes me a little prophetic, and it worst, if, I was awfully wrong but everyone is still safe and intact, I can take heart in knowing that by adding my own level of exposure, we have altered the timeline. It’s a little something I learned from Clif High.

So what about the rest of the month? What else does September hold in store?



As we zoom out for September, we’ll see four, significant planetary shifts with three, of the inner planets all making moves, Mercury, twice. On Wednesday, Mercury moves from critical Virgo, to diplomatic Libra; The scalpels are replaced by quill pens. Libra loves esthetics. The need to arrive at a mental balance lasts up through the 28th, when Mercury slides into Scorpio and everyone is looking for deeper motives and the clues to the big picture. Venus goes from warm and fuzzy Leo, into cool and detached, but slightly neurotic Virgo. Relationships get put under the microscope. Fortunately, Mercury in Libra does come with some consciousness, kindness and politeness, so at least we can be civil and kind while we tear each other apart (just kidding). Venus moves into Libra on the very last day of the month, adding some ballast and balance to the intense, Scorpio energies kicking in.

On the 14th, thankfully, Mars exits Scorpio and the energy of the collective will shifts towards freedom and expansion. You’ll be hearing plenty of, “I’ve had a enough of this shit” coming from all corners of society. Can’t we all just get along while we figure out who is making our lives hell? Maybe Venus in Libra will help on that front. While the outer planers still continue to atom smash our consensus reality, the inner planets offer up a break, a change in the program and it’s for the better. Even that nasty Venus in Virgo can be helpful in the right context. September is a month of powerful, positive if at times clinical change. Accept it. Embrace it. Get clear. Get clean and play nice.



In just eight, short days, we’ll be standing beneath the last Super Moon of 2014, lined up to rise on 9/9, which of course for occult number junkies is 6/6 inverted. In Zechariah 9:9 the coming of the Zion King is announced; “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass..” It’s one of the most important verses of the New Testament as it announces Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem. 9/9 is the gateway of the Zion King. It is his arrival and on this day, the Moon will be in Pisces, the sign of the Age of Jesus, in the month of Isis. Zion + Isis = ZionIsis or Dionysus.

One of my first shows over at Gaiam was on the 9/11 birthdate of Yeshua. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. I also have a detailed post, here.


I On September 9th, the year 9, aka 999, Arminius created an alliance of Germanic tribes which held off the Romans and while Arminius would later be assassinated by his own people, the battle of Teutoburg Forest is considered the turning point for the Germanic people and the Romans quest to wipe them out, which would signal the eventual descent of Rome itself.

On 9/9, 1776, the Continental Congress names the new union of sovereign states, “The United States.” In 1791, on 9/9, the nation’s capitol is named after Washington. In 1850, California becomes the 31st state. In 1956, Elvis (The King Of Rock And Roll) appears on the Ed Sullivan and in 1993, The PLO recognizes Israel. Elvis BTW was not in CBS’ New York studios for the Ed Sullivan show, nor was Ed Sullivan the host that night. Sullivan had been in a car wreck and was hospitalized. Charles Laughton was the host in New York, while Elvis was in Los Angeles, where of course it’s always just north of 33 degrees. So it appears that 9/9 is loaded with symbolic and temporal potency.

The Super Moon will peak at 17 degrees Pisces and will be conjunct Chiron and along with it, a sense that this can’t be happening is also in the air. Our reality is strained, credulity is questioned and people’s mouths will be a gape. The Moon is a source of illumination. In the pale, night sky, our shadows are more distinct against the last Full Moon of the Summer months. Due to the opposition of Virgo, we are shown the parts of our psyches that crave an immersion into wholeness and oneness, the great dissolve into an essence that we can trust and will enfold us, the great escape from this increasingly hellish domain. Nothing wrong with a little desire to rejoin the godhead and skip this next chapter of Western Decline, but we might see some overzealous acts to get out of Babylon before the last train. Chiron adds a layer of desperation, even some fear. It should be a very interesting Super Moon indeed.


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705px-Sousse_neptunePoseidon is coming to town

It’s been at least, three, maybe four years now, since we’ve all been feeling like the other shoe is about to drop. What’s that all about? Why have many of us been living our lives in some form of suspended animation? Why do most of us couch our hopes, dreams and wishes in some sort of calculated version of a very uncertain future? Oh sure, the ascensionists don’t have any qualms about the future at all, that is until their denial cannot hold up the fortress walls of their delayed expectations any longer. When that happens, all the darkness rushes in like icy black rivers pouring over the sandbags of their dream like encampments, unaware of their shadowy, emotional tides. When that happens all Hell breaks loose. Well, it occurred to me the other day that the reason why many of us feel this way, like we are on the verge of something cataclysmic or catastrophic is because we are officially in purgatory. We are not quite in Hell just yet and the promise of Heaven seems obscured by the heavy weight of this world. We are in a holding pattern, doing the best we can to raise kids, make love, balance the end of days against our 401K’s, counting each decimal to how much it will cost to live when we cannot do it for ourselves any longer. some of us do our best avoid dangerous foods, dodge the little plagues and breath moderately fresh air and clean water. It’s worse elsewhere. Make no mistake about it. If you think we have it bad here, you’re not seeing the big picture, not even close.

I have had this fascination with Chiron lately. A few posts back, I likened Chiron to False Flags and why they occur as they are an outgrowth of our inability to live authentically, and in that instance, others decide to imprint a reality upon us, usually based on some sort of crisis and an excuse for conflagration or the outright theft of resources and rights. Lately, over the past week, I have seen this manifestation of Chiron as the state of purgatory itself, the fluidic field of judgment, replete with all of our thoughts and actions, swirling in a miasmic ocean of karmic retribution and drastic outcomes.

When we deal with Pisces, we are immersed in the totality of all things. Most of the time, we hope (a very Piscean notion) that it is the spiritual, soul cleansing, deeply compassionate, cathartic and joyous version where our troubles are lifted from us by the great hand of grace and we are born again, renewed with eyes that see the truth, hearts that love and a tongue that will take no quarter when it comes to casting out anything other than the sweet grace we have earned by going through the Neptunian depths of suffering. That would be the classic, Christian version, circa Age of Pisces. But Pisces also offers up delusion, illusion and the turgid other.

Recently, the trident has made a stunning, symbolic comeback. It’s everywhere! On the tail of a jet, the hood of a Maserati, the guts of a skyscraper, the flag of a country torn asunder by war. It’s the devil’s pitchfork as personified by Poseidon’s scepter. Poseidon isn’t a sweet and loving deity that swims with dolphins and tickles whale bellies. Poseidon is a furious demiurge, every bit as angry, vain and violent as Zeus, except he lives underwater. :-). He is the God of the oceans and the oceans are the aqueous version of the underworld. While Pluto may be dwelling deep down, in the Earth below, Poseidon has the oceanic depths covered. The invocation of this deity isn’t one that is about immersing ourselves in the mystery of our watery origins. He is being brought forth and summoned to wipe away our historical legacy, perhaps and hopefully, metaphorically, but nonetheless, burying the last 2,000 years beneath a watery grave, just like what happened to Atlantis and Noah’s nonbelievers. That’s the game plan from this perspective.

So here we have two versions of Pisces in action; Heaven and Hell.

Lately, I have had Chiron right on my South Node, which is conjunct my IC, of course, opposing my North Node, conjunct my MC. This has been an incredibly trying phase as I have had to sort through deep, familial issues, watching them get played out holographically, often in conjunction with my son, a Pisces. Over the Summer, I watched him go through an intense trial and initiation of sorts with Texas baseball. His coach was just north of Atilla The Hun at times and he had zeroed in on my son as a scapegoat. Coaches do this. They find someone who might be younger or more emotionally sensitive than the others and work on him, push him hard so that the others can see what happens when they don’t perform or worse yet, buckle under the pressure. And my son took it. I watched, observed and did my very best to support him as I knew, we were both going through some passage of sorts. I kept his head straight and did the best to keep mine screwed on right as well. He got better as a player and tougher, more focused as a young man.

Just before we went into the playoffs, said coach was hitting hard grounders and one hit a divot, jumped up and smashed my son in the face, just below his lower lip. It hit him so hard that his bottom teeth went through the flesh. There was blood everywhere. Minutes later, we were in emergency and had five stitches put in. Two days later, he was back on the field, playing third base and saving a no hitter for said coach’s son.

Something had changed. Something had shifted.

You see, I had had a tempestuous relationship with Poseidon himself in the guise of my own father. His Mars in Scorpio was in my 12th House, the fury beneath the sea. And, through my legwork, I also found out that the coach also had Mars in Scorpio, also in the very same sector of my chart. So, in essence, he was playing the role of my father and my son, in this case, was me. I was the guide that wasn’t there for me during those turbulent times. All of this broke when of course, Mars had entered into Scorpio. We were all living out some kind of dream theater that if we were conscious enough, we could see the flicker of light cross the framed off cells of our lives, unreeling our past, seeing the movie for what it was, not what it currently is.

Fast forward to last week, The Super Moon, still effulgent and bold slipped into Pisces. I was back East, visiting family of course, on the Jersey shore, why not very far from a town called Neptune. Another chapter unfolded, one that is almost too dark and personal to speak of here, but suffice it to say, I was living out yet another chapter of my father’s life and legacy, through another set of players, this one however, directly related to me. And it almost felt like there was even a sense of temporary possession, like something which would occur in Candomble, and a spirit would enter someone, temporarily for some sort of appearance and perhaps even resolution. I felt the ghost of my father yet again, channeled by cheap grain spirits and an angry uncle. When I step back and look at these things from my own history, they are staggering in their potency and their immediacy. Again, the script is being rewritten, the movie re-edited.

With Chiron in Pisces, we are healing our souls. This is another layer to it’s mystery. As we do so, there is the feeling of a final judgement circulating through the ethers. Look around you for a moment. Events are being stage managed by lesser demons. In Ferguson they wear gas masks, kevlar vests, riot helmets and cruise through the streets on DHS purchased tanks. In Syria and Iraq, they wear Muslim headgear and go by ISIS of all names. In Ukraine, they are the modern equivalent of Hessians, soldiers of fortune. In Gaza, they are the IDF commandos. The planet is starting to catch fire. Theres’s talk of plagues and whispers of economic collapse. And we witness the death of The Fisherking himself, the symbol of Pisces for all time.

If you are lucky enough, your slate is clean or cleaner than most and you might not have to go through any of the psychic purgatorio that is sweeping the planet. However, if you are like me or the rest of us, the time has come to make piece with your soul and this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. A caramel latte at Starbucks and a little self talk won’t cut it. This is the time where we are playing for keeps and the quality of your journey, from this point forward, whether in this world or the next depends on how well you can navigate the straits and narrows of Chiron in Pisces.

Do your best to cooperate with the forces of Spirit and let it take you into your Neptunian depths, where you can re-emerge once again, re-born with both purpose and faith, healing the Chironic wound for not just you, but for the rest of us as well.

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